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DAYS #39: The Late Anne Milbauer?




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Nadia Bjorlin guest stars in this episode as Chloe Lane

Marlena steps out of Roman's office, a worried look across her face. Billie looks over to Marlena, who smiles half-heartedly.

BILLIE: So...?

MARLENA: We're all done, but before you go back in, I wanted to ask you something.

BILLIE: Okay, shoot.

MARLENA: Before I came in, you both seemed rather alarmed by something. I don't need to know the details if it was private, but...how did Roman seem to you?

Billie thinks carefully for a minute, she has her arms folded, looking to one side before she looks to Marlena and speaks.

BILLIE: Well...a few weeks ago I asked him a favour...and...he couldn't remember ever talking to me about it. To be honest, Marlena, I'm a bit worried.

MARLENA: So am I. Now more than ever.

BILLIE: Well, what do you think it could be? I mean, it's not--

MARLENA: ...I don't know if it's Alzhymers, Billie. The symptoms are...not quite right for that. It could be some form of dementia but...it's too soon to say. I just suggest...be easy on him, and be patient. The stress of forgetting may make things worse. And phone me if you notice anything else, alright?


MARLENA: It's good to see you again.

BILLIE: You too.

Marlena smiles and walks out of the station. Billie walks into Roman's office slowly, almost too cautiously, and it catches Roman's eye. Roman is once again sitting at his desk, looking over the tiny flash drive Billie handed him earlier.

ROMAN: So this...you brought this to me...and you said we had talked about what this was about before...so...what was this about?

BILLIE: Sheryl Connors and Jordan Ridgeway. I need to know if they placed this device in the computers at Titan...and why.


Brady looks at a scowling Theresa in the club, after having experienced her confrontation with Chloe.

BRADY: Theresa, I want you to tell me what the hell just happened.

THERESA: I could ask you the same thing.

BRADY: Look, me running into an old friend does not give you the right to treat her like that.

THERESA: JUST an old friend?

Brady hesitates to answer for a moment, sensing Theresa's intense jealousy. Theresa immediately notices Brady's hesitation, and picks up her drink from the bar.

THERESA: That's what I thought.

Theresa downs the drink and storms off, Brady following behind, trying to explain the situation to her.

BRADY: Theresa, wait...

THERESA: For what, Brady? For you to spin that around and make me feel stupid for feeling threatened by her? Look at her. She's beautiful. And I know if you put me next to her in a lineup, you'd pick her every time.

Brady reaches to Theresa and puts a finger up to her lips. Theresa stops and looks down, then looks into Brady's eyes.

BRADY: Wrong. I'd choose you. Chloe and I are ancient history. She's a friend to me now, that's all. And besides, you may not believe me, but you're more beautiful than every other woman here right now.

Theresa rolls her eyes, flattered, but disbelieving Brady's compliment.

THERESA: Sure, Brady. Whatever. Look, I'm sorry. I just...I need to calm down. I'm so nervous being in a place like this.

BRADY: Well, how about I grab us a drink, and we can loosen up a bit.

THERESA: Sounds amazing.

Theresa leans in and kisses Brady tenderly on the lips.


Gabi walks around the apartment with Ari in her arms. She sings softly to her little girl, trying to put her to sleep. It seems to be working, as Ari gurgles more and more quietly. Gabi hears a knock on the door, she quietly steps over to the door and opens it. There stands Nick, a bouquet of flowers in hand.

NICK: Surprise!

Gabi steps back in shock, clutching baby Ari for dear life. Ari starts to cry.




The brakes of a car screech to a halt in front of Anne Milbauer, as she braces herself to be hit. The car stops just short of her, and she leans on the hood of the car, breathing heavily. Still panicked from the sounds of footsteps from before, she looks all around her, before the driver of the car gets out. It's Daniel.

DANIEL: Anne. You alright??

Anne, hardly having noticed Daniel, is still in shock at nearly being hit.

ANNE: Yeah, I'm fine. I just nearly got hit by your car is all...you didn't see anyone coming up behind me, did you?

DANIEL: Nnnno. I didn't even see you until just now. It's kinda late. You sure you're okay?

ANNE: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Anne looks at Daniel finally, and points at him, walking away towards her car, pretending to be calm and collected.

