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  1. ANOTHER WORLD 226 Aftermath of a Carl’s death Consultants: A. Washington-Beeby, ML Cooks, Nick Monarco, and DRW50 IN THE CORY LIVING ROOM Dr. Russ Matthews is off in a corner on his cell phone. Russ: Iris it’s me. Iris: Hey how are you? Russ: I dunno. Iris: Is everything alright? Russ: No. I can’t say it is. Iris: You’re at the Corys right? Russ: Yeah. Iris: What happened? Russ: Carl just passed away. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three of Carl’s surviving children (Cory, Elizabeth, and Devin Lucas) all emerge from the small crowd. Elizabeth: Daddy. Daddy! She runs up to Carl and Rachel. Rachel is holding her husband still, who has just passed away. Elizabeth: Do something mom! Call 9-1-1. Somebody call 9-1-1! Daddy! Daddy wake up! Cory: Lizzie… Elizabeth: How could you do this? How could you let him die? Devin gets Elizabeth. Devin (with tears in his eyes): He’s gone Elizabeth. Dad is dead. Elizabeth: Don’t say that! Don’t you ever say something like that! Nooo..noooooo! Elizabeth breaks down and Devin hugs his sister tightly.. The paramedics arrive at the gazebo with a gurney. Paramedic #1: We’ve come to get Mr. Hutchins. Elizabeth: No! No you’re not taking my daddy! Cory: Let them do their jobs Lizzie. Elizabeth: No! Cory holds Elizabeth back as Rachel watches in sadness. The paramedics put Carl’s body on the gurney and cover it with a sheet. Elizabeth, in tears, breaks free of Cory’s hold, runs to the gurney, and lifts the sheet up to see Carl’s face. Rachel: Elizabeth don’t do this. Elizabeth: No. This isn’t happening. Daddy...don’t go. Daddy! Rachel: They have to take him honey. Rachel goes and embraces Elizabeth as the paramedics wheel Carl out of the gazebo. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Gregory and Lindsay watch as all unfolded. Gregory holds her. Lindsay: My God this is so sad. Gregory: I feel so bad for them. They lost their dad. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost mine. Lindsay: Don’t talk like that. You’re not gonna lose your father. Meanwhile, Russ approaches John and Sharlene John: So you were treating him? Russ: I was just trying to make him comfortable. There was nothing we could do about the tumor. Sharlene: I’m sure Rachel appreciates it…and Carl. Those poor kids. They’re too young to lose their father, and Frankie. Frankie was just getting to know him, and it’s all just cut short. This just isn’t fair. John rubs Sharlene shoulders. John: This reminds me of when we thought we lost you. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this. Sharlene: I survived, but Carl didn’t. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- OUTSIDE, Matt and Amanda are with Rachel in the gazebo. Matt: Mom. Do you need anything? Rachel: No honey I…I just want to sit out here for a minute. Amanda: We’ll be inside. Rachel: Will you check on Cory and Elizabeth for me? Amanda: Okay. Matt and Amanda go inside, as Felicia comes out and sits on Rachel’s right on the gazebo bench, and Paulina comes out and sits on Rachel’s left. Paulina clenches Rachel’s left hand, and Felicia clenches Rachel’s right hand. CAMERA PAN ON RACHEL, FELICIA, AND PAULINA...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG. -------------------------------------------------------------- PART 2 Lindsay: I’m gonna get something out of my car. I’ll be back. Gregory: Okay. -------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile, out the front door, Devin Lucas is with Lorna pacing back and forth. Lorna: Are you gonna be okay son? Devin Lucas: Yeah…I just wanna be out here for a minute. Lorna: I’ll…go see about mom. Lorna goes in, and Devin Lucas paces faster, and breaks down crying. Lindsay opens the front door and sees Devin Lucas, whose back is turned to the front door. He turns around and sees Lindsay, and quickly wipes his tear soaked face. Lindsay: I’m…I’m sorry about your dad. Devin Lucas: What did you come out here for? Lindsay: I was going to my car to get something. Devin Lucas: Don’t let me stop you. Devin goes inside as Lindsay looks at him. ----------------- CORY’S ROOM Cory sits on his bed. Amanda walks in and sits next to him. The two are silent and Amanda breaks it. Amanda: You know, for what it’s worth I know what you’re going through. Cory: I don’t...know what to feel. It’s almost like I don’t feel anything. Shouldn’t I feel something? Amanda: You’re in shock. We all are. Cory: I’ve been expecting this. Dad told us he was dying, and now he’s gone. Amanda: You’re a strong kid. And we’re gonna need to band together for mom. --------------------------------- Matt knocks on Elizabeth’s door. Elizabeth sits in a chair next to the bed and Matt sits on the bed. Elizabeth: Did mom send you? Matt: No. I know what it’s like to lose a dad though. You should take comfort in the fact that Carl got to spend his last days with you, Cory and Devin Lucas. Elizabeth: I’m sorry that you weren’t able to do that. Matt: Hold on to those memories. My dad adopted me and raised me as his own. It still hurts sometimes. Elizabeth: Is it gonna feel like this all the time? Is it always gonna be this painful? Matt: I know you don’t believe it now but it gets easier. You’ll start to do what your dad