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ANOTHER WORLD 223 Party at the Corys; Vicky expresses her displeasure; Jake and Michael try to reach the twins




Written by:  C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants:  Alex Beeby, ML Cooks, Nick Monarco, DRW50

Party at the Corys continues

Vicky expresses her displeasure; Jake and Michael try to reach the twins



Jake tends to Bridget’s injuries after her fight with Michele in the Cory Mansion gazebo:

Jake gives Bridget some ice wrapped in a cloth.

Jake:  Put this on your lip.

Bridget:  Ow.

Jake:  What the hell is going on with you two?

Bridget:  You see how crazy she is!  She attacked me.

Jake:  Why would she do that?

Bridget:  I have no idea what goes on in her mind.  You guys need to get her some help.

Jake:  Are you sure you didn’t provoke her?

Bridget:  Oh my God, dad, are you saying this is my fault?  That I am the reason she wanted to fight me?

Jake:  If there is anything you’re holding back you need to not.  I’m gonna ask you one more time.  Did you provoke Michele into attacking you?

Bridget:  Dad what are you talking about?  You know something don’t you?

Jake takes out his cell phone and shows Bridget the FacePage posts.

Jake:  These.  This is why Michele came after you.  You told everyone in America what happened in the hospital.

Bridget:  She cut herself with those scissors and made it looked like I attacked her.  She tried to turn all of you against me!

Jake:  I remember when you two were close.  Your mother and I brought you home from the hospital.  So tiny.  So perfect.  You two did everything together when you were growing up.  You wanted to wear the same clothes.  What happened to you two?  It breaks my heart to see my girls fighting like this.

Bridget:  Michele needs to get over her anger.

Jake:  You did some questionable things to your sister, and these are the consequences.  She’s mad as hell.

Bridget:  She needs help.

Jake:  And you took advantage of it somehow.

Jake begins to shake his head.

Jake:  No there’s got to be more to it than just those FacePage posts.

Donna walks in.

Donna:  I can venture a pretty good guess as to what that is.

Michael blots Michele’s eye with an ice pack.

Michael:  Bridget gave you a shiner huh?

Michele:  She’s given me much worse than that.

Michael:  I know.

Michele:  So you actually side with me on this one?

Michael:  I’m not on anyone’s side.  I don’t want to see this at all.  My granddaughters fighting.  No I’m not on either side of this.

Michele:  Why don’t you go talk to Bridget?  She started this whole mess.

Michael:  You’re not blameless in this either honey.  Everybody has got to take their own responsibility in this or it will never get resolved.  It’s only going to get worse.

Michele:  Well I have no intention of making amends.  Not after what she did.  There’s no going back to the way we were.

Michael:  You don’t mean that.  No matter what differences you two have, she’s always going to be your sister.  No matter how much you think you hate her, that will never change.

Michele:  She took great pleasure in humiliating me on social media.  She loved flaunting it in my face.

Michael:  Flaunting what?

Michele:  Grandma didn’t tell you huh?  Bridget and Cory screwed right under your noses.


Donna:  I bet you…threw it in Michele’s face.

Bridget:  Grandma what are you talking about?

Donna:  You told Michele that you and Cory had sex.

Jake:  What?

Donna:  You used that to set her off didn’t you?

Bridget:  I’m…I’m totally shocked by this.  You all are taking her side.  You’re trying to say she was justified in attacking me.

Jake:  No.  We just wanna get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Donna:  Both of you have to share the blame in this.

Bridget:  What do you want me to do?  You want me to go back in time and change what happened at the prom?  Do you want to re-seal her acceptance letter to Harvard?  Well I can’t, and everyone has gotta get over it, including Michele.

Donna:  Don’t you at least have some remorse  about what it’s done to her?

Jake:  Donna’s right.  You may need to apologize to Michele.

Bridget:  Why should I do that…when I’m not sorry.  The one that should be apologizing is mom.  She’s the one who set this all in motion.

Donna:  What does Victoria have to do with this?

Bridget:  She loves Michele more than she loves me.  Everything I did was to get her attention; to earn her favor, and I never did.  I’m not gonna let Michele win.

Jake:  My God.  Listen to yourself.  You haven’t taken any responsibility for what you’ve done.

