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ANOTHER WORLD 218 Party At the Corys Part 2




Party at the Corys Part 2

Carl makes a cryptic revelation

Consultants:  ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby





Someone rings the doorbell and Carl, dressed in a white tuxedo, answers the door and Grant walks in.

Carl:  Grant Harrison.  

Grant looks around.

Grant:  Where is everyone?   This doesn’t look like a party.  Am I early?

Carl:  No not at all.  As a matter of fact, your punctuality is very much appreciated.  You’re right on time.

Grant:  Is this some kind of game you’re playing because if it is…

Carl:  No Grant this is not a game, but I assure you, what I’m about to do will be a whole lot of fun.

Grant:  And what is that?

Carl takes an envelope out of his inside jacket pocket.

Carl:  This...is about what you took from me twenty years ago.  

Grant:  Are you still angry about Ryan?  

Carl paces while he recalls his version of the events…

Carl:  At the train trestle.  Your mother lead everyone there.  

Grant:  I thought Ryan was trying to…

Carl:  The whole thing was about you.

Grant:  I needed to know where Kirkland was.

Carl:  You shot my son in the back like a coward and killed him.  You took Ryan away from me; from Victoria; from Kirkland.

Grant:  Kirkland had a father!

Carl:  You are no kind of father.  You took my son away from me in the most cowardly way, but I’ve had the distinct and utter pleasure...of keeping yours from you.

Carl holds up the envelope.

Carl:  This...is about your child.

Grant:  Kirkland?  

Grant starts shaking his head.

Grant:  No.  No.  Are you trying to say that Ryan is Kirkland’s biological father?

Carl smiles deviously as Ryan, dressed in blue jeans and a buttoned up lumberjack shirt, watches, and only Carl sees him.


AT KIRKLAND’S SUITE...Kirkland is front of the mirror’s common area.  He flashes back to what Ryan told him.


Ryan:  One lie is gonna turn into another and another, and it’s the lies that are gonna break up you up.  The longer you keep lying, the more you destroy the trust.  The best chance for you to save your marriage...is to tell Charlie the truth.

Kirkland flashes back to the present and he hears Charlie.  

Charlie:  Well...what do you think?

Kirkland turns around and sees his wife is a fitted forest green dress with white high heeled shoes, and her hair in a bun.

Kirkland:  You look...stunning.

Charlie smiles.

Charlie: I knew you’d like it.

Charlie walks up to him and they kiss.  Meanwhile, Kirkland has another flashback…


Eric:  Then Charlie is gonna get a copy of this, and I don’t have to tell you what will happen after that.  Oh keep it.  I’ve got plenty of copies.  You could have another career on your hands is this went viral.  A lot of gay men, will want a taste of your frank.  I know I do...as often...as I can.

Eric unzips Kirkland’s pants, looks down, and looks back in Kirkland’s face.

Eric:  There we go.  I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.

Kirkland flashes back to the present.  He then faces Charlie

Charlie:  Are you alright?

Kirkland:  Yeah I’m...I’m great.

Charlie:  We gotta get to the Corys.

Kirkland:  Right.



Cory is in his bedroom buttoning up his white dress shirt as someone knocks on the door knocks twice.

Cory:  Come in Lizzie.

Elizabeth walks in and leaves the door ajar.  Elizabeth is wearing a light gray dress.

Cory:  Hey.

Elizabeth:  Are you ready?

Cory:  I dunno.

Elizabeth:  I have to be honest with you.  I’m not.  I’m not ready to say goodbye to daddy again.

Cory:  I’m not either, but we don’t have much of a choice do we?

Elizabeth:  It’s like they’re giving up.  Especially mom.  She didn’t give up last time.  This time, it’s like she’s just throwing in the towel.  

Cory:  Mom and Dr. Matthews did everything they could to help dad.  The tumor is just too aggressive.

Elizabeth:  He came back last time didn’t he?  Didn’t our brother Evan save his life?

Cory:  Lizzie give it up!  We can’t save dad this time!  

Rachel peeks in and walks in.

Elizabeth:  I’m not so ready to give up on daddy like everyone else.

Rachel:  None of us are, but sometimes we have to accept what is.  Your father has an aggressive brain tumor, and nothing we’ve tried has worked.

