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  1. I wanted to see the part where Scott found out about the baby switch but Lauren took 14 years to get that explanation out😐. Given Sheila's odd behvior I find it odd Scott couldnt fathom she was capable of this.
  2. LITERALLY JUST SAID THIS LOL!!!🤣 Finally this storyline is over!!! Carly shouldn't be doing the confronting I'd rather this come from Monica or Bobbie.
  3. Much like they've done with Sharon, the writers have really destroyed Victor's character over the past few years. He went from being an anti-hero To a miserably evil old man. With that being said, though Nikki's flashback episode was probably better, yesterday's episode was pretty great! Any opportunity to see the classic y&r on modern y&r is a privilege.
  4. @Khan Agreed. There has just been too much back and forth between Victor and Nikki. After nearly 40 years now it's become more than stale. The same can also be said about Nick and Sharon. Speaking of Sharon, I'm unsure if the current writing regime possesses the ability to not make her cancer storyline feel like an after-school special, rather than being compelling. I've also been reading from multiple sources that impeachment is scoring lower ratings then most of the networks would score airing soaps, LOL. this is somewhat positive news for the future of daytime in addition to y&r's renewal. Hopefully some audience wasn't eroded by the pre-emptions. http://amp.soapcentral.com/soapcentral/news/2020/0128-ratings_2020.php https://thefederalist.com/2020/01/25/impeachment-gets-worse-ratings-than-soap-operas/
  5. The mob stuff has never been top quality but the Guza & Labine eras definately handled it better. Sonny as the "most powerful crime lord on the eastern seabord" was always a joke to me. He always got frequently spoken down to and disrespected by people like Monica, Rick, Scott, Jax etc... And if Sonny was as powerful as the show makes him out to be, Nelle and Shiloh would have been smoked a loooong time ago. Frank Smith definitely had more of an intimidating presence than Sonny, even early Sonny was more intimidating than his current self.
  6. this has been a great few months for uploads! also great seeing another episode close to the farmhouse scenes, imo one of the best moments of the show in the 90s.
  7. I reached out to Brandon Denson who had the late 90s early 2000s clips on YouTube, who had his channel removed. He's a member of the y&r Facebook group and hopefully he'd be willing to post some content to this thread.
  8. I would have rather seen a classic episode than the generic blandness they aired on Christmas and New Years. Y&R never takes a day off . B&B aired a rerun but it would have been a treat to see them dig deeper in the vault than 2018. I guess its a plus though that it's 2020 and the Soaps are still with us but..they could do better.
  9. I was hoping to see a classic episode on Christmas and Thanksgiving like they did last year😒 At least GH did release classic episodes online in the past, compared to the zilch we get from CBS
  10. Y&R is my favorite soap but for the life of me I cannot understand why its still #1. Since Bill Bell died in 2005 the show hasn't been the same. B&B has been past prime quality since about 2002 yet it still beats GH? Perhaps one of the main reasons is that they have not back backburnered most of their veteran casts, and they can still appeal to an older audience, compared to ABC's youth craze. Dont get me wrong the mob drama could have its place. It gives Gh that urban crime edge element. It can be a portion of the show, limited to 2 or 3 characters, but not the entire show. I think the Bill Levinson era in 93/94ish did this well. It was more serious and impactful than the mob trash that came afterwards. The Gloria Monty era had a good balance with mob story lines as well. The 90s also did attempt to keep some focus on the hospital which was good. I liked GH, OLTL, and ATWT especially because they attempted to introduce a variety of story lines with their plots rather than sticking to one formula. (It wasn't good when they tried extreme plots).
  11. Steve Burton is the only person that can play Jason IMO, even if he's not doing it well right now. In addition to cast slimming I think cutting the show 30 minutes (and all other hour-long soaps for that matter) would do it a whole lot of good. LOL, GH is bad right now, but in its defence....CBS may bring in the numbers but its soaps are currenly in crap quality where storyline is concerned. Y&R has been dull for so many years now, meanwhile The Bold and the Beautiful just keeps recycling romance plots. At least GH gets relatively creative with their lackluster stories.
  12. That would be perfectly acceptable. l second that it would it be great to have Tracy and Lesley back. It'd be even better if they used some dumb science fiction plot to say Helena had Allan frozen somewhere all these years, and brought him back to life, making him and Monica endgame. (God forbid) when General Hospital ends it would be nice if Luke and Laura were endgame!
  13. Can you post the link to those scenes, I'm having trouble finding them.
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