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  1. Hello Edward Skylover. Days is a boring extremely depressing hot mess. I've been watching on and off since 1986 and feel like stopping. BTW i love your name. Avoid the aggravation don't bother watching it. Bad acting, bad writing, darkly lit sets. characters being killed left and right.
  2. Jeanine P didn't write Bianca's coming out. That was the legendary Agnes Nixon. Jeanine P destroyed Laura's personality. From likable rough around the edges street kid to Leo obsessed beyotch. Jeanine P badly killed off Gillian for no reason. Jeanine P also did the Libidozone mess. Everyone in town was horny yet they acted so tame. Jeanine P's ATWT was a snooze fest. Emily became a call girl. Alison a porn star hooked on crystal meth. A badly recast Meg was character assassinated as were many other characters.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's the same place they used for the Basic Black fashion show. It's pathetic that Days doesn't have money to use real music or hire a lot of extra's. Days some how scrape together some money together for the location shoot at the beach with Brady, Nicole and Summer.
  4. Paulie Paul needs some loving. It's been a year since his affair with Will.
  5. Those years of ATWT were almost like. "Oh see how SERIOUS we are!" I missed the days of Kim's Stalker, and James back from the dead...(the first time) after that, it is as if Marland got caught up in his own reputation. A show should always be fun to watch, and fun does not have to be "dumb." GL at that time was like "Hey, look, we're a soap and we're proud of it and we care going to trot out every soap convention in the book and write the hell out of it..enjoy!" ATWT was the dour sibling while GL was the fun one....(though the days my friend were numbered.) Your assessment of ATWT and GL is dead on. Still the tail end of DM's ATWT is still vastly superior to present day soaps. ATWT and GL were on fire back in the early 1990's. In a couple of years there slow and steady decline would begin.
  6. On today's episode Basic Beyotch Belle bought Vic's nightclub. A drunken Joey and the new girl at a party rocking out to some weird generic music. There's hardly any kids at this party. Paul having scenes with a bland Lani. Chase stalking Ciara. Basic Beyotch Belle and Crystal Meth Philip having sex. Out of nowhere a rarely seen Paul is having scenes with one the new teens. A drunken Joey kills Ava. Days is grueling to watch no fun at all.
  7. I'm no fan of either JFP or Queen FV. I will never forgive JFP for killing Maureen on GL and Ryan and Frankie on AW. The mob stuff was done way better under JFP and Guza. But even then i hated how JFP and Guza turned GH into Mob Hospital.
  8. Jelly trying to copy Guza and not doing a great job at it. Dixon another pointless mobster chewing up the scenery. Sonny saving the day not very original. BC and his constipated bipolar faces and screaming for now reason. I know GH is done on the cheap. But the pews of that church for Julexis wedding were empty. Dayplayer doctors since just about every character on GH is a mobster.
  9. Days is a barrel of laughs. I almost miss Tomsell.
  10. Good! I don't care how awful he is as a talent, or what a jerk wad he is on Twitter, no one deserves to be treated that way. He was asked to do the live tweet as part of his job. It's like sticking somebody in a cage and handing spectators sticks to poke him with. It's one thing to be critical of him and others here, and I certainly participate. Bit it's not witty or clever to just taunt someone when they have no escape. I have ZERO challenge with anyone who cornered that jackass! I liked that BC got a taste of his own medicine. BC is a very nasty and arrogant con man. Karma is a bitch,
  11. Ever since EM took over the role of Brady its felt like Erick and Brady are interchangeable characters I seriously forget who is who. They're both tall marginally talented, blandly attractive white men playing the same sort of sad sack character. I wonder why they never brought back Kyle Lowder, he's not that talented but he's different looking. I don't think Eric and Brady are that similar. Only poor writing makes them so. EM and GV are very handsome guys. Brady had an edge when KL played him. Due to years of bad writing both Eric and Brady are very dull and boring. Eric's character has never been developed. Days had a great chance at developing Eric with the alcoholism story but they blew it. Sadly Eric will always be written as the guy that killed the sainted Dr. Jonas.
  12. That's a good one BetterForgotten. I still have a headache from all of BC's yelling.
  13. Thanks for the laugh JONNYSBRO i had a bad bay and needed a good laugh.
  14. Jeanie P copying the best of Guza and failing at it. Dixon the new Jerry Jax. It was fun seeing Kiki and Nathan get shot and Lulu drowning. If only they would die.
  15. Ha…I had forgotten the awful treatment Goutman and Pssant gave Meg. Too bad P&G characters can cross over to Days. I could be Meg who escaped and later we see Emma and Iva looking for her in Salem…LOL. Jeanine P completely changed Meg's personality. It was heartbreaking to see what they did to one of the late great Douglas Marland's creations.Summer looks bland as hell. Summer is this years Serena.
  16. Griffith fits right in with Jelly all 3 are hacks. GH under Jelly is dull and boring with Griffith it will be beyond depressing. But i would love to see Griffith kill off all the dead weight on GH.
  17. It's a scary thought but a given that an out of work KA will come back to GH sooner or later.
  18. He's very cute i want so badly to have high hopes for he's Days HW run but Dena's still there.
  19. Over on Twitter Nancy Lee Grahn is acting like she's really getting married for real. NLG seems to vicariously live through Julexis.
  20. Omg Days scraped up some money for Brady's location shoot. I wish they would scrape together some money for new sets. I'm sick of Horton Square and the tiny ass park. Hope's house is also looking kind of old and shoddy. Days has a nice new set in the Martin house which they never use.
  21. Many other more talent Head Writer's have written for over 50 characters. Prime example Bob/Kim/Susan on ATWT penned by the late great Douglas Marland. The Phoebe/Charles/Mona on AMC by legendary Agnes Nixon. Ron and Jelly are mostly the same in terms of style aside from Ron's Camp.All Alexis does is embarrassingly lust after Julian and act smug and condescending towards others. Jelly have not proven themselves and never will. GH is the same hot mess it was when Queen Ron was HW.
  22. Julie and Doug appear once in a blue moon Maggie appears more. Julie and Doug run a bed and breakfast in the newly renovated Martin home. They never show the Martin home set which is a nice looking set. Which is way better than most of the overused shoddy sets Days has. So, Doug and Julie are living in Salem now, and not traveling around the globe like they seemed to do for twenty years? What is the Martin home? As a viewer from decades past, I know/knew a character named David Martin, who married Susan Hunter way back in the 1960s, but this Martin home in 2016 cannot possibly be David's family's house. The writers wouldn't use or even know about history from that long ago. It's the same Martin home i was surprised the writers researched history. The newly renovated Martin appeared during the bicentennial gala/ 50 anniversary shows. It's rarely been seen since.
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