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S4 Episode 6



Bad behavior catches up with people in Springfield...




Ashlee is lying on a hospital bed.

Lillian is with her.

Ashlee opens her eyes, "What is going on?"

Lillian looks at her, "You okay? You took a hard hit to your head after you fainted?"

Ashlee stares, "Fainted?"

Lillian sits by her, "What do you remember sweetheart?"

Ashlee sits up, "I was scrubbing in to go into surgery. I was standing next to Dr. Bauer and it was freezing. I started to get a little dizzy. I was calm, but that's all I remember."

Lillian looks at her, "You collapsed during surgery and knocked into Rick while he was working on the patient Ashlee. You don't remember that?"

She shakes her head, "No. Oh my God! What happened?"

Lillian looks at her, "I'm sure he's okay. But you need to rest. You look pale."

Ashlee stares, "I'm always pale."

Lillian sighs, "Are you sure you're not coming down with something?"

Ashlee nods, "I don't know..."

Lillian takes her hand, "Your fingers look a little rough."

Ashlee pulls them away, "So?"

Lillian looks at her, "Ashlee, I know when you were younger you developed an eating disorder. Is there something that you want to talk about?"

Ashlee scoffs, "Oh my God."

Lillian looks at her, "Ashlee this is serious."

Ashlee looks at her, "Stop making false accusations. Do you have idea what kind of trouble I could get into with rumors like that flying around."

Lillian looks at her, "Do you know how dangerous it is to be a doctor when you are ill? You are not just putting your life at risk but the life of every patient you have."

Rick walks in, "I couldn't agree more."

Ashlee looks over to see a very angry Rick staring back at her.



Museum Apartment:


Eden walks over to Rocky and Coop.

Coop stands up.

Eden looks at him, "What the hell is going on?"

Coop sighs, "I found medication that I assumed was some kind of drug Kevin was using. But now I know it was actually medication for HIV."

Eden stares, "Kevin has HIV?"

Rocky looks at her, "No."

Eden looks at them, "Why did I hear my name?"

Coop sighs, "I don't know who is infected. It could be anyone who lives here."

Eden stares, "But you know it's not you. And you know it's not me because I'm your wife and we share everything with each other. Right?"

He looks at his brother.

Eden backs away, "Oh my God. You two were talking about me?"

Rocky sighs, "I'm sorry."

Coop walks towards her, "It's not like that."

Eden backs up, "Stay away from me. You wouldn't want to catch anything."

Coop shakes his head, "Don't be like that."

She scoffs, "Don't act like I'm the one who is out of line. You're accusing me of hiding a disease from you. A disease I do not have!"

Coop looks at her, "The only reason I'm concerned is because if you or Rocky were to be infected then I would want to be there for you."

She nods, "So you hear HIV and you target the gay guys. Nice Coop."

He shakes his head, "It wasn't like that."

She laughs, "I guess I'm next huh? Next stereotype is the whore? Well come on ask me Coop! Ask your whore wife right now if she has HIV!"

Coop stares, "Do you?"

Eden slaps him across the face.




Kevin is counting the money he stole from the woman he encountered.

His fellow homeless buddy Gray walks over, "What you so happy about?"

Kevin nods, "Cash."

Gray stares, "What the hell?"

Kevin smiles, "You were right. It's all about taking what's yours. That lady is going to find some way to get her money back and cycle will go on. I never thought about it like that until you explained it to me. But right now everything makes perfect sense. Everything."

Gray stares, "You're talking a mile a minute."

Kevin nods, "I'm just excited. Sometimes everything can be so messed up and confusing. Then suddenly everything falls into place and all I want to do is take it and run."

Gray laughs, "You're a little off aren't you?"

Kevin looks at him, "What?"

Gray sighs, "Nothing kid. You gonna share the wealth or what? I am the one who taught you everything."

Kevin nods, "Let's get some food. My treat."

Kevin stands up and starts walking.

Gray puts his bag over his shoulder and follows, "Why don't you let me hold on to the cash?"

Kevin shakes his head, "Nope. I got it."

Kevin is walking very fast.

Gray laughs, "Seriously."

Kevin shakes his head, "Seriously. I got it."

Gray stops laughing, "No, I'm serious. Give it."

Gray swings his bag and knocks Kevin in the back of the head.

Kevin falls down.

Gray grabs the cash.

Kevin grabs at Gray's leg.

Gray kicks him in the face.

He continues to kick him in the stomach.

