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S4 Episode 5



People make risky decisions in Springfield...




Inside the stall of the restroom, Ashlee is purging.

The flushes and walks out with her hair up.

She wipes her face and washes her hands.

She throws in a breath mint as she walks to the staff changing room.

Ashlee walks over to her locker.

She stares at herself in the mirror.

She's a bit light headed but just drinks her water.

As she stares at her face, she wonders if she'll ever be as thin as she wants to be.

There are footsteps behind her.

She turns to see Dr. Rick Bauer walking in.


He looks at her, "You okay?"

She nods, "Oh yeah. Just... bored ya know? It's been a slow day. But that's a good thing at a hospital. It means no one is getting sick or injured."

Rick nods, "That's true. But your day is going to get more interesting."

She smiles, "Really?"

He nods, "One of your fellow residents called in sick. So I'm going to need your help working on Mr. Mahoney's surgery. You remember him from yesterday?"

She nods, "Yes of course. Oh my God. Thank you Dr. Bauer."

Rick nods, "You're very welcome. I'm ready to brag about you to the other doctors. So meet me in the OR and be ready to scrub up. I'll see you there."

Rick walks away.

Ashlee smiles.

She takes another drink of her water and puts it in her locker.

Ashlee turns around very fast and begins to get dizzy.

She falls back into her locker.

She sighs, "Whew."

She shakes her head and walks out of the change room.


Museum Apartment:


Coop and Eden are helping Rocky inside.

Rocky sighs, "I could have got myself in. I'm fine."

Coop shakes his head, "Your doctor said that you were supposed to take it easy this week. That means you are going to have to learn to ask for help."

Rocky sighs, "I'm going back to work soon."

Coop looks at him, "Oh my God. Let's just worry about that later. I'm not even in the mood to argue with you about that subject too."

Rocky stares, "My life is none of your business."

Eden sighs, "Just relax for now Rocky."

They help Rocky onto the couch.

Eden looks at him, "Do you want to go to your room?"

Rocky shakes his head, "Too much of Kevin's stuff is still in there. I can't deal with that right now. I might just sleep out here tonight."

Eden shakes her head, "No you're not. I'll go box up Kevin's stuff okay?"

Rocky looks at her, "You don't have to."

She sighs, "Already am."

Eden walks to Rocky's room.

Coop sits with his brother, "I know she's a bit much sometimes but she does it out of love."

Rocky sighs, "I know. Eden's great."

Coop looks at him, "I love you too."

Rocky looks at him, "I know. You're protective and that really does mean a lot to me. I just wish you wouldn't see me as your kid brother anymore."

Coop looks at him, "I just wish you would open up to me and share parts of your life with me. I don't care if it's about your job, your social life, or your sexuality."

Rocky stares, "What do you mean?"

Coop looks at him, "If you're sick, I want to be there for you. But I can't be unless you're honest with me."

Rocky stares, "I'm completely lost."

Coop puts his hand on his brother's shoulder, "Are you infected with HIV?"

Rocky stares at his brother.




Kevin sits on a park bench.

He's been wearing the same clothes for over a week.

He looks like a bum.

Another homeless man named Gray sits next to him.

Kevin looks around, "So this is my life now..."

Gray nods, "Man, this has been my life for the past 5 years. Trust me, if you're not tough enough, then you're not gonna make it in this world."

Kevin shakes his head, "No one gives a damn about me. I could sit here for the rest of my life and die on this bench and nobody would notice."

Gray grabs a bottle of whisky out of his bag.

Kevin stares, "Someone give you that?"

Gray laughs, "Nope."

Kevin stares, "How did you get it? Shop lift?"

Gray stares, "The second we walk into any store they either throw us out or watch us like a hawk the entire time and then push us out the door once they get the money we have left."

Kevin looks at him, "I'm confused."

Gray sits back, "Swiped a purse. Some dumb chick was walking around with a bunch of cash in her bag. I spent most of it. But I had enough left for this."