would want you to do. I don’t think Carl wants you to be sad forever. Elizabeth: I...shouldn’t have lashed out at mom like that. Matt: I’m sure she understands. She’s lost another husband. She’s gonna need us. ------------------------------------ Russ is on his cell phone with Iris. Russ: I know there was no love lost between you and Carl so I don’t expect you to shed any tears. Iris: Still it’s...devastating for his children...and Rachel. Russ walks to the gazebo and see Rachel with Paulina and Felicia. Russ: Rachel’s lost Mac and now Carl. She’s gotta be so devastated. Looks like she’s in good hands though. ----------------------------------------------- Rachel: Felicia. How did you deal with it? Twice. Felicia: I really couldn’t tell you. Zane and Lucas. This is different for you than it was for me. Both of my husbands were shot to death. You got to spend your last moments with your husband at home. Hold on to that. Rachel: Paulina? Paulina: I’ve learned to live without Joe. Every time I see Dante, I smile, and I’m happy, and proud, but a part of me still gets sad, because I see his father. I start remembering our lives together. I know I don’t have to tell you how to deal with that right. Rachel: No. This is helping. I thought I would never find love after Mac died, but I did. Carl pursued me. I resisted, and resisted… Felicia: So did we. Rachel: Carl and I had our ups and downs, but we had a beautiful life together. Paulina: You have two wonderful children. Felicia: Carl lives on in them, and in my grandson. Paulina: Carl was like the father I never had. His impact will always be felt in all of us. We will definitely miss him. Felicia and Paulina each lean on Rachel’s shoulders as they look up at the sky. FREEZE FRAME ON RACHEL, PAULINA, and FELICIA...SLOW FADE OUT...END OF EPISODE 226
  2. ANOTHER WORLD 225 This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Charles Keating, who portrayed Carl Hutchins. Cass tells Frankie about Christy’s scheme; Carl dies… AT THE HOSPITAL Cass, Frankie and Charlie are at Maggie’s bedside as she has awakened. Brianna Jameson, who kidnapped Maggie and drugged her, is watching through the rectangular glass in the door. Cass: Can you try to recall some of the events? Maggie: Well I...left your house, got in my car, and I remember feeling a stick in my neck. Next thing you know I...woke up here. I’m sorry. Frankie: So you can’t remember who did this to you? Maggie: No. I’m sorry I...I can’t. Charlie: I’m sure it’ll come to you at some point. Frankie: Well we can’t tell the police anything. Charlie: Why not? Frankie: She can’t recall any of the events that happened. Brianna walks in. Brianna: Hi. I just wanted to check on the patient. See how she was doing. Dr. Winthrop. Are you feeling any pain? Dizziness? Maggie: I feel a little groggy, but other than that I’m fine. Brianna: Well we need to take some vitals if you’ll excuse me. Cass: We’ll be right outside. --------------- OUTSIDE THE ROOM… Cass, Frankie and Charlie commiserate. Frankie: Something is off about this whole thing. I mean she was coming to the party and she disappears for a few hours. Charlie: Yeah it doesn’t sound good. Frankie: I hope it isn’t one of her schemes. Charlie: Maggie’s claimed that she’s changed. Frankie: Old habits. She’s still Cecile’s daughter. Charlie notices Frankie shaking her head. Charlie: Mom what’s wrong? Is this what you were feeling uneasy about at the party? Cass: She was like this before Maggie left the house. Frankie: I thought it might have been, but it’s not. Something else is wrong. Charlie: I’m gonna get you some water. Cass takes Frankie and they sit down. Frankie: Where were you all this time? I was calling you. Cass: That’s...that’s what I have to tell you. Frankie: Tell me what? What happened? Cass: This is all Christy’s doing. Frankie: Christy? What does she have to do with this? Cass: She lied to you honey. She hasn’t changed one bit. --------------------------------------- Meanwhile, Charlie is on her cell phone with Kirkland, who is at the Corys. Charlie: Something happened to Maggie. Dad found her unconscious. Kirkland: Is she alright? Charlie: Seems like she’s gonna be fine. What’s going on over there? Kirkland: Carl and Rachel just came downstairs. I’ll call you back. ------------------------------------------ AT THE CORYS Carl, Rachel, Cory and Elizabeth have entered the living room, catching all the guests attention. Carl: I brought you all here tonight for a celebration. A celebration of….all aspects of life; good and bad. We all have done things that we regret, especially me, but what matters is that we have people in our lives that we love, and that love us. I was…an angry man when I came to Bay City; bent on revenge for my son Perry’s death. It lead to me do some horrible things to some of you, then I met Rachel. Her love, my children…changed me. The friendships I’ve been able to build have been absolutely priceless. I can honestly say that I have lived a full life. I don’t deserve any of the good that I’ve received. What I probably did deserve, I got. Donna: Carl what are you saying? Carl: I am saying…that everything has come full circle. I have glioblastoma. Steven gets up and approaches Rachel and Carl. Steven: Grandma is this true? Rachel: Yes I’m afraid so. Russ: I’ve been treating him for the pain. It’s inoperable. Paulina: Carl? What? How? Carl: The tumor I had before returned more aggressive. Dr. Matthews and I tried everything to slow it down, but we couldn’t. Paulina starts to cry. Paulina: Oh Rachel. I’m so sorry. Paulina and Rachel hug, and then she hugs Carl, then Vicky and Donna come up to them. Vicky: I can’t believe I’m hearing this. There’s gotta be something else we can do. Rachel: Thank you Vicky. I’ll be fine. Donna: I’m so sorry Rachel. If you need anything. Carl: Thank you Bella. Come on Rachel, let’s go outside. Carl and Rachel walk hand in hand outside to the gazebo as everyone looks on. CAMERA PAN ON CARL AND RACHEL...