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  1. I thought her nickname was Pissy?? I made a mistake
  2. I also loved Brash and Cwickly run. Their run was the last time Days was constantly good.
  3. Shelly? Did you really have to make a Shelly thread? Didn't you tortured us enough with Prissy's thread? Shelly's is just as bland, dull, boring and soulless in her writing as Jeanine P.
  4. Maybe your right KMan101. Still the whole think was so badly executed. Will is hardly mentioned. Daniel is a different story. Daniel's shrine at Horton Square is still there 3 months after his death. I hope the rumors are true and Paul will finally get a story. Has Paul even shared a scene with his half sis Belle and niece Claire?
  5. They are hacks no matter how many complements you give them. GH should center on the lives of doctors and nurses, Instead we are force feed lame, unlikable cartoonish mobsters. Vets are badly treated and mostly ignored. The show is so cheaply produced that there are no extra's during the hospital scene. GH is a joke a really bad joke. GH should be put out of it's misery. We fans deserve better than this dull insufferable hot mess. BC making constipated and pouty faces as he screams is not entertaining. LW's Carly being watered down is not entertaining. The character assassination of both Liz and Anna is not entertaining. Julexis all over each other is not entertaining. The Sonny worship is not entertaining. I'm glad i can watch classic old school GH on youtube. The Hospital is the focal point. The good guys always win. Port Charles feels like a community. This is just a soap opera with the name General Hospital. Everything that once made GH unique and special has been taken away. GH's glory days are long gone. What we fans have left is a gutted burned out shell.
  6. Looks like the same demolished warehouse that Fancy Face and Rafe toss Steffi's body. Chabby's wedding is so drab and devoid of people.Must it be so dark at Chabby's wedding. Ben is back Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. At least Queen Marlena is finally being used.
  7. All he did was yell and yell and yell. He sounded so much like Mo. It was painful to watch. Bryan Craig is one awful, atrocious, horrible actor. Being a spoiled self entitled cougar munching tool isn't Manic Depression. Jeanine P didn't research the mental illness. All BC did on today's episode was scream and make pouty faces. The only think i liked about today's episode was that Rie Sinclair's My Confession played in the background in a scene between Lulu and Maxie. The song My Confession was written for Kyle and Oliver {Kish} on OLTL.
  8. I will never forgive Andre for killing my homegirl Renee. Tony was a way better character than Andre. A shame Thaao is stuck playing Andre,
  9. The Dimera mansion was pitch dark on today's episode. I feel like i'm going blind watching Days. Summer is back with her 1980's jersey girl hair.
  10. Tracy Q's electric boogaloo seizure was a riot. I wonder if Jeanine P will pair Tracy's dayplayer doctor Dr.bitchymoldybitterqueen with Tracy.
  11. SoapDope your right about the Horton House.The production values on Days still need a lot of work. It's pitiful that Corday, NBC and Sony are all to cheap to shell out some money. Days has to look cheap and dark.
  12. I loved the unpologetically gay and sarcastic Dr. Reid Oliver. Reid and Luke had red hot chemistry. Jeanine P had to badly kill off Reid. So a dull Chris Hughes could have his heart. God forbid a gay couple ended up happily ever after.
  13. Day player doctors, chubby prince Nik in a awful bow tie, Maura West face not moving at all. The insufferable Julexis honeymooning. More Shriners Hospital. Tracy had an electric boogaloo seizure. The halls of GH were empty accept for a day player nurse. Kiki in a coma on life support. Jelly trying desperately to humanize a forced upon us Franco. A fat Jason looking sleepy and hungry. I don't know how i managed to watch the whole show without falling asleep.
  14. It's a shame Laura had a lot of potential. Lorraine did a great job creating her. Jeanine P destroyed the character.
  15. It's a reconned JONNYSBRO. in 1988 a pregnant Anna lost the child she was carrying. Thanks to the late great mobstress Olivia Jerome. Olivia plan was to kill Duke by rigging an elevator. Anna was the one who ended up in the elevator. Olivia Jerome was a great villainess and not a wuss like her brother and half sister. Olivia was the true gangster of the Jerome clan.
  16. With Griffin's beautiful dark European Atlanto med looks he could easily be Anna's and Duke's child. It's a moot point Griffin being Anna's and Duke's Child with Duke dead. A son could give Anna something to do, but Jelly would screw that like everything else. A rare token appearances by my beloved Felicia. It's better than nothing. But Felicia does deserve way better. As written by Jelly Anna's and Felicia's felt like acquaintances and not the close friends they have been for 30 yrs.
  17. 2 more years of Abby the oldest goth chick on the planet rollerblading around the morgue. 2 more years of McGee getting fat then skinny again. 2 more years of the hottest petty officers getting murdered. My boy friend is a huge fan and forces me to watch.
  18. First thing i see is new character Summer. Who's going on and on about not believing she's saint Daniel's long lost twin sis. All i see is a pile of badly dyed 80's style curled hair. I liked JJ when he was a spoiled marijuana dealing bad boy. Now JJ has been watered down and paired with a bland Gabi. So Gabi and JJ are now lovers zzzzzzzzzz. Gabi sure loves Horton men she already devoured Will and Nick. Fancy Face and Rafe having the same conversation zzzzzzzz.
  19. Hello Edward Skylover. Days is a boring extremely depressing hot mess. I've been watching on and off since 1986 and feel like stopping. BTW i love your name. Avoid the aggravation don't bother watching it. Bad acting, bad writing, darkly lit sets. characters being killed left and right.
  20. Jeanine P didn't write Bianca's coming out. That was the legendary Agnes Nixon. Jeanine P destroyed Laura's personality. From likable rough around the edges street kid to Leo obsessed beyotch. Jeanine P badly killed off Gillian for no reason. Jeanine P also did the Libidozone mess. Everyone in town was horny yet they acted so tame. Jeanine P's ATWT was a snooze fest. Emily became a call girl. Alison a porn star hooked on crystal meth. A badly recast Meg was character assassinated as were many other characters.
  21. I'm pretty sure it's the same place they used for the Basic Black fashion show. It's pathetic that Days doesn't have money to use real music or hire a lot of extra's. Days some how scrape together some money together for the location shoot at the beach with Brady, Nicole and Summer.
  22. Paulie Paul needs some loving. It's been a year since his affair with Will.
  23. Those years of ATWT were almost like. "Oh see how SERIOUS we are!" I missed the days of Kim's Stalker, and James back from the dead...(the first time) after that, it is as if Marland got caught up in his own reputation. A show should always be fun to watch, and fun does not have to be "dumb." GL at that time was like "Hey, look, we're a soap and we're proud of it and we care going to trot out every soap convention in the book and write the hell out of it..enjoy!" ATWT was the dour sibling while GL was the fun one....(though the days my friend were numbered.) Your assessment of ATWT and GL is dead on. Still the tail end of DM's ATWT is still vastly superior to present day soaps. ATWT and GL were on fire back in the early 1990's. In a couple of years there slow and steady decline would begin.
  24. On today's episode Basic Beyotch Belle bought Vic's nightclub. A drunken Joey and the new girl at a party rocking out to some weird generic music. There's hardly any kids at this party. Paul having scenes with a bland Lani. Chase stalking Ciara. Basic Beyotch Belle and Crystal Meth Philip having sex. Out of nowhere a rarely seen Paul is having scenes with one the new teens. A drunken Joey kills Ava. Days is grueling to watch no fun at all.
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