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ANOTHER WORLD 224 Party at the Corys continues Carl makes his grand entrance. Grant and Christy celebrate apparent victories




Party at the Corys continues

Carl makes his grand entrance.  Grant and Christy celebrate apparent victories





Christy walks up to the door with a smile on her face.  As she puts the key in the slot, Grant walks up to her.

Grant:  Hmm what’s gotten into you?

Christy:  You don’t wanna know Grant.

Grant:  Well, I’ve got some news to share with you.  

Christy opens the door and they both walk in.

Christy:  You look rather chipper.

Grant:  And I have plenty of reason to be optimistic.  I’m very close to getting what I want.

Christy:  Hmm I’ve heard that before.

Grant:  Oh no Christy.  I’m about to hit paydirt with this one.

Christy:  Yep.

Grant:  You don’t believe me do you?  I hate that Paulina’s gonna be hurt by this.

Christy:  Oh so you do care about Miss Muffet’s feelings?

Grant:  She’s probably at the Corys now, wondering where Jack is.

Christy:  Oh my God.  What have you done with the detective?

Grant:  Oh don’t be ridiculous.  He’s fine, physically anyway.

Christy:  So what happened?

Grant:  Let’s just say that we will never see Detective Snyder’s ugly face in Bay City again.

Christy:  You need to give credit where credit is due.

Grant:  Killjoy.

Christy:  If it weren’t for me you wouldn’t be where you are now.

Grant:  You didn’t do anything you weren’t supposed to do.  You were just living up to your end of the bargain.  I get you out of prison, and you get me the evidence I need to get Paulina.


Paulina walks out onto the gazebo and gets a phone call from Jack.

Paulina:  Jack where are you?  You sound like you’re driving.

Jack:  I had an emergency.  One of the girls.  Carly called.

Paulina:  So you’re...headed to Oakdale.  

Jack:  Yes.

Paulina:  Oh alright, well I hope everything’s okay.  Call me when you get there.

Jack:  Me, too.  I love you.

Paulina:  Love you, too.  Bye.

Paulina turns around and Amanda walks up to her.

Amanda:  What happened?

Paulina:  That was Jack.  He’s not coming.

Amanda:  I’m sorry about that.

Paulina:  Where’s Rachel?  

Amanda:  I think she’s still upstairs with Carl.


Rachel, Carl, Cory and Elizabeth are in Carl and Rachel’s room.  

Rachel:  I’m not ready to do this.  I can’t.

Carl:  Yes.  You can.  We’re going to do this.

Cory:  Why did you invite everyone here so you can tell them you’re sick?

Carl:  We’ve made a difference in a lot of people’s lives.  I owe them the truth.  

Elizabeth:  Look dad if you don’t want to do it…

Carl:  My darling daughter, I can do anything with you all at my side, now let’s go.




At the Corys

Jake comes out, takes off his tuxedo jacket, and places it gently on Paulina’s shoulders.

Jake:  A little chilly out here.

Paulina:  Thank you.

Jake:  What happened to Jack?

Paulina:  He said he had to go back to Oakdale.  Something wrong with his daughter.

Jake:  Oh.

Paulina:  I can’t help but thinking that something is wrong.  I mean Carly is there to take care of anything with his children.  He could’ve gone to Oakdale in the morning.

Jake looks out at the night sky.

Jake:  Yeah it doesn’t seem to add up.

Paulina:  How are Bridget and Michele?

Jake:  I have no idea.  As much as I’m trying to keep them from killing each other, I’m the one dying inside.  It hurts to see my daughters fighting like that.

Paulina:  I can only imagine.

Jake:  The thing I fear the most is that things between are probably gonna get worse before they get better, and I’m powerless to stop it.  So reminiscent of Marley and Vicky after Marley’s accident.  She was hell bent on getting back at Vicky, and Michele is reminding me of her.

Paulina:  Marley just needed some help, and she got better.  Maybe that will happen for Michele, too.

Jake:  I don’t know what to do Paulina I…my heart is breaking over this.  To walk out here and see them at each other’s throats like that.  They used to be inseparable, and now they hate each other.

Paulina:  Their bond will prevail over anything they’re going through right now.

Paulina puts her right hand on Jake’s left cheek so she can comfort him.

Paulina:  You have to believe that.  

Jake:  Thanks.

Paulina:  Come here.

They hug.

Paulina:  They’ll be back to being sisters again.  Just hang in there.  Man I...look at you and your love for your children.  You’re nothing like the man I met twenty five years ago.

Jake:  Your priorities change when you have children.  They’ve been number one since Vicky gave birth to them.

Paulina:  You’ve been a wonderful father.

Jake:  And you a great mother.

Paulina:  I still can’t wrap my head around why Jack isn’t here.

Jake:  It doesn’t seem right at all.  

Paulina:  We just made love at my house and he said he had to stop at the station.

Jake:  So we gotta find out what caused him to have to go back to Oakdale.

Paulina:  Or who?

Jake:  Wait a minute.  You think Grant may have something to do with it?

Paulina:  I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.


