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DAYS #40: Maggie isn't behind Victor, and Theresa contemplates a major decision




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Nadia Bjorlin guest stars in this episode as Chloe Lane

JJ is sitting on the sofa at home, watching TV. The doorbell rings, and JJ ignores it. The doorbell rings again, and JJ calls out, eyes never leaving the TV.

JJ: Abs! Get the door?

The doorbell rings a third time and Abigail reluctantly descends the stairs, glaring at a lazy JJ in the living room before opening the door to find Laura standing in front of her.

ABBY: Oh my God! Grandma! How are you??

Abigail's face lights up as she lunges for her grandmother and gives her a huge hug. JJ overhears the commotion and gets up, heading excitedly for the door.

JJ: Grandma! Hey! How are you?

LAURA: JJ! Abigail! It's so good to see you both. Is your mom home?

JJ's face drops immediately, while Abigail looks to JJ with a knowing look. She hesitates before telling Laura.

ABBY: She's actually on a date right now.

Laura's face lights up a bit, she asks, hopefully:

LAURA: Oh? With Daniel?

JJ: Well, she's been seeing this guy named Liam.

Laura sees JJ's unimpressed face, and looks at him, a bit concerned as well.

LAURA: Well, that's news to me. She hasn't said a word about any Liam to me.

JJ: Well, he's not much to talk about.

Laura hangs her coat up and steps into the house, pulling her bag behind her.

ABBY: JJ, that's not fair.

JJ turns back to Laura, ignoring Abigail completely.

JJ: Here, Grandma, want some help with your bag?

LAURA: Ah, sure. Just drop it off in the living room. I'll take it upstairs later.

JJ obliges and carries the bag into the living room, with Abigail and Laura following him into the Horton living room. JJ turns the TV off and they all sit down.

ABBY: Grandma, did you want tea or something?

LAURA: I would love some, Abigail. Thank you!

ABBY: Excellent. JJ?

JJ: Uhh...I'm fine, Abs, don't worry.

ABBY: Okay, if you're sure.

JJ: 100%

ABBY: Okay, I'll be right back.

Abigail walks out to the kitchen, leaving JJ and Laura alone for a moment to talk. Laura leans toward JJ, and begins to probe.

LAURA: Okay, that's a strong reaction for someone who barely knows the guy his mom's seeing. Are you sure we're not doing a repeat of what happened with Daniel?

JJ: No, Grandma, I'm serious. What happened with Daniel was all on me. I was missing my dad, I was angry, I was grieving. This is different. There is definitely something off with this guy.

LAURA: Well, like what?

JJ: He and my mom have been seeing each other for like...weeks now. She knows nothing about his past, they're inseparable and she keeps saying she feels like she's known him forever, but she doesn't even know where he lives?

LAURA: Okay...

JJ: Don't you think that's a little weird.

LAURA: JJ, there's got to be more to it than that. How is he around you and Abigail?

JJ: He's...weird. Like...he made a comment at the party Mom had after my sentencing, like...that Abigail had 'grown so much'. Mom overlooked it and said that he'd seen a picture of her as a kid but...isn't that a weird first thing to say to someone you just met?

Laura looks at JJ, then looks down, deep in thought. She takes a moment before responding.

LAURA: JJ, I trust your instincts. You always should. Personally, I think your mom is a good judge of character most of the time, but, I mean...

JJ: What? I don't really know what you mean, Grandma.

LAURA: Your mom has had times where she...before you were born...where she was in some bad relationships. And sometimes I still worry that...if she isn't careful, she could end up hurting herself all over again.




Nick steps back from Gabi and hands Ari back to Gabi. He holds up his hands in a sort of act of surrender as Sonny and Will glare at him with an intensity that, if looks could kill, would surely vaporize him on sight.

NICK: I was just visiting--

SONNY: ...You have absolutely no right to be here--

GABI: ...I invited him in, okay?

WILL: You should've asked me first.

GABI: He just surprised me. It's really no big deal.

SONNY: Are you joking? It's a huge deal. When we told you we would need time and space from you, we weren't joking, Nick. When you show up at our apartment and don't ask us? We walk in and you're face-to-face with Gabi and holding Ari, that's not the kind of surprise that makes me think that you're suddenly this new man with a changed outlook. All I see is the same old Nick, playing the same old games.

Nick's face drops as Sonny talks. Nick is not disappointed by Sonny's words, but frustrated by them. He accepts Sonny's berating, but doesn't take it lying down.

