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  1. I didnt mind that plot, but the Manning last name thing was indeed convoluted. Considering how deranged Todd was he fits as post 90s rewritten Victor Lord's son. LOL, they just kept re-writing things when it came to Victor Lord Sr. First he's an overbearing dad, then he's a sex addict, then he's a child molester, he has a plethora of ilegitimate children (Todd, Victor Jr, Tina), Dorian killed him, no Viki killed him, no he's alive...wait was that actually him in 2003? He was basically OLTL's Phillip Chancellor, a long dead charachter that had bigger historical impact post mortem than alive.
  2. Agreed. Under them Y&R still remained solid from 98-01, despite Bell's lessening his role in 98. That team helped Y&R remain decent from 01-05 aswell. Too bad Kay Alden's return a few years ago basically did nothing for the show.
  3. Did the writers ever question how low they were willing to drag the charachter? The dead baby lie would have been the end of alot of charachters but Todd kept going and Blair kept forgiving! (What a shame Jack Manning turned out to be later in life). Inspite of it all I must conceed in that Cassie and Roger had great chemistry from 00-03. The dead baby lie plot and it's live week conclusion remain one of my all time favorite OLTL storylines. Next to the rape that had to be the second most heinous thing Todd got away with.
  4. What are your general feelings toward the charachter of Todd Manning? I found Howarth to be superior to St John in the role, St John gets his props though! I also liked that Howarth managed to make the charachter humorous in 98 and 00-03, despite the sick things he was doing like faking DID and giving away a baby. This in comparison the the outright angry Todd from 92-95. When St John first came on I liked that he was animated (almost as if he were trying to mirror Howarth) but once he settled in, the charachter became just heinous. When he did things like beat up Cole, bully Langston, push Starr off the boardwalk, and help Jack get away with killing "GG", the charachter became unlikeable. Even worse, Blair and Starr kept falling into the habitual forgiveness rut with the charachter. (Howarth's 2011 return basically negated the latter but still..) Todd's crimes almost hit harder than those of say Stefano Dimera being that they were somewhat realistic. Leading a gang rape, selling a baby because you thought it wasn't yours and so on. Hell, he makes Sonny Corinthos look soft!
  5. IMO Guza under Riche beats Guza under Phelps. Guza in general beats anyone who's been writing GH post 2014, and that's an unfortunate statement considering the damage he did to that soap. Growing up in the 2000s, I thought GH was the bomb until I watched older episodes online and realized what I was watching was a far cry from what came before. The contrast between 90s and 00s GH became fully evident to me when I saw numerous classic episodes during the 50th anniversary marathon. Case and point, the mob plots had more weight and impact to me from 93-95ish, I believe under Levinson then Labine. The mob stuff was wayy more serious with plots like breaking Frank Smith out of jail, and Luke's house getting shot up. There were earthy concequemces and not as much of the glorification of Sonny as we see today. The mob plots today lack any sort of dramatic impact, they're almost comical to say the least. The last time any mob drama hit hard for me was when Michael got shot in 2008, or the Metro Court fiasco in 07.
  6. I wanna know why they fired Riche in favor of soap killer Phelps aswell? Speaking of Luke and Laura I enjoyed them under Labine in the 90s because they appeared more domesticated than their action adventure plots in the 80s. However, 95-02 basically shat on Luke and Laura with the mob violence, Nickolas' intro, Stefan, the rape revisitation, Lucky's death and the Felicia affair. Not to mention Laura going mad in 02. I liked some of those plots but it's interesting how it basically destroyed the couple.
  7. On that note, alot of DTS commemtators cite Luke and Laura's Ice Princess saga as the turning point of soaps from a theater play like tv drama to over the top plots. Guiding Light, DAYS, and ATWT especially seemd to be influenced by this, particularly in the 80s. Wondering if you all agree?
  8. In my own bias, GH should have been #1 and Y&R #2. GH quite possibly had the biggest impact on soaps in the 80s. Likewise the Monty & Riche era were gold. GH also had the best disaster storylines such as the Metro Court hostage crisis in 2007. Y&R had the best presentation. Serious, mysterious vibe, lavish production value (sets, clothes), dark mood lighting, ornate directing in the late 80s-early 00s, the best background music (back then), and the best consistent usage of veteran cast members such as Victor Nikki and Jack (despite how played out they might be at this point, lol) IMO: 1 GH 2 Y&R 3 ATWT 4 OLTL 5 AMC 6 GUIDING LIGHT 7 DAYS (love days but too many over the top plots like devil possession and new Salem etc..) 8 B&B (enjoy b&b aswell but too many repetitive romance plots)
  9. Port Charles takes away from the illusion of General Hospital for me. No one on GH minus the cross over characters are aware of vampires running around the town? They basically negated that in 2013ish when they retconed Caleb to be a serial killer who believed he was a vampire.
  10. I agree in that GL started going off the rails in the mid 90s with Amish/ghost/clone Reeva and Annie 2.0. Prior to that they didn't seem too extreme to me (from what I've seen). Supernatural and OTT stories have their place but soaps, especially given their budgetary limits and prior attempts, should stay clear of them.
  11. Just saw the mardevil storyline scene which "Isabella" turns into a deamon....they...they didnt haaaaave to add that part. Meanwhile everyone else in Salem is carrying on with relatively normal plots ex. Jack & Jennifer. This was just oddly placed in a show in which nothing else supernatural occurs.
  12. I can go for moderateley over the top storylines like Todd Manning selling a baby then bringing it back upon finding out its his own, or even Vivian burying Carly alive... but devil posessions, Reva being cloaned, Vampires on Port Charles, undergeound cities, gorilla in a cage, or UFOs are just unncesary for the genre. Its interesting how soaps went from basically a theatre play on daytime tv to the latter. Ive said this before...from what I've watched there appares to be a specturum of realism on soaps with Y&R and B&B being closest to real, GH, ATWT, OLTL somewhere in the middle, with GL and DAYS closer to over the top, and Passions waaaay off the chart. Not to stray from DAYS but I've read many commentators across discuss the soaps citing Luke and Laura's Ice Princess saga as the turning point of SOAPS going for larger than life plots. Undoubtably DAYS must have been influenced by this with John Black the Pawn and Stefano etc..
  13. Finally took the time to watch the mardevil storyline, heard about it for years but never really got to watch it till I discovered 1995 DAYS episodes on youtube. Do you all think Corday should have green lit this? The least I could say is that it was fun to watch and probably would have been 10x more outrageous had it been done on Passions! But Im sure Rielly's storyline further eroded soap's credibility and exacerbated the negative perception of soaps as being utterly rediculous.
  14. I really don't want to see GH cancelled but...it needs new characters, a massive cast dismissal and a better writer. But that's asking for "too much" of ABC so never mind. It's sad that soaps have been lackluster for so long now but we can't stop watching them out of sheer nostalgia and audience loyalty. Please, is there anything that can make soaps better at this point? I hope there is!
  15. I see GH released another classic episode collection on abc's website. Would it kill Y&R to give the fans a little something? Something along the lines of a 45 episode online collection for their anniverary would have been cool like GH had on SOAPnet for their 50th. It is what it is at this point I suppose. I really enjoyed dark lighting and the ornate camera movements y&r used to have. It realy set the shadowy and dramatic tone for the show.
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