Kevin looks away, "I'm screwed. I don't steal."

Gray scoffs, "You too good for it?"

Kevin shakes his head, "Someone stole from me when I was a kid... I'd be a hypocrite if I did it too."

Gray laughs, "You really don't get how this world works do you? The person who stole from you probably had something stolen from them. And right now the weight is on you. You need to swipe from someone else and then they will swipe from someone and eventually the karma will carry on to whoever owes you."

Kevin stares, "That actually makes sense."

Gray pats him on the back, "You're welcome kid."

Kevin looks around the park.




Zach and Marti are having lunch.

Zach looks at her, "You okay?"

She stares, "Why?"

He nods, "You're all bundled up."

She sighs, "It's winter Zach."

He nods, "I know but you used to say that you were willing to risk the cold as long as you could still look sexy. I always admired that quality."

She sighs, "I've changed."

He stares, "Yeah you have. What's going on?"

She looks at him, "Nothing... I just feel like my eyes are open now. I walked around thinking the world was one thing but now I see the truth."

Zach stares, "Care to fill me in?"

She nods, "No one is perfect. Literally, no one. Everyone has a dark side to them. It's actually pretty disturbing when you think about it."

He nods, "Eh I guess."

She shakes her head, "I hate it. It's disgusting how many people can just walk around and act like idiots when everything is so screwed up."

He laughs, "Okay you're starting to bum me out. Have you been hanging around with Spencer?"

Marti sighs, "I'm sorry."

He takes her hand, "You've been acting weird ever since you got back from New York. I thought it was jet lag but now I'm getting worried."

She shakes her head, "No. I'm sorry, it's just a lot of moving back and forth this past year... it's taken a lot out of me you know?"

Zach smiles, "You're going to be okay. You're here with me now."

She nods, "You always make me feel safe."

She tries to stop her hand from shaking as Zach holds it.


Police Station:


Ava is at the police station with Gus.

Gus looks at her, "Now with the trial coming up I know there is a lot of stress so you just let me know okay? I know a trial is tough on a pregnant woman."

Ava nods, "Thanks Gus. You guys have been great through all of this."

He smiles, "Of course."

Ava looks around.

Gus stares, "Are you sure you're okay?"

She stares, "Can I see her?"

Gus shakes his head, "Who?"

Ava nods, "Her."

Gus is confused, "What? Why?"

Ava sighs, "I know it sounds crazy... but after everything that I went through last summer and all of the secrets and the lies... I need to talk to her."

He stares, "I think you're opening up a can of worms."

The two stare at each other.

Finally Ava walks back to the cells.


Annie Dutton is pacing in hers.

Ava walks towards her.

Annie smiles, "Ava. Hello."

Ava looks at her, "I haven't seen you in a long time. Which is ironic since you're in here because of what you did to me aren't you?"

Annie stares, "Why are you here Ava?"

Ava stares, "Why Annie? I know you always hated me and never thought I was good enough for Shayne. But why would you have me kidnapped and try to kill me? Why would you throw away your entire relationship with Josh just to keep me away from Shayne? It doesn't make sense that you would give up everything just to hurt me."

Annie stares, "No it doesn't. And that's why you're here."

Ava nods, "Maybe. I want answers."

Annie smiles "And maybe the answer is... they arrested the wrong person."

Ava and Annie stare at each other.




Dinah is in her dressing room.

Her hairdresser Gina is with her.

Dinah looks through bridal magazines, "This is going to be my last wedding. So I want it to be the best one yet. But then again it does seem silly to have a big wedding when you've had... more than I care to share."

Gina laughs, "Ooh come on spill. I can't keep track of all of your husbands."

Dinah laughs, "There weren't too many. Mallet a couple of times but before that it was Hart and before Hart Jessup, it was his father Roger..."


