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DAYS #37: EJ makes a threat




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Billie walks into Roman's office at the Salem PD with the mini-flash drive in hand. She places it on his desk before him.

BILLIE: You're gonna want to run this by your computer experts ASAP.

Roman looks up, a little confused by Billie's request.


Anne looks up at EJ, who's barged angrily into her office without fear. She holds out her arms, pretending to not know what EJ is accusing her of.

ANNE: I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about.

EJ: The hell you don't.

ANNE: Oh, are you talking about that conversation I heard you and Abigail having the other night? That one that you talked all about your dirty little escapades that shouldn't be happening in a professional environment such as this?

EJ shakes his head, stunned by Anne's audacity. Anne gets up from behind her desk, walking around to the other side where EJ is. She rests on the front side of her desk as she speaks with him.

EJ: You're unbelievable.

ANNE: And you're sloppy about your business, Mr. DiMerrRRRa. Now, I have a recording of the two of you discussing your dirty little secret. And quite frankly, I think you'd better just play along, or you're gonna be sorry you ever crossed me.




Nicole turns to face Eric, who was a bit taken aback by her revelation that she's still working on the EnerNext story.

NICOLE: Well...as long as I'm the one with all the info on it, maybe I can pass something along to someone else and we'll be able to keep the good fight going.

ERIC: That's really good of you. I'm surprised you're so passionate about it.

NICOLE: Oh. What? I'm not allowed to be passionate about a good cause?

Nicole playfully pushes Eric away, then turns her back to him. Eric laughs, and turns back to massaging Nicole.

ERIC: (laughs) No, this just doesn't jibe with the selfish, mean Nicole that my family and half the town seem to want to push down my throat.

Nicole leans back against Eric. He puts his arms around her tightly.

NICOLE: Mmm...(sighs) One day...one day they'll realize that I can change. Just like anyone else. Okay, maybe not like your sister but--

ERIC: ...Nicole!

NICOLE: Sorry! I couldn't help myself. But I do love you. And I'm grateful that you see past all the...awful things I've done in my past.

ERIC: Nicole. The past is the past. You gotta look to the future.

NICOLE: Only if you'll be in that future.

Eric holds Nicole a little tighter, and kisses her gently on the cheek.

ERIC: Of course I will. Always.

Nicole smiles, looking away, but with a lot on her mind, and a look of something slightly less than happiness in her eyes.


JJ is sitting in the living room at the Horton house, doing homework on the couch, when Abigail walks in from work. JJ looks up from the couch and over his shoulder to see who's walked in.

JJ: Heyyy! Abs!

Abby walks in, looking beat. JJ notices Abby's exhaustion immediately.

ABBY: Hey, JJ.

JJ: Well, I was gonna ask how your first day went, but from the looks of you, I figure you got run over by a crosstown bus on the way there?

ABBY: Really funny, JJ.

JJ: Well, seriously, Abs. I thought you'd be thrilled after your first day of work, and...

ABBY: I just...I have a lot to take in, that's all. Can...can we talk about something else?

JJ: Fine.

Abby sits down on the sofa next to JJ. She looks at him as he ignores her, concentrating on his homework.

ABBY: So? Where's mom?

JJ: I dunno, probably on a date with that creep Liam or whatever.

ABBY: JJ, what is it with you? Liam's a nice guy.

JJ: No, he's a creep. And I'm worried about mom. You know, I asked mom where the guy lives and she has no idea, she's never been there. He hasn't told her.

ABBY: JJ, they just started seeing each other a few weeks ago.

JJ: But does she know anything about him before they met? Like...all we know is he moved to Salem, he's divorced...

ABBY: And you think that she'd tell you about him?

JJ rolls his eyes at Abby.

JJ: I do have ears, Abs. I hear her talking to Cousin Hope and Grandma...I mean...how he acts around us is...he's just so creepy.

ABBY: Well, I'm glad you can put your finger on exactly what's so creepy about him.

JJ: (sighs) Shut up, Abs.

Abigail gets up from the couch, shaking her head.

ABBY: Fine! I will. But you have got to admit that this is the first time in awhile that Mom's happy. We should hold onto that, and not try to find faults with whoever she decides to be with because we get freaky vibes off him. Give Mom the benefit of the doubt.

JJ looks to Abigail, thinking over what she's said, though not overly receptive.


Roman looks up to Billie from behind his desk. He points to the flash drive Billie's plunked down on his desk.

ROMAN: What's that?

BILLIE: That was found in one of the Titan executive computers.

ROMAN: Why are you breaking into Titan offices and stealing equipment, Billie? I thought you were working with your mom at Countess W.

Billie stops, looking to Roman with concern in her eyes.

BILLIE: Uh...Roman...Mom runs MadWorld now. Sami and EJ are running Countess W. And you asked me to come to town to help figure out what Jordan Ridgeway and Sheryl Connors are up to. You act like you don't even remember doing this.

Roman looks down at the table, then at Billie, a look of complete confusion in his eyes. As he looks up to Billie, Marlena cracks the door open, looking puzzled by the grave faces around her.


EJ: Are you seriously going to threaten me?

EJ walks closer to Anne, as Anne leans against her desk. They both have a guarded appearance, almost trying to seem more imposing than the other.

ANNE: Well, it seems to me that I hold the cards here. And we all know how hard you're trying to be a "good man" now. So, what exactly are you going to threaten me with?

EJ: I just want to remind you of what historically has happened to those who decide to meddle in the affairs of the DiMera family. It doesn't end well for them.

ANNE: So the answer is you have nothing to threaten me with. You know, you should take this to heart. Don't rock the boat, and don't go trying to get one over on me, or you'll regret it.

EJ steps in close to Anne, leaning in menacingly to her. He speaks softly, but bitingly.

EJ: You are a foolish woman, and you will be the one to regret this. Trust that.

ANNE: I'm not afraid of you.

EJ: You should be.

EJ walks away from Anne and takes his briefcase in hand. He opens it, and holds up a plane ticket.

EJ: Ms. Milbauer, I am going to take it that you're rather ignorant of my family and their history, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and present you with this. I have two options for you. Either you destroy this evidence and disappear from Salem voluntarily...or you will be forced onto that plane against your will. The choice is yours.



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Wow... what wonderful scenes you wrote for Anne and E.J.

Interesting with the plane ticket

It is Anne and I do not think she is done yet.


Your dialogue that you wrote for JJ and Abby was absolutely wonderful.

I enjoyed it a lot.

I could really see the brother and sister dynamic.


I am LOVING these romantic scenes with Eric and Nicole.

You really are capturing the beauty if their relationship!


What was up with Roman?

It seemed like he forgot everything about the mission at hand!

I have never seen Roman ever forget a case... something is up

Makes me wonder what Marlena is going to walk into???



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Two titians came to blows and it's still a draw. Love the show down with Anne and EJ and am rooting for Anne . She did not back down like the rest do. I'm anxious to see who wins this battle.

JJ may be on to something with Liam.

Roman is forgetting things. I hope he is ok.

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Anne is quite audacious She'd better watch her step.

Nicole and her continuance of lying...

JJ needs to start digging because he's gonna need proof as to why he thinks Liam is creepy.

And Roman forgot that he called Billie to town...uh oh...channeling his inner....Caroline? LOL

Good episode..

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