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DAYS #38: Brady & Theresa Step Out!




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Nadia Bjorlin guest stars in this episode as Chloe Lane

Brady and Theresa step out of the long black car at the red carpet at a luxurious club. A young man helps Theresa, dressed in a slutry black dress, from the car. Brady meets her as she exits the car and they enter the venue together. Flash bulbs go off as many pictures are taken. This is clearly a big event in the Chicago Nightlife.

Theresa, arm in arm with Brady, stop for the pictures taken by press, before entering the main room of the club. It's a big space. Clearly more of an upscale venue.

Inside the club, the press disappears. Here is an exclusive venue, filled with posh folks in suits and couture dresses. Theresa looks around, almost overwhelmed by the glamour.

THERESA: I haven't seen anyplace like this since I was in LA. This place is fabulous.

BRADY: I told you, this was THE event of the year in Chicago. And you look like you fit right in.

THERESA: You're just saying that.

BRADY: No! You're probably the most dazzling woman in here tonight.

THERESA: And now I know you're lying.

Theresa wraps her arms around Brady's neck and pulls him in to kiss her.

THERESA: Keep up the good work.

Just as the two kiss, a familiar voice calls over to them.

CHLOE: Brady?

Brady turns around to find Chloe Lane before him. Brady beams upon spotting his good friend and old flame. They quickly come together in a warm hug and friendly kiss. Theresa is instantly unimpressed by the reconnection, and clears her throat loudly. Brady reacts and turns to put a hand on each woman's back.

BRADY: Uh...sorry, Theresa. This is my great, great friend, Chloe Lane. Chloe this is Theresa Donovan--

THERESA: ...Brady's girlfiend. Nice to meet you.

Chloe warmly extends her hand to an ice cold Theresa, who looks her up and down with some of the coldest looks outside of the Arctic Circle.


Anne stands virtually nose-to-nose with EJ in her office. EJ having just threatened to make her disappear.

ANNE: Big talk for a man who's virtually a lapdog to his daddy.

EJ: Big mouth for a woman in middle management at a hospital.

ANNE: I will have you know, I wield a lot more power than you think, and whether you want to admit it or not, pal, knowledge is power. And I got lots of it. So save your pompous speeches, and your name dropping, and your lousy plane tickets to Timbuktu. Because I'm not going anywhere.

Anne walks over to the door of her office, opens it and motions for EJ to leave. He slowly walks out, never once taking his glowering eyes off Anne. Anne smiles smugly as EJ saunters out.

ANNE: This year, Mr. DiMera. I've got work to do.

EJ steps out finally, and before EJ can retort, Anne closes the door in his face. EJ turns and begins to use his cell phone.

EJ: And indeed, so do I.

He holds the phone up to his ear as he steps away from Anne's office.

EJ: (into phone) Yes. She didn't bite. We will proceed as planned...Let me know.

EJ puts his phone away and mutters to himself, a bit of a smile on his face.

EJ: Let the fun begin.




Chloe and Theresa shake hands. Chloe shakes Theresa's with an earnest, firm grip. Theresa's, by comparison, is as limp as a dead fish.

CHLOE: How nice to meet you! How have I not heard about Theresa, Brady?

THERESA: Yeah, Brady! I mean, I know Chloe's good friends of Anne Milbauer but...I had no idea you two knew each other. Speaking of which, aren't you the one who got knocked up by Dr. Spray-Tan?

Chloe's tone quickly begins to change as she sees Theresa's obvious sense of threat.

CHLOE: You mean Daniel Jonas?

THERESA: Yeah, that's the one.

BRADY: Theresa, you remember how Daniel's a good friend of mine and all, right?

THERESA: Well, you know, we can't pick the winner every race, now can we, Sweetie?

Theresa pats Brady on the cheek before quickly turning her attentions back to Chloe for a moment.

THERESA: In all fairness, at least The Barbie and The Ape produced a really cute little kid. Guess it just goes to show you, miracles happen every day, right? Excuse me, I need a drink or six.

Theresa storms off, making a beeline for the bar. Brady looks apologetically to Chloe, who looks wide-eyed and awkwardly in Brady's direction.

CHLOE: Oook. That could've gone better.

BRADY: Yeaaah, well. She's got a bit of a temper, you know?

CHLOE: And a tiny bit of a jealousy streak.

BRADY: That too! Look, Chloe, I'm sorry for that. I'm really glad to see you, though. You performing tonight?

CHLOE: I am! They wanted me to open this place up in the grandest style so I'll be singing tonight and...hopefully get some major exposure from it all.

BRADY: I can't wait to hear it. It's good to see you.

CHLOE: Same here. Brady. Come visit more.

BRADY: Only if you do too.

CHLOE: Promise.

The two friends hug warmly, which only serves to aggravate an onlooking Theresa even more as she downs a shot of Tequila at the bar. Brady walks over to her and takes her by the arm, turning her around brusquely.

BRADY: What in the Hell was that for?


Will and Sonny walk through Horton Town Square together. They enjoy the evening air, looking relaxed, arm in arm. Will has a look of concern across his face that he's trying unsuccessfully to hide. Sonny catches it and looks to him.

SONNY: Okay, I know that face. What's wrong?

Will takes a moment to clue in and snaps out of his trance.

WILL: Huh? Oh, no. Just...lots on my mind right now.

SONNY: It's your mom, isn't it?