RJ walks in, "So my father and my grandfather? You sure have a thing for guys in my family don't you?"

Dinah turns, "RJ..."

Gina looks at him, "How did you get in here?"

RJ nods, "My Aunt Blake works here."

Dinah grins, "Blake acts like she owns the place. But she doesn't."

RJ walks in, "Ms. Marler I've been really nice to you. I've treated you with respect even though I know that you murdered my father and stalked my mother."

Dinah looks at him, "I'm sorry for all the pain I caused you but that was a long time ago and I'm a different person now. What are you doing here?"

RJ stares, "May I have a moment alone with Ms. Marler?"

Gina shakes her head, "I don't think that's a good idea."

Dinah looks at Gina, "It's okay. I'll holler if I need you."

Gina looks at both of them, "Okay. But if I hear anything crazy I'm coming back in with security. So you two don't do anything crazy."

Gina walks out and shuts the door behind her.

Dinah gets up, "What's wrong RJ?"

He looks at her, "It's about Belinda, Ms. Marler."

Dinah sighs, "Cut the polite crap. Just call me Dinah and tell me what is going on with my daughter."

RJ shows her the envelope, "I talked to Annie and she gave me this. So right now I hold the key to Belinda finding out who her biological father is."

Dinah stares at the envelope.



Over in the parking lot.

Marti and Zach are in his car.

The two have moved to the back seat.

They are kissing.

He looks at her, "I'm sorry, I know this isn't too romantic but my family won't take their eyes off me when I'm at home and I know I'm not welcome at your place."

She stares, "Well the Lewis vs Spaulding rivalry is kind of a big deal in this town."

He grins, "And you had to fall for the bad Spaulding boy."

She kisses him again.

He smiles at her, "It's kind of like Romeo and Juliet. Isn't that like every girls fantasy? To have that forbidden romance that is like poetic or whatever."

She laughs, "Maybe."

He kisses her neck and lays her down.

Marti tries to get comfortable.

Zach runs his hand up her shirt.

She pushes it down.

He begins to tug on her pants.

She pushes him back.

He looks at her, "You okay?"

She stares, "I'm fine..."

He shakes his head, "You seem tense."

She looks away.

He starts kissing her again.

She pushes him away, "I'm sorry... I know we haven't been able to do it since I got back but it's really cold and we're outside. It's not the right timing."

Zach stares, "Okay. Fine."

Zach climbs back into the front seat.

An emotional Marti tries to keep herself together.

Police Station:

Ava stands outside of Annie's cell.

Ava looks at her, "What are you getting at Annie?"

Annie smiles, "I'm not being mysterious or anything. I'm being very clear and concise. It's obvious that I'm without much of a 'motive'."

Ava stares, "You're crazy Annie. Crazy people don't even need motives. They act first and then think later or don't even think at all."

Annie grins, "Why am I crazy? Because I've been committed before? Are you really one to talk about crazy?"

Ava looks at her, "You know nothing about that."

Annie stares, "More than you think. And probably more than you have shared with your fiance Shayne. Like how Alan Michael Spaulding pulled strings to get you released from Ravenwood without a full analysis of your mental health."

Ava stares, "So?"

Annie smirks, "From what I hear they have been shifting around the staff at Ravenwood, they might not be so easy to get around if you are ever sent back."

Ava shakes her head, "I'm not getting sent back. I have my son, my fiance, and another baby on the way. My life couldn't be better."

Annie looks at her, "Does Shayne know about all of the things you did when you were an espionage hired by Spaulding?"

Ava nods, "In case you have forgotten, I confessed last year."

Annie nods, "Then lucky for you, you were kidnapped. By the time they found you everyone was so glad you were okay that the dirty secrets got swept under the rug. You didn't have to explain anything."

Ava walks closer, "It's in the past. Shayne and the Lewis family have forgiven me. And now my father is running Lewis Enterprises. I have nothing to worry about."

