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ANOTHER WORLD 222 Michele confronts Bridget; Rachel and Carl brace themselves




Party at the Corys

Michele confronts Bridget;  Rachel and Carl brace themselves


Devin Lucas is combing his hair in front of the mirror, and suddenly he stops and has a flashback.


Lindsay:  I’m Lindsay.

Devin Lucas:  Good to meet you.

Devin Lucas extends his right hand, and Lindsay extends her right hand through the handles of the shopping bag, and they shake.  

Devin Lucas:  You must be shopping for my dad’s party tomorrow night.

Devin Lucas smiles, then has another flashback…(EPISODE 208)

        Devin Lucas:  I hate this.  You don’t have much time left dad.

Carl:  I had to make things right for you.  I can’t leave this earth knowing that you’re not safe.  

Lorna:  But you are now.  We all are.

Devin Lucas:  Did you tell Cory and Elizabeth?

Carl:  All of the children know.  
Lorna:  You’re having a party in a couple of days.

Carl:  Announcing it to everyone else.

Devin Lucas:  I wish there was...something I could do to give us more time together.

Carl:  Son, just be strong.  You’ll have plenty of support.

Lorna:  You’ll have your brother and sisters; Mitch, your grandmother, and me.

Devin’s smile quickly fades as he flashes back to the present as Lorna, dressed in a fucha glittered dress and heels.

Lorna:  Are you ready?

Devin Lucas:  To hear dad tell everyone he’s dying?  I dunno if I wanna hear it again.



Lindsay is applying some makeup in front of a mirror when she has a flashback.


Lindsay:  I’m Lindsay.

Devin Lucas:  Good to meet you.

Devin Lucas extends his right hand, and Lindsay extends her right hand through the handles of the shopping bag, and they shake.  

Devin Lucas:  You must be shopping for my dad’s party tomorrow night.

Lindsay flashes back to the present and takes a deep breath.  She grabs her purse, opens the front door and there’s Gregory.  They look at each other and give each other a hug.

Lindsay:  Gregory I’m so sorry.

Gregory:  No.  Not it’s me.  I shouldn’t have been so pushy.  You weren’t ready to talk…

Lindsay:   I was a complete ass.

Gregory:  Let’s forget about that, and go to this party.

Gregory extends his arm and Lindsay locks hers with his.



Donna and Michael are standing near the double glass doors that lead to the gazebo.  Michael is looking around.

Donna:  What are you looking for?

Michael:  Looking for our family members.

Donna:  Are you sure you’re not looking for Stacey?

Michael:  Oh Donna we’re not gonna do this here are we?

Donna:  I caught you calling her on your cell phone before we left.

Michael:  This party is for Carl and Rachel.  Can we be civil for their sake?  Look there’s Bridget.

Bridget walks up to her grandparents.

Donna:  Hi.  

Michael:  Hey sweetheart.

Michael pecks Bridget on her right cheek.

Donna:  Have you seen your mother?  Your sister?

Bridget:  No.  I’m gonna go outside for a minute.

Donna:  Okay dear.



Bridget walks out and sits on the bench.  Michele quickly comes out and steps in front of Bridget.

Michele:  You conniving little skank!

Bridget:  What?  You’re wearing the same dress!

Michele:  It looks better on me doesn’t it?

Bridget:  I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Michele:  You posted it on FacePage you bitch! You said that I hope I don't cut myself if I see you and your BF out together. Something like that.

Bridget:  That’s because you’re not the saint that everybody thinks you are!

Michele:  I knew it.  You’re jealous, and you always have been.

Bridget:  Ever since you came back, you’ve been plotting against me haven’t you?  Did you really think I was gonna sit by and let you get the best of me?



The door is open.  Cory sits on the bed and stares up at the ceiling, and Elizabeth comes in and sits next to him.

Elizabeth:  Thinking about dad aren’t you?

Cory:  Yeah of course I am.  We just got him back you know.  

Elizabeth:  It definitely isn’t fair.

Cory:  Not at all.

Elizabeth:  I haven’t seen mom and dad all night.

Cory:  I’m sure they’re still in their room.



Carl walks out of the bathroom and sees his wife Rachel, who is wearing a pinkish white dress.  Carl is wearing a matching tuxedo.  They hug each other, then Rachel rests her arms on Carl’s shoulders.

Rachel:  It’s like I have to hear the news again.  You have a brain tumor.

Carl:  My beautiful, darling wife.  We’re all going to be fine.  We’re strong, we’re resilient.  You’ll see downstairs.  All the support we have.  Let’s go darling.




Michele:  Is that why you slept with Cory?

Bridget:  I slept with Cory because I love him.

Michele:  You don’t love anyone but yourself.  You did that to get back at me.

Bridget:  Eww I wasn’t even thinking about you during…

Michele:  That’s the whole reason you did it.  When Cory finds out…

Bridget:  What are you gonna do?  You’re gonna take him away, too?  Why can’t I have something?  You have everything!

Michele:  I’ve got nothing because of you and everything you did.

Bridget:  What makes you so damned special?  Mom and dad gushing over your grades.  You had Cory.  I have to scratch and claw to get mom to notice me; to get her to love me!

Michele:  Looks who’s crazy.

Bridget:  Mom humiliated me at your memorial service.  Do you know how much that hurt?  

Michele:  And I did that to you?

Bridget:  Yes you did!  You did this.

Michele:  If you hadn’t tried to spike Cory’s drink at the prom; if you hadn’t kept my acceptance letter from me then maybe mom would give you the benefit of the doubt!  But you keep pulling stunts.  That’s why they’re divorcing!  

