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ANOTHER WORLD 225 Carl's final episode




This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Charles Keatingblogentry-14971-0-24371400-1434503111_th, who portrayed Carl Hutchins.

Cass tells Frankie about Christy’s scheme; Carl dies…



Cass, Frankie and Charlie are at Maggie’s bedside as she has awakened.  Brianna Jameson, who kidnapped Maggie and drugged her, is watching through the rectangular glass in the door.

Cass:  Can you try to recall some of the events?

Maggie: Well I...left your house, got in my car, and I remember feeling a stick in my neck.  Next thing you know I...woke up here.  I’m sorry.

Frankie:  So you can’t remember who did this to you?

Maggie:  No.  I’m sorry I...I can’t.

Charlie:  I’m sure it’ll come to you at some point.

Frankie:  Well we can’t tell the police anything.  

Charlie:  Why not?

Frankie:  She can’t recall any of the events that happened.

Brianna walks in.

Brianna:  Hi.  I just wanted to check on the patient.  See how she was doing.  Dr. Winthrop.  Are you feeling any pain?  Dizziness?  

Maggie:  I feel a little groggy, but other than that I’m fine.

Brianna:  Well we need to take some vitals if you’ll excuse me.

Cass:  We’ll be right outside.



Cass, Frankie and Charlie commiserate.

Frankie:  Something is off about this whole thing.  I mean she was coming to the party and she disappears for a few hours.

Charlie:  Yeah it doesn’t sound good.

Frankie:  I hope it isn’t one of her schemes.

Charlie:  Maggie’s claimed that she’s changed.

Frankie:  Old habits.  She’s still Cecile’s daughter.

Charlie notices Frankie shaking her head.

Charlie:  Mom what’s wrong?  Is this what you were feeling uneasy about at the party?

Cass:  She was like this before Maggie left the house.

Frankie:  I thought it might have been, but it’s not.  Something else is wrong.  

Charlie:  I’m gonna get you some water.

Cass takes Frankie and they sit down.

Frankie:  Where were you all this time?  I was calling you.

Cass:  That’s...that’s what I have to tell you.

Frankie:  Tell me what?   What happened?

Cass:   This is all Christy’s doing.

Frankie:  Christy?  What does she have to do with this?

Cass:  She lied to you honey.  She hasn’t changed one bit.


Meanwhile, Charlie is on her cell phone with Kirkland, who is at the Corys.

Charlie:  Something happened to Maggie.  Dad found her unconscious.

Kirkland:  Is she alright?

Charlie:  Seems like she’s gonna be fine.  What’s going on over there?

Kirkland:  Carl and Rachel just came downstairs.  I’ll call you back.



Carl, Rachel, Cory and Elizabeth have entered the living room, catching all the guests attention.

Carl: I brought you all here tonight for a celebration.  A celebration of….all aspects of life; good and bad.  We all have done things that we regret, especially me, but what matters is that we have people in our lives that we love, and that love us.  I was…an angry man when I came to Bay City; bent on revenge for my son Perry’s death.  It lead to me do some horrible things to some of you, then I met Rachel.  Her love, my children…changed me.  The friendships I’ve been able to build have been absolutely priceless.  I can honestly say that I have lived a full life.  I don’t deserve any of the good that I’ve received.  What I probably did deserve, I got.

Donna:  Carl what are you saying?

Carl:  I am saying…that everything has come full circle.  I have glioblastoma.

Steven gets up and approaches Rachel and Carl.

Steven:  Grandma is this true?

Rachel:  Yes I’m afraid so.

Russ:  I’ve been treating him for the pain.  It’s inoperable.

Paulina:  Carl?  What?  How?

Carl:  The tumor I had before returned more aggressive.  Dr. Matthews and I tried everything to slow it down, but we couldn’t.

Paulina starts to cry.

Paulina:  Oh Rachel.  I’m so sorry.

Paulina and Rachel hug, and then she hugs Carl, then Vicky and Donna come up to them.

Vicky:  I can’t believe I’m hearing this.  There’s gotta be something else we can do.

Rachel:  Thank you Vicky.  I’ll be fine.

Donna:  I’m so sorry Rachel.  If you need anything.

Carl:  Thank you Bella.  Come on Rachel, let’s go outside.

Carl and Rachel walk hand in hand outside to the gazebo as everyone looks on.  





Frankie:  What do you mean?  Why are you saying this now?

Cass:  I’m telling you why I didn’t arrive at the party.  

Cass shows the picture message of a bound and gagged Maggie.

Frankie:  Oh my God.  Christy did this?  

Cass:  It came from Maggie’s phone.

Frankie:  What?  You think Christy had something to do with this?

