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DAYS #36: Hope & Aiden cool off, Sheryl & Nick seal the deal




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Theresa looks, slightly annoyed at Billie, as they sit at their table together at Club TBD.

THERESA: Look, Brady is a good guy.

BILLIE: I know that. Theresa, I just think that maybe you spending all this time with Brady isn't such a...

Billie stops speaking mid-sentence, noticing Brady step in behind her.

BRADY: Isn't what, Billie? A good idea?

Billie looks at Brady, a deer in the headlights look on her face.


Nick sits down in his chair at the lab, a smug look on his face. He leans back in his chair, like a man in control of every aspect of his life.

NICK: Ohhh yes. Everything is just perfect. Nicole is in my pocket, I'm working my way back to Gabi, and soon Titan TV will be out of Victor Kiriakis' hands. The only thing left to worry about is--

SHERYL: Alright Nick. Where is it?

Sheryl and Jordan storm into the lab. Nick turns around, unfazed by Sheryl and Jordan's sudden entrance. He looks over to them with a smile.




Eric gives Nicole a massage on the sofa. Nicole sits bolt upright and doesn't seem to be any less tense as Eric works the knots out of her back.

NICOLE: And then Miles comes into the office with this big box, assuming I'd been fired, and I had to chase him out. I swear, if they don't fire that buffoon, I'll throw him out on the street myself with my bare hands. I am so...urrrrh...I could just...

ERIC: Nicole, you're not gonna be relaxed at all if you keep freaking out about this.

NICOLE: This is a big deal, okay? I need to...vent my frustrations. It's theraputic.

ERIC: Honestly, though, your back gets more tense with every word that comes out of your mouth. Honestly, I think the next few weeks off will be good for you.

NICOLE: Yeah, well, too bad I'll be spending it working.

ERIC: Seriously?

NICOLE: I have stuff to do. I'm gonna be researching this EnerNext stuff.

ERIC: Woah, woah, woah, you're still...I thought you were off that story. Why are you still working on it?

Nicole hesitates to answer. She still looks away from Eric, thinking of an answer to the question that doesn't involve Nick.


Hope descends the staircase at the Brady Pub, where Aiden stands with furrowed brow at the bar, a coffe cup in hand. He looks at her cooly as she approaches.

HOPE: Caroline's upstairs with the kids for a moment so we can talk.

AIDEN: Well, she shouldn't have to bother, this won't take long.

HOPE: Oh would you just cut this holier-than-thou attitude and talk with me like a normal human being?

AIDEN: All I want is for your little girl to leave my son alone.

HOPE: You just don't get it, do you? She's hurting, she misses her dad, and I can't spend the time with her that she needs right now either.

AIDEN: You act like you're the only person who's ever lost somebody. My son mourns his mother every day. I do as well. It's been only about 6 months since she died, and Ciara's attitude, and the new city, it's all just...it's too much for Chase.

Hope folds her arms, trying to keep a strong front against Aiden.

HOPE: At least you and your son can take comfort in knowing that if your wife were able to be there for him, she would be.

Aiden looks to the ground, half in realization of Hope's pain, half feeling wounded by Hope's directness. Hope realizes immediately that she's pushed a bit too far.

HOPE: Look, I don't mean to be heartless, or to make your pain feel unjustified. I really am sympathetic, but we can't always be doing this. We have to work together to help our kids. They need us right now more than ever, and what are we teaching them by being at each other's throats all the time?

AIDEN: (sighs) You're right. I mean, I know I can be bullheaded. But I am still in mourning and...quite frankly, if I'm being honest, you push my buttons the same way my wife could sometimes. It really...I react strongly sometimes, and I get sentimental. And I think back to wife and...I'm sorry.

HOPE: Hey, it's okay. Look, I don't mean to pry but...if you ever want to talk to someone--

AIDEN: I'll be fine. Look, we should probably go grab the kids.

HOPE: Sure.

Aiden walks ahead toward the staircase. Hope puts a hand on his shoulder, stopping him dead in his tracks.

HOPE: Hey.

Aiden turns to look at Hope, a lost, sad look in his eyes.

HOPE: I'm truly sorry about your wife. I can tell she was a great mom to Chase.

Aiden gives half a smile before turning to head up the stairs. Hope follows slightly behind.


Billie smiles awkwardly at Brady. She grabs her purse to grab money to pay for her lunch with Theresa.

BILLIE: I'm sorry. I was a bit out of line.

BRADY: Just a bit.