NICK: I assure you, Sonny. This isn't a game. I was surprising Gabi with some flowers and a quick visit. I want to make up for what I did to her before.

SONNY: Nick, that's the thing. It wasn't "what you did to her before", it has a name. It's called "attempted rape". That's the kind of stuff that makes me not trust you. You really don't take responsibility, because you don't confront your real problems.

NICK: Ohhh on the contrary. I'm confronting them right now.

SONNY: What??

Sonny hasn't even finished speaking when Nick approaches him suddenly. Sonny doesn't back down from Nick's suddenly aggressive stance.

NICK: Look, if you want me out of Gabi's life, that's not your call. And if you try to stop me from seeing Gabi when she wants to see me? I'll make sure you go down. Because Gabi's opinion needs to be respected too.

SONNY: It's a little late to be so concerned with what Gabi wants, isn't it--

WILL: ...Okay, can we stop with the threats? Nick, I just...I need you to leave. We have to talk this through, the three of us.

Gabi looks to Will, and takes Nick's hand to try to make him look at her, as the baby begins to cry again, waking up from her sleep.

GABI: Nick...it's okay. Let me deal with it.

Nick looks at Gabi, then turns for the door, pushing past Sonny, who's still on guard.

NICK: Look, I'm sorry if I surprised you. It won't happen again.

Nick closes the door behind him. Sonny looks to Gabi and shakes his head at her. Gabi rolls her eyes, knowing that Sonny will be scolding her any second. Will looks on disappointedly.

WILL: Dammit, Gabi. Why did you let him back in here?

Gabi hesitates to respond to Will's question.


Victor paces his living room, on the phone to Tyler. Though it's late, the two men continue to discuss their business affairs.

VICTOR: (into phone) You're sure this is going through, yes?


Tyler is at his desk at his hotel room at the Salem Inn. Still dressed in his suit from his working day, the man is nowhere near sleep, despite the late hour. While on the phone, Tyler is simultaneously on his laptop, and shuffling through papers.

TYLER: (into phone) Absolutely. From every member I've spoken to, you're still going to get the votes to retain Titan TV. Once that happens, we can maintain our focus on promoting the oil sands project, and I can lobby the governor to force the land sale and we can start the operation up.


VICTOR: (into phone) Well how long is that gonna take? I'd like to start all this before Christmas, you know.


TYLER: (into phone) You'll be fine, Victor. Just give it a couple months and the shovels will be in the ground. Let me oversee the day-to-day operations and we'll be fine.


VICTOR: (into phone) Alright, but you'd better be right about this. There's too much at stake if you fail. Good night.

Victor hangs up the phone and puts it down on the table in front of him. Maggie walks in behind him and gently begins to massage his shoulders.

MAGGIE: Can't sleep?

VICTOR: No, of course not. Brady's off in Chicago with the Brady's newest loose cannon, and I mean "loose" in every sense of the word, and I can't shake the feeling that something awful is going to happen at that vote, Maggie.

MAGGIE: Well...if something goes wrong with the vote, I won't be all that sad.

Victor turns around sharply to face Maggie, a cross look on his face.

VICTOR: What's that supposed to mean, Maggie?

MAGGIE: Well, now, before you go flying off the handle, you already know I'm not all that fond of this oil business you're getting involved in, Victor. I think it's going to devastate a large part of this community--

VICTOR: ...And help that same large portion immensely. Damn it all, Maggie. You're supposed to be supporting me in this.

MAGGIE: I never said I was going to be your "yes" woman. I'm entitled to my opinion on the matter, Victor. And as far as I'm concerned, if this vote doesn't go your way, you need to take it as a sign that maybe you should be more focused on making your money in a way that isn't so destructive.


Chloe stands over Brady, looking concerned for her ex-husband and friend. Theresa glares at Chloe menacingly, clearly threatened by Chloe's presence. Chloe can feel Theresa's glare but focuses on Brady.

BRADY: I'm just having some fun, Chloe. It's no big deal.

CHLOE: Look, Brady, I know the last little while's been hard on you but...I'm worried about you.

Chloe puts a hand on Brady's shoulder. Brady looks up at her and smiles.

BRADY: I appreciate the concern but...don't worry about me, Chloe.

CHLOE: Brady, I--

THERESA: ...He said not to worry, Chloe. Why don't you leave us alone and take his advice?

