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  1. Premonition. Not that great but Julian McMahon is hot
  2. I thought something was strange as well because I thought the show picked up right where it left off last season. Then I figured they decided to change it. I was all confused! Stupid ass CTV!!! They won't tell us when they are going to air Nip/Tuck and now they air the second episode instead of the first one!
  3. After reading everyone's comments I was totally confused because this wasn't the episode that I had watched! Needless to say, CTV (Canada) aired the second episode of this season not the first episode!!!! WTF??? The second episode was really good and everything but I really did actually want to watch the first episode. Once CTV realizes their screw up I am sure they will air the first one. I won't ruin it for everyone as to what happened in the second episode but lets just say the last 3 minutes left me giddy!
  4. A movie with Paul Walker and Jessica Alba. I think it's called Into the Blue?
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