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  1. I need Sonny to catch Jason & Carly MID SESSION, it'd be the reverse of 1999! It's crazy how Jason and not Carly seems to be pushing for a romantic relationship. The spark is duller than it should be between them.
  2. GH: Luke & Monica, Monica & Laura (later years), Ana & Monica, Sonny & Monica (they did but not too often)Robin & Monica? Robert & Monica? Jason Q (pre accident) and Sonny.
  3. I know it’s a soap but Could jax have bot texted Maxie instead??? and maxie sees jax calling her 47 tines and sits there and wonders “I wOndEr wHy hE wAs caLLINg mE”! Literally Jax could have called someone else or sent out a mass text. Furthermore, as someone mentioned “Mike” did absolutely nothing to attempt to regain his memory bit seems to wholly blame Nina.One quick social media post and “Mike” would have been most likely recognized as Sonny easily.
  4. Ahh. Hopefully some big complications ensue when Sonny realizes Jason may actually have feelings for Carly.
  5. That wasn’t a compliment to B&B. It’s a comparison of extremes, slow plot movement vs too fast. But I respect that GH knows how to drag things out over B&B that rushes plots to return to repetitive statis.
  6. Jax and Nina could have easily pulled Sonny out of the burning Tan-O together, but her pulls her out. Just checked the dates, Sonny went over the bridge on December 18, it’s now September 16 meaning the Mike amnesia plot took 9 months. The Bold & the Beautiful probably would have horrendously wrapped this up in two months.
  7. Peter gave Phyliss and Nina the Sheila Carter farmhouse treatment! It felt satisfying seeing the truth cone out and Nina facing repercussions for her actions. It was sad to see the Tan-O burn and poor Phyliss tied up tho.
  8. I liked that, it left new territory to be explored between characters. Everyone doesn’t have baggage with everyone.
  9. This is a new level of pathetic for Eric. Lollll
  10. In terms of chemistry, Sarah Brown had the most with Jason and Tamera Braun had the best chemistry with Sonny over SB and Laura Wright. Sarah Brown has more chemistry with Sonny as Claudia, and i’m surprised they didn’t really try to reclaim energy with Claudia and Jason.
  11. Jason and Carly might work if it were Sarah Brown in the role.
  12. 1. Best years 1992-1995: Sheila’s intro, Sheila vs Stephanie, the BeLief formula 2. 1998-2002 (Resurgence after a mid 90s slump) Sheila kidnaps Mary, Brooke’s bedroom, Macy/Throne/Brooke, Deacon & Brooke’s affair, Sheila “kills” Taylor, Rick & Amber 3. 1987-1991: The early years, Brooke & Eric’s marriage vs Stephanie 4. 1996-1997 brief slump 5. 2003-2007: declining but a few gem’s like Stephanie owning Forrester and faking her heart attack, still very watchable 6. 2008-2010: loosing steam bit still good moments like Betty White’s tenure 7. 2010-2012: The last marginally watchable period with a few funny story lines like Brooke accidentally sleeping with Oliver, but going downhill due to the increasing Liam/Hope/Steffy triangle 8. 2012- Present: Post Stephanie and original Ridge era, utter foolishness and poor writing
  13. Hunter Tylor is perhaps the saddest example.
  14. 90s era Y&R: Nikki & Christine, Kay & Phyliss, Nick/Sharon & Kay, Dru & Lauren, Lauren & Nikki… did Lauren interact much with Olivia then? Perhaps because Scott worked at the hospital; Jill & Olivia?
  15. Old school Y&R: Victor & Lauren, Sheila & Victor, Drucilla & Victor, Nikki & Malcom, Nikki & Drucilla (pre orchid storyline)
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