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  1. Who wrote the Mary McKinnon/Marissa LaSalle story? Do we know why they made the new family McKinnons and not McGowens or any other legacy family since Jake had already left the show? Is it a plot that got disrupted by a writer's strike? Because for a story about amnesia it has a ton of exposition!
  2. I think it would have been very 90's to name it after the loft building, like "75 Bleeker St." or an intersection like "'Prince & Charming"
  3. Maybe but, it would be funny if at Christmas they showed Rosa going down to the tunnels because that's where she's stored the decorations over the years.
  4. Channing's tunnel love den set cracks me up. There's a door that doesn't seem hidden, inside there's electricity that nobody seems to be paying for, and 10 year old book of photos of Channing and Lindsey. No bed, no floor, and no furniture. 1. Who erected the door? Just once don't you want to see a soap story about the guy who builds the secret rooms, tunnels and mausoleums? I'm guessing that's a cash-only business. 2. Where's the tunnel exit on the Lockridge side? 3. Who took the pictures if both Channing and Lindsey are in frame?
  5. I went back to watch the dive sequences with Lionel, Warren, and Summer. Amanda Lockridge the Ship was carrying paintings from Europe when an argument between Amanda's husband and his rival, (CC's grandfather) broke out near shore and sunk the ship. In 1984, Lionel and Warren dive for the treasures. It is assumed that since Channing had some of the coins from the ship, (which Warren stole back on the night of his murder), that Channing Jr and Warren had dove before but were not properly equipped. Channing Jr had the coins and was using them to prove that Sofia was with Lionel when she disa
  6. 2 questions: I was reading the Ultimate Soap Trivia book published before the end of Loving and they still refer to The City as LOV(heart) NYC; such a better name, does anyone know why it didn't stick? Maybe because it's hard to write the title in a publication? Did Lisa Peluso go away, get recast, and come back as Ava at some point?
  7. I tried reading the French Santa Barbara site about the history of the Capwell/Lockridge feud but the translation isn't great But well before the love triangle between Lionel Lockridge - Sophia Capwell - C.C. Capwell, another story of impossible love had shaken the small world of Santa Barbara. Because everyone knows that the Capwells and the Lockridges are enemies since generations. Already during the time of Lionel's and C.C.'s parents, namely at the time of Emmett Capwell and Douglas T. McDonald Lockridge, their families were tearing. But at any time is discovered the object of
  8. Ben McFarren and Alexandra Spaulding? Taking a second nip at the Spaulding tree of love? lol
  9. It is interesting that Lionel Lockridge never got any siblings (I'm not counting Cassandra). In these episodes Minx is trying to get Lionel to get a job. So, we establish early on that the Lockridges are not business rivals with the Capwells. In fact, during the whole tunnel story it seems like the feud is based on being bad neighbors. I know Lionel slept with his wife but I wonder what other gripes CC has with the Lockridges? Did Warren play his music too loud by the pool? Did Brick block the driveway with the car? Did Minx leave the Christmas lights up too long? These seem like minor
  10. What I don't understand is why Augusta never references her soon to arrive sister Julia when she meets Jack Lee? Isn't the whole thing that Julia and Jack dated but he doesn't recall because he's a double? Wouldn't Augusta know who Julia dated?
  11. This is total speculation but one imagines that BM would have preferred an Alex/Mike/Roger triangle over Alex/Mindy/Roger - a star would always want to be the crux of the triangle not the older, less desirable one...
  12. ep187 is so much fun - Minx, Lionel and Augusta are hysterical, Mason is really charming and fun, and they have the Flashdance soundtrack in the background of scenes. There is an odd amount of voiceover that seems so anachronistic now. However, Marcello is "counseling" Kelly in Bermuda and tells her "You have so much to live for. Your beauty, your charm and you are a wonderful companion." I laughed harder than at the Minx scenes. The only things Kelly has going for her is that she's nice at dinner? Also, how old is Marcello? Because at dinner he tells Kelly that
  13. BY "good guy" perhaps I should have specified both Mike and Bill as their respective mother's favorites? It is interesting to me that these guys who were a little too old for their respective action stories of the 70's were never adapted to age later in the series. I am filled with memories of actors with hair dyed a little too dark, running around in safari leisure suits chasing villains. Of course there are actor issues but, I wonder if it is easier to keep a female character going (like Reva or Vanessa) than a male lead character? Most soaps had fathers and uncles who aged b
  14. I would like to offer the comparison of the characters of Mike Bauer and Bill Horton. Both were leading roles that did not age well with their shows and both left huge holes in their wake when they left the canvas. However, Ed Bauer and Micky Horton might never have aged into the avuncular characters they became (given their misspent youth) if their older good-guy brothers hadn't left town.