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG ----------------------------- PART 2 AT THE HOSPITAL Frankie: What do you mean? Why are you saying this now? Cass: I’m telling you why I didn’t arrive at the party. Cass shows the picture message of a bound and gagged Maggie. Frankie: Oh my God. Christy did this? Cass: It came from Maggie’s phone. Frankie: What? You think Christy had something to do with this? Cass: She said if I didn’t give her what she wanted, I would never see Maggie again. Frankie: Well what did she want? Cass: After she got out of prison, she went to see a fertility specialist. Frankie: You’re telling me she wants to get pregnant? What would you have to…? Oh my God. She wanted...what did she ask you to do? Cass: She wanted a sperm sample. Frankie: What the hell? She wants you to be the father of her baby. Cass: That’s the whole reason she stayed in Bay City. Frankie: How could she do this? I thought she was different. Cass: She had you fooled. I knew she was up to something. Frankie: Wow. This whole evening’s been crazy. I wonder what’s going on at the Corys. ---------------------------------------------- AT THE CORYS… Paulina folds her arms as she looks on at Carl and Rachel and she’s teary eyed. Jake walks up to her. Paulina: This can’t be happening Jake. Not Carl. Jake: I’m sorry. Paulina: I grew up in foster homes. Out one house and into another. I never felt like I had a family until I met Rachel. She was so loving and accepting of me. She welcomed me with open arms into this family. I remember Carl came to see me in the hospital after I had given birth to Dante. He looked like a proud grandfather. Carl and Rachel were the parents I never had growing up. Jake: I understand. If there’s anything I can do, let me know. Jake massages Paulina’s shoulders and Vicky takes notice. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Devin Lucas approaches Cory and Elizabeth, who are standing at the back double doors of the living room watching Carl and Rachel. Cory: I wonder what they’re talking about. Elizabeth: Maybe we should go and see. Devin Lucas: I think they...they wanna be alone right now. I get the feeling this is..it. Elizabeth hits Devin Lucas in his left shoulder. Elizabeth: Don’t say that! I’m going over there. Cory: Lizzie! He’s right. Let mom and dad have this time. ---------------------------------------------- GAZEBO Carl and Rachel approach the gazebo bench and they sit down next to each other. The guests slowly file out, but stay at a short distance. Carl and Rachel look up at the night sky as they lean on each other and smile. Carl: What a beautiful night. Rachel: Not a cloud in the sky. Carl: Seems like I can see every star. Vicky takes a step toward Jake and Paulina, but someone stops her. The same person gets Carl’s attention as Kirkland notices Vicky looking out at the gazebo, as is Kirkland. Kirkland: Mom why are you looking like that? Vicky: I see him. Kirkland: See who? Vicky: Ryan. He dressed in white this time. He came to me the other night. Kirkland: You, too? Vicky: Wait a minute. You see him, too don’t you? Kirkland: Yeah. He came to me, too. Ryan waves at them. Meanwhile Rachel, of course, cannot see Ryan. Carl gently rests his head in Rachel arms as she straddles his long, gray hair. Carl: I thought there wouldn’t be anything more peaceful than after we put Cory and Elizabeth down for a nap. Rachel: I remember that. After Cass and Lila’s wedding. FLASHBACK TO THE FINAL SCENE OF THE TELEVISION VERSION OF ANOTHER WORLD. Rachel and Carl flashback to the present as she looks down at Carl, who seems to be falling asleep. Rachel’s eyes begin to well up, knowing that this may very well be the end for her husband. Carl sees Ryan reaching his hand out. Ryan: I came to take you with me. It’s time Carl. Rachel: All’s well. Carl: That ends well. Rachel rocks gently while Carl rests in her arms. Rachel: Carl? Rachel realizes that Carl has died…in her arms, as everyone looks at them from behind. Carl, now in spirit form, looks on at Rachel, and the party guests, then walks away with Ryan into the white light. CAMERA PAN ON RACHEL AND CARL...SLOW FADE OUT..END OF EPISODE 225