Gray smiles, "Here's a tip: Always carry a heavy object in the bottom of your pack.

Kevin coughs and holds his stomach.

Gray walks away with the cash.


Bauer Home:


Michelle and Marina are together.

Michelle smiles, "Thanks for bringing Daniel over. Robbie and Hope love playing with him."

Marina nods, "He's their brother. I know Danny would want them to all spend time together. I know it's probably hard for them with their baby brother living in California."

Michelle nods, "How is California life?"

Marina smiles, "Great. I'm actually looking into the LAPD. But right now Cyrus is the breadwinner. He's actually a pretty good business man."

Michelle nods, "So he's staying out of trouble?"

Marina nods, "Of course."

Michelle smiles, "That's good. I don't judge Marina. Danny was a different person before we were married. I know people can change."

Marina nods, "I agree."

Michelle looks at her, "So how do you handle the whole topic of Danny? I mean are you going to tell Daniel about him?"

Marina nods, "Of course. Danny is his father."

Michelle sighs, "Good. It's great you got it all figured out."

Michelle sits down.

Marina looks at her, "Everything okay Michelle?"

Michelle looks back, "Of course."

Marina sits with her, "We used to be friends Michelle. You can talk to me."

Michelle sighs, "I've been seeing someone. And I'm having a hard time finding a way to tell my kids about it."

Marina stares, "That's got to be rough."

Michelle nods, "It is. I am really falling for this guy but how do I introduce another man who is not their father? Especially after everything fell a part before."

Marina sighs, "You are a strong woman Michelle. And a great Mom. Your children know that and they love you."

Michelle smiles at her, "I'm glad you came back for a visit Marina. How long are you in town?"

Marina looks down, "We'll see. Cyrus has some stuff he has to deal with now."

The two women hug.




Susan and Stephanie are in Stephanie's room.

Susan is going through her closet, "You have some nice outfits."

Stephanie sighs, "But none of them fit me anymore now that I'm pregnant. I swear, I don't know why Peter still insists on telling me I'm beautiful."

Susan sighs, "Oh my God. Another rant about your weight?"

Stephanie shakes her head, "Nothing fits."

Susan walks over, "I've never been pregnant but isn't the anticipation for a baby supposed to outweigh the problems of your body changing?"

Stephanie sighs, "But it's not! Once I give birth I'll just be some fat chick."

Susan smiles, "You're gorgeous. Peter is lucky to have you."

Stephanie sighs, "I'm carrying Guillespie's baby. My abusive ex boyfriend is always going to be a constant reminder."

Susan whispers, "We got rid of Guillespie. We never have to worry about him again."

Stephanie nods, "I know. But Peter is amazing. He's taking on me and my baby. What did I do to get to be so lucky to have a guy like him?"

Susan looks at her, "Will you stop it? Peter is lucky to have you too you know."


Peter walks in, "I agree."

Stephanie looks at him, "Ah three's company huh?"

He laughs, "One of the fun things about all 3 of us living up here."

Susan looks at them, "I'll leave you two alone."

Susan walks out.

Peter walks towards Stephanie, "I got off early. You okay?"

Stephanie sighs, "I wanted to look decent for when you got back."

Peter looks at her, "Would you stop. We're together, you don't have to try and impress me. Nothing is going to mess up what we have together."

Peter kisses her.

Downstairs Susan walks to the diner.

Susan stops when she hears an Australian accent, "Susan."

Susan turns.

Cyrus Foley walks into the diner.



Police Station:


Ava is outside of Annie's cell.

Annie looks at her, "You getting nervous?"

Ava shakes her head, "Confused. You have so many people in this town to target. Why on earth are you wasting your time on someone like me?"

Annie smiles, "You are one of the worst."

Ava smirks, "Is that so?"

Annie nods, "You grew up poor right? Then you found a Lewis man, got pregnant with his baby and got him to marry you. Then came back and doing the same thing with another Lewis. Reminds me a lot of your soon to be mother-in-law."

Ava nods, "I would much rather be compared to Reva then to you."

Annie looks at her, "You think you're a real Lewis don't you? Please. I've been in your seat before. Their love for you is very conditioned."

Ava shakes her head, "You have no idea what you're talking about."

Annie smiles, "They tell you they love you? They forgive you for the past. But the second you tick off the wrong person they'll turn on you."

Ava stares, "Shayne and I are engaged. We are going to have a baby."

Annie smiles, "A few years ago you were engaged to Bill and having his baby. Look how well that turned out."

