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ANOTHER WORLD 221 Party at the Corys Christy leaves Cass no choice; Jack vs Grant; A slippery slope begins for Vicky




Party at the Cory’s Part 6

Christy leaves Cass no choice; Jack vs Grant; A slippery slope begins for Vickyblogentry-14971-0-29982100-1437608722_th



Vicky walks in wearing an off white glitter dress with a matching purse, heels. ..and an envelope.  Guests are mingling as Amanda, who is wearing a sky blue dress, and Allen greet her in the foyer.

Allen:  What’s up cuz?

Vicky:  Hey.  Hi Amanda.

Amanda:  Hi you look great.

Vicky:  Thank you.  Likewise.

Allen:  Did you hear the news?

Vicky:  No what?  

Allen:  Uncle Peter called me earlier.  He said that my mother is cancer free.

Vicky:  Wow that’s wonderful!  That is such great news.

Amanda:  That is.  I’m gonna go outside and call Alli.

Allen:  Okay.

They kiss on the lips and Amanda goes upstairs.

Vicky:  That is the greatest news Allen.  I’m so happy for you.  Aunt Nicole beat cancer.

Allen:  I’m so happy.  I get to spend more time with my mom.  So...what’s in the envelope?  Gift for Carl and Rachel.

Vicky:  No it’s…it’s for Jake.

Allen looks past Vicky and sees Jake.

Jake:  Is that right?  

Vicky turns around and looks at Jake.

Allen:  I’ll leave you two alone.

Vicky:  Let’s go outside and talk.



Jake:  Is that what I think it is?

Vicky gives him the envelope and Jake opens it and reads the contents.  Jake takes a deep breath.

Jake:  Yep.

Vicky: I’ve already signed it.  All you have to do is sign and turn it to the courts.  

Jake:  This is final.

Vicky:  This is what you wanted right?  A divorce?   Well you got it.

Michele walks up to them.

Michele:  A what?  You guys are getting a divorce?  It’s because of Bridget isn’t it?



Frankie is on her cell phone out near the gazebo.

Frankie:  Cass where are you?  I’m waiting for you to arrive and I’m getting worried.

Frankie hangs up and Felicia walks up to her.

Felicia:  Frankie?  Is everything okay?

Frankie:  I don’t know.  Cass said he was on his way.

Felicia:  You know how Cass is.  I’m sure he’ll be here any minute.

Frankie:  That was about a half hour ago.  I can’t shake this feeling that something is off.  I wish he’d get here.



Christy reaches into her pocket and takes a small cup out.

Christy:  When I got taken away to that facility, I wondered how it would ever happen, but here we are.

Cass:  Get to the point Christy!

Christy:  It’s time Cass.  It’s time for me...to have a baby.

Cass:  A baby?  You stayed in Bay City to get pregnant?  That doesn’t make any sense!

Christy:  I went to Oakdale to see Dr. Weston.

Cass:  Dr. Weston?  He’s the guy from that Swiss Clinic…

Christy:  Yes he tried to speed up the aging process for Carly Snyder, Rose D’Angelo, and Emily Stewart.

Cass:  I don’t think you wanted to see him because you wanted to get old.

Christy:  No Cass, I want to get pregnant.  He gave me fertility treatments, and I circled this date ever since.  He told me it would happen around this time.  I would experience cramping.  

Cass:  Christy for God’s sake will you tell me what’s going on?

Christy:  Are you really this stupid?  I’m ovulating!

Christy shows Cass the cup.

Christy:  And all I need to get pregnant...is sperm....your sperm.

Cass:  What the...you’re out of your mind if you think that I’m gonna give you my sperm so you can get pregnant!

Christy extends the cup to Cass.

Christy:  Sorry but you really don’t have much of a choice.  Maggie’s freedom depends on it.

Cass:  So that’s your huge plan.  Your whole reason for staying in Bay City?

Christy:  You got it.  Now go give me a sample.  I don’t have any books.  Think of Mary Frances.  Or better yet, think of me.

Cass:  No way…

Christy:  If you want to see Maggie again, you’ll do this….now!



Jake:  Honey it’s nobody’s fault okay.

Vicky:  Honey let’s go inside.  Your dad and I are done here.

Michele:  Mom you...you can’t let this happen.

Vicky:  Sometimes...it’s better to let some things go.

Vicky and Michele enter the mansion.  As they open the door, Paulina is there.

Paulina:  Vicky, Michele.

Vicky:  Excuse us Paulina.

Paulina turns to look at Jake holding the papers in his hands.

Paulina:  Is that?  Oh.  Jake I’m so sorry.

