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  1. Finally some Mary Jo and Matt Clark, seeking out Veronica next. Cool to see a 90s Gen X centered episode, featuring a young Sharon! This was more a Nick/Sharon episode than Paul & Chris.
  2. Facts! soapnet used to convert them to hd and cbs is doing so currently.
  3. The emmys are funny to me. Susan Lucci got passed over for almost 30 hears, but Sarah Joy Brown ( deservingly) won 2 emmys in like 2 years. Moreover it took Jeanne Cooper till about 2008 to win an Emmy after years of great storylines as Kay. Loved today, from the time I saw May 2002 I already knew it was about Brooke & Deacon. That storyline was so scandalously shocking, one of the last great on the show. It would be great to see the episode where Brooke is confronted by Bridget as well.
  4. When do you all consider the ultimate cut off year for quality GH. I see many feel it began as early as Guza/Riche
  5. For the newer viwers, IDK if it's that they haven't been exposed to older soaps. In the 2000s I used to think soaps then were the best thing ever until I saw older episodes and realized the comparative decline. For the veteran viewers I can't imagine being in a rush to see Summer/Kyle/Lola? Victor & Nikki's 40th year of relationship turmoil? Bad writing? Paint dry boring storylines? To each his own🤷 Great to see 1997, a rarity! My thoughts exactly. Perhaps CBS should release yearly storyline summaries such as this: http://tvmegasite.net/day/yr/history.shtml
  6. Seeing the "faces of the heart" GH intro live at 3:00 😊. Tamara Braun as Carly equally😊 . I wish they'd made her antagonistic towards Sonny and Carly upon her return much like they did with Sarah Brown's Claudia. Kim was too boring and soft for the actress who played the petulant diva Carly. Faith was a female villain I liked, curious as the what the general opinions are surrounding her? Scott Baldwin seemed like more of a strong adversarial district attorney against Sonny and Jason compared to Mac.
  7. Literally read my mind. The more I see early Lauren, is the more I look forward to Sheila giving her some humility🤣.
  8. too many modern episodes this week🤮...looking forward to 2002. Today's 2010 episode with Bill vs Liam and (Stephanie still alive 🔥💪) was surprisingly far more interesting anything I've seen them give in years.
  9. Agreed, no one wants JFP/Guza back but it's looking more attractive than Frank's GH. The most tolerable years for that era I've seen was about 01-04ish plus sweeps events. The production values wern't all of that compared to the dimmer lighting and soft focus during outside scenes of the Riche era, but tops now. As I've said before the only advantage I'll give Frank/Ron is more airtime for the vets compared to the previous regimes. The show had alot of momentum when he and Ron C arrived but it died down around 2015. At least most of the episodes from the Jason Sam week are pre Frank. 2003 isn't far back enough but I'll take that over 2014/15 forward. I like that CBS upgrades the old episodes to HD like soapnet used to for classics. But standard definition or not just give us classics.
  10. It'll be a sad day when the classics end on cbs daytime..back to tuning in like once every 2 months. We can only hope the modern writers were watching and learned something.
  11. True. Imagine Nikki seeing Victor and Brooke. Im also curious as to what would have happened had there been any Victor/Sheila interaction. Victor vs Stephanie is definitely something I'd like to have seen!
  12. they're abbreviating the theme song now 😒 great episode though!!!
  13. Can't wait!!! +1 as well..Speaking of the 80s, I hope they show some of the photographs storylines.
  14. Well, whatever he got from Brooke might have been more enticing than Hope considering a large portion of B&B's male characters have sought after her😂.
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