  15. Today's notes from watching the pre-tunnel episodes. The whole town goes to the State Street Cafe for lunch but the set is so small, the bar is oddly placed and it looks so cheap. Gina's pusher plays a whole episode in a set that is just a payphone on a wall. Eden and Gina were fighting in the huge Capwell living/entry room while Cruz was meeting Minx in the Lockridge tiny blue living room so, Augusta, Laken, Jade, Mason, Lionel, Warren, and Maggie all have to squeeze into the cafe. In retrospect, one can see all of the lessons learned once they build the Orient Express set and people can
  16. Agreed BUT after rewatching the scenes when Reg comes back with Mary today there were a few issues: It is amusing that years later when Donna and Peter meet Jake McKinnon, neither of them remark that he has the same last name as their former housekeeper who had an affair then mysteriously disappeared with their father? And Jake never invited his cousins to his wedding to Marley at the Love mansion where their mother had worked? Wouldn't Michael's time working in the stables overlap with Mary's employment; so why didn't he recognize her? I guess it just struck me rec
  17. So the Marrisa/Mary timeline is a plothole. In the Mary McKinnon story (which I thought was genius) Jason Frame pre-dated Steve's arrival in Bay City. Marley would never had been believed as Donna's sister if Elizabeth left in 1969. The McKinnon daughters would all have been older than Marley if Reg faked his and her deaths soon after Elizabeth was murdered. That continuum just makes no sense. However, like any soap, Denise Alexander's performance made that story work and I've never noticed the plotholes until now.
  18. I confuse Jason and Vince Frame, and according to the AW HomePage Jason first arrives in '87, so I defer to others on this one, Is this timeline correct? Reginald and Elizabeth Love had three kids. In 1969 Elizabeth and Jason had an affair and she was murdered. Then, Reginald hired Mary McKinnon, in the early 70's, while Jake and his side of the family stayed in Lassiter. Mary and Vince McKinnon had three kids and lived in Bay City near Ada. Later Reg and Mary have an affair and they leave town for South America. All of that was back story later added to the Love cannon.
  19. Point taken, the whole story may deserve a re-watch I don't know what you mean? Originally Steve had no siblings but once Lemay provided the new backstory Jason was one of the sibs introduced while Steve was still alive. I know he was around during the Janice storyline. I do precisely recall that Linda Dano was hosting her lifetime talk show Attitudes at the time of the Jason Frame murder trial. As I recall on the talk show there was much discussion about Linda's bob hairdo that was actually a weave. I also have a vague recollection that there was an episode wher
  20. Can we discuss the Jason Frame murder for a second? In my opinion, it was another great idea that was poorly executed. This is all from memory so please feel free to fill in the gaps. However, the murder in the hall of mirrors feels like a GL ripoff. The introduction of a Michael/Iris backstory is an unnecessary red herring. Finally, the Nicole reveal comes out of nowhere. As an audience, I recall that we knew that Nicole was guilty a few days before the reveal but there was no prior groundwork that would have marked Nicole as the culprit. I love a surprise reveal but I think
  21. First, if you have reviewed the Dobson's library archives then bravo; that is a source rarely used in forum discussions. Second, I whole-heartedly agree with you on the Lindsay points. It is remarkable how tolerant the writing is around the reveal and everyone's response. I appreciated that both Cruz and CC were respectful. It is the only time that I remember sexuality being used as a red herring in soap history. Re-watching Kelly drives me nuts. Her defining characteristic is that she is beautiful. At least once a week someone comments on Kelly's beauty. Men fall l
  22. It is currently right before the tunnel explosion which brings Julia to town - that was probably in spring 1985. I recall the denouement of Maggie the Cop is in August. It is worth noting that Charles Bateman got some of the great material despite his OTT performance. His diatribe toward Mason when he finds out that Channing was gay and his stuff with Gina prior to the wedding are examples of great writing. I continue to find fault with most of the Capwell female characters. There is very little differentiation between Kelly and Eden. Also, Sofia can't decide i
  23. I'm having so much fun re-watching the episodes being currently uploaded from the summer of 1985. It has inspired a couple of thoughts from the era: 1). Maggie the Cop is not given much to do but I like her non-sexual/cop/buddy relationship with Cruz, it is shame that she will disappear. 2). I forgot how long it was until Jed Allen and Robin Mattson appear. Before them, CC and Gina are so mean and filled with anxiety. However, the scene when Gina berates Eden for making CC stay alone after Sofia followed by Eden's revelation that Brandon is CC's grandson is great. I like
  24. It's funny that if the writers had made Megan Gordon into the un-dead baby of Cathy Craig & Joe Riley then they would not have had to come up with Eterna. Megan would still have had a reason to feud to with Vicky. Also, 10 years later, Vicky wouldn't have had to explain how she gave birth five times (Megan, Joey, Kevin, and the Jessica twins) but only remembered three of the babies. I'm also surprised that future writers never used comebacks of the Michael Grande, Max Holden or Paul Kendall families; nor was there ever reference to Tony Lord's progeny. Victor Lord had three
  25. I was just thinking about this issue while reading the AW forum about Iris's return to Bay City: Did Eliot Carrington come from a wealthy family? There's so much talk from Paige about getting Alex's money once she finds out that he is Dennis's father but didn't Eliot have money? He was wealthy enough to hire Alice has Dennis's full-time nurse when he was a kid. The Carrington's owned a townhouse in Manhattan where Alice lived. Also, Iris was living off of her divorce settlement from Eliot for a long time. I know that he didn't make a huge salary as a war correspondent. Howev
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