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  1. Lol, from the time I heard a psycho was after Alexis I knew it was a family member of Keefer's. At least the crash finally resolved the damn baby switch.
  2. (intended to be combined with my post above)
  3. Another y&r channel, casey gibeaut, has surfaced on youtube, this one with disguised titles. Im seeing alot of content from 2012 when Sharon married Victor and took over Newman Enterprises, and Phyllis Tim Reid 2.0. I remember when those scenes aired, cannot believe it's been 7 going on 8 years already! In seeing those clips, I'd say again that 2012 was Y&R's last barely palatable year. In thinking of the show as the Titanic (pardon the cheesy metaphor), it went off course but still afloat somewhere around 2005. Lynn Marie Latham was the iceberg, Maria Bell was the sinking, and Jill Farren Phelps was the cap size. Anything after 2013 has just been 🤢😷 Mal Young was just insult to injury. Hopefully this channel doesn't get shut down as quickly as the other ill fated ones have. There are a couple of scenes on YouTube from y&r that have thankfully evaded Sony.
  4. Awesome 1988!!! Lol, Those Leanna & Victor fantasy scenes were awfully Days of our Livesish.
  5. Michael and Lauren are boring to me. It seems like they dont know what to do with Ms.Fenmore other than have a psyco chase after her. Michael and Phyliss, being bad together however....I could get behind that! I do like Phyliss' friends with sexual tension dynamic with both Michael Baldwin & Malcolm.
  6. Excited to see these 1988 episodes!! I'd like to see both Diamont and Tom back on Y&R today. I liked the Brad & Nikki storyline aswell as his friends with benefits dynamic with Lauren in the early 90s. (Im still mad over how they played Scott Sr. though. He didnt deserve that). As for Diamont on B&B, I cannot stand Bill Spencer. Lol, he's often so poorly written at times. I do agree that Diane's anger was extreemly justified. She basically broke off her engagement to Jack for Victor, only for Victor to return to Nikki (which didn't last).
  7. @Dion Got u! I found Davetta Sherwood to be much better than than Christel Khalil as Lilly. I felt annnoyed when CK started screaming at Malcom. Sherwood would have been a great replacement for Khalil since Lilly went to prison.
  8. Great clips. I'm confused though. I thought Lilly already learned of her paternity from eavesdropping on Dru and Phyllis, and confronted Dru here:
  9. Watching those flashback scenes really reminded me of how much I miss when soaps utilized close-up shots, and when the show moved the camera artfully. Today it appears everything on daytime is just shot at a wide angle, and the camera barely moves. It was really nice to hear the old school music scores again. The episode was well done. It would have been interesting to have seen some scenes regarding Luan, Keemo, and the drama around Diane Jenkins and Kyle's birth. Overall though any chance to see old y&r on screen makes it an enjoyable episode.
  10. Facts, Mad Men used to average around 2 milion viewers whereas Y&R usually doubles that. So many big budget cable/streaming shows pull in only about 1 million. Hollywood Reporter said that 'Power' and ' Big Little Lies' pulled in about 1.4 million viewers each....too much content is out there so it seems only big draws like Rosanne, Stranger Things, etc are getting the huge numbers. I agree, soaps could totally survive if they were better promoted, better budgeted, and better written. Modern soaps don't have to be esoteric to long time viewers. What isnt cooler than stories that stretch back 50+ years! If Marvel fans can can enjoy newly released movies based on comics from umpteen years ago, and U.S. anime fans are now catching onto 'Fullmetal Alchemist' which came out in 2003, there's definitely a market for new viewership in soaps.
  11. I believe she did. That was perhaps my favorite Y&R storyline of the late 90s. Nikki looking so pale and lifeless in hospital scenes was so grim, serious, and realistic. Soaps couldn't pull off something so unsettling like that today effectively. The best part was that it lead to vilianess Diane which fueled years of animosity between Nikki and Diane, and later Diane vs. Phyliss which was gold! The biggest joke had to be Victor and Nikki "remarrying" after 10 years only for Nikki to sleep with Brad (lol, who didnt Brad sleep with) the next year.
  12. Now that prime time is doing serialization better than daytime, the only reason for soaps staying on the air is familiarity with the charachters and obligation. The fact that Marlena's story has been going on for 40+ years means ive invested too much time to give up watching her.
  13. Some of the 1998 videos he posted, I saw on archive.org before his channel launched such as the two October episodes where Sharon's arm was broken.
  14. Id like to see the 90s/early 00s era red intro make a comeback, maybe in a different color to give it a 2020 flare. B&B had the right idea when it broght back its early 00s intro. Then again the show's current quality dosent deserve that intro.
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