ANNE: YOU! You should pay more attention when you're driving. Just sayin'.

DANIEL: Anne, do you want a ride home?

ANNE: The way you drive? No thanks, Jonas. See you tomorrow.

DANIEL: Anne, I...

Anne opens her car door and steps inside, closing it quickly. Daniel sighs, and gets back in his car, driving away.

Once inside, Anne checks all her mirrors for signs of anyone around her. She frantically searches all over her car for signs of anyone having tampered with her vehicle. She finally relaxes herself enough to convince herself that everything is fine before putting the key in the ignition.

Closing her eyes and bracing herself, she turns the key.

The car starts, all is fine. Anne relaxes. Finally she is able to get the fear of the past few minutes from her mind and can go back to normal.

ANNE: Probably was all your imagination, Annie. Just chill. You're fine. EJ DiMera is all bark, no bite. You're good.

Anne pulls out of the driveway for home.


EJ receives a call at home. He picks up his cell phone off his desk.

EJ: (into phone) Yes?...okay. She what?...Good...brilliant. Prepare for phase two then. Wait until tomorrow morning, but prepare everything tonight. Indeed. Thank you.

EJ puts his phone down, exhaling heavily.

EJ: That damned Milbauer woman is not going to ruin my last chance with Samantha.

STEFANO: No, because you will do that all by yourself.

EJ jumps out of his skin upon hearing Stefano's voice. He turns to see his father in the doorway of the living room, arms open wide, more in self-congratulation than in warm welcome.

STEFANO: So good to see you, my son! I see you've managed to get yourself into even more trouble while I've been away, no?

EJ fights the urge to roll his eyes at his father's smug satisfaction at his misfortune.


Roman steps into his office, where a waiting Billie sits by his desk.

ROMAN: Okay. I placed a quick call back to the ISA to get back up to speed, and dropped the flash drive off at the lab. They should have the info we need on it by tomorrow morning.

BILLIE: Excellent. I'm thinking of holding off telling mom about it until we hear back, just in case it's a false alarm.

ROMAN: Good plan. My memory may be on the fritz but I do remember Kate's tendency to jump the gun when she hears good news.

Billie gets up from her chair and puts a hand on Roman's shoulder.

BILLIE: You are okay, though. Right?

ROMAN: I'll be fine, Billie. Don't worry about me. You just keep your focus on Jordan and Sheryl, and making sure we figure out just what their plan is.

BILLIE: I just hope we figure it out before it's too late.


Nick hesitates at the door while Gabi relaxes herself, coming down from the shock of seeing Nick at the door.

NICK: Sorry, I probably shouldn't have done that.

GABI: No! No, it's fine. I'm sorry I'm so jumpy, it's just...

NICK: I know, I...I know, I just...I should know better.

GABI: Nick. It's okay.

Nick steps into the apartment, putting the flowers down on the coffee table. He holds his arms out to Gabi.

NICK: Here, I can hold her for a second if you need.

GABI: Uh...Sure. Here.

Nick takes hold of the baby and holds her gently up to his chest. He bounces the baby, patting her gently on the back. Ari quickly relaxes in Nick's arms, and Gabi smiles at the connection the two of them share.

GABI: You always were really good with her.

NICK: You know, it's stuff like this that makes me realize what I threw away. The awful things I did to you and to Will and Sonny. You know, I really regret that.

GABI: Nick, it's okay...you don't have to--

NICK: ...No, I really do. I need to put right all things that I've helped make wrong. I really want to make positive changes in the world, Gabi. I owe it to you to do that.

Gabi smiles through a bit of a furrowed brow, but still looks on, relaxed and thinking about the difference between Nick right now and Nick the night at the river. As she thinks about it, Nick walks over to her slowly.

NICK: I was wondering...look, I know this is asking a lot but...I would love to take you to dinner soon. Just...as friends. But something special. As a thank you for always seeing the best in me. Even when I didn't deserve it.

GABI: That would be nice.

Nick looks intensely into Gabi's eyes, as Will and Sonny step inside the apartment, seeing Nick with Ari in his arms staring into Gabi's eyes. Nick and Gabi quickly turn to see Will and Sonny looking on shocked and disapprovingly. Sonny's voice drips with derision as he greets Nick.

SONNY: Hey there, Nick.


