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  1. I heartily disagree. I think she's giving it her all. Sadly she is but the girl has no acting talent and lacks presence. It also doesn't help that Kiki was never a well defined character.
  2. Pretty sure Thanksgiving will be a utter snooze fest. A crippled Sonny and his trashy family will be front and center kissing his crippled ass. Over the years all of the core families have been decimated. I strongly doubt will see Maxie having a Thanksgiving meal with Felicia and Mac who like Monica are always MIA.
  3. oh please. GH had a great week no matter how u spin it my friend. Thursday it hit 3 million viewers. Raven thanks for pointing this out days is doing great fabulous but they have had much promotion and hoopla surrounding the 50th. GH instead starting in September gave us a better smarter GH. It's a blueprint that will save soaps. Jelly have brought us up over 300000 viewers and number 2 in demos. The accolades the press and everyone is stating they are seeing a better GH and the proof is in the pudding. Soapsuds keep spinning the numbers don't lie. Hi JONNYSBRO you have to get a job as GH's publicist you would be a major asset to them. Still not impressed by Jelly's GH ratings will probably dip again before going up again. I completely disagree with everything you have to say about GH but i bear you no ill will have a great weekend JONNYSBRO.
  4. Spencer wasn't as over the top i could even tolerate the boy. The Hayden and Liz meowing and hissing bitchfest 2015 scenes fell flat to me as well the reveal that Hayden was working for Queen Tracy. Robin's all to brief returns never add up to much. Billy Miller is not even trying. The little girl playing Emma is amazing and can out act most of her adult costars.
  5. A ''character study'' on Franco 2.0 , An alcoholic Kiki, Stepford Wife Carly, A pudgy Jason, A bipolar Morgan who Jelly forgot that Morgan is bipolar, A thirsty for Julian Alexis. Boring home wrecking Val. A ''character study'' on despicable, ruined or useless characters.. The nexus of the show the hospital completely forgotten or ignored. The heart and soul of the show a mobster instead of a healer i will never understand ''Smart TV''.
  6. As far as I know, they haven't, and I won't be surprised if they don't. Fiona hasn't been on Facebook or Twitter at all since 2012, and while JDP is on Facebook and maybe even Twitter, they're both private accounts. He may have been more outspoken than Kassie when it came to storylines, but I think he just might be a MUCH more private person than her, too. Did anyone else here like Al as the Voice of the Night? Nathaniel had a great voice for that. I loved Al as the voice of the Night. I really loved Marcie and Al i hated when Al got Dumpster disease and died. As hokey as it was when Al's spirit took over Dr. Michael Mcbain body it worked because of the amazing chemistry Nathaniel and Kathy had.
  7. Never cared for the homoerotic bromance between murderers Sonny and Jason. I wonder if a crippled Sonny got a hard on when he was finally reunited with his pudgy Stone Cold killer? No way in hell would Mob Hospital be on HBO or Showtime.
  8. This job interview with the abomination known as Nina was grating.
  9. What magic? i didn't see there magic on AMC,or ATWT . I don't watch Y&R but i've heard there run was boring too. The they just started free pass is over.
  10. JONNYSBRO Jeanine P will never be on the same level as the late Bill Bell, Mr Bell was a master storyteller Jeanine P is a hack.
  11. There's no character studies just predictable, soulless and mediocre writing. With the exciting, pulse pounding and suspenseful stories DOOL has been showcasing i just know it's going to beat ''Smart TV Mob Hospital.
  12. Dull ass pudgy Jason reveal no effort whatsoever by a pudgy BM. The custody battle with low life murders Ava and Sonny was just as dull. BM looked like he wanted a snack and a nap. As always Monica was MIA Monica should've been at the wedding. This isn't Smart TV this is a dying show gasping it's last breaths.They brought back Kristina but she's never on. Michael kissing Sonny's ass. The stuff with Anna and Paul was terrible. A pudgy Jason grabbing a pudgy Nic was funny. What was also funny was that the little bit of wedding guest all disappeared, a big reveal is meaningless without a room filled with people.
  13. Jeanine P being condescending to GH fans who have been waiting for the pudgy Jason reveal for 35 years. The big dragged out reveal will be a big bore. Meat and potatoes? more like stale moldy green bread.
  14. Jeanine P learned nothing from the great Agnes Nixon. The pudgy Jason reveal is dull and slow as hell.
  15. I'm not surprised no one is watching the dragged out pudgy Jake is really Jason reveal. I want GH cancelled at this point this is not the soap i grew up watching it's been completely ruined.
  16. Wow your completely delusional JONNYSBRO. DOOL is beating GH's ass because there really making an effort. Queen Frank will never make an effort. I'm sure some actors on the show can't stand Queen Frank but there not going to risk losing there jobs speaking the truth. #TheresNoSuchThingAsSmartTv
  17. I hate seeing Anna in this weekend state but Hughes as always giving it a 110 percent. The custody battle between killers Ava and Sonny is a joke. Laura Wright is giving it her all Billy Miller looks bored as always. There's hardly no one at Liz's wedding. Even if Rachel Ames can't remember her lines they should've at least had her in the background. There were more people at the dopey halloween party then the wedding. Even Ric is kissing Sonny's crippled ass.The whole pacing for the Jason reveal is slow as molasses. The only thing i like about Jelly is that there is much more interaction between characters,
  18. Jeanine and Shelly are hacks there's nothing innovated about them they got ATWT cancelled with there ''innovated blueprint''.. Big Sexy Gay Daddy Frank does GH on the cheap because he keeps hiring out of work soap stars casting them in useless roles. A soap doesn't need a huge budget as long as it has a talent HW which GH hasn't had in years.
  19. Hi JONNYBRO what i get is good to great writing not subpar mediocre writing. I grew up in the 1980;s when writers with real talent were writing soaps. I'm not a fan of JFP but the lady always uses great songs on the shows she runs.
  20. The only thing i liked about today's episode was the song playing at the end. The reveal with a pudgy Jason is being dragged to death.#theresnosuchthingassmarttv
  21. No she is not Emme was badly miscast as Lulu. A total bore in the role don't care about Lulu, Dante, Val, or Dillon. Smart TV wine would rot my organs.
  22. Jeanine P never meets with actors. At an event years ago the ATWT actors were shocked to see her they had never meet her.
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