  3. ANOTHER WORLD 218 Party at the Corys Part 2 Carl makes a cryptic revelation Consultants: ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby PART 1 CORY MANSION Someone rings the doorbell and Carl, dressed in a white tuxedo, answers the door and Grant walks in. Carl: Grant Harrison. Grant looks around. Grant: Where is everyone? This doesn’t look like a party. Am I early? Carl: No not at all. As a matter of fact, your punctuality is very much appreciated. You’re right on time. Grant: Is this some kind of game you’re playing because if it is… Carl: No Grant this is not a game, but I assure you, what I’m about to do will be a whole lot of fun. Grant: And what is that? Carl takes an envelope out of his inside jacket pocket. Carl: This...is about what you took from me twenty years ago. Grant: Are you still angry about Ryan? Carl paces while he recalls his version of the events… Carl: At the train trestle. Your mother lead everyone there. Grant: I thought Ryan was trying to… Carl: The whole thing was about you. Grant: I needed to know where Kirkland was. Carl: You shot my son in the back like a coward and killed him. You took Ryan away from me; from Victoria; from Kirkland. Grant: Kirkland had a father! Carl: You are no kind of father. You took my son away from me in the most cowardly way, but I’ve had the distinct and utter pleasure...of keeping yours from you. Carl holds up the envelope. Carl: This...is about your child. Grant: Kirkland? Grant starts shaking his head. Grant: No. No. Are you trying to say that Ryan is Kirkland’s biological father? Carl smiles deviously as Ryan, dressed in blue jeans and a buttoned up lumberjack shirt, watches, and only Carl sees him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AT KIRKLAND’S SUITE...Kirkland is front of the mirror’s common area. He flashes back to what Ryan told him. (EPISODE 215) Ryan: One lie is gonna turn into another and another, and it’s the lies that are gonna break up you up. The longer you keep lying, the more you destroy the trust. The best chance for you to save your marriage...is to tell Charlie the truth. Kirkland flashes back to the present and he hears Charlie. Charlie: Well...what do you think? Kirkland turns around and sees his wife is a fitted forest green dress with white high heeled shoes, and her hair in a bun. Kirkland: You look...stunning. Charlie smiles. Charlie: I knew you’d like it. Charlie walks up to him and they kiss. Meanwhile, Kirkland has another flashback… (EPISODE 217) Eric: Then Charlie is gonna get a copy of this, and I don’t have to tell you what will happen after that. Oh keep it. I’ve got plenty of copies. You could have another career on your hands is this went viral. A lot of gay men, will want a taste of your frank. I know I do...as often...as I can. Eric unzips Kirkland’s pants, looks down, and looks back in Kirkland’s face. Eric: There we go. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint. Kirkland flashes back to the present. He then faces Charlie Charlie: Are you alright? Kirkland: Yeah I’m...I’m great. Charlie: We gotta get to the Corys. Kirkland: Right. -------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Cory is in his bedroom buttoning up his white dress shirt as someone knocks on the door knocks twice. Cory: Come in Lizzie. Elizabeth walks in and leaves the door ajar. Elizabeth is wearing a light gray dress. Cory: Hey. Elizabeth: Are you ready? Cory: I dunno. Elizabeth: I have to be honest with you. I’m not. I’m not ready to say goodbye to daddy again. Cory: I’m not either, but we don’t have much of a choice do we? Elizabeth: It’s like they’re giving up. Especially mom. She didn’t give up last time. This time, it’s like she’s just throwing in the towel. Cory: Mom and Dr. Matthews did everything they could to help dad. The tumor is just too aggressive. Elizabeth: He came back last time didn’t he? Didn’t our brother Evan save his life? Cory: Lizzie give it up! We can’t save dad this time! Rachel peeks in and walks in. Elizabeth: I’m not so ready to give up on daddy like everyone else. Rachel: None of us are, but sometimes we have to accept what is. Your father has an aggressive brain tumor, and nothing we’ve tried has worked. Elizabeth: Well you should try harder. Seems like you’re just waiting for dad to die. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEANWHILE, in the Cory Mansion living room, Carl walks to the bar and pours himself a drink while Grant follows closely, and so does spirit Ryan, unseen to Grant. Carl: A drink? Grant: What the hell kind of sick game are you playing Carl? You talk about my son and you want to drink to that? Carl: That’s because you think I’m talking about Kirkland. I would never hurt that boy. He turned out way more decent than you could ever dream to be. Grant: Kirkland is the only child I have. Carl: No Grant. You have another child out there. Carl gives Grant the envelope. Grant: What is this? Carl: Go ahead. Open it. CAMERA PAN ON CARL...