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ANOTHER WORLD 220 Party at the Corys Part 5 Cass gets an ominous text message; Michele is further infuriated by Bridget




Party at the Corys Part 5

Cass gets an ominous text message; Michele is further infuriated by Bridget



Allen walks downstairs dressed in a black tuxedo, white shirt, and a black bowtie.  He gets a phone call on his cell.

Allen:  Hello?  What?  Oh man that’s...that’s the best news.  My mother is cancer free.  Thank you unc.

He hangs up smiling and Michele opens the door with her key.  Michele is also wearing a sequin dress.

Allen:  Hey Michele.

Michele:  Hi Allen.  You look nice...and happy.

Allen:  Your Aunt Nicole is cancer free.  That’s the best news.  

Michele:  Wow that’s...that’s wonderful.

Allen:  Hey if you’re looking for Donna and Michael you just missed them.  They left for the party about twenty minutes ago.

Michele:  I actually was looking for Bridget.

Allen:  No Bridget went with them.  What are you doing here?  Shouldn’t you be heading to the party?

Michele:  I left something here.  I just came back to get it.

Allen:  Oh well...I’m gonna hurry up and go meet Amanda.  See ya later.

Michele:  Sure.

Michele immediately goes upstairs and heads straight for Bridget’s room.



Michele looks around and goes straight for Bridget’s laptop.  She sticks a USB in the side, presses a few buttons, and begins to download information.

Michele:  What are you up to Bridget?



Cory is in his bedroom fixing his bowtie when Bridget peeks in.  Cory turns around and his eyes widen as Bridget is wearing a sequin dress with black heels.

Cory:  You look...so beautiful.

Bridget walks up to him and wraps her arms around him.

Bridget:  Thank you Mr. Handsome.  

After their embrace, Cory turns back to the mirror and continues to adjust his bowtie.

Bridget:  What’s wrong babe?  Something on your mind?

Cory:  Tonight’s the night.

Bridget:  For what?

Cory:  I’m not supposed to tell anyone.  I’ve been keeping it to myself since I got the news.

Bridget:  Cory?  What’s going on?  Is everything okay?

Cory:  You can’t breathe a word of this to anyone.

Bridget:  Of course not, but you’re scaring me.  

Cory:  It’s the reason my dad is throwing this party.  He’s gonna tell everyone that he’s dying.

Bridget:  Oh....oh no...I’m so sorry.

Bridget throws her arms around Cory.

Bridget:  Is there anything I can do?

Cory:  You’re...doing more than enough.

Bridget:  Does anyone else know?

Cory:  Well Devin already knew.

Bridget:  Devin?  Who’s Devin?

Cory:  My half brother.  Long story.  Mom and dad told Lizzie, Matt and Amanda.  I don’t think they told Paulina or Frankie though.


Frankie walks up to the front door of the Cory Mansion and she is talking on her cell phone with Cass who is in his car.  He is talking through the car’s bluetooth.

Frankie:  When do you think you’re gonna get here?

Cass:  I’m on my way.  I had to stop at the office for a quick minute.

Frankie:  Well...please hurry.  I...I need you.

Cass:  Frankie what’s going on?

Frankie:  I’m not feeling great about...anything.  Ever since Maggie left the house.

Cass:  Honey just go in, mingle a bit.  That should take your mind off of whatever it is you’re feeling.

Frankie:  I’m real nervous about tonight.  Some things are going to happen, and they won’t be good.

Cass:  Go inside.  I’ll be there in a minute okay.  

Frankie:  Love you.

Cass:  Love you, too.



Brianna has a cell phone, and a picture of Maggie, who is bound, gagged, and unconscious lying on a cot.   She sends the picture, along with text, to someone.


Cass, who is walking toward the front door of the Corys, gets an alert.

Cass:  What the…?

It’s the picture of Maggie, and a text that says:  If you want to see your daughter again, come down to the warehouse downtown...alone.

Cass:  No...Maggie?





Michele is on Bridget’s computer sifting through the information that she downloaded onto the USB she stuck in the side of the laptop, and she is shocked what she sees.

          Michele:  That...bitch!


Bridget:  They told the family first.  Wow I’m so sorry.  I know you just got your dad

back.  Now you’re gonna lose him again.  I don’t know what to say.

Cory:  It isn’t fair you know?

Bridget:  It’s not.

Cory:  My dad fought so hard to come back to us, and now he’s gonna be taken

away again, and he’s not coming back this time.

Bridget:  I wouldn’t even know what I’d do if I lost my dad.

Cory:  You would do what I would do; be there for you.

Bridget:  I wish there was something I could do to keep your dad for you.

Cory:  His brain tumor is spreading rapidly.  There’s nothing anyone can do.

Bridget:  Oh Cory.  I’m so sorry.  