Donna grabs Bridget’s shoulders.

Donna:  Listen to me!  This has got to stop tonight!  I’m not gonna let you and Michele kill each other.

Jake:  Neither am I.


Steven:  We like each other a lot and you need to accept it.

Vicky:  The hell I will!  That woman is trouble, and she’s going to hurt you.

Steven:  She’s a wonderful, sweet, caring woman.

Vicky:  She’s a homewrecker and God knows what else!

Steven:  She made a mistake.  You of all people should understand after the ones you’ve made.

Vicky slaps him.

Vicky:  Don’t you ever talk to me that way!   I forbid you to be with Joy.

Steven:  I’m a grown man.  You can’t forbid to me do anything.  I want to be with Joy, and we’re gonna be together.

Joy walks up to them with two drinks.

Joy:  Oh I’m sorry Vicky.  Do you want me to go get you a drink?

Vicky:  Shut up you bitch!  If you do anything to hurt my son or my family, you’re gonna have to deal with me, and that’s not gonna be any fun….at all.

Steven:  Watch how you talk to her!

Vicky:  Don’t be surprised when she turns out not to be the woman you think she is.



Frankie walks up to Charlie and Kirkland.

Charlie:  Mom what’s wrong?  You look…

Frankie:  Worried?  That’s because I am.  Have you heard from your father or Maggie?

Charlie:  No.  

Frankie:  They should be here by now.

Kirkland:  I’m sure they’ll be along soon.


Cass walks up to the front door of the Cory Mansion and finds Maggie lying in front of it.

Cass:  Maggie!

Cass tries to get her to come to, but she remains unconscious.

Cass:  My God what happened to you?

Cass picks her up and takes her away.




Michael:  I bet you’re angry about that.

Michele:  Not really.  Not just about that.  Bridget has been jealous of me for a long time.  She admitted it before we fought.

Michael:  Whatever is going on between you two needs to stop.  You’re sisters.

Michele:  She didn’t think about our sisterhood when she spiked Cory’s punch with vodka at the prom.

MIchael (sighing):  It’s all in the past.  You have to move on from that, or else your anger is gonna eat you alive.  You might do something you’ll end up regretting.  

Vicky walks in.

Michele:  Do you really think I’m gonna hurt Bridget?

Vicky:  Of course she wouldn’t.  Bridget is the one who started all of this.  Everything that she did before.  Her jealousy.

Michele:  And the divorce.  It’s all her fault.

Michael:  What?

Michele:  Mom and dad are getting a divorce because of Bridget.


Bridget:  How are you gonna do anything when you and mom are getting a divorce?

Donna:  Jake.  You and Victoria are going through with it?

Jake:  Donna this isn’t the time.  

Donna:  How are you supposed to help Bridget and Michele mend their fences when you and my daughter can’t?

Jake:  I’m not talking about this with you.  

Bridget:  Everybody needs to be talking to Michele.  She’s sick.

Donna:  You both are playing a part in your feud honey, and you both need counseling.

Bridget:  She needs to be locked up in a padded room!


Frankie gets a call on her cell phone.  It’s Cass.

Frankie:  Cass where have you been I’ve been worried sick about you!  Why aren’t you  here?

Cass:  I’m at the hospital with Maggie.

Frankie:  Oh no.  Is everything okay?

Cass:  I’m having her checked out.

Frankie:  I’ll be right there.

Charlie and Kirkland approach Frankie.

Charlie:  Mom what’s going on?

Frankie: Your father’s with Maggie at the hospital.  I’m going.

Charlie turns to Kirkland.

Kirkland:  Go ahead babe.  

Charlie:  I’ll call you.

Kirkland kisses her and as Charlie leaves, Kirkland gets a text from Eric.  

It reads:   I’m hungry, let me know when u r coming to gimme something to eat.  Don’t keep me waiting long.


Allen is with KC.

KC:  This is a nice little party.

Allen:  Yeah I wonder why Carl decided to throw it.

KC:  I dunno.  I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Allen:  Hey uh...I’m glad we’re...talking you know?

KC gives a half smile.

KC:  Toni said I should give you a chance.

Allen:  As soon as I found out about you being my daughter, I wanted a relationship with you.  If I’d known sooner…

KC:  Why are you blaming yourself for that?  It wasn’t your fault.