Elizabeth:  Well you should try harder.  Seems like you’re just waiting for dad to die.


MEANWHILE, in the Cory Mansion living room, Carl walks to the bar and pours himself a drink while Grant follows closely, and so does spirit Ryan, unseen to Grant.

Carl:  A drink?

Grant:  What the hell kind of sick game are you playing Carl?  You talk about my son and you want to drink to that?

Carl:  That’s because you think I’m talking about Kirkland.  I would never hurt that boy.  He turned out way more decent than you could ever dream to be.

Grant:  Kirkland is the only child I have.

Carl:  No Grant.  You have another child out there.

Carl gives Grant the envelope.

Grant:  What is this?

Carl:  Go ahead.  Open it.




CAR...Kirkland is driving with Charlie in the front passenger’s seat.

Charlie:  I went shopping with Lindsay yesterday.

Kirkland:  Oh that sounds good.  How’d that go?

Charlie:  She picked this dress out for me.  I had no idea what I was gonna wear.  I wanted to choose something that you’d like, especially after that fight we had.

Kirkland:  I wouldn’t call it a fight.  A disagreement maybe.

Charlie:  Well I finally saw your point of view, and I love you for it.  I realized how much you love me.

Kirkland:  I...I do love you...so much.  You have brought so much positivity to my life.  I was full of hate and contempt for my dad before I came back.

Charlie:  Well if you’re trying to give me credit...don’t.  When I came back home I…

Charlie stops herself as if she’s going to say too much.

Kirkland:  You what?

Charlie:  I had fences to mend with my mother.  She stayed away from Bay City after we thought she was killed by Fax Newman.  I only shared with you what my experiences were.

Kirkland:  And I appreciate you for that.  My dad and I are good now, and I do have you to thank for that.

Charlie smiles.


Carl, with drink in hand, walks toward the double doors leading to the gazebo, while Grant, who is behind him, looks over the contents of the envelope…

Grant:  This says I’m a match for this person’s father?

Carl:  You would be correct.

Grant:  But it doesn’t say who the person is.

Carl:  Again, you’re correct.

Grant:  So you’re playing a game again.

Carl:  This is no game Grant.  You see, I don’t have much time left, and I thought I would leave you with a parting gift.

Grant:  You’re dying?  Ha!  Evil like you never dies.

Carl:  This is it Grant.  

Grant:  You know who my child is don’t you?

Carl:  Yes..I most certainly do.

Grant:  Tell me where I can find them.

Carl:  Now that...I’m not going to do.

Grant:  How do I know this is even authentic?

Carl:  Go ahead Grant.  Verify it.  You’re gonna have to think long and hard about the possibility of this child.  I have to say...it gives me great satisfaction to do this after you took my son from me.  After you shot my son in the back on the train trestle!

Grant:  Tell me where my child is!

Carl laughs as to tell Grant that he is not going divulge any information.

Grant:  Tell me where my child is!

Toni Burrell, in police uniform, walks in with two other officers.

Toni:  Is everything okay in here Carl?  Is Grant threatening you?

Carl:  No...as a matter of fact he was just leaving.

Toni:  Come on Carl, I’d love to haul his ass in after everything he’s done.

Grant:  That’s fine.  I’ve got someplace else to go anyway.

Carl:  Good luck on your mission Grant.  It won’t be as difficult as you think.  Now get out.

Toni and the officers stare at Grant.

Toni (to one of the officers):  See that he gets out.

One of the officers escorts Grant out as Toni approaches Carl.

Toni:  We just came by to make sure everything was fine.

Carl:  Yes.  Everything...is as it should be.

Toni and the other officer leave the living room and Carl and then Ryan speaks.

Ryan:  You’ve been holding on to that for a long time haven’t you?

Carl:  He’s your coward brother.

Ryan:  I guess this is your way of letting it go.

Carl:  I suppose you could say that.

Ryan:  I’m glad you did.  Even he deserves to know the truth.

Carl:  Did you really think I was going to tell him?  He has no idea how close he is to finding his child.  He’ll figure it out.

Ryan:  I get the feeling that the last thing you’re concerned about is Grant’s offspring.

Carl:  You’re exactly right.  I’m concerned about my children, especially Cory and Elizabeth.


Cory:  Lizzie stop it.

Rachel:  That is not true!