                       Cory:  I would have told you sooner but my mom and dad didn’t want us to tell anyone.

                            Bridget:  I understand.  Hey maybe if we....go downstairs it’ll help you feel a little better.

                            Cory:  I’ll think I’ll...stay up here for a minute.

Bridget:  Okay.  I’ll go to the gazebo.


Meanwhile, downstairs in the foyer, Matt is on his cell phone facing the living room.

Matt:  Hey Nurse Brianna.  It’s Matt Cory.  Just givin’ you a call, and see when you want that personalized Bay City tour we talked about at the hospital.  Talk to you later.  Gimme a call back.

Matt hangs up, turns around and greets Frankie, who flashes a pensive smile.

Matt:  Frankie hey.

Frankie:  Matthew.

Matt:  Oh no, something’s definitely on your mind.

Frankie looks around.

Frankie:  Hey have you heard from Maggie?

Matt:  No, but I’m sure she’ll be along shortly.  Why?

Frankie: I don’t...I don’t know how to explain it.  Something’s wrong.

Matt:  Oh...come on she’s probably just taking her time getting dressed.  Call her.

Frankie:  Good idea.

Frankie takes out her cell phone and calls Maggie’s phone.



Brianna looks at Maggie’s phone vibrating.  Brianna presses “ignore”.  

Brianna:  Maggie’s not available to take your call right now.


Frankie:  No answer.

Matt:  Frankie you seem really nervous.

Frankie:  She came to our house earlier, and ever since she left, I haven’t felt right.  Something is wrong.

Matt:  Have you talked to Cass?

Frankie:  He said he was on his way.  He should be here by now.



Cass walks into a dimly lit room, looks around.

Cass:  Maggie!   Maggie where are you?

Suddenly, Christy, dressed in all black, walks into the room behind Cass.

Christy:  You don’t get to see Maggie yet.

Cass turns around.

Cass:  You!  What the hell have you done with my daughter?

Christy:  Don’t worry, Maggie’s safe...for now.

Cass grabs Christy’s arms and shakes her.

Cass:  If you hurt Maggie I’ll kill you..

Christy:  Let me go!  

Cass:  Where’s Maggie?

Christy:  You will see Maggie again, provided I get what I want.

Cass:  I knew you were up to something.  

Christy:  And now you’re gonna find out.  The whole reason why I stayed in Bay City after I got out of that criminal mental facility.

Cass:  I don’t care.  I wanna see Maggie.

Christy:  Maggie is safe.

Cass:  I’m gonna have you arrested for kidnapping.  I’m calling the police.

Christy:  If you want to see your daughter, you will put that phone away.

Cass:  Tell me where she is!

Christy:  I’m not telling you yet, not until I get what I dreamed of ever since I was committed.  It’s why I killed Douglas.  I had to get him out of the way.

Cass slowly puts his phone away as Christy begins to tell a story.

Christy:  All of his attempts to get me to see reality; telling me that I shouldn’t be in love with you.  I got tired of him telling me that.  Doesn’t he realize that the heart wants what it wants!

Cass:  You didn’t love me.  You were obsessed with me!

Christy:  When I danced in Mary Frances’s wedding dress, I envisioned you and I...married.  Then we would do the things that married people do.  A house; black picket fence.  I hate white fences.  They get dirty way too easily and they’re too much maintenance.  After all of that, we would have a child.

Christy reaches into her pocket and takes a small cup out.

Christy:  When I got taken away to that facility, I wondered how it would ever happen, but here we are.

Cass:  Get to the point Christy!

Christy:  It’s time Cass.  It’s time for me...to have a baby.




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WOW!! THis episode moved so fast. And my girl christy drove the drama and is in action. I hope she is not cornering herself in. I love her but not a cup. OMG!! SO campy and clearly she is not well. Wow. Was not expecting that one at all. 


Michele is up to no good in the  naborhood. SHe found something on B's computer that she doesnt like. I can only imagine what she is going to do next.


Good news for Allen. I'm glad for him.


ANd once Frankie wonders where Cass is her inner spirits going to get going and know soemthing is very wrong. Man Christy I hope u come out of this.

Very good show A very fast mover!!

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Christy is showing herself now. Time to have a baby LOL. Oh WOW. I loved her luring Cass to the warehouse. That whole family is nuts. Haha. Frankie's feelings were right on the money. Really enjoyed that build-up. After all this time, people STILL don't buy into Frankie's extra-sensory abilities! People need to get with it! LOL.


Michele's scenes were great too. What did she find on her sister's computer? I can't wait to find that out. That girl is out for blood! Loved the scenes between Bridget and Cory as well. She's there for him in his time of need, and it's good to see. She's really growing up, and that's good. Michele's schemes will be a true test of that, surely!


Another all-around great episode. Lots of great stuff, and great movement. Fantastic job, Cary!

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