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PART 2 CAR...Kirkland is driving with Charlie in the front passenger’s seat. Charlie: I went shopping with Lindsay yesterday. Kirkland: Oh that sounds good. How’d that go? Charlie: She picked this dress out for me. I had no idea what I was gonna wear. I wanted to choose something that you’d like, especially after that fight we had. Kirkland: I wouldn’t call it a fight. A disagreement maybe. Charlie: Well I finally saw your point of view, and I love you for it. I realized how much you love me. Kirkland: I...I do love you...so much. You have brought so much positivity to my life. I was full of hate and contempt for my dad before I came back. Charlie: Well if you’re trying to give me credit...don’t. When I came back home I… Charlie stops herself as if she’s going to say too much. Kirkland: You what? Charlie: I had fences to mend with my mother. She stayed away from Bay City after we thought she was killed by Fax Newman. I only shared with you what my experiences were. Kirkland: And I appreciate you for that. My dad and I are good now, and I do have you to thank for that. Charlie smiles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carl, with drink in hand, walks toward the double doors leading to the gazebo, while Grant, who is behind him, looks over the contents of the envelope… Grant: This says I’m a match for this person’s father? Carl: You would be correct. Grant: But it doesn’t say who the person is. Carl: Again, you’re correct. Grant: So you’re playing a game again. Carl: This is no game Grant. You see, I don’t have much time left, and I thought I would leave you with a parting gift. Grant: You’re dying? Ha! Evil like you never dies. Carl: This is it Grant. Grant: You know who my child is don’t you? Carl: Yes..I most certainly do. Grant: Tell me where I can find them. Carl: Now that...I’m not going to do. Grant: How do I know this is even authentic? Carl: Go ahead Grant. Verify it. You’re gonna have to think long and hard about the possibility of this child. I have to say...it gives me great satisfaction to do this after you took my son from me. After you shot my son in the back on the train trestle! Grant: Tell me where my child is! Carl laughs as to tell Grant that he is not going divulge any information. Grant: Tell me where my child is! Toni Burrell, in police uniform, walks in with two other officers. Toni: Is everything okay in here Carl? Is Grant threatening you? Carl: No...as a matter of fact he was just leaving. Toni: Come on Carl, I’d love to haul his ass in after everything he’s done. Grant: That’s fine. I’ve got someplace else to go anyway. Carl: Good luck on your mission Grant. It won’t be as difficult as you think. Now get out. Toni and the officers stare at Grant. Toni (to one of the officers): See that he gets out. One of the officers escorts Grant out as Toni approaches Carl. Toni: We just came by to make sure everything was fine. Carl: Yes. Everything...is as it should be. Toni and the other officer leave the living room and Carl and then Ryan speaks. Ryan: You’ve been holding on to that for a long time haven’t you? Carl: He’s your coward brother. Ryan: I guess this is your way of letting it go. Carl: I suppose you could say that. Ryan: I’m glad you did. Even he deserves to know the truth. Carl: Did you really think I was going to tell him? He has no idea how close he is to finding his child. He’ll figure it out. Ryan: I get the feeling that the last thing you’re concerned about is Grant’s offspring. Carl: You’re exactly right. I’m concerned about my children, especially Cory and Elizabeth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cory: Lizzie stop it. Rachel: That is not true! Elizabeth: You could have gone overseas. You could have done something to stop the growth. Rachel: If there was another way don’t you think we would have found it and used it by now. You have to accept it. Carl is going to die. Elizabeth: Why? Why are we going through this again? Rachel: I don’t know honey. Cory: We gotta be strong Lizzie. Dad doesn’t want us moping around feeling sorry for him. Elizabeth: Is that what you think I wanna do? I just don’t think we’ve done enough to save him. Carl walks in. Carl: Let me speak to my daughter alone please. Cory and Rachel look at each other...and walk out. Carl: Elizabeth...stop it right now! Your mother did everything she could. Dr. Matthews did everything he could. There’s nothing else we can do to stop the tumor from growing. Elizabeth starts to cry. Elizabeth: No dad I dont wanna believe that! I can’t bear to lose you again. Carl: You’re so young; so beautiful; so ready to take on the world. Elizabeth: Not without you daddy. Carl’s eyes start to well up. Carl: Yes my darling daughter...you can do it without me. Your mother always used to tell how much you were like Ada. So strong willed; so determined. Rachel said Ada was her rock, and you’re gonna have to rely on your mother. Elizabeth: No daddy don’t talk like that!
  4. ANOTHER WORLD 213 Carl gets some mysterious information from Lorna Written By: C. Nathaniel Richardson Consultants: ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby HOSPITAL John Hudson is in his office and Brianna Jameson walks in. Brianna: Hi Dr. Hudson? John: Yeah come on in. Brianna: HR sent me. John: Right. I like to meet all the candidates, well, as many as I can. Brianna: Right. John: So I went over your resume, and you did your clinicals at Mass. General? Brianna: Yes. It was a great experience. I learned a great deal. John: So what brings you from Boston to Bay City? Brianna: Boston is a such a big city. I’m a small town kinda gal you know? John: Bay City General though? Brianna: Yeah I...heard a lot about this hospital. Never a dull moment. I think you were treated here for malaria. John: By a guy who shouldn’t have been practicing. Brianna: Yeah I uh...heard about Fax Newman, too. John: I see you’ve done your research. Brianna: Yes sir I did. John: And since you’ve done your homework, you know that we never have enough good nurses. Brianna: Very hard to come by in this field. John: You’re exactly right. There’s been some turnover here and we need somebody who’s gonna stick around. Brianna: Hopefully Bay City will be a place that I’d like to stay in. A good job could factor into that. John: A job I hope that you can start today. Brianna: Today? Does this mean I….? John: That’s if you want it. Brianna: I’ll take it! Thank you. I will make my presence felt here. I promise you that. