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ANOTHER WORLD 219 Party at the Corys 3...Grant confronts Jack




Party at The Corys Part 3

Grant confronts Jack


Carl and Rachel are in their bedroom.  Carl walks out of the bathroom, and sees Rachel on her laptop wearing a white sequin dress.

Carl:  You look exquisite...as always.

They hug and Rachel lets out a deep breath after the embrace.  She looks her husband in his eyes.

Rachel:  You were great with Elizabeth.

Carl:  That wasn’t easy at all.  You know how our daughter can be.

Rachel:  I almost understand it.

Carl:  She had to know that you are not the blame for this.

Rachel:  Thank you.  I was hoping this...day would never come.  This party; this evening; none of it.

Carl:  We’ve gotta tell everyone and I’m at peace with it.

Rachel:  Well I’m not.  The people we love are gonna be hurt.  

Carl:  We can’t let this get the best of us.  You are the rock...for all of us.

Rachel:  I hate that we have to tell our friends and the rest of our family.  Felicia…



Mitch walks into the living room, where Felicia is looking at her laptop.

Mitch:  Hey we gotta go to the Corys soon right?

Felicia:  Yeah right.  I’m just checking to see if there’s any movement on my movie deal.

Mitch walks over, slowly closes the computer, and kisses Felicia on her forehead.

Mitch:  Let’s...go to the Corys, and you can worry about the movies later, and you’re sweating.

Felicia:  Oh it’s just...nerves I guess.

Mitch:  Stress about the movies?

Felicia:  You could say that I suppose.  We’ve been invited to a party and I haven’t told Rachel that I accepted Iris’s offer.

Mitch:  I’m sure she’ll understand when she finds out.  Let me go get the keys.

Mitch walks back into their bedroom and Felicia looks at her right hand, and it’s shaking.


Rachel: (V.O.):  Paulina…



Paulina walks downstairs in a white slightly glittered dress and matching open toed heels.  

Jack:  My my.  You look great.  Can you take it off?

Paulina:  As much as I’d love to do that, we gotta get to the Corys.

Jack:  Do I really have to go to this party?

Paulina:  Yes you doooo.

Jack:  Darn.

Paulina:  Rachel and Carl are the parents I never had.  You know how I grew up.

Jack:  Foster homes.  I know.

Paulina:  Well if...you don’t want to go…

Jack:  Come on Paulina.  Of course I wanna go with you.

Paulina:  Are you sure?

Jack:  I’m ready to let Bay City know that we’re together, but first I gotta go to the station.

Paulina:  Work work work.

Jack:  No I’m just checkin up on Dante.

Paulina:  He texted me and told me that he’s enjoying the job.

Jack:  Yeah it’ll be something real quick.  Gonna check over his work, then I’ll get dressed and be on my way to the Corys.

Paulina:  I wish Dante could finish his training in Bay City.

Jack:  He doesn’t have that long to go.  He’ll be back home before you know it.

Paulina:  You’re gonna bring my son home to me.

Jack:  That’s not all I’m gonna bring to you.  

Paulina smiles.

Paulina:  Hmmmm.

They kiss.


Rachel: (V.O.) Donna, Michael.


LOVE MANSION...Donna, dressed in a baby blue glittered dress, walks into the foyer.

Donna:  Bridget we’re leaving soon!  You’ve got five minutes!

Bridget is upstairs in her bedroom and she’s applying her lip gloss, then she stands up and looks in her vanity mirror.  As she primps her hair, and admires her light green dress, she notices something in the background….the used condom.  

Bridget:  How did that get over here?  



Michael, who is wearing a navy blue suit, white shirt, and sky blue tie and black dress shoes, is on his cell phone.

Michael:  Hey Stace it’s me.  Just thought I’d check on ya.  Hope you and Lindsay are doin’ well.  I’ll speak to you soon.  

Michael turns around and sees Donna.

Michael:  You look great.

Donna walks up to him and slaps him.

Michael:  Hey what was that for?

Donna:  Stacey Winthrop?  Really?




Michael:  Donna…

Donna:  We’re about to go together to a party for Carl and Rachel and your’e calling Stacey Winthrop?

Michael:  She’s trying to get through a difficult time.

Donna:  And you just have to be there for her huh?

Michael:  Donna you’re jealous for no reason.

Donna:  No reason?  You two dated years ago.

Michael:  Exactly Donna...years ago.

Donna:  She has Cass and Frankie to help her get through whatever she’s going through with her daughter.

Michael:  How can you be so cold?  Stacey needs a friend.

Bridget interrupts them.

Bridget:  Ummm...are we ready to go?

Donna turns around, gathers herself, and smiles.

Donna:  Of course we are honey.  Let’s go to the Corys.


Carl:  I just can’t help but to think about Cory and Elizabeth.

Rachel:  I don’t want to worry about them.  They’re in good hands.

Carl:  I know.  I take comfort in that.  They’ve got a whole family to look out for them.

Rachel:  We’re all gonna miss you, but we’re going to get through it.

Carl:  You’ve got such a...strong support system.  Matthew, Amanda, the children, your friends.