Annie nods, "Unless the stockholders get word of the money you were embezzling. You needed to afford to make the renovations on the Beacon and pay for your expensive lifestyle. It would have been years for you to become successful without taking a little off the top of the Lewis fortune. Am I wrong?"

Ava and Annie stare each other down.


Dinah stares at the envelope in RJ's hand.

She reaches for it.

He pulls his hand away.

She looks at him, "RJ give that to me?"

He shakes his head, "Why should I?"

She sighs, "Have you read it?"

He holds it up, "It's still sealed. It's none of my business. But it is Belinda's business, and I love Belinda."

Dinah stares, "You have no idea what you're talking about. I love Belinda with all of my heart and I need to protect her."

He looks at her, "From what?"

She stares, "Belinda was devastated when she found out all of the dirty details about my past. And so were you. This will push her over the edge."

RJ looks at her, "Who could her father possibly be that could top having a mother who killed your boyfriend's father?"

She stares, "RJ what do you want? Money?"

He scoffs, "I'm not you Dinah. My mother didn't raise me to blackmail and to use information to hurt people."

Dinah stares, "There are a lot of things you don't know about your mother. Cassie is far from perfect."

RJ looks at her, "You were always jealous of my mother and you always will be."

Dinah shouts, "Damn it RJ! Just give me the envelope."

He hands it to her, "Here."

She looks at him, "Obviously Belinda doesn't know. Otherwise this would be ripped open already. So now what?"

He stares, "Belinda is not going to find out from an envelope or from Annie Dutton. She's going to find out from you Dinah. You're her mother."

She stares at RJ.

He nods, "Do the right thing."

She shakes her head, "It's kind of scary how much you remind me of your father, Hart."

He sighs, "And if I recall, it was a lot of lies and secrets that led to his death. Maybe you should think about that."

RJ walks out.

Dinah rips up the envelope and throws it in the trash.

Museum Apartment:

Coop and Rocky sit together.

Rocky looks at him, "Oh my God... I cannot believe you just said that to me."

Coop stares, "Rocky-"

Rocky starts to get up, "I never wanted to believe that you were this ignorant and homophobic. I think I'm going to be sick."

Coop gets him to sit down, "Just relax. Okay? I found some medication and I thought it was like drugs. It was for HIV. I'm not asking you because you're gay. I'm asking you because you're my brother."

Rocky stares at him, "Let me set things 'straight' for you. No pun intended. I have only had sex with 3 people in my life, all of which I had long term relationships with. Shayne was my first and Kevin was my last. And yes I've been tested before and I do not have HIV. I'm not promiscuous and I don't get involved with people who are."

Coop stares, "Okay. I'm sorry. But just because you are safe doesn't mean that Kevin is. Are you 100% sure that Kevin isn't infected?"

Rocky starts to get up, "Oh my God!"

Coop sighs, "Rocky!"

Rocky looks at him, "Yes. It's none of your business, but Kevin has only slept with two people in his life. He slept with Vi when they were in high school when he was drunk. And he slept with me. He said there was no one in the world he'd want to be with besides me."

Coop stares, "Even when you were broken up for like a year?"

Rocky nods.

Coop looks at him, "You honestly believe that?"

Rocky shakes his head, "Don't worry about me and Kevin. If you are worried, worry about your wife. I know all about her past Coop. She ran an "escort" service."

Coop turns away.

Rocky nods, "Yeah it sucks when someone says stuff like that about the person you love. Stop pointing the finger and Kevin and ask your wife if she's the one who has HIV."

Eden walks in, "What are you guys talking about?"

Coop and Rocky turn to see Eden looking back at them.


Kevin is standing around with his hands in his pockets.

He is coughing a lot.

He is freezing and trying to stay warm.

A man walks past him, "Get a job."

Kevin scoffs, "Screw you!"

The man flips him off as he walks away.

Kevin starts to walk after him.

He accidentally bumps into a woman.

