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  1. I second that shows should find an identity and stick with it, to avoid everyone becoming the same thing. B&B the flashy fashion world, Y&R the lavish sophisticated business execs, OLTL the urban soap, AMC/ATWT the small town community soaps, DAYS the larger than life soap, and GH the big city action/drama soap was more or less their overall styles. It seems all daytime soaps were on a "spectrum" from (somewhat) grounded to extreme camp. Y&R, B&B, and AMC would be closer to the grounded end. GH, ATWT, and OLTL would be somewhere in the middle (breast cancer and rape story lines, yet frozen world, trip to heaven, and James Stenbeck plots), then DAYS (devil possession, stalker, Stefano) and GL (clone, Amish), near the high camp end, with Passions waaaay at the extreme camp dead end. I liked that the prime time soaps had a noticeable level of distinction: Dallas the gritty western drama, Dynasty the lavish soap, then Knots Landing as the raw middle class drama, and Falcon Crest as well a mix of Dallas & Dynasty
  2. Agreed. The disregard for multi generational storytelling sucks. It's unfortunate that actors often get put out to pasture after a certain age where storyline is concerned (though Y&R still seems to utilize older actors ex. Eric Braden in his late 70s). ATWT was really great with the multi generational aspect. I like that they had Nancy then the Bob/Lisa/Kim etc.. generation on one front, then the Lilly, Carly, Holden, Jack crowd, and the even younger generation of actors, on the other. I wish GH could have just pulled something out of their hat and resurrected Tony, Alan, or even Emily and Justus by now. If they could do a 180 and resurrect Jake and AJ then certainly this could have been done. (Though they shouldn't have been killed in the first place).
  3. Amen!!! Its loyalty not quality thats keeping the audience at this point
  4. the good: y&r: Brenda Epperson as Ashley, Sandra Nelson as Phyliss, Jess Walton as Jill (Brenda Dickson was the best though), Peter Bergman as Jack (debatable), Sharon Case as Sharon, Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki oltl: Kassie Depavia as Blair, Bree Williamson as Jessica (debatable) gh: Tamera Braun & Laura Wright as Carly (Sarah Brown was the best though), Sean Keenan as AJ, Leslie Charleson as Monica b&b: Ashley Jones as Bridget the bad: y&r: Burgess Jenkins as Billy, Gina Tognoni as Phyliss (debatable), Darius McCary as Malcolm, Amelia Heinle as Victoria (Heather Tom had way more spark in the role) gh: Jennifer Bransford as Carly, Billy Miller as Jason, Roger Howarth as Franco 80s Dynasty: Emma Samms as Fallon.
  5. Thanks for the EP clarification. Yes, the Caleb mess originated on Port Charles but I didn't like it on GH, even if was rewritten for him to be a serial killer instead of a vampire. As for the Phelps/Guza years....Been a viewer of GH since 06ish so the mob era was all I knew until YouTube and the 50th anniversary marathon, then I realized how degraded the show became during their tenure compared to the better Monty and Riche periods. (The writers may vary) At the very least we got some decent action packed moments like the Metro Court Hostage Crisis out of Phelps years. I agree that there was way too much Jason/Sonny/Carly focus. I found the charachters compelling but the issue was their excessive domination of the show. They should have been a part of the show, not the center, and not at the expense of other characters. Moreover all the often non-sensical mob junk should have had far less prominence on the show. They keep trying to promote Jason and Sonny as "heroes" with a "heart of gold stuck in a bad life" despite the obvious contradictions. The slaughter of the Quartermaines was also terrible, especially killing Alan and the continued destruction of AJ, until finally "killing" him off. At least FV & RC's GH had Michael finally learn of his mothers past actions concerning Tony & AJ.
  6. My fault for shifting everything to him. I guess I'm blaming the EP's for the faults of the headwriter/writers. (Correct me): Dosen't the EP have to sign off on what the head writer comes up with? Could FV have not challenged these ideas or did he agree with them?