Elizabeth:  You could have gone overseas.  You could have done something to stop the growth.  

Rachel:  If there was another way don’t you think we would have found it and used it by now.  You have to accept it.  Carl is going to die.

Elizabeth:  Why?  Why are we going through this again?

Rachel:  I don’t know honey.  

Cory:  We gotta be strong Lizzie.  Dad doesn’t want us moping around feeling sorry for him.

Elizabeth:  Is that what you think I wanna do?  I just don’t think we’ve done enough to save him.

Carl walks in.

Carl:  Let me speak to my daughter alone please.

Cory and Rachel look at each other...and walk out.

Carl:  Elizabeth...stop it right now!  Your mother did everything she could.  Dr. Matthews did everything he could.  There’s nothing else we can do to stop the tumor from growing.

Elizabeth starts to cry.

Elizabeth:  No dad I dont wanna believe that!  I can’t bear to lose you again.

Carl:  You’re so young; so beautiful; so ready to take on the world.

Elizabeth:  Not without you daddy.

Carl’s eyes start to well up.

Carl:  Yes my darling daughter...you can do it without me.   Your mother always used to tell how much you were like Ada.  So strong willed; so determined.  Rachel said Ada was her rock, and you’re gonna have to rely on your mother.

Elizabeth:  No daddy don’t talk like that!


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continued from above...

Carl:  I have to talk like that.  You need to hear the truth.  I don’t have much longer and I don’t want to spend my last hours seeing you blame others for what’s happening to me.  It isn’t anyone else’s fault.  It’s just time.  
Elizabeth:  What am I gonna do?

Carl:  You’re gonna be fine my dear.  You’re gonna live a long, happy life.  You’re gonna have children of your own, and you’re gonna be that strong foundation for them, as your grandmother was for Rachel, and Rachel will be...for you.

Elizabeth shakes her head in apparent disbelief, and she cries.  

Elizabeth:  How am I gonna live without you?

Carl:  You will find a way.

Carl pulls her in an embrace as Rachel and Cory watch from the door.




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Yet again another powerful show. I SO NEEDED THAT SCENE with Grant and CArl. I am so glad Carl is going to stick it to Grant one final time. I will never forgive Grant for killing off Ryan and it was so nice Carl got to see him to. Wow like history in the making. Now the next thing is who is Grant's son. THis is gonna be good.

Nice use of history and thanks for taking us down memory lane.


The scene with Lizzie and Carl was so damn nice. Its all slow motion sadness. Cary u r on fire bruh. These last few shows have been amazing and I always save the best for last. I love how ur eps are not super long and u get to the point of things. 


Kirk still has not confessed. SMH. Well see!!

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I'm glad you've included the emotional toll taken on Carl's family, alongside the games he's playing with various enemies. It adds more weight to the story. And addressing that he's come back from the dead before, which also has an impact on a family. 


The games between Carl and Grant (with Ryan there to watch) are good though.

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While my Another world history is iffy at best I like that it seems you are using it so well in this Carls last days story. A lot of history packs a punch here. Carl playing a final game with Grant is pretty great.


I also like how this episode was weaved together as in a way all the scenes had to do with the others. The emotional impact on Carls children is being played well. 


You have brought this party and are weaving it together very nicely. You are great at building events!

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I am LOVING this cat and mouse game with Grant and Carl. Carl knows something HUGE about Grant and I just LOVE it. The fact of Grant having a secret son is a HUGE one and I am loving watching Grant squirm. BRILLIANT reveal, one last act of revenge against the unscrupulous turd who took his son away. BRILLIANT.


Elizabeth is so hurt, and the fact it's taking a toll on her is great. You really know how to write Rachel, I know I've said this before, but I can SEE and HEAR her saying these lines in my mind. It's SO well-done. MORE great work there. Lizzie's pain, I feel it SO much. Very well-conveyed. Another great scene.


Everything in this episode flowed so naturally, it was fantastic. It was simple, and Carl's emotions and sadness, and that of his family...very palpable.


Kirkland and Charlie's scenes were another good set. Charlie has NO clue what Eric has done. SCANDALOUS! Hahah, I know this secret is gonna marinate a LONG time. Great stuff, and I can't wait to see what happens next there.


FANTASTIC episode, Cary. I'm THRILLED by it!

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