Allen:  Reginald kept me from my mother, and your mother kept me from you.  I want us to be close KC.  

KC:  I’d like the same thing but you need to stop trying to meddle.

Allen:  You’re talking about Eric Stenbeck.  

KC:  I like him.

Allen:  Look you’re a grown woman.  I can’t tell you what to do.

KC:  Correct.

Allen:  But I’m gonna keep an eye on him, because I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.

KC:  Look I get you want us to have a relationship but you can’t come to me trying to be this overprotective dad.  That’s not gonna work.

Allen:  Gotcha.  Whatever you want.

KC:  I wonder where the rest of our family is.

Steven and Joy walk up to them together.

Steven:  That’s what I was wondering.  I haven’t seen my sisters, my brother, anybody.

KC:  You guys look cozy.  Are you dating  or something?

Joy snuggles up to Steven.

Joy:  Yep.  We are.  Too bad Vicky doesn’t approve.


VIcky:  Honey I’m sorry you found out the way you did.

Michael:  Why are you blaming Bridget?

Michele:  Because it is.  All the problems our family has is because of her and her schemes.

Vicky:  Our problems were way deeper than Bridget’s machinations.  Listen, let’s go downstairs and join the party okay.  

Michael:  Well you better keep her and Michele apart.


Donna:  Don’t say that about your sister!

Bridget:  She’s crazy.

Jake:  Stop it!  Now!

Bridget:  Michele blames me for you guys divorcing.  Do you?

Jake:  Of course not.  Look I don’t wanna focus on that.


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Bridget:  I’m going to go find Cory.

Donna:  Jake, is it true?  You and Victoria are really getting a divorce?

Jake:  She signed the papers and gave them to me earlier.  All I gotta do is give them to Cass to file and it’ll be final.  Vicky and I will no longer be married.



Cass is in Maggie’s room when Frankie and Charlie arrive.

Frankie:  Cass what happened?  

Cass:  Your vibes were right.  I found her unconscious in front of the Corys.

Charlie:  Wow what did the doctors say?

Cass:  She’s gonna be fine.  They took some blood and they’re running tests.  

Frankie:  I had a bad feeling as soon as she left our house.

Cass:  We gotta find out what happened.

Maggie begins to come to.

Cass:  Maggie.  Tell us what happened.  Who did this to you?

Meanwhile, Brianna watches them through the glass from the door.



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Part One: Great I love the Mckinnon story being told through all my favs. I can feel Jakes pain in seeing his daughters fighting like alley cats and then Donna and Micheal going through it again only next generation style. These are dug in and I really don't know if anything could mend this rivalry. It was a great scene the only thing is it would have been better if some of it was spaced out like when you switched to Jake and nem to Micheal and nem.


I was so stunned Vicky called Joy a bitch. like wow. She went right in. Vicky darling Im a big fan of yours but Steven said a mouthful about mistakes. SHe couldn't take it and slapped that ass. Pot kettle black. Vicky needs to focus on her younger two off springs. THe problems sure are adding up for this poor woman. Will she be able to handle them all? Sheesh

Part 2:

Again the Mckinnon saga took center stage and what a way for the news of the impending divorce to be brought out. I feel bad for this family. It's so chaotic and messy. Will any one find any happiness. VIcky certainely for one has her hands full. I don't ever see the twins getting over this. I can kinda feel and understand why each one is angr with the other. This entire Mickinnon ssaga has been so great and u keep the punches rolling.

U reminded me the thing with Eric, Kirk and KC. THe scene with Allen and KC was so damn nice and Im so glad she let him in and is willing to give it a try. Little does she know Allen is spot on about Eric which ties this story to  Kirk and Charlie. Eric is hungry!!! YES!!! LMFAO!!!! I wonder what will happen next. This is developing into another exciting story. Probably ur first major 20's something story. Then u get the teen scene with the twins as ring leaders. Great long term writing.


Then Maggie and Brianna watching over. Im sure Maggie won't be able to say much, at lest not at first. Another great eP!!


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Love all the family drama, especially over the impending divorce. And Vicky lashing out that way with Joy, reckless as ever - classic Vicky.

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