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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Agreed. Its a mystery how B&B is still on the air and in the #2 spot at that! Its just a cyclical mess of liam, hope, steffy, and other near incestuous random couple combinations. Its beyond played out at this point. Moreover, Its kind of insulting to the dedicated viewers that Bradley Bell's team of writers appear to be making no effort at all. GH is no gem these days but at least the writers seem to be attempting to give the audience something to work with, yet they're still 3rd in the ratings?
  2. Agreed, I liked the separation style it made the show unique. Speaking of Marland, I guess the over interaction why I find it harder to follow ATWT's history. Moreover because ATWT hardly has single storyline playlists on youtube, mostly full episodes. One thing I get frustrated about with Y&R is that they just drop characters off the canvas and hardly acknowledge their history. When was the last time we got a Veronica Landers, Rex Sterling Tricia Dennison, or Ryan Mc Neil reference? It took years for them to give a flashback clip for Nikki's anniversary. Meanwhile GH seems to drop flashback clips and acknowledge character's past history at the drop of a hat. They even gave a 50 hour classic episode marathon on SoapNet for their anniversary. It's good to live in the present but wow!
  3. Y&R characters were really separated and interacted in spheres compared to other soaps. Did Bell purposely do this to avoid endless charachters relationship backstory so the show could be easier to follow?
  4. What I meant was the show shifted star charachters, but I agree that no other star periods like the Sonny/Carly/Jason triangle have completely enveloped the show.
  5. LOL! hard to think 3-4 characters have eaten GH for nearly 20 years now..... Instresting to see how the show shifted "star charachters".....we went from the Steve Hardy show to the Luke & Laura Show, to the Robert & Ana Show, to the Sonny/Carly/Jason/ Courtney then Sam show.
  6. Speaking of EP's, Valentini really healed Phelps' damage in several aspects but it's time for a massive overhaul where GH is concerned. New head writer, new EP needed, and a massive cast slimming is in store. Far too many charachters serve absolutely no purpose on the show but filler material. There's more of an ensemble feel now compared to 10 years ago, but Jason is (arguably) the star of GH right now.
  7. Summation of charachteristics: Sarah Brown: rough, "hood rat", chip on her shoulder Carly Tamera Braun: Sassy, firey, mob wife Carly Laura Wright: popular mean girl Carly Jennifer Bransford:😕 Moreover, When was the last time we got something compelling out of Sam, Liz or Sonny, they all seem to have zero energy left in their roles
  8. Agreed, some of the storylines can actually work, they just lack the hype and dramatic excecution of back in the day. Some of the sets actually look good too, just wish they'd dim the lighting, the production looks cheap compared to B&B and Y&R
  9. I know I'm in the minority on Stafford returning to Y&R but she IS (arguably) Phyliss. Her prime was (for me) the early years with the Danny obsession, Tim Reid, and running over Cricket & Paul material. Tognoni was great on OLTL, I didn't watch much of her as Dinah on GL but Wendy Moinz was the Dinah I preferred. I'm curious though how the majority feels on Heather Tom ever returning as Victoria?
  10. Personal Favorites: Don't Blink and Don't Look Away (CBS 1993): Clarence the Announcer (CBS 1989): Sheila Promo (CBS 2005): "Let Life Surprise You" (OLTL 1992):
  11. Just heard about Gina Tognoni being let go and Michelle Stafford returning. I've been waiting for this for a while. I never bought GT as Phyliss for a moment. The only other person who could play Phyliss was Sandra Nelson from back in the 90s. GT is simply Kelly from OLTL for me. At least the soap powers got it right when Steve Burton left Y&R and returned to GH, and when Roger Howarth returned to OLTL. All I want now is Billy Miller out as Drew and back as Billy (now that Adam is returning), and Heather Tom back as Victoria. (I wouldn't want Amelia H to be out of a job so she can be Katie on B&B, would not want Gina T out of work either so giver her Nina on GH)
  12. Sheila's daughter Mary was aged WAAAAY too fast.
  13. B&B used to be entertaining. Whoever is writing B&B (Brad Bell still presumably) seems to be working overtime to get it canceled. How many more years can the fans take of the same thing: Hope/Liam/Steffy, Ridge/Taylor/Brooke, random couple combos and plots fueled off of romance alone. Mix it up.
  14. 1989-1995; 1998-2002 were the best personally
  15. best baby switch plot ive seen pulled off is Y&R's Sheila & Lauren 1990-1992. The conclusion was epic, the farmhouse fire, Sheila's presumed death, and her resurfacing on the Bold & the Beautiful. So many years of storyline stemmed from this!
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