Christy:  I must say, I have never seen you so confident about this whole thing.  You really believe that you’re close to getting her.

Grant:  Oh I am.  

Christy:  Did you ever stop to think that Paulina will hate you after you show her what you showed Jack?

Grant:  Of course I have.  Don’t you think it doesn’t kill me to do this to her.  I love her.  I always have.

Christy:  So you’ve said.

Grant:  It’s true.  After she gets over her initial contempt, she’ll realize how she really feels about me.

Christy:  Yeah...right.

Grant:  You’re laughing now but you won’t be later.

Grant goes over to his bar and pours two glasses of brandy.

Grant:  I think we should propose a toast.

Christy:  I’d love to, but I don’t think I should be drinking any liquor.

Grant:  What do you mean?  It’s not like you’re…pregnant?

Christy:  I don’t know yet.

Grant:  What happened?

Christy:  Cass gave me what I wanted.  The whole reason I stayed in Bay City after I got out of prison.

Grant:  Cass couldn’t have slept with you…voluntarily anyway.

Christy:  I may be a lot of things but a rapist is not one of them.

Grant:  No you’re just a husband killer.  That’s better.

Christy:  Dr. Weston has already done the procedure, and he’s taken a sample of my blood to make sure.

Grant:  That’s what you wanted?  To be pregnant with Cass’s baby?

Christy:  I went to see Dr. Weston so I can get fertility treatments, and this is the time that I was ovulating.

Grant:  You let a doctor who aged three women give you fertility treatments?     

Christy:  You’re lucky I’m telling you this.

Grant:  How did you get Cass to give you a sperm sample?  You must have threatened one of his children.

Christy:  You make me out to be such a monster.  I did what I had to do to get what I wanted, and now I wait.  

Grant:  What are you going to do if you’re pregnant?

Christy:  No “ifs”.  I am going to be pregnant.

Grant:  Are you going to tell Cass and Frankie?

Christy:  Don’t mention her name.  I feel guilty about having to hurt her like this.  She’s the only real friend I’ve ever had.

Grant:  With friends like you…

Christy:  What is that supposed to mean?  I love Mary Frances and I cherish our friendship.

Grant sips his brandy.

Grant:  Sure you do.

Christy:  I wanted a baby.  My son is gonna have a sibling.

Grant:  Kirkland does, too.

Christy:  Yeah he does.  Steven, Bridget and Michele.

Grant:  I’m not talking about them.

Christy:  Here comes more babble.

Grant:  I got the results of a DNA test, and I’m the father.

Christy:  So you have another child?

Grant:  Surprisingly enough, Carl Hutchins was the one who gave me the DNA test.  His dying wish to keep me in suspense.  Revenge for Ryan’s death.


Carl is in he and Rachel’s bedroom alone when he goes to the door, he sees Ryan, dressed in blue jeans, sneakers and a blue buttoned shirt.

Carl:  Son.

Ryan:  You seem calm.

Carl:  I’m at peace.  I know that my family will be taken care of.  It’s time for me to tell everyone.  Everyone I’ve...helped.  Everyone I’ve hurt.

Ryan:  You’ve definitely lead an interesting life.

Carl:  I’ve come such a long way.  I’ve killed people.  I’ve terrorized others.  Then I married Rachel and had two children...and they love me.  My precious children.  All of them.  They don’t care about what I’ve done in my past.  Their love is what’s getting me through this.  Giving me the courage to announce to this to the world.


Amanda is walking through the living room and Allen stops her.

Allen:  Hey there beautiful.

Amanda:  Hi.

They kiss.

Allen:  I haven’t gotten a chance to tell you.  My mother is cancer free.

Amanda:  Nicole?  That’s great.  Congratulations.

Allen:  Looks like you’re headed somewhere.

Amanda:  Yeah I was just gonna go up and check on my mom.

Allen:  Everything okay?

Amanda takes a deep breath and looks away.

Allen:  Amanda?

Amanda:  I’m...not at liberty to say.  

Allen:  Something’s definitely on your mind.

Amanda:  I was sworn to secrecy.  My mother…

The guests’ attention is taken as they all look at the living room entry way at Carl, Rachel, Cory, and Elizabeth, who stand together  hand in hand.

Carl:  Good evening everyone.  Thank you for coming.




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And finally the moment we all been waiting for.

The dialog in this ep was sharp. I love Grant and CHristy. THey have such great chemistry. I just wonder who Grants child is and what I cant get is why didnt Jack just tell Paulina the truth.


Pualina's scene was nice with Jake. THey seem to be getting cozy. Grant did all of this only to push her into Jake's arms LMAO. Would Grant go after Jake?


Loved the ending. Now its time to see everyones reactions..



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Okay so not fully knowing who everyone is I have to say I like this episode. Jake and Paulina seem to have some romantic stuff between them. I'm looking forward to going back to the start of your version and reading everything so I can give you more insight. 

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I love the way you write Christy and Grant. Both dangerous people who are convinced they are in the right, and Christy convinced that she's a genuinely good, fair person.


Poor Carl. I wonder if he's really seeing Ryan or if it's from the tumor.

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