CHLOE: Would you stay out of this, you useless bimbo.

THERESA: Oh, I'm the bimbo, says the queen of the spray-tan booth.

BRADY: Okay, you know what, Theresa? Enough. Alright? Chloe's been a great friend to me, even after we divorced, she's helped me through a lot of ha--

THERESA: Divorce? You were married??

Theresa gets up, livid at being denied this information.

BRADY: Theresa, I never hid this from you, it's just never come up, I don't like talking about my past.

THERESA: I knew there was something going on with you two.

CHLOE: We're just friends, Theresa. We've been divorced since you were in high school, if you made it that far.

THERESA: Cute, Barbie. Now I see why Dr. Dan was so enchanted by you. You're the tangerine to his mandarin.

Brady gets up from the table, and walks toward Theresa, hoping to stop a huge scene from happening.

BRADY: Okay, Theresa, enough! Chloe's just looking out for me.

THERESA: Oh, so you're gonna protect her now? Why did I even bother coming here if all you're gonna do is fawn over Chloe Lane, opera singer of the ages?

BRADY: I came here with you because I wanted to show you a great time, and now you're embarrassing yourself and me in front of all these important people.

THERESA: Ohhh, I'm an embarrassment now. Good to know, Brady. You know what, don't worry about it, I'll find my own way back to Salem.

Theresa turns to head off, but stops and quickly turns back to Brady and Chloe.

THERESA: On second thought, I'm not going to let you ruin the night for me. I'm going to stick around, and party on my own. If you want to join me, Brady, you know what to do.

Theresa turns toward the entrance, head held high, trying to fight tears back. She makes a beeline for the bar. Brady looks to the sky, and Chloe walks up behind him.

CHLOE: I'm sorry.

BRADY: It's okay. Just...it's not you, it's her.

CHLOE: I know. Maybe I should just...keep my distance for the night.

BRADY: No, just...give me a few minutes. I'm gonna make a call and set up a little romantic surprise for Theresa and I at the hotel I booked and I'll come find you in a few minutes, okay?

CHLOE: Okay. Sounds good.

Chloe and Brady hug once more. Theresa looks on from the bar, livid and downing her martini quickly. She looks at her phone and contemplates the video she has of Brady in front of her.

She goes to her contact list and pulls up her friend the paparazzo from LA. She hovers her finger over the screen, thinking about sending him the video.

After a moment, she stops herself and puts her phone down.

THERESA: No. Don't even think about it, Theresa. Give Brady a chance to make it up to you. He's not gonna let that bronzed bimbo ruin things between you, and you know it.

Theresa sighs before ordering another drink.



Recommended Comments

Oh Theresa... what a delightful bitch she is. Alex I gotta hand the family scene to you. You showcased the strengths that families have. I feel like Sonny and Will are really trying to help Gabby but she is blindsided by Nick. I like that Maggie stood her ground. She has done that in awhile... good for her! This whole Titan story has me fired up! LOL! Great job!

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I'm anxious to find how this vote for Titan TV is going to affect Salem. Good story there. It's a big story that can affect many characters...

Just when I felt for Theresa, she reverts back to being an uberbitch, and playing herself in the process...

Maggie did not bite her tongue. She is so good for Victor.

I also LOVED the family moment between JJ, Abigail and their grandmother Laura. Without Jack, I think Jenn, Abigail and JJ need another family member there with them. And now JJ's got Laura suspicious of Jenn's latest choice of men. Also, you got me wondering exactly what Liam's past is.

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Wow another home run.

I really enjoyed the catty exchanges between Theresea and Chloe. Spot on. I am really enjoying your version of Theresea and I think I am starting to root for her.

Chloe needs to mind her own damn buisness.

Gabi/Nick/Will/Sonny- I think this story needs a punch. I'm a little tired of Will and Sonny always berating Gabi. Its like the rest of your stories are moving but this one seems a bit on a puase button. I enjoy Nick more in his story with the ener next. I dont know what you are going to do with Gabi and Nick but I never been a huge fan of Gabi.

ALso very much enjoyed Maggie and Victor's scenes. It is so good to see him actually taking care of his company loved it and the tension it cuased with Maggie with her stance on things. It was great!!

I love JJ and I love Laura. JJ pointed out some small but very important tidbits about Liam. I bet it comes into play later.

Al ur series is really picking up. It's always the first one I read in my marathon

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