She looks at him, "Whoa careful. You okay?"

He looks at her, "Yeah..."

She nods, "Don't worry about people like him. Times like this are rough on all of us. Luckily I just got a promotion. You want me to buy you a coffee or something?"

He looks at her, "You're so kind."

She smiles, "Just paying it forward you know. I am on my way to the bank to drop off some cash so I wouldn't mind sharing a cup of coffee with a handsome young man like yourself."

Kevin sighs, "I don't drink coffee... but thank you. Thank you so much."

Kevin hugs her.

She smiles, "Oh you're a sweetheart."

Kevin hugs her tight, "I don't like people giving me things. I like to get them myself. But you're so sweet to offer."

She looks at him, "I hope things work out for you. I wish I could help more."

He nods, "You did."

She walks away smiling and proud of herself for being so generous.

Kevin walks away holding the billfold he swiped from her purse.

He smiles as he counts the money.


The doctors are prepping for surgery.

Ashlee is scrubbing in.

The nurse looks at her, "You okay?"

Ashlee nods, "Just anxious to get in there."

The nurse nods, "You sure sweetie? Did you eat lunch today? You're looking a little pale. I wouldn't want you getting dizzy."

Ashlee looks at her, "I'm fine. Do you think I would skip lunch right before a surgery. I take my job seriously."

Another doctor looks over, "I saw her eat lunch. She's good."

Ashlee smiles, "See."

The nurse stares at Ashlee.

Ashlee gets ready and goes in.

Rick looks around, "Okay. Dr. Wolfe is in for this one. She's going to prove that not all of the residents are lacking in talent."

Ashlee nods, "Thanks Dr. Bauer."

Rick looks at her, "I'm about to make the incision."

Ashlee watches as Rick cuts into the patient.

He nods, "One day this will be you Wolfe."

Ashlee is starting to shiver from being so cold.

The nurse keeps staring at her.

A paranoid Ashlee gives her a dirty look.

Rick looks at her, "Dr. Wolfe would you move over to my left side and give me a hand with this?"

Ashlee nods, "Right away Dr. Bauer..."

Ashlee stumbles a little.

He stares, "Dr. Wolfe?"

Ashlee begins to lose her balance.

Rick stands over the patient while he operates, "Dr. Wolfe?"

Ashlee knocks into Rick while he's starting to operate and falls to the floor.

Rick screams her name, "Ashlee!?! Ashlee!?!"

Ashlee hears the doctors panic around the patient as she passes out behind Rick.


Ashlee faces the consequences

Kevin's plan backfires!

Ava confesses to Shayne

Eden berates Coop

Cyrus visits Susan

Stephanie and Peter get closer


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Thats what that dumb ass get. Her diet has affected a patients life. Dub hoe. I don't even feel sorry for her no more. SHes just being dumb right now. I would like to reach in this pc screen and slap the sit out of her. DOnt that dumb ho know that repeated vomitting will mess up her teeth all that damn acid

I loved Coop and Rocky's scenes. I didn't think coop would be so blunt about the HIV thing. But still nothing is confriemd. Rocky could still have it and not know it. Now we got to find out who it really is. SOme one knows and is taking pills for it. I wonder of this person is having sex wit someone.

This Dinah and Belinda plot is starting to intrest me alot.

I also liked Kevin's street boy scenes.

Good job Jay u r keeping things going.

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Yep. I knew that if I told this story for Ashlee again it had to be different. This time she isn't written with as much sympathy. She is acting irresponsible and this time it may have cost someone their life.

I'm glad you're getting so into the HIV mystery. I'm so excited for the revelation. It will happen before the end of Tumbling Down.

The Dinah and Belinda story is a little too cliche soapy, but it has to be told and I'm hoping to keep it interesting and make it more about the emotional impact than simply the shock.

Kevin is going down a dark path.

Thanks so much! I'm loving writing this chapter.

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