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  1. No she is not Emme was badly miscast as Lulu. A total bore in the role don't care about Lulu, Dante, Val, or Dillon. Smart TV wine would rot my organs.
  2. Jeanine P never meets with actors. At an event years ago the ATWT actors were shocked to see her they had never meet her.
  3. HWK seemed like he was a great guy i first started watching GH during HWK and AM run way back in 1987. GM did a lot of amazing and wonderful things with GH but she sounds like she was a terror.
  4. From what little i've seen of Gunner i'm not impressed. I Did like the interaction between Barbara, Gunner, Lisa, Whit, Kim, Bob and Miranda. It's so strange to me seeing Bob married to someone besides Kim. I did like the Betsy/Steve/Craig/Diana quad. I loved seeing the passion that MC and JD brought to Tom and Margo. It's really sad that soaps today don't have the money for a location shoot or to use music.
  5. Bravo for Days for whipping GH's butt in the ratings. Days is far from perfect but there are really trying. Over at GH no effort is made at all.
  6. Smart TV aka Dead TV Halloween part 2. First thing we see is Nina watching a horror movie acting all scared. I'm surprised that the Halloween party aboard the Haunted Star had so many extra's.Token black gay man Felix always there to prop up Saint Sobby.There are more extra's at the Halloween party then at GH. I loved seeing Rachel Ames as Audrey Hardy but her scene was so short what a wasted. The Kiki, Ava, Franco, Nina scenes were pure hell. They have the fierce Queen Tracy hanging out at the party with Nathan, Maxie, Lulu. The Jason, Sam, Michael and Carly scenes were so forced and awkward and not true to Stone Cold's personality . I hate that the new Paul has Anna under his thumb . Where was Audrey writing that letter from? that am aware of Audrey still lives In Port Charles. Morgan and new dud character Darby. Spinelli got on my last nerve. That's all folks have a great Halloween weekend.
  7. Nathan Varni on Twitter called Audrey Hardy Audrey Harding the tweet has since been delete.
  8. Smart TV aka Dead TV Halloween Episode . Almost fell asleep during Dante's and Sonny's conversation. Maxie's and Spinelli's conversation was just as dull and boring. I notices that quick scenes are back. Tracy and Ava meowing and hissing at each other was ok at least it kept me awake. The Dante, Lulu, Dillon and Valerie quad is awful. Saint Sonny giving saint Dante advice . How can a fat Jason marry Liz and adopt Cameron and Jake without any ID's? I can not feel sorry for Ava at all i just can't. I know this episode is setting up Lulu finding about Dante and Val and the big overlong Jason reveal but it was a chore to watch.
  9. I can't stand Justin must he be so nasty towards Chad. Dena and Josh are really making me hate Justin who i always liked. I have a funny feeling that the Red Necktie Murders will drag on for months on end.
  10. Jeanine P should do this to Nina,Morgan,Sonny and Franco as well. I've been watching ATWT from 2007 what a chore that is. Jeanine P's ATWT was so dull and lackluster it's only slightly better than GH and this is because the show had a talent cast even the young kids could act. Meg was so badly destroyed by Jeanine P. I think the second half of 2007 and most of 2008 wasn't very good. They definitely wasted the talents of Jesse Soffer, Jennifer Landon, Agim Kaba, Dylan Bruce and Alexandra Chando. I put that video because I want to see Carly act like Barbara Ryan I'm sick of Stepford Wife Carly it would be great to see Carly acting like Barbara.
  11. HI JONNYSBRO Tamblyn. Marcil, Berman were all wonderful additions to GH your going way back am talking about present day GH. Frank needs to hire an acting couch for there young folk. Hayley Erin is still god awful but a drunk Kiki makes me laugh. It seems to me that Frank is casting GH these days since Mark always found people with real acting talent like a young Amber Tamblyn who inherited her talent from her father Russ Tamblyn.