BILLIE: Brady, I am sorry. I just wanted to...give Theresa some advice.

BRADY: Well, I'm sure she appreciates it. However, I am here to take Theresa away for a bit.

Theresa looks up at Brady, suddenly remembering their plans for the evening.

THERESA: Oh right! The club opening! That's tonight.

BRADY: Indeed it is!

BILLIE: Well, in that case, I will let you both get to it. Have a great time tonight, both of you.

THERESA: Thanks, Billie. And thanks for meeting with me for lunch.

Theresa gets up and gives Billie a hug. Billie's face shows a look of concern that she tries to hide out of politeness.

THERESA: I'm...really glad you're in town. You don't know how much I need a friend like you here.

BILLIE: I'm glad to be here to help. Now, go on, you two. Be safe.

Billie walks out of the club, and Brady turns to Theresa with a look of slight bemusement on his face.

BRADY: I didn't realize you two knew each other.

THERESA: Yeah, well...you know. It's important to have a couple friends here and there, right?

BRADY: Right. Well, first and foremost, we gotta make you look like the finest lady at that club. So how's about I take you shopping, and then we'll get my driver and we'll take one of the Titan cars up to Chicago to the club opening. How's that?

THERESA: Sounds amazing.

Theresa leans in and kisses Brady. They look into each others' eyes with an electricity that could light up a room.


Sheryl steps toward Nick, who looks at Sheryl and Jordan with that same smug look.

NICK: Where is what?

SHERYL: You know exactly what I'm talking about, no one else knew about it, Nick.

Jordan grabs Sheryl's arm, trying to get her to stop talking.

JORDAN: Sheryl, stop it. I don't think--

SHERYL: Where is that flash drive, Nick?

Nick gets up from his chair, suddenly clueing in to what Jordan and Sheryl were up to.

NICK: So THAT'S what you two were up to in there. You two are quite the pieces of work, you know that?

SHERYL: Give it up, Nick. We need that.

NICK: I don't have it. But I do have to admi, I'm impressed by you two. What was on there? Some sort of virus to wipe out Titan's files and ruin the EnerNext project?

Sheryl stops talking, unwilling to give into Nick and give him any more information than she already has.

NICK: If that flash drive was supposed to give you access to Titan's mainframe? All you had to do was come to me, you know.

JORDAN: What do you mean?

NICK: I have access to everything, right here on my tablet. Look, I was serious before. I think we can help each other out here. And it's far less risky to be involved with me than doing these tricky operations on your own. So what do you say, ladies?

Sheryl hesitates, but eventually extends her hand to Nick, who promptly shakes it. Sheryl looks to Nick with a stonefaced look that means business.

NICK: Pleasure doing business with you.


At University Hospital, Anne Milbauer is on the phone in her office when EJ storms in. Anne jumps from the interruption, and quickly ends her phone conversation.

ANNE: I've gotta talk to you later, I'm sorry. Bye.

Anne hangs up her phone and turns to EJ, incensed.

ANNE: What in God's name are you doing here, and how dare you barge into my office?

EJ: Oh I wouldn't be so bold, Ms. Milbauer. You are going to answer to me right now.

ANNE: Or else what?

EJ: Don't test me.

Anne stirs in her chair uncomfortably as EJ stares her down menacingly.

ANNE: So what do I owe the "pleasure"?

EJ: You are threatening Abigail Deveraux. And that stops, right now.



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Good show, im really enjoying sheryl and nick right now cant wait to see where it leads to. I loved hope and aiden bonding. I felt his pain. Still loving billie and jeannie, I urge a recast of brady.. And blah blah ejs usual huffing n puffing self, sit down ej, thats what her reply to him, shoulda been sit cho ass down

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Another layer uncovered with EnerNext and Sheryl and Jordan's plans. Nick now holding all the cards, just as smug as he wants to be...I wonder what HIS agenda is.

Nice exchange between Hope and Aiden. I can see Aiden softening toward Hope, and I like that he didn't give all the way in right now. Saving some for later.

I see a softer Theresa than we see on the TV version. A deeper character here.

And Nicole getting ready to cover up her lies with Eric.

Anne Milbauer bit off more than she could chew perhaps with the info she's holding.

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This Enernext story gets better and better! It is by far your best work I have seen. I loved the Hope and Aiden stuff! You really showcase them in the best way by giving their scenes meaning. Also I like the deeper connection you give with Theresa. I think Anne and EJ should be afraid of each other. They are both power players who grab what they want.

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