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUTSIDE OF JOHN’S OFFICE...Brianna makes a phone call… Brianna: Mama. It’s me. Yeah I got the job. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- CORY PRODUCTIONS Amanda and Rachel walk into Matt’s office. Matt is sitting at his desk. Matt: Hey mom. Rachel: Hi honey. Matt: Amanda how was the board meeting? Amanda walks slowly Matt’s desk and puts papers on it. Amanda: It was...interesting to say the least. Matt: What is this? Amanda: The contract. Matt: For the merger? Amanda: Yes. Matt: Are sure you can trust Iris? Rachel: I sure wouldn’t. Amanda: That’s why this contract was drawn up. She has to agree to be the co-CEO of the new company. Rachel: You’d be having to watch your back so she doesn’t stab you in it. Amanda: She said she’d think about it, but my offer has an expiration date. Rachel: You’ve done well Amanda. Amanda: She needs the connections that we have to grow her brand. Matt: What are you gonna do when Iris tries to betray you? Rachel: Carl and I have come up with a plan. Iris won’t betray you. Matt: What about Paulina and Sandy? Amanda: My sister and my other brother are okay with it. I’ve gotten their written agreements. I need yours now. Matt: Well you know you’re also going to need the board to sign off on it, too. Amanda: That’s the problem. One of the board members retired effective immediately. Matt: So we can’t execute the deal until we have all seven board members’ signatures. Amanda: First we gotta find another board member. Matt gets up and and blinks his eyes. Amanda: Matt what’s wrong? Matt: Nothing I just feel a little...hungry. Matt tries to walk and stumbles. Rachel: Something’s wrong with you. We need to get you to the hospital. Matt: Mom. Amanda: Mom’s right. You need to get checked out. ------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Carl opens the front door and Lorna walks in with an envelope. Lorna: I got it. Lorna gives him the envelope and Carl reads its contents. Carl: This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you. Lorna: Are you...ready for your party? Carl: As ready as I’ll ever be. How’s Devin Lucas adjusting? Lorna: I don’t think he’s having any problems whatsoever getting acclimated to Bay City. ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- SUITE Devin Lucas opens the door and Iris walks in. Devin Lucas: Sorry I haven’t been in touch with you. I went to see my dad. Iris: Really? About? Devin Lucas: Just...just some family stuff. Iris: I’m really really sorry about Carl. Devin Lucas: Is that right? I thought you’d be jumping for joy being that you tried to shoot him at his wedding. Iris: I’ve done my time for that. It was a learning experience. Devin Lucas: And exactly what did you take from it? How to be a better shot? Iris: I saw the pain on Rachel’s face when I heard her say he had a brain tumor, and she’s already had so much loss in her life, as have I...so yes I’m sorry that your father’s dying. My father died, too. Devin Lucas: It’s tough, but I didn’t call you over here to give your fake condolences for Carl. Iris: Well excuse me for being concerned. Devin Lucas: What did you decide about Amanda’s merger proposal? CAMERA PAN ON IRIS...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG PART 2 HOSPITAL EXAM ROOM Amanda waits with Matt. Matt: Come on Amanda I’m not three you and mom don’t have to wait here with me. Amanda: Will you let me be concerned about you? I am your sister. Matt: I’m fine okay. I don’t even know why I agreed to come here. Amanda: Because mom and I weren’t gonna give up until you did. A nurse walks in with a chart. Nurse: This is...Matthew Cory? Matt: Yep. Nurse: Is this your… Matt: Sister. Nurse: Well sister… Amanda: Name’s Amanda. Nurse: Amanda I’ll need you to wait outside. I need to examine your brother. Amanda: I’ll be right out here. Amanda leaves the room as the nurse retrieves a blood pressure strap. Matt: Before you poke and prod me, can I get your name? Brianna: Oh sorry. Brianna. ----------------------------------------- OUTSIDE THE ROOM Amanda talks to Rachel. Rachel: How’s Matthew? Amanda: Stubborn as always. Anything on Iris yet? ------------------------------------------- Iris: I haven’t decided yet. Devin Lucas: Well you need to make some type of decision because I’m sure Amanda’s offer’s not gonna stay on the table. Iris: If I accept this offer, KBAY could become a powerful company. Devin Lucas: But you and I were supposed to take over the company and make it powerful. Iris: You have to trust me on this. I have a place for you in the company. Devin Lucas: Doesn’t it make you wonder why Amanda proposed a merger to you? Out of the blue? Iris: I’m