Bridget:  What?  Mom and dad are getting a divorce?

Michele:  That’s right, because of you!  This whole family has fallen apart because of you.

Bridget:  No.

Michele:  I have brain damage.  I couldn’t read, I lost Cory...because of you!  And I’m gonna make sure you get everything you deserve.

Bridget:  Yes you’ve lost Cory.  

Michele:  We were supposed to be together.

Bridget:  But it didn’t happen that way did it?  I had him, and you didn’t.  Doesn’t that make you...mad...crazy?

Michele:  You bitch!

Michele grabs Bridget’s hair and pulls her to the ground.  Bridget manages to pull Michele to the ground.  The two are wrestling, and rolling.  Michele manages to get on top of Bridget and punches her in her face.  Bridget then scratches Michele, and they roll over again.  Bridget is on top of Michele, and starts slapping her.  Michele grabs Bridget’s hair again, and pulls her to the ground again.  Michele grabs Bridget’s head, but before she can bang her head on the ground, Jake grabs her, effectively stopping the fight.  Donna, Michael and Vicky walk out, and the other guests look on.  Jake has subdued Michele and Michael has grabbed Bridget.  Bridget and Michele are both bloodied and kicking.

Jake:  Stop this you two!  What the hell is going on here?

Michele:  I’m gonna get you bitch!

Bridget:  Come and get me!

Donna:  Oh my God.  

Vicky:  Michele are you okay?  What did you do to her Bridget?

Bridget:  Of course you take her side.  She started all of this!

Michele:  You started it!

Michael:  Let’s get em outta here.

Jake and Michael escort Bridget and Michele out of the gazebo in opposite directions.



Dr. Russ Matthews walks in and looks around.  Sharlene is with John and she notices him.

Sharlene:  Is that Russ Matthews?

John:  Yeah he just got a job at the hospital.

Sharlene:  Oh.



Steven and Joy walk in.  

Steven:  Take your jacket?

Joy:  Thank you.

Steven goes to the closet, and Joy quickly takes out her phone, and pulls up the camera view of Tyrone and Marley’s living room.  She has a flashback.


Back at the Monticello Police Station Interrogation Room, Reginald gives instructions to Joy...

Reginald: You don’t want Thomasina to get sick again do you? Get me my great grandson.

As she flashes back to the present, Steven rejoins her.

Steven:  Where were you just now?

Joy:  Oh.  Thomasina sent me a text.

Donna and Vicky walk into the foyer talking.

Donna:  When are we going to do something about the girls?  Look what happened out there.

Vicky:  That’s why Bridget is living with you.  I think she needs help.

Donna and Vicky both stop when they see Steven and Joy.

Steven:  Hey mom.  Grandma.

Donna:  Honey.  Hi it’s good to see you.  Joy.

Joy:  Donna Love?  You were the owner of that club that burned down right?

Donna:  The Harbor Club?

Joy:  Steven you didn’t tell me Donna was...your grandmother.

Vicky:  This night just gets better and better doesn’t it?

Steven:  Good evening to you, too mom.

Donna:  Joy, why don’t we go into the living room?

Vicky takes Steven to the side.

Vicky:  What the hell are you doing here with her?   After what she did to Marley?

Steven:  We’re gonna be together mom.

Vicky:  You can’t be serious!


Devin Lucas and Lorna walk in, and Felicia and Mitch greet them.

Lorna:  Mother.

Felicia:  Honey you look fabulous.

Lorna:  Thank you.

Devin Lucas:  Hi grandma.

Felicia:  Hi sweety.

Mitch:  Looks like everyone’s here huh?  

Devin Lucas looks across the room and sees Gregory and Lindsay laughing.


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Devin Lucas:  Yeah.  Everyone’s here.

Mitch:  I guess we’re just waiting for Carl and Rachel.

Devin Lucas:  He’s probably upstairs.  I’m gonna go see about dad.


Cory and Elizabeth join Carl and Rachel in Carl and Rachel’s bedroom.  They see Carl and Rachel hugging.

Cory:  Mom, dad.

Elizabeth starts to cry.

Elizabeth:  Why do I feel like every moment we spend could be our last?

Carl:  My darling daughter.  I’ll always be here.

Elizabeth:  I love you so much daddy.

Devin Lucas peeks in.  

Devin Lucas:  Don’t leave me out of this.

Rachel:  We wouldn’t dream of that.

Carl:  Where’s Frankie?

Devin Lucas:  I didn’t see her downstairs.

Carl:  Let’s go face the others...as a family.


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So glad Bridget is finally sticking up for herself and getting down with Michele. 

Carl and his pink suite. Classy and they match Classy. Its funny u mentioned pink. Once u read Y&R ull get it.


YES!! it went down between the twins and the narrative of it was great I could capture the two girls in my head rolling around. THey let it each have verbally and physically and Im glad the playing field has been leveled which will make this rivalry more interesting. Yes again for the catfight. Aw's first and it was good!!!


Joy was very surprised to learn that Stevens grandma own The HArbor club. Wonder how she will feel now. And I knew Vicky was going to get on Steven for bringing Joy.


And the Big moment is here. Carl is about to announce he about to die. Everyone got on they traveling clothes and think they about to kick it at the Cory Mansion but little do they know they about to be hit with some sad news. I feel so bad for Cory and Liz.


Another great one and I cant wait to see how Carl does it and every ones reactions. This has been a long time coming.

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That conversation with Elizabeth and Carl, where she says she feels like every moment is their last, is so poignant. And I love that catfight with Michele and Bridget.

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