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    Best US Soap Scenes

    Y&R 1998- Nikki hospital scenes after being shot by Veronica Landers. (Wish I could find that full story line anywhere). They really did a good job making Melody Thomas Scott appear as if she were actually on her death bed. It lead to the whole Victor divorcing Diane to let Nikki die in peace then Nikki surviving fiasco. Of all the soaps 90s Y&R arguably had the best directing: ornate camera angles and shadowy lighting. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_9CxbSuzZXNwXleXR56goOsQGesp0ZKq
  2. ironlion

    Best US Soap Scenes

    FACTS! If anything, Sonny belongs with Brenda, Carly with Jason and Elizabeth with Lucky 1.0, as for Sam....eeeh.
  3. ironlion

    Classic GH Thread

    Question: Carly is not the most revered charachter here (LOL), but who was the best in the role. I found Sarah Brown the most compelling, and that she had more chemistry amd sex appeal with Jason than the others. Tamera Braun I thought had the most chesmistry with Sonny. Brown to me had more fire with Sonny as Claudia. SB: Laura Wright isn't bad either.
  4. ironlion

    Best US Soap Scenes

    Not to keep the thread focus solely on GH, but this was a great point. They dressed Laura and ESPECIALLY Luke terribly in the 90s. Luke didn't have a decent haircut or wardrobe in the 90s till around the Liz rape story line. Yet, Bill Eckert, Geary's other character, was dressed way better. Well, acting is #1 and they were very compelling in that regard. Now that two Carlys are on GH (Maura West and Laura Wright), I'm starting to notice several parallels between Sarah Brown's Carly and 90s Carly Tenny ATWT. Both debuted around the same time, 1995 & 1996. Both denied their child his natural father: Michael & AJ, Parker & Hal. Both ran through several men despite being in love with someone else: Carly Tenny: John Dixon, Hal & Brad while in love with Jack; Carly Benson: Tony, AJ, and Sonny while in love with Jason.
  5. ironlion

    Best US Soap Scenes

    That's unfortunate that the actors were so eager to run from the couple paring that made them a household name. Ironically, the charachter of Luke suffered without Laura as he became a cynical, "cool man" drunk. Having began watching GH around 2006, I had no clue Luke was the show's IT man in his heyday. Now he's running over Jake, marrying Tracy and split personality? Laura on the other hand is coming off as strong and into her own on Frank Valentini's GH compared to the victim she often had to play under Monty, Riche, and Guza's watch. The hard truth is that star actors sometimes shouldn't be involved in the writing of their charachters. It's also interesting how GH shifts between male charachters as the star of the show. Steve Hardy, then Luke, Robert, Sonny, now Jason. I suppose it balances out the stong female stars on other soaps (Reeva GL, Stephanie B&B, Erica AMC, Viki OLTL). (Meanwhile, Victor remains the star of Y&R)
  6. ironlion

    Y&R: Old Articles

    Awesome, hard to find anything after '95
  7. ironlion

    AMC Tribute Thread

    Awesome thread. Curious as to what is considered the last solid quality year for AMC? In watching old episodes on youtube something seemed to fall off after 1997.
  8. ironlion

    Best/Worst Network Promo Campaigns

    Great thread. CBS daytime late 80s-02ish to me had the best promos..."Don't Blink & Don't Look Away", "Get It On", Clarence the announcer, "Everything is Everything", "Turn on the Light Guiiiding Light" were some of their best.
  9. ironlion

    Best US Soap Scenes

    89-93ish Y&R had stong material!....Paul framed for murder/Cassaundra gaslighting, Sheila baby switch, David Kimble marriage con, Katherine and Marge the doppleganger, Christine sexual harassment, Bill Bell firing on all cylinders then
  10. ironlion

    Best US Soap Scenes

    Decent material to come out of 2003 was the Rick locking Tamera Braun's Carly in the panic room storyline.The Metro Court crisis was undoubtebly GH's most compelling disaster plot...however the fallout was terrible, killing off Alan and effectively rendering the Quartermaines irrelevant. If they could raise Jake Webber from the dead, hell, Alan and could have been back ages ago and AJ could STAY alive.
  11. ironlion

    Best US Soap Scenes

    Great scene (but no actual clip) Y&R Sheila kidnaps Lauren and takes her to the farmhouse (May 1992). The awesome dark scenes played out over 5 days in which Sheila finally tells Lauren about the baby switch a year prior. To me Sheila's best character developments came on the Bold & the Beautiful but her most solid and dark story lines played out on Y&R (the baby switch and the 2005 return as "Brenda" the author). Flashback from B&B 1995: Glad the woman of the year speech was the first clip here. Lucci's alpha moment! Maybe this was posted already, All My Children from about 1978: Tom finds out Erica is on birth control despite claiming she wants a baby: Phelps/Guza era General Hospital (2009) Sonny EXPOSES Claudia at the her own birthday party for shooting Michael in an attempt to kill Sonny. Crazy music cue, plus Sonny calls her a "psychotic piece of trash" ROFL!
  12. ironlion

    Classic GH Thread

    Alan and Monica really got pushed off the canvas after that 98/99 pill popping storyline. They're really underrated as a couple, often just lumped together with the rest of the Quartermaines. The appeal of them to me was that (depite the cheating) the charachters were together for a LONG TIME. The Monjca/Rick affair and Susan Moore fiascos were my favorite storylines of their's.
  13. ironlion

    Best US Soap Scenes

    The storyline was okay to me. Viki shifiting from her stoic self to other wild alters was awesome. It was arguably a gem of the Malone era and to take it a step further one of the best plots in the show's history. I guess camp is a turn off but personally thats the draw in factor for soaps (post 80s). Over the top melodrama....the one thing the writer must do though is make the storyline as watchable, serious, and believable as possible.
  14. ironlion

    Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    With all the criticism of Brad Bell and Mal Young it seems no EP can truly do justice for the Bell soaps outside of Bill Bell himself. Alot of posters on this site cite 1996 as a year b&b fell off which is about the time Bill Bell stepped away as head of the show. Similarly when Bill Bell left in 1998, Y&R's slow decline began, even more so after his death in 2005. Other soaps seem to be able to stay afloat despite shifiting regimes but apparenly not the Bell soaps. Yet, desite this they have remained #1 &#2 in ratings despite years of lackluster storylines since about '07ish? Perhaps the fact that Y&R and B&B still grant major screen time to their veteran actors and still have a decent production value (compared to GH and DAYS) can be attributed to this?
  15. ironlion

    Best US Soap Scenes

    LOL! Quite possibly Lucci's greatest AMC episode of all time!