considering everything here. Devin Lucas: Sounds like you’re double crossing me. Iris: No. No that’s not it at all. You have to trust me on this. I know exactly what I intend to do. Devin Lucas: Which is? Iris: You’ll have to wait and see won’t you? Iris leaves and Devin Lucas makes a phone call. Devin Lucas: Hi it’s me. The person on the other end is Carl. Carl: So what happened? ------------ Devin Lucas: She did exactly as you said she would. ----------- Carl: You can’t trust her, especially when it comes to Cory Productions. Don’t worry son, I’ll see to it that Iris will be neutralized. ------------ Devin Lucas: Are you at home? ------------ Carl: Yes...with your mother. ------------------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Carl hangs up and walks back into the living room where Lorna awaits. Lorna: What do you plan on doing with what I gave you? Carl: Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Lorna: So you’re not gonna let me in on this plan? Carl: Not completely, but I will tell you that what’s in this envelope has been twenty years in the making. It’s time I finally stick it to Grant Harrison. FREEZE FRAME ON CARL...SLOW FADE OUT...END OF EPISODE 213 ------------------------------------
  5. ANOTHER WORLD 208 Carl, Lorna and Devin Lucas share a tender moment ...and others reconnect Consultants: aMLCproduction and beebs PART 1 CORY PRODUCTIONS Matt is in his office when Maggie knocks on the door. Matt doesn’t look up and he’s looking over some papers. Matt: Come in. Maggie: Take a break from work why don’t you? Matt: What? Maggie. Heeeey. Matt gets up and they embrace. Maggie: It’s Dr. Maggie Winthrop to you. Matt: Are you serious? Wow congratulations! When did this all happen? Maggie: After I broke up with Rafael. I decided to go to school and become a doctor. Matt: And what’s up with the Winthrop. You dropped the Cory name? Maggie: My mom came to town and finally told Cass the truth. Matt: I guess now you’re Cass’s daughter. I wonder whose daughter you’ll be next week. Maggie: Ha ha ha funny. Not out of the realm of possibility where Cecile’s concerned. She produced a DNA test this time. I’m definitely Cass’s biological daughter. Matt: Man I can’t believe you’re a doctor now. You were always one determined gal. Maggie: Oh are you talking about when I was scheming. Matt: Yeaaah Maggie you had it bad for Nick Hudson though. You pulled every trick in the book to get him. Maggie: Well I’m not that girl anymore. I got a job at the hospital. Matt: Ohh so you’ll be on staff at Bay City General. Maggie: Yep. Matt: Man you’ve been real busy. I’m proud of you. You’ve done well for yourself. Maggie: That means a lot coming from you. I had one video chat interview with Dr. John Hudson and he hired me. Matt: Dr. Maggie Winthrop. I’m liking the sound of that. Maggie smiles at Matt’s words of encouragement. -------------------------------------------------------------- AT THE HUDSONS Sharlene adjusts John’s tie as he’s about to leave. Sharlene: Don’t tell me that the cool, calm and collected Dr. John Hudson is nervous about his interview today. John: Me? Nervous? Naaaah. Sharlene: It’s understandable. This is big. They’re interviewing you for the Chief of Staff position. John: Alright I’m a little nervous...just a little. I mean I’m acting Chief of Staff already. I should have a leg up on the competition right? Sharlene: Right. ----------------------------------------------------------- BAY CITY CENTER Iris walks out of the coffee shop and a man bumps into her, and causes her to drop her cup of coffee and her purse. Iris (bending down to pick up her purse): Oh no! I really wanted that latte. Watch where the hell you’re going! Man: Alright the next latte’s on me. Iris is surprised by who she sees. Iris: Russ Matthews? What are you doing here? Russ: I...had an interview at the hospital. Iris: Interview? Sounds like you’re trying to come back to Bay City for a while. Russ: It’s not just that. I’m...consulting on a patient, too. Iris: Hmm who is this....mystery patient? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Mitch and Felicia are in the foyer. Mitch: Lorna did say she had a surprise for ya. Felicia: Did she ever? I never ever knew, or had any reason to think that she and Carl had a son..my grandson. All grown up. In the living room. Mitch: I see all those grandparenty instincts kicking in. Like I told you at Tops. Felicia: Words can’t describe how I feel right now. I thought I’d never be so ecstatic to find out that I’m a grandmother. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carl, Lorna, and Devin Lucas are alone in the living room. Devin Lucas: Felicia’s everything you said she is. Lorna: One of the best people I’ve ever known. Carl: Fiercely loyal to those she loves. You’ll be lucky to have your grandmother here. Devin Lucas: She said I looked...like ‘him’. Was she talking about my grandfather Lucas? Lorna: Yes. She loved him with all of her heart. Carl: Just like we...love you, son. Devin Lucas: Why now though? Why is this the only time I’m gonna get to spend with my dad? Carl: It took me that long to pay off Lucas’s creditors. Lorna: We had to protect you honey. They would have come after you. Carl called me and told me that it was safe for you to come to Bay City. Devin Lucas: All those years of boarding schools. The only way I could communicate with my dad was by letters, emails, and then texts. Lorna: I’m sorry that it had to be that way, but we had to protect you. Devin Lucas: I get it. Lorna: I love you more than anything else in this world honey. I was such a hardened, tough girl, but you made me melt. You made me become a mother. Carl: We both love you….so much. CAMERA PAN ON CARL...SLOW FADE TO THEME SONG. -------------------------------------------------------- PART 2 Russ and Iris are walking out of the coffee shop slowly. Iris: I’m surprised to see you back here. Russ: Bay City’s always been my home. I’m looking forward to being back. Iris: I’ve been trying to get Sarah to come here, but she’s loving Paris too much. Russ: I coulda told ya that. Our granddaughter isn’t coming to the states any time soon. Iris: D.J.’s birthday is coming soon. Russ: What are you planning on sending him? I’m sure you’re gonna send him a lavish gift with your new found Spaulding money. Iris: You act like I’m gonna buy him a Porsche or something. Russ smirks. Iris: Don’t look at me like that. I want our grandson to learn responsibility and the value of hard work. Russ: Olivia says he’s not ready for a car yet. Iris: So tell me about your interview. Russ: I think it went pretty well. Hopefully they’ll pick me. Iris: I’m sure they’ll have a place on staff for you there. I used to be on the board. Do you want me to make some calls? Russ: No no no Iris I don’t need your help. If I meant to be the Chief of Staff, then that’s what I’ll be. Iris: Chief of Staff? Aim for the stars. You do know that Sharlene’s husband is the acting Chief of Staff. Russ: I know...John Hudson. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- John walks into his office and Sharlene is there and he doesn’t close the door all the way. Sharlene: How’d it go? John: As well as can be expected. They’re gonna make a decision in the next couple of days. Sharlene: I really hope you get it. John: They take the interim tag off and make me permanent Chief of Staff. Sharlene hugs John and kisses him.John: Means so much to me to have your support. Sharlene: I wouldn’t care what you did for a living. John: Legally of course. Sharlene: After everything we’ve been through, I realize more than ever how much I love you, and appreciate you. They hug each other tightly. John: Ahhh Sharlene. I don’t wanna ever lose you again. Meanwhile, Brianna Jameson walks slowly toward the door, and peeks at John and Sharlene. John: Well if they don’t select me, I will have still made a key addition to the staff. Sharlene: Oh? John: Maggie Winthrop. ------------------------------------------------ Matt: I mean it. It seems you’ve...gotten more mature. You’ve become a doctor for God’s sake. Maggie: I’ll admit I had some growing up to do. I was so hung up on Nick I couldn’t see straight. Then I just left town with Rafael. Matt: It was a long time ago. Maggie: But I learned from it. Being with Rafael taught me a lot. He didn’t do anything wrong. It was a wild, thrilling ride with him, but we just went our separate ways. We left Bay City together, but we didn’t grow together, you know? I wanted to go to medical school and...he wanted to do...what he wanted to do. Matt: I can only imagine what that was. He worked for Carl before so whatever it was he was doing couldn’t have been savory. Maggie: I insisted he never tell me. Matt: Well I’m not judging you because Blair Baker, Jackie Warren, whatever her name was, she certainly wasn’t on the up and up, and I was head over heels for her...and Lila. Maggie: Well at least a blessing came out from you and Lila. Matt: Jasmine’s the apple of my eye. You should see her. She’s all grown up, and it happened so fast. Maggie: We both had to put our big girl and big boy pants on right? Time for us to become adults. Matt: You’re exactly right. I take it you’re gonna go see my mom. Maggie: Of course. I still know the way to the Corys. ----------------------------------------------------------- CORY MANSION Mitch: I bet you wanna buy him anything he wants now don’t you? You wanna spoil him just like I spoil my granddaughter. Felicia: Oh you admit it that you spoil Jasmine. Rachel walks downstairs. Rachel: Of course we do Felicia. Why are the living room doors closed? Mitch: Carl and Lorna in there. Felicia: And Devin Lucas. Rachel: Carl’s son? He’s here? ------------------------------------------------------------------ Devin Lucas: I hate this. You don’t have much time left dad. Carl: I had to make things right for you. I can’t leave this earth knowing that you’re not safe. Lorna: But you are now. We all are. Devin Lucas: Did you tell Cory and Elizabeth? Carl: All of the children know. Lorna: You’re having a party in a couple of days. Carl: Announcing it to everyone else. Devin Lucas: I wish there was...something I could do to give us more time together. Carl: Son, just be strong. You’ll have plenty of support. Lorna: You’ll have your brother and sisters; Mitch, your grandmother, and me. The three hug each other…as Felicia, Mitch and Rachel quietly watch. FREEZE FRAME ON FELICIA, MITCH, AND RACHEL…SLOW FADE OUT….END OF EPISODE 208
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