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  1. I liked Laura Wright as Cassie & Carly. To me she ranks 3rd of the 4 Carlys, but she tries. I saw some shades of Sarah in her early run going against Robin. I don't like that she's a heroine now. They need to make her a villain again to spice things up.
  2. Agreed @titan1978 Tony Jones never recovered after Carly told him Michael wasn't his son. He went on the backburner till they killed him off. Maybe not character assassination but GH's Bobbie became a sideshow to Sonny and Carly after she accepted Carly as her daughter. I loved the way she used to hold Sarah Brown's Carly accountable for her crap. Any GH character that compromised themselves to allow for Franco's acceptance on the canvas died a little. (Monica, Carly, Elizabeth...) Clint on OLTL. After Viki slept with Sloan, they broke Clint down. He became a side character until he left. Ver Dorn's Clint had an off the rails stint in the mid 00s if I recall. I don't remember much of it to assess whether or not it was character assassination, but it did seem like that was not the same Clint in behavior from the 80s and 90s. Viki suffered alot too. The writers implied that she (not Nikki Smith) let baby Jessica get kidnapped by Mitch, making her out to be a bad mother. Viki's character suffered as well during the Tess plot which said Nikki neglected Jessica, leading to her molestation.
  3. Dedication!!! I can think of no other genre where auidences constantly and ferociously complain about lackluster quality but still tune in every week. It's like since we know these shows have been on for decades we can't bear to just let them fail.
  4. LOLLLLL😂 Truth! I was thinking Sheila too. It's not so much that her moral character went downhill, she was always evil. It's that she became a cartoon after shooting Taylor. Everything from South America, the yacht explosion, gaslighting Lauren, to looking like Phyliss was over the top. She had better plots from '90-'02, especially 1990-93. Victor Newman! He's always been an anti hero but he a a milder streak in the late 80s- late 00s. Later on he got way too extreme and bitter , especially using Mariah to gaslight Sharon.
  5. Come to think of it, outside of maybe B&B (the fashion industry drama) I'm surprised I how unspecific of a concept most of the long running soaps (those that made in into the 2000s) were. Unlike primetime which sort of goes for a niche---crime drama, comedy, mystery--soaps to me felt like they were going for mass appeal. Just characters in a town interacting, enduring larger than life trials.
  6. I thought Betty White was very good as Stephanie's mother on B&B. She killed the role of an elderly old school mother, stuck in her ways, and in denial about her daughter's abuse. It made for a decent back story on the source of Stephanie's anger and combativeness.
  7. Vincent Irizarry as Lujack on Guiding Light and David on All My Children.
  8. I'd have to agree with @P.J. regarding Michel Easton on GH. First he's John Mc Bain, then Caleb, then Silas, then Finn. McBain was a badass, the rest of his roles I couldn't get into. The Jack / Julia explanation makes sense now, that always seemed weird to me.
  9. Someone mentioned Rick Hearst. I liked his version of Y&R's Carter/Matt over Russel Lawrence. No doubt though Eddie Cibrian owned the role. I would also consider his roles as Ric & Whip to have been decent in their early years. Agreed on Maura West as Y&R's Diane. She should have been given a role of her own. I dont really hear much of Jack & Carly anymore when people discuss major soap couples. Definitely Sarah Joy Brown playing anything outside of GH's Carly or Claudia. I wouldn't consider Claudia a total flop as she carried over some of her Carly mischievousness and played a formidable and likeable villainess. The ramifications of Claudia's tenure are still present on stoylines today. As for her time on CBS, why would ATWT name her Julia after Jack's ex-wife "Julia" was literally on the show one or two years earlier? Finally Tamera Braun as Kim on GH. She was way too soft and boring. It would have been nice to see her at odds with with Corinthos'.... or something close to her Carly roots.
  10. (Someone probably mentioned this already) but Robin Mattson as "Janet from another planet" on AMC, and as psycho Heather on GH. I would also agree with Eileen Davidson as Kristen on DAYS and Ashley on Y&R.
  11. I feel like had Dina not been given alzheimers, she could have filled Kay Chancellor's void in some way.
  12. Agreed, Elizabeth needed to hear that.
  13. I recall that similar alternate fan fiction time-line, that too would have been a major way to keep Sheila on the canvas. Agreed on Jill vs Diane, and Katherine vs Vanessa.
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