Cass:  She said if I didn’t give her what she wanted, I would never see Maggie again.

Frankie:  Well what did she want?

Cass:  After she got out of prison, she went to see a fertility specialist.

Frankie: You’re telling me she wants to get pregnant?  What would you have to…?  Oh my God.  She wanted...what did she ask you to do?

Cass:  She wanted a sperm sample.  

Frankie:  What the hell?  She wants you to be the father of her baby.

Cass:  That’s the whole reason she stayed in Bay City.

Frankie:  How could she do this?  I thought she was different.

Cass:  She had you fooled.  I knew she was up to something.

Frankie:  Wow.  This whole evening’s been crazy.  I wonder what’s going on at the Corys.



Paulina folds her arms as she looks on at Carl and Rachel and she’s teary eyed.  Jake walks up to her.

Paulina:  This can’t be happening Jake.  Not Carl.

Jake:  I’m sorry.

Paulina:  I grew up in foster homes.  Out one house and into another.  I never felt like I had a family until I met Rachel.  She was so loving and accepting of me.  She welcomed me with open arms into this family.   I remember Carl came to see me in the hospital after I had given birth to Dante.  He looked like a proud grandfather.  Carl and Rachel were the parents I never had growing up.  

Jake:  I understand.  If there’s anything I can do, let me know.

Jake massages Paulina’s shoulders and Vicky takes notice.


Devin Lucas approaches Cory and Elizabeth, who are standing at the back double doors of the living room watching Carl and Rachel.

Cory:  I wonder what they’re talking about.

Elizabeth:  Maybe we should go and see.

Devin Lucas:  I think they...they wanna be alone right now.  I get the feeling this is..it.

Elizabeth hits Devin Lucas in his left shoulder.

Elizabeth:  Don’t say that!   I’m going over there.

Cory:  Lizzie!  He’s right.  Let mom and dad have this time.



Carl and Rachel approach the gazebo bench and they sit down next to each other.  The guests slowly file out, but stay at a short distance.  Carl and Rachel look up at the night sky as they lean on each other and smile.

Carl:  What a beautiful night.

Rachel:  Not a cloud in the sky.

Carl:  Seems like I can see every star.

Vicky takes a step toward Jake and Paulina, but someone stops her.  The same person gets Carl’s attention as Kirkland notices Vicky looking out at the gazebo, as is Kirkland.

Kirkland:  Mom why are you looking like that?

Vicky:  I see him.

Kirkland:  See who?

Vicky:  Ryan.  He dressed in white this time.  He came to me the other night.

Kirkland:  You, too?

Vicky:  Wait a minute.  You see him, too don’t you?

Kirkland:  Yeah.  He came to me, too.

Ryan waves at them.  Meanwhile Rachel, of course, cannot see Ryan.  Carl gently rests his head in Rachel arms as she straddles his long, gray hair.

Carl:  I thought there wouldn’t be anything more peaceful than after we put Cory and Elizabeth down for a nap.

Rachel:  I remember that.  After Cass and Lila’s wedding.


Rachel and Carl flashback to the present as she looks down at Carl, who seems to be falling asleep.  Rachel’s eyes begin to well up, knowing that this may very well be the end for her husband.  Carl sees Ryan reaching his hand out.

Ryan:  I came to take you with me.  It’s time Carl.

Rachel:  All’s well.

Carl:  That ends well.

Rachel rocks gently while Carl rests in her arms.

Rachel:  Carl?

Rachel realizes that Carl has died…in her arms, as everyone looks at them from behind.  Carl, now in spirit form, looks on at Rachel, and the party guests, then walks away with Ryan into the white light.




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Holy Crap Cary! Way to make me cry! Between your writing and the videos you can feel the love that Rachel has/had for Carl. It proves that with good writing and love that any villain can be redeemed! You have me hooked my friend! Thank you for for sharing your talent and for introducing me to this show! I only wish I would have watched it while it was on. Good work my friend it was a beautiful episode!

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So somber. SO powerful and poetic. Wow Cary It was nicely done. SO emotional so sad. With Ryan there and Vicky seeing him first. I knew it was time. Ryan came to bring his father home Then dying in Rachels' arm. Wow. I am so sad right now. 


Now Frankie knows about Christy's sperm cup LMAO. I hope she has more of a reaction.


Very humble episode Cary. Carl's speech was beautiful and his last moment with his parting words. Simply powerful. Great job. The visual flash back was nice too!

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Really beautiful passing for Carl. Very poignant and classy. I like Ryan saying goodbye to Kirkland and Vicky too. A fitting sendoff to Carl - and to Charles Keating.

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