WILL: Well, yeah, but...I mean...I'm not worried about that so much. Grandma Marlena's got a colleague coming in from out of town to help out and, I dunno, I think it'll be just fine.

SONNY: Okay, so? What is it?

Will points to a mannequin in the Men's shop window, dressed in high-end designer clothes.

WILL: You see that? If I wanted to get that outfit right now, I could tell you, I could tell my mom, I could tell EJ, or my grandmother...and by tomorrow, one of you would probably get it for me.

SONNY: Do you want it? Cos I think it'd look fantastic on you.

WILL: Yeah, but Sonny, that's not the point.

Sonny looks, a bit confused at Will.

SONNY: Okay?

WILL: The point is I should be able to get things I want myself. I'm an adult. I'm a man with a baby and a fiancee and...I can't afford anything without someone else doing it for me.

SONNY: Come on, Will. You're a student.

WILL: And school's almost over. I need to be thinking of how I can pay my own way on my own terms.

SONNY: Well, come help me out at the club. I'm sure we can find you something.

WILL: No. No. That's not a good idea. I need to find my own way, Sonny. I can't be living off the goodwill of my family forever.

SONNY: Aww, you think I'm family.

WILL: Well, you are. And legally, soon, you will be.

Will takes Sonny by the arm again and they continue on their walk.

WILL: So speaking of which, should we have an engagement party?

SONNY: Well...


Marlena steps into Roman's office reluctantly. Roman looks up at her, shaken up. Billie turns to see Marlena. She smiles half-heartedly.

BILLIE: Marlena!

MARLENA: Billie! I didn't realize you were in town.

The two share a hug, but Marlena's concern shows through and she looks to Roman shortly afterwards, then looking to Billie to assess the situation before her.

MARLENA: Have I come at a bad time?

ROMAN: No, Doc. It's okay.

BILLIE: Roman and I were just...going over some things.

Marlena looks to an obviously troubled Roman.

MARLENA: Oh. Well...I...I just came to talk to you about Sami.

ROMAN: She alright?

MARLENA: Uh...yes. She just...it's complicated. Billie. Would you excuse us for a moment?

BILLIE: Sure. Umm...Roman? I'll be just outside and we can finish up.

ROMAN: Sure thing.

Billie closes the door behind her, leaving Roman and Marlena alone. Marlena's face grows more serious once Billie leaves.

MARLENA: Is something wrong?

ROMAN: Nah, it's...police business.

MARLENA: Okay. Well, I came to tell you about a conversation I had with Sami about her engagement.

ROMAN: Her what?

MARLENA: Roman, we've debated this a lot. Just the other day, even.

Roman's face lights up at the news, he gets up to head for the door.

ROMAN: No! Nobody's told me anything. I'm thrilled. Where's the big guy, I'm gonna go congratulate him now!

Marlena turns quickly to stop Roman from leaving the room.

MARLENA: What? Who are you going to congratulate?

ROMAN: Rafe, of course. That's who Sami's been with all this...

Roman stops as he sees the look of worry on Marlena's face. He stops dead in his tracks before taking his hand off the doorknob. He slams his hand on the adjacent filing cabinet, startling Marlena, but she approaches him nonetheless.

ROMAN: Dammit, Doc. Why am I forgetting everything? First Ma, now me? This isn't right, it's...

Marlena walks over to Roman to comfort him, gently holding his shoulders as he looks to the ground shaking his head in despair.


Anne walks through the park to get to her car. She walks quickly, but unafraid before hearing footsteps behind her. She turns around to see who is behind her, before dismissing the noises and carrying on.

The footsteps continue.

Anne stops this time. She turns around to see who's around her.

ANNE: Hello?

Hearing nothing, she carries on, heading into the parking lot where her car is located. She begins to pick up the pace as the footsteps continue. Just before reaching the parking lot, Anne turns around, now panicked, and hisses out to whomever is following her.

ANNE: Dammit, DiMera, you're not gonna intimidate me by putting your goons on me. Got it?

Hearing nothing again, Anne studies her surroundings carefully before continuing to the parking lot. Once there, she's so consumed by her concern that she steps out in front of an oncoming car. The car blares its horn as it tries to avoid hitting her.



Recommended Comments

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all I can say for this episode!

You cearintly opened my July with a bang!

Anne hit by a car (or is she?)

Roman's memory going!

Chole appearance!

Will and Sonny discussing money and marriage!

Alex you definitely made this episode worth my time!



AMAZING WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A very powerful episode. The best of the series yet.

I feel so bad for Roman. O wow. Just so sad. I can't wait to see where that story goes. It's nice to see him doing more then just be a nasal breathing sounding board.

I liked Will's new sense of manhood. he had valid points, he's a bum. It's time for him to make his own way.

I'm no fan at all of Chloe frog eyed Lane. I wonder if Theresea was scared when those Frog eyes was glaring at her. The exchanges betwen the two ladies were cripsy. Loved it.

EJ and Anne faced off and it was another great scene. I am really enjoying this. I wonder if Anne is really in over her head or will she actually out wit EJ.

Great show. It moved and it was exciting to read. Good work!

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Roman is slipping terribly in the memory department.

Anne vs EJ. Anne though seems like she's gonna be a formidable opponent.

You reminded us that Theresa is a total bitch, as evidenced by her treatment of Chloe.

And a realistic interaction between Sonny and Will. Hopefully Will won't do something impulsive, given his history...and his mother...LOL


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