Rachel:  I’ve been blessed, especially with Felicia.  I am so grateful that we’ve been friends for such a long time.


Meanwhile, Mitch and Felicia arrive at the Cory Manse.  Matt answers the door.

Felicia:  Matthew hi.

Matt:  Felicia...Mitch.

Mitch:  Hey there.

Felicia walks to the living room.

Mitch:  So this is the night of the big party huh.  Wonder what prompted Carl to do that.

Matt:  It’s...it’s a celebration.

Felicia leaves them as they finish.

Mitch:  You know Jasmine texted me.  She wants a new tablet.

Matt:  I told her she needs to focus on school right now.

Mitch:  Well…

Matt:  Mitch tell me you didn’t...come on.  

Mitch:  She’s my granddaughter I can’t say no.

Matt:  I said I would get her a new tablet once she picked her grades up.

Mitch:  She promised me she would do better.

Matt:  Promises promises.

As they walk to the decorated living room, they notice Felicia at the liquor table.  Felicia is staring down at the liquor.  Now both of her hands are shaking, she’s sweating, and taking deep breaths.


Carl:  I also worry about Paulina.  She’s become like a daughter to me.

Rachel:  Me, too.  Just wondering about how things are gonna end up for her with Jack.  He’s still married to Carly.  I really hope she doesn’t get her heart broken.


Paulina walks into the foyer of the mansion and Matt greets her.

Paulina:  Matthew hi.

Matt:  Hey you look great.

Paulina:  Thank you.  Where’s your mom and Carl?

Matt:  I think they’re still upstairs.

Paulina:  This big party.

Matt takes a deep breath.

Matt:  Yeah.

Paulina:  What’s going on?  Is everything alright?

Matt:  Yeah uh...I just laid into my father about Jasmine.

Paulina:  Oh.  How is my niece doing?

Matt:  She’s giving me gray hairs and she doesn’t even live here.

Paulina:  Oooh Matthew.  The joys of being a parent.

Matt:  Oh the worries.

Paulina:  I was blessed to raise Dante, but I didn’t get that chance with Remy.  I wish she didn’t have to grow up the way I did.

Matt:  The important thing is that you were there for her when you could be.  As soon as you knew who she was you were in her life, and she loves you.

Paulina:  I love her, too.  I love both of my children.

Matt:  Where’s Jack?

Paulina:  He had to stop at the station, but he should be along soon.


POLICE STATION...Jack is wearing a dark gray suit, white dress shirt, with no tie.  He’s sitting at his desk on the desk phone.

Jack:  That’s good Dante.  I’m hearing that you’re picking up things quickly.  Soon you’re gonna be good enough to take over the BCPD.  Talk to you soon buddy.

Someone buzzes Jack.  

Jack:  What’s up?  Okay send him in.

Seconds later, Grant walks in.

Jack:  What are you doing here?

Grant:  Ohh Detective Snyder, this has been long overdue.  Time for us to have a talk.

Jack:  About what?

Grant:  What do you think?  Paulina.  After this you’re not gonna be involved in her life anymore.

Jack laughs while Grant takes out the jump drive.

Jack:  Grant don’t you have something else to do?

Grant:  Oh you think this is funny.  You won’t be laughing after you see what’s on this.  I can’t wait for you to take a look at it.





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I really enjoyed this episode I also liked how u dressed everyone. WHen I do parties or the like I never dress my characters. TO much time and thought is needed so I commend u for that. I just let my readers dress them up lol. BUt it was very nice,


Check mate Jack. Grant got some goods on you.


I also like how u did the V.O thingy with Fe and some of the others. 

U represented family ties very well in this episode.

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That slap Donna gave Michael was from me...


So Christy has made Felicia start to go off the wagon. Very cruel.



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Once again you are tying all these stories into the party and building them up. That is something really hard to do imo. 


We have Carl being the main point of the party but we have some great interactions between Matthew and Mitch. Then we have Felicia seemingly about to take a turn for the worst. Paulina and Jack being built into the party arrival as well but that looks like it may not end well.


Interested to see what Grant and Jack do to each other in the next episode. 


Good stuff as always.

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I'll tell you right now, I love the structure of this episode. Rachel listing off their friends and going through what each of them are dealing with before the party is a masterstroke. GREAT build there.

Felicia is going to really suffer for her decision to go with Iris. Rachel does NOT take well to being one-upped by Iris, and this is going to be VERY hard for her to take, especially with the loss of Carl imminent. I love that you're dealing with that subtlety. Not every headwriter would. It's a GREAT story decision! I love that you also had Matt and Mitch discussing Jasmine's work ethic at school. It's small, but it adds a lot of reality to things. And naturally, Felicia struggling to keep away from the bottle.

I love the sensuality between Paulina and Jack. It's so natural, and you capture it well. Too bad Grant is all too ready to blow a huge hole in it! Jack has NO idea what's about to hit him!

Bridget found the condom. Too late, though!

I LOVE that you're reigniting Stacy/Michael/Donna. That's a fantastic use of history, and so natural. Something innocent being blown out of proportion by a perpetually jealous Donna. GREAT stuff!

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