Ava nods, "Shayne and I are in love. It's nothing like my relationship with Bill."

Annie stares, "Do you really think they will forgive you again?"

Ava looks at her, "You're pathetic. Your life is falling a part so you attack me."

Annie smiles, "Oh yes. I'm taking everyone down with me."

Ava shakes her head, "Not me. You stay the hell away from me, my children, and Shayne. Or you will be sorry."

Ava storms out.

Annie laughs to herself.



Cyrus stands across from Susan.

Susan looks at him, "What are you doing here?"

He smiles, "Nice manners."

She nods, "Seriously."

He sighs, "I'm in town. I have some things that Marina and I need to take care of. Are you okay?"

Susan nods, "Great."

He looks at her, "I'm sure it's kind of obvious why I was looking for you. I'm not here to be mean or cause any drama for you Susan. I just want to know."

She turns away, "I don't know what you're getting at."

He sighs, "Just let me know where to find him."

She shakes her head, "Who?"

Cyrus nods, "You really want me to say it? My brother."

Susan looks at him, "Guillespie? I haven't talked to him in a long time."

Cyrus nods, "I know you two had broken up but you also have a long history together and that doesn't just disappear. I figured you might have some idea where he ran off to now."

Susan shakes her head, "As long as he is not in Springfield then he's not my problem."

Cyrus nods, "I know. Susan I promise I didn't come here to cause trouble for you. But he is my brother and I'm worried about him right now."

She shakes her head, "Why?"

Cyrus nods, "He hasn't called me for help or money or both. That's rare. Either he is happy living some great life somewhere or something bad has happened."

She sighs, "Excuse me for not caring."

Cyrus sighs, "You used to love him."

She shakes her head, "Well now I'm sort of with Sam Spencer. He's out of town and we are on a break but when he gets back we will be back together. Guillespie is dead... to me."

Cyrus sighs, "Did he have any other girls while he was here last? Anyone who might have known where he would be now."

Susan pauses, "Uh.... no. I don't know but I don't think so. No woman in Springfield would go near him after the things he did to all of us."

He nods, "Except for you?"

Susan sighs, "I guess so."

He looks at her, "I really hope you're being honest with me. Please tell me if you hear anything."

Susan nods, "I won't hear anything."

Cyrus sighs, "Nice seeing you Susan."

He walks out.

Susan gets nervous and walks up to her room.


Eden walks around the living room.

Coop holds his face.

An uncomfortable Rocky sits in the middle.

Eden stares, "How dare you?"

Coop sighs, "I'm sorry..."

She looks at him, "Since we got married I haven't had sex with anyone else! Even the time where we weren't physically together, I never did. And you have the nerve to accuse me to accuse me of that."

He sighs, "I didn't mean anything like that."

She nods, "I had myself tested before and no I've never had HIV."

Coop stares, "It wasn't as much suspicion as it was fear. The last thing I want is for the people I care about to be battling something like this."

She shakes her head, "There are 7 of us who live here. And you really thought that your brother or your wife would be the ones infected?"

He stares, "I made a mistake."

She nods, "Damn right you did. Besides how do you know someone from one of our parties didn't leave that lying around or something? Did you think of that?"

He looks around, "I don't know..."

Eden stares, "Oh my God. That's why you've been talking to her isn't it?"

Rocky looks around, "Who?"

Eden nods, "His ex girlfriend."

Coop nods, "Ashlee ran the tests for me."

She scoffs, "That's great. You two are playing detectives. I'm sure she loved the fact that I might have HIV. Then I can die and she can have you all to herself."

He stares at her, "There is nothing going on. We broke up years ago. Ashlee and I are still friends."

Eden nods, "I sure hope you and I are friends when you leave me for her."

He scoffs, "Now who is accusing their spouse of crap?"

She nods, "Hurts doesn't it? Hopefully your brother will be nice enough to let you crash in his room tonight."

Eden walks off to their room and slams the door.

Coop and Rocky look at each other.


Cross Creek:

Ava walks inside.

She hollers, "Shayne?"

He hollers from the kitchen, "I'm in here."

She walks in.


He turns and smiles, "Hi."

She nods, "Hey."

He looks at her, "How did things go down at the police station? I wish I could have been there for you. But I couldn't get out of my meeting. But luckily I beat you home so I could make you a snack."

She smiles "You're amazing you know that?"

He looks at her, "You bring it out in me."

The two kiss.