Theresa and Brady are now quite drunk, dancing and having a great time, to the irritation of some others. They toast at the arrival of another round of drinks, and sit down at a corner booth table. Theresa digs around her purse for something, as Brady drunkly looks on.

BRADY: You know....you should totally pull out something out of there.

THERESA: Like what? The compact I can't find? Ugh...I'll just use my phone. Sooo much faster.

Theresa pulls out her smart phone and struggles to find the camera app. Brady leans over and whispers to her.

BRADY: I meant the coke.

THERESA: Brady, you don't have to whisper. Half the people here are clearly on it already.

Brady laughs at Theresa a little too much, as Theresa pulls her little vial out for Brady. He brazenly puts it out on the table in front of him and grabs his wallet to grab a credit card to cut it up with. Theresa is barely paying attention, as she uses her cell phone camera to try to get a good look at her makeup.

THERESA: I still look so good right now. Better than that bitch Chloe. God, her singing got on my nerves you know that?

BRADY: Stop talking about Chloe like that! She's...great.

THERESA: Sure, Brady. Whatever. I think I'm gonna take a selfie of this.

Theresa fumbles with her phone, trying to flip the phone around to use the flash, but ends up reversing which lens is in use, and begins recording a video of Brady as he does the line of cocaine from the table. Theresa, not sure why the camera isn't working, flips the phone back around in frustration.

THERESA: Ugh, this damned phone. Never...oh...

BRADY: What?

THERESA: Nothing. Stupid camera was on the wrong function, just...

BRADY: It didn't get a shot of me, did it?

THERESA: I can't even tell. Nothing's working right.

BRADY: Theresa, remember what we said about you being careful?

THERESA: Look who's talking. Mr. Doing-a-line-in-front-of-200-people. God, just chill out, okay? No one saw anything.

BRADY: There's a difference between a bunch of drunk Chicago socialites seeing me do a line and your friends and family in Salem seeing it because your girlfriend couldn't figure her cell phone out.

THERESA: Oh My God, Brady! Shut up! It's fine. No one cares.

Just as she says this, Chloe walks by, now very concerned by the white residue she sees before Brady.

CHLOE: Oh God, Brady. Are you using again?



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Wow still jammed pack! Seems like your show is gonna get sooo hot this summer that it is going to fog up my screen! Anne seems to be making a lot of enemies besides EJ. I wonder who will finally do something over the top to her. I LOVE this Roman story you have for us! Nice choice in choosing! Glad to see him actually have a story! Love seeing Chole in these past 2 episodes so far. Cannot believe it was Daniel. I cannot tell you how much I love that Marlena still cares for Roman. You showed us their historical connection through caring ways. Gabi/Nick/and whiny Sonny... here we go again! GREAT EPISODE! Keep up the good work Beebs #DAYS!

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  • Members



THey keep getting better and better, It really appears you are starting to make this show your own. And I am loving it.

SO much to talk about Le'ts begin

I liking Theresea more and more latley. Those club scenes were great and I just KNOW that vid of Brady doing coke will play a major part very soon. I hope Brady get's caught big time.

Roman oh how I feel for him. It was cool he is able to understand that his memory isn't what it used to be but still a fighter at the end of the day. Such a heart breaking story. It could be a great story for Roman and Lord knows he needs something. It makes me feel something for Josh's Toman that I've never felt before. I can't explain it but its a good feeling.

OO and Anne and Dumb ass Dan. Excellent writing those scenes. You really captured the moment and the intestiy of the moment. I felt everything Anne felt.

Things are getting better and better and it shows that sticking to your gut, moving slow has really payed off in spades. These smaller mini explosing you are setting off are so meaningful and look at this shows numbers. GREAT WORK AL. You in there now!!!

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  • Members

Lots going on here...good movement...

I liked Stefano's re-appearance.

Roman now realizes his memory's failing. Now we have to find out why.

I trust Nick as far as I can throw him. He ALWAYS has an agenda. His with Gabi is no different.

And you are actually getting me to feel for Theresa a little bit. Her insecurity is over the top, but knowing what happened to her in the past, I feel for her some.

And Anne is grossly underestimating EJ...She'd better watch her back.

Once again, you captured the characters very well and it was easy for me to delve into..GOOD EPISODE

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