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  1. Just so I'm clear on the vox populi, we should blame Harding Lemay for the erosion of the polar ice cap, Paul Rauch for educational inequities in urban schools, and Chris Goutman for failing to pass universal health care?

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    2. vetsoapfan


      "...it feels like everyday I read complaints about why they didn't continue to do things the same way as those who were unsuccessful."

      Huh? I have yet to see anyone dragging Lemay, Rauch, Goutman, etc., for not following unsuccessful patterns. Their critics (rightly, IMHO) point out how these men STOPPED DOING WHAT HAD BEEN SUCCESSFUL on their soaps, and STARTED MAKING UNSUCCESSFUL CHOICES that crippled their shows.

      "It irks me that the same people who feel that they are sophisticated enough to understand the inner working of daytime TV, suddenly have no ability to understand context when it comes to someone with conflicting experiences."

      People are giving their opinions on the insider stories being shared with the public, some of which appear blatantly dishonest and self-serving or tone-deaf. Viewers/readers/listeners of popular culture have ALWAYS been an opinionated lot, and are quick to comment. It's...our job, LOL. Calling out a writer or producer about their publicly-shared anecdotes, and the decisions they make which (in the fans' view) damage an entertainment property, does not mean the commentators in the audience lack the ability "to understand context."

      Maybe they just understand the audience better than certain PTB.


    3. j swift

      j swift

      OK you've totally changed my mind

    4. vetsoapfan


      Methinks I sense...sarcasm. 🤔

      I'm not criticizing you for your stance. I am not trying to change your mind.

      I am offering a constrasting point of view.

      No offense meant, dude.

  2. Welcome aboard...

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    2. beebs


      @j swiftyeah but when they come out the gate being combative and mean to everyone for innocently posting a comment...like...I wouldn't DREAM of joining any community and immediately saying some of the things I've seen being said to you and to @slick jones the last few days. 

      Yes, it's important to be welcoming, and open to newcomers. But we should also demand courtesy and respect for ourselves, as well.


    3. slick jones

      slick jones

      I'm not the only one who reads condescension in several new posters posts. I responded and after eight + years I got wrapped on the knuckles. Never in all these years, where there have been words between myself and others was it not corrected and laughed off between members. Now, if I want to post an response when a poster has posted incorrect information, I have to worry about getting another complaint because the newbies around here have thin skins, and don't respect where it's coming from. 

    4. Errol


      Really wish somebody would report posts or at least loop me in to what's going on privately...

  3. When an entire thread is populated by those with opinions that would be better left unread


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    2. koos


      Man. I remember DonnaB's posts on usenet 15 years ago, and although I nearly always disagreed with her, she wasn't... this.

    3. robbwolff


      She hasn't posted in over a year (thankfully). Someone started posting on one of her threads so her name started showing up again.

    4. soapfan770
  4. Medium's "Soap Twitter" story reads like a NY Times culture article, all about a habit engaged by very few people being described as if it was a larger movement that reflects the post-lockdown COVID era (read last week's everyone's skateboarding in Manhattan article for reference). https://mishkahashtag8.medium.com/the-soaptwitter-explosion-waiting-to-happen-511bf189e29c

    That being said, I am fascinated by "Bama Rush Week" on Tiktok...

    1. KMan101


      I can't say their overall points are wrong though (and they acknowledge they exaggerate the 'explosion').


      SoapTwitter is ... something else. Those of us more in the middle who watch and care about the whole show are constantly invaded by stan-bases who throw fits, demand their opinion be the only one, etc. (which drowns out the sane members of the stan-bases). 


      It's a train wreck and it's been driving stars off of Twitter (that and folks being unable to separate character from actor which is a startling amount). The behavior is way out of control. And so many create their own narrative it's crazy. It's like, are we even watching the same show?

    2. j swift

      j swift

      It's ironic that every time I think actors/politicians/influencers are being silly when they say they're effected by the responses of strangers on Twitter, I recall that the first place I check on these boards are the notifications to see if anyone has responded to my opinions.  It is hard to escape the need to be acknowledged and validated.

  5. You remark on one misremembered boyfriend of Nancy McGowan and suddenly you're like the deadbeat brother in the Sedgwick family....

  6. Lady Kitty Spencer is the kind of unfortunate name usually only reserved for soap opera characters.  It is hard to imagine that in 40 years someone will have to call her Granny Kitty.

  7. I'm addicted to achievement so the fact that my status is set at "apprentice" when I've posted 1,564 times since 2013 is driving me nuts.  If you hear someone screaming, "I used to be a contract player.." it's me.

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      I have 16,000+ posts since 2005 (not counting two years on the "old" board before that), and I'm a "Rookie," so I feel you. I didn't have a single hair on my ass when I first got here, but I'm a Rookie.

    2. Errol


      I'm working on getting this corrected. Hopefully will have a solution soon enough.

    3. j swift

      j swift

      @ErrolThanks for your reply and please note that I am grateful for the community that you've curated.  The status thing does not divert from the entertainment I get from reading so many people's fascinating discourse on the daytime genre.

  8. Can we please stop using actor's initials and just type out their full name!  Last time I checked nobody was being charged by the letter and I feel like I'm reading posts in French with the need to translate them all the time.  It has got to take more time to decipher these posts than it would to just type out the full name.

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    2. Taoboi


      No. 😜


      But seriously, I have no problem with it most times. But I will take nicknames (ie. Giggly Heffa) or some abbe. form like first, last name initials. :) 

    3. Bright Eyes

      Bright Eyes

      Part of me agrees with you, the other part desperately thinks it would be hilarious if I just said, OK, boomer!

    4. wonderwoman1951


      It has got to take more time to decipher these posts than it would to just type out the full name.

      this boomer is in total agreement and shares your frustration!

  9. Dear @JAS0N47 & @Paul Raven ,


    I appreciate your depth of knowledge and your willingness to answer even the silliest of questions.  You both bring the receipts every time and I have come to trust that you guys really know your stuff.  Cheers!

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    2. beebs


      Seconded. You two are such a resource, and I treasure the information you're able to pass along!

    3. MichaelGL


      Much love to you two :)

    4. JAS0N47


      I always try my best. Thanks for appreciating the effort!  😃

  10. The OLTL thread reminded of the joy of fandom, the thrill of meeting people with shared passions, and the amusing lengths that we all went through to hold on to our memories of soaps past.  Cheers to everyone who audio taped, kept diaries, and maintained scrapbooks, I hope you all know what a valuable resource that you're endeavors have become.

    1. Franko


      Oh, absolutely!


    2. SFK
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