  7. I think I may have minded the paternity questioning of Jessica being a psycho's daughter less, had she not gown up on the show with a decent dad like Clint. Frank Valentini is another so/so EP. OLTL was past it's prime (in my opinion) when Valentini took over in '03 but he managed to keep it action packed and interesting through the great 2012 finale. Valentini gave the over used multiple personalities thing an interesting spin when he gave Tess an actual separate life and romance with Nash while Jessica had an established life with Antonio. But there were too many RETCONs. Malone re-wrote history to have Viki kill Victor Sr. in 1995, only to have him be alive in 2003, only to then insinuate that 2003 Victor Sr. was perhaps an imposer during the 10,000th episode? I liked Roger Howarth coming back but the two Tood's 2011 story line was convoluted and confusing. The time traveling mess to make David Asa's son? Trevor St. John's Todd basically became an abusive overbearing father to Starr, only to have his family continuously forgive him. I like that Valentini helped heal a lot of Phelps & Guza's damage to GH, and gives the veteran players some screen time but Fluke? Caleb the Vampire? Ava dressing up as her cousin? Redeeming AJ just to murder him again? Redeeming Franco and making him Scott's son? Valentini arguably has more appreciation for the show's history and veteran actors but the Phelps/Guza era——as destructive as it was——was more interesting than today's GH (to me at least).
  8. Gary Tomlin is iffy for me. He had a great balance of humor and drama. I enjoyed Todd and Blair from 2000-2003 especially the dead baby lie storyline and it's Live Week reveal. I liked the Lindsay vs Norah dynamic, and Asa's fake funeral with all his wives returning and the acknowledging that Blair used to be played by an Asian. It was a great and funny episode. But the singing and dancing, and animation were a bit much for me. The worst of Tomlin had to be the Nikki Smith framing Natalie for having DID. Nikki came off as cartoonish and over the top. THE ABSOLUTE WORST was the very idea that Mitch Lawrence was Jessica's father. I'm not opposed to the Alison Perkins baby switch and Natalie being added to the canvas, but Mitch raping Viki and fathering Jeessica (which took 10 years to correct), awful.
  9. Y&R seems to almost have no hesitation with that, they axed Cassie, Ryan, John, Diane, and Rex all in a mostly permanent manner with little loophole for the charachters to return. Imagine if Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini got their hands on Y&R....Diane, Ryan, John Abbott, Tricia, Rex, would have magically risen from the dead and randomly returned, and Mari Jo would have escaped from the psyc ward, lol
  10. Wish Dru could have been revealed as alive years ago so we could have gotten a few more years of interesting Winters storylines. If only VR could be willing to come back as Dru now!
  11. Agreed. Its a mystery how B&B is still on the air and in the #2 spot at that! Its just a cyclical mess of liam, hope, steffy, and other near incestuous random couple combinations. Its beyond played out at this point. Moreover, Its kind of insulting to the dedicated viewers that Bradley Bell's team of writers appear to be making no effort at all. GH is no gem these days but at least the writers seem to be attempting to give the audience something to work with, yet they're still 3rd in the ratings?
  12. Agreed, I liked the separation style it made the show unique. Speaking of Marland, I guess the over interaction why I find it harder to follow ATWT's history. Moreover because ATWT hardly has single storyline playlists on youtube, mostly full episodes. One thing I get frustrated about with Y&R is that they just drop characters off the canvas and hardly acknowledge their history. When was the last time we got a Veronica Landers, Rex Sterling Tricia Dennison, or Ryan Mc Neil reference? It took years for them to give a flashback clip for Nikki's anniversary. Meanwhile GH seems to drop flashback clips and acknowledge character's past history at the drop of a hat. They even gave a 50 hour classic episode marathon on SoapNet for their anniversary. It's good to live in the present but wow!
  13. Y&R characters were really separated and interacted in spheres compared to other soaps. Did Bell purposely do this to avoid endless charachters relationship backstory so the show could be easier to follow?
  14. What I meant was the show shifted star charachters, but I agree that no other star periods like the Sonny/Carly/Jason triangle have completely enveloped the show.
  15. LOL! hard to think 3-4 characters have eaten GH for nearly 20 years now..... Instresting to see how the show shifted "star charachters".....we went from the Steve Hardy show to the Luke & Laura Show, to the Robert & Ana Show, to the Sonny/Carly/Jason/ Courtney then Sam show.
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