Jake:  Don’t be.  It’s time.  

Paulina:  Did Vicky just give you those?

Jake:  Yes, but I don’t wanna focus on this right now.  Where’s Jack?

Paulina:  Jack should be on his way.  He had to stop at the station real quick.



Jack:  I laugh because you’re one huge joke.  Why should I look at anything you have to give me?

Grant:  Because your future depends on it, especially if it went viral.

Jack:  Is this your latest ploy to keep me away from Paulina?  

Grant:  You will thank me.  Go ahead.  Take a look.

Grant gives Jack the jump drive.   Jack smiles.

Jack:  If this gets you out of here.

He sticks it in the USB of his desktop and is shocked.

Jack:  What?  Where the hell did you get this?

Grant smiles deviously.



Grant:  I don’t see you chuckling now.  I knew you would enjoy the slideshow.

Jack:  This isn’t real.

Grant:  Oh it is real.  

Jack:  This was…

Grant:  A part of your past?  Those things have a way of coming back don’t they?

Jack:  I wanted to help her.

Grant:  Paulina?  You didn’t help her at all.  

Jack:  You think this is gonna make Paulina love you?

Grant:  I have to remove the obstacle keeping me from her, and that’s you.

Jack:  So you’re gonna put this all over the internet?

Grant:  Well the statute of limitations has long run on out on that...crime you and Paulina committed, but if I put it on the web, you would be out of a job.  In fact you would never work in law enforcement again.  You wouldn’t even be able to get a job as a security guard!

Jack:  You claim to love Paulina?  You want to hurt her like this?

Grant:  Of course not, that’s why I’m not going to let it go viral.  That decision really is up to you.  

Jack:  How is that?

Grant:  Carly, your daughters in Oakdale.  That’s where you should be.

Jack:  So you had my family in mind when you got a hold of this?  Spare me the concern.

Grant:  Go and work things out with your wife.

Jack:  Or you’ll post this on FacePage?  You’re pathetic.

Grant:  No.  What’s pathetic is that you’re a baby seller.  Did you see the last page?

Jack slides to it and is further shocked.

Jack:  DNA test.

Grant:  What would everyone think?  Your family, your friends in Oakdale...that you sold an infant girl on the black market?  What would they think if they found out...that the little baby you sold to Scooter Carruthers on the black market that night...turned out to be Remy Woods?

Jack:  Remy Woods.

Grant:  Yes.  Remy Woods.  The girl that grew up in Foster homes, and came to Bay City as a con artist.

Jack:  Shut up!

Grant:  Remy and Paulina don’t even know who her father is, and that Remy’s father...is right here.  Right in front of me...you!


Frankie:  It’s not like Cass not to call if something has happened.  I gotta go and find…

Felicia touches Frankie’s wrist.

Felicia:  No...don’t do that.  I’m sure Cass just got held up.  He will be here.

Frankie:  Felicia you’re shaking.  You’re sweating, too.  Are you okay?

Felicia has a flashback


As they walk to the decorated living room, they notice Felicia at the liquor table.  Felicia is staring down at the liquor.  Now both of her hands are shaking, she’s sweating, and taking deep breaths.

Then she flashes back to the present.

Felicia:  Hot flashes more than likely.

Felicia stares inside and looks directly at the liquor on the table.


Cass gives Christy the cup, and Christy examines it.

Christy:  Hmm.  Okay.

Cass:  Now where’s my daughter?

Christy:  You’ll have to go back to the Corys to see her.

Cass:  She’s been at the Corys the whole time?

Christy:  You should go now.  I’m sure Mary Frances is worried about you.

Cass:  If you’ve done anything to hurt my daughter, I will come after you.

Christy:  Oh Cass, and don’t think about calling the cops.  You have no proof that I did anything.  Besides, Maggie has staged her own kidnapping before.

Cass rushes off and Christy makes a call to Brianna, whose back is turned to a bound, gagged, and unconscious Maggie.

Christy:  I got it.

Brianna:  Wow really?

Christy:  You can drop Maggie off at the Corys.  Your secret remains safe.

Christy hangs up and makes another call.

Christy:  Dr. Weston it’s me. I have what we need...to make a baby.



Brianna hangs up and notices Maggie is starting to come to.  Brianna grabs another needle full of a sedative and runs over to inject Maggie.

Brianna:  No.

Maggie is unconscious again after another injection by Brianna.


Grant:  What’s the matter Jack?  Nothing to say?

Jack:  You think Paulina’s going to love you after this?


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Grant:  Don’t worry about Paulina.  All you need to do is leave Bay City and never come back.

Jack:  She’s gonna come running to your waiting arms now right?  