  12. Jeanine P should do this to Nina,Morgan,Sonny and Franco as well. I've been watching ATWT from 2007 what a chore that is. Jeanine P's ATWT was so dull and lackluster it's only slightly better than GH and this is because the show had a talent cast even the young kids could act. Meg was so badly destroyed by Jeanine P.
  13. Both Laura and Anna need to be written with respect. I loved the way Anna was written in the 80's and early 90's. I loved how Laura was written under Claire Labine from 1993-96. Both Anna and Laura are iconic characters who are two of the best and most beloved characters in GH history. GH should center the show on them rather then Sonny. I don't think Jean and Shelly are capable of giving Francis or Hughes quality material.
  14. This is far more entertaining than JJ banging Eve or the whole Red Necktie killer bullshit put together.
  15. Ron turned the Nurses Ball into a bad Chippendales male revue. Instead of a meaningful and heartfelt fundraiser for HiV/Aids.
  16. Sorry, I must have missed the life he brought to the show. Ron hadn't told one complete coherent story in his entire 3 years. He simply didn't know how. HACK! His GH was garbage and hate Guza and his shortcomings all you want, but he told stories, and that is what soaps are about. He Sweeps were big and made sense. With Guza/Phelps, there would be no Miller, Stafford, Paevey, Howarth stinking up the joint. The vets were back? I remember the foolishness of Anna in bed with Luke and he walks out while she looks in disappointment like an underpaid hooker. Remember she pulled the mask off of Duke to learn that it was Faison, he was taken away and then a few minutes later, she is about to have sex with Duke on the couch? Finding out the man who tormented her was masquerading as her lover didn't deter her one bit. Robert on a ledge ready to jump because Robin is dead but skips out of town after learning he has a son that's not his? The vets were brought back? Where are they? Exactly what did they do while here? Guza did a lot of damage killing off Alan, Emily, Tony and Georgie as Sonny, Carly and Jason{Stone Cold} Morgan ate up GH. But Guza could tell a story from beginning to end unlike Ron. As a GH viewer since 1987 the last 15 years have been hard. Ron did bring back the vets like Scotty, Lucy, Kevin, Felicia then did nothing with them.
  17. Jeanine and Shelly are not spring chickens. GH has no budget since that money goes to all there big hires like Stafford and a fat and bored Miller.The field of writers is small that's why the same hacks are always hired.
  18. Agnes Nixon. Douglas Marland, Bridget and Jerome Dobson, Pat Falken Smith. Henry Slesar, Bill Bell and Gordon Russell to name a few did it better than Jean and Shelly for decades. Gary Tomlin actually was once a great writer and did a great Job on Another World. Jeanine P co wrote the first couple of years at ATWT with Hogan Sheffer who was a better writer.
  19. Jean's GH is bland.dull and slow devoid of any real spark of originality or passion. I really must stop answering JONNYSBRO back. The only think i like about Jeanine P's ATWT run was the creation of the unapologetically gay Dr. Reid Oliver, who of course Jeanine P kills off and poor Luke couldn't get a happily ever after with Reid.
  20. The scenes with Monica, Tracy, Michael and Saint Sobby were good, but Monica will most likely disappear for another couple of months. Plus i don't think Jeanie P and Shelly A will repair the badly decimated Quartermanie clan.
  21. I doubt Genie is crazy about Jeanie. Genie Francis has worked with legends like Douglas Marland and Pat Falken Smith. All Laura has done so far under Jeanie P is babysit Liz's kids and hide the secret that tubby Jake is really Jason.
  22. I don't think Jeanie P and Shelly are capable of exciting and explosive drama. Sleepy, slow paced and mediocre drama they can do. I'm happy that both Genie and Finola signed long term contracts but these two hacks will simply ruin both Anna and Laura.
  23. The Gwen/Cleo saga featuring Kiki. Oh god no. And having Morgan in the Will role. Hayley Erin is no Jennifer Landon and Bryan Craig is no Jesse Soffer Your right ATWT had many talent young actors at that time the made Jeanie P's crap better than it was.
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