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  1. Thought that was a gang sign. Unrelated, a major issue im noticing is that too many new characters have complex backstories that did not play out on screen. Example being Nina, Madeline, and her coma or Peter's origins. Likewise, there are way too many random family conections and rewriting of History to make characters related to each other. Ex. Franco, Heather and Scott, Nelle, Nina and Frank Benson. Peter, Ana, Britt, and Faison.
  2. I cant get into Days of Our Lives. The storylines from what I've seen are too wacky like Susan Banks, Marlena's possessions and New Salem. To this day I still can't. It's also hard because clips on YouTube aren't broken down by storylines (like the ABC soaps) which would have made things easier to follow instead of watching entire episodes. I couldn't get into AMC or Guiding Light becuase I remember them being sub par growing up in the 2000s. But once I had access to 90s clips I really enjoyed AMC and Guiding Light. The 80s and 2000s though I still can't get into where GL is concer
  3. Great uploads!!! Bold Restless, Antonia chapstick, YR, and Y&R Fans 23, 93 etc.... have really been on fire these past few months!!! (amongst others who I may not have mentioned) Thank u guys!!!!! Speaking of the yr channel I see they've uploaded some yearly episode playlists from the 90s forward. Excited about 2002 and 03 which are usually hard to find: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCuJkTOrjRs3ygJNMk1dfm_A Probably uploaded already but lost in the shuffle: (5/21/03) Kay finds out Jill is her "daughter": https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_dA7KVkp
  4. Seeing Bill (who I cant stop calling Brad) and Lauren was cool. As someone said it felt natural and energetic. I could stomach that pairing. Bill is an a***h**** annoying villain, but I'd like to see him give Victor and Jack hell! Characters getting married so willy-nilly becomes tiresome and repetitive. It dulls the impact of the relationship and or eventual breakup. Nothing wrong with just having them date. As for Brighton James, it feels like they just have black actors there for affirmative action purposes. They get no interesting story lines, and haven't really ha
  5. If only they had imagined the possibility of youtube, streaming or soapnet, etc... They could have perhaps profited off releasing --for example--a playlist of critical episodes from a particular storyline. Anyway, it is what it is
  6. I agree that soaps shouldn't be five days a week, and should be kept to a 1/2 hour. 22 minutes though, not 18 watered down with commercials. For example, if it were CBS, (keeping soaps at 60 mins), I'd do: Mon-Wed Thu-Fri Y&R 1-2pm GL 1-2pm B&B 2-3pm ATWT 2-3pm (OR) Ideal Scenario (30 min soaps) Mon-Wed Thu-Fri Y&R 1-1:30pm GL 1-1:30p B&B 1:30-2pm ATWT 1:30-2p Less extra characters, less fluff and more matter. Fewer episodes, so more reason to tune in for every episode, e
  7. Yikes! I've been waiting for years to see Phillip Chancellor's death on Y&R as well as Victor Lord's death on OLTL. One day they might surface, if such video exists anymore. I always found it strange that it's so hard to locate newscasts and soaps from that era but primetime like Mary Tyler Moore or Sanford & Son (and movies) were so well preserved.
  8. Exactly what are the blank years for old soaps, the late 60s to the late 70s? At least those are the years I find toughest to locate online. And why is that? I suppose it has something to do with tape erasure?
  9. Lucci was frequently over dramatic but I liked her and she was the show. (I do think however AMC could somewhat have a leg to stand on without Lucci but B&B without Flannery however, definitely not!) Sometimes Erika Slezak as Niki/other alters was OTT. I enjoyed the Niki returning plot in the 80s, and the '95 Victor lord death plot. Niki Smith in 2002 became too cartoonish. When she first returned in 2001 there were some good moments where she haunted Viki, leading up to the Jessica/Natalie baby switch plot. Once the writers had Niki framing Nat to think she had split personal
  10. B&B was good from 1987-2002. More specifically I agree with @YRfan23 1988/89-95 and then a resurgence from 98-2002. The last decent stories were the Brooke/Deacon affair and Taylor's "death". It was down hill after there for me. 2003-2008ish past the show's prime, but gold compared to today's crap. Once Steffy/Liam/Hope took over and Ridge & Stephanie left, that was it. Anything post 2009/10 is unwatchable for me. Agreed @ChickenNuggetz92 Prime quality Y&R was up until 2001. After 2002, I noticed production values and ornate camera angles and movement vanished. It was
  11. I'm late but what a rare find those 70s episodes were!
  12. B&B: Stephanie Forrester! ruthlessness, power, rage, motherly love all in one OLTL: Viki and Asa! Asa was the old country JR Ewing womanizing patriarch. He could be funny, disgusting and ignorant yet loveable. AMC: Erica Kane ATWT: Bob, Kim, Lucinda, Barbra, John, Lisa and all the other OGs. The multi generational aspect of ATWT as well as their core of vets was the best. Y&R: Katherine, everything from the her hand gestures to dramatic delivery she really worked the grand dame archetype.
  13. OLTL- Todd Manning in 2000, Tomlin era Todd and the dead baby lie storyline and Blair shooting Max in the back was good comedy drama. OLTL- Mitch in 2002 , it was good until it went off the rails with Mitch going blind etc....Mitch in 2012 for the finalie (where I first heard of him) was also fun.
  14. Same mistake her "mother"/older look alike Hunter Tylo made.
  15. late 70s GH!! Love the cold dull lighting, and great charachters
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