Grant:  I don’t see you packing.

Jack:  Paulina loved me; she loved Jake; she loved Joe Carlino, but not you.

Grant:  She did once.  She can love me again.

Jack:  Paulina told me alllll about that.  She was obligated to you.  Especially after you were shot.  She was sneaking around with Jake most of the time that she was with you.  That’s not love Grant.

Grant:  The faster you go the better.  If I see your face in this town again, I will expose you for the baby seller that you are.

Jack:  She’s gonna ask questions.

Grant:  And I’m going to tell her.  You need to leave and resign from the Bay City Police Department.

Jack:  She’s not gonna love you Grant.



Paulina and Jake walk slowly toward the front door.

Paulina:  You sure the papers will be fine in your car?


Paulina:  I know this hurts.

Jake:  Yeah.  Years of marriage...over.

Paulina:  You raised Steven and Kirkland, and had two daughters.  You should be grateful for that experience.   Dante was a teen ager when Joe died, and I never got to raise Remy.  You and Vicky had a wonderful life together.  

Jake:  And now it’s done.  

Paulina:  Come here.

Paulina hugs Jake.

Paulina:  You will be fine.  Everything will work out for you.

Vicky opens the door, observes Jake and Paulina’s embrace, then goes back into the mansion.

Jack (V.O. to Grant):  She will never love you!  Nothing you do will ever make her.  If I’m out of the picture, someone else will come and steal her heart again, and you’ll be left out in the cold...wondering...wishing.  



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Ohhhh, we're heading back to Jake and Paulina. That should be interesting, and emotional.


I was really shocked at what Grant had on Jack. 

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What an electrifying episode! Cary, this just goes to show that BACK TO ANOTHER WORLD is still the best blog on the site! This episode was not only ANOTHER WORLD at the top of its game, but it was the whole soap opera genre at the top of its game.


Jack/Grant: This was by far the most shocking thing I have ever read from your show. This was an amazing, and compelling secret that you revealed to your audience. You made every reader believe what was going on, and I cannot wait to see where you head when the fallout gets here in a couple of months.


Cass/Christy: This was classic soap opera villain. I could not believe what Christy was suggesting. I just loved diving into this whole juicy story line. I wonder where you are headed with this juicy story line.


Frankie/Felicia: I can see that now is the time that Felicia would want a drink more than ever. I am glad you are doing this fall off the wagon story for her, because I know that you will make Felicia Gallant shine in all her soapy glory! I just wonder what Frankie will do.


Vicky/Jake/Paulina: I think we are heading back to Paulina and Jake like DRW50 said. That will be interesting, because I wonder if Vicky is going to fight for her man. I also enjoyed how you had Vicky present the divorce papers to Jake. That was totally ANOTHER WORLD right there.


You are setting up an interesting future for this soap opera, and not let the death of the legendary Charles Keating get your soap down one peg. I am very proud of the direction you are taking this beloved soap opera. 


Cannot wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WOW another great action packed episode. Christy is crazy. SHe is rather old for a baby but went to great lengths and Cass caved in. Wow what happens now!?? Boy oh boy. Cass's likes to Christy were great and  I knew we were in for something crazy once CHristy mentioned Dr Weston. Christy is good. Shes real good.


I really can't believe Jake and Vicky's divorce is really happening. I honestly didnt think it would but it is. Wow. I thought they may work it out. But it seems Jake is leaning on Paulina. Hmm I always did love them and Jack learned along with me that he is Remy's father. Grant is kicking out of town Pualinas baby dad and black mailing him in selling his own daughter wow. Classic Grant. But I know it had to hurt to hear Jack say she will never really love him.  

ANd what did Brianna inject into Maggie and will she be ok. Christy plan may already be unraveling as this was not a part of it.

Again another fast mover!! But it was great!!

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Oh now she gone have a baby. She better move fast or that sperm will die before it's even in her! LOL.


What an emotional episode, though. Vicky serving Jake with divorce papers, and Paulina being there for him. We all know where that's heading, and with Grant as a spoiler, the classic set up returns, and I can't wait. Really good scenes there, particularly with Michele seeing it all go down, and immediately blaming Bridget. This will just be more fuel for her fire.


Felicia's shaking, and I love her dismissing it as just hot flashes. She KNOWS something's up, but what's causing those cravings. Hmmm...


I can't say I'll really miss Jack, but what a way to tie all that history together, really good stuff there! Grant is not going to get what he wants, particularly when this is the lengths, and desperation he goes to to get it. Loving that, and Frankie still being worried about Cass. She has good reason to!


Another excellent episode!

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