She looks down.

He sighs, "What's wrong?"

She looks at him, "We swore we'd never keep secrets from each other. And I want our relationship to be different this time around. I love you."

He stares, "What's going on?"

Ava nods, "Annie knows the details of some of the things I did when I was a corporate espionage trying to get information back to Spaulding. She wants to use it to break us up and drive a wedge into the family."

Shayne looks at her, "Well she underestimates us. I'm standing by you Ava. I don't care about the past anymore. And my family will support us."

She looks at him, "It's more than that."

Shayne stares, "What do you mean?"

Ava nods, "She wants to try and get me sent back to Ravenwood. What if she still has connections or if other shareholders find out what I did?"

He stares, "No. We aren't letting her do that."

Shayne rubs Ava's pregnant belly.

Ava sighs, "What are we going to do?"

He nods, "Whatever it takes to keep her away from our family."

The two stare at each other.


Susan walks around the boarding house.

She goes to talk to Stephanie.

Right before she knocks on her door she overhears Peter and Stephanie.

She doesn't want to ruin their moment.

Susan walks back into her room.

Inside of Stephanie's room.

Stephanie and Peter are kissing.

He looks at her, "I love you Stephanie."

She smiles, "I love you too."

He stares, "I'm sorry if our lack of intimacy was making you feel self conscious. I thought I was being respectful waiting for you to have the baby..."

She shakes her head, "I'll just have to wait even longer after that."

He nods, "I know. I'd wait forever for you. I'd wait until we were married or-"

She stares, "You really think that will happen?"

He nods, "Sorry if I freaked you out. I didn't mean now I just meant someday-"

She kisses him again.

She starts undoing his shirt.

He smiles, "That's a good reaction."

She shushes him, "Just show me how much you love me."

The two continue kissing.

He helps her out of her dress.

He kisses her shoulders and runs his hands up her body.

The two lay down on the bed together.

Peter makes love to Stephanie.


Kevin lies on the ground bleeding.

A few people are staring at him.

Some people try and walk around him.

A couple even go as far as to step over him.

He pulls himself up on a bench.

One woman with her children turns and walks the other way.

Finally one man walks over, "Hey. Do you need me to call someone?"

Kevin shoves him, "Stay away from me. I don't need you!"

A few people run over to shove Kevin away from the guy.

Kevin stumbles down the sidewalk.

He has blood dripping all over him.

He's covered in dirt.

He falls down onto a bench and holds his head.


His former roommate Vi Grant walks down the sidewalk texting.

She glances at him in the corner of her eye.

She is on the phone with Jason, "Hey Babe. I just saw the cutest thing at the store-"

Kevin watches as his brother's girlfriend walks by not even noticing or recognizing him.

Kevin has tears in his eyes.

An older man walks by and throws a couple of dollars into Kevin's lap.

The man smiles and walks away.

Kevin quickly puts the money in his pocket.

He slowly gets up and stumble down the sidewalk again.

He can tell people are afraid or grossed out by him.

He eventually begins asking people for money.


Rick, Lillian and Ashlee are all together.

Lillian stands up, "I'll excuse myself."

Lillian walks out.

Rick walks towards Ashlee.

She is looking down the whole time.

He sighs, "Look at me."

She slowly looks at Rick.

He stares at her, "You're malnourished."

She shakes her head, "I just haven't been eating as much as like... I'm not stopping eating or anything. Just let me explain this Rick."

He stares, "I haven't interrupted you and you can't even get your sentence out. You're too exhausted to come up with another lie or justification."

She looks down, "You don't understand."

He sighs, "I feel sorry for you Ashlee I do. You are a beautiful young girl and you seem to have a lot of darkness in you that makes you do this to yourself."

Ashlee nods.

He stares, "But you have no idea how furious I am with you right now. A man nearly died because of your selfishness Ashlee. Do you understand that?"

Ashlee has tears in her eyes, "I didn't mean for that to happen!"

He nods, "But it did! Someone could have been killed, the whole hospital was put at risk, and your medical career could have been finished!"

She stares, "Is it?"

He looks at her, "You are going to take a leave of absence from the program. You are going to explain that you are trying to prevent something bad from happening."

She stares, "I can't just give up my job!"

He nods, "You will or else I'll have you removed. Ashlee you need to get help. I'm trying to save your career. But first you need to save yourself. Go home and call your mother and talk about getting back into rehab. I'll get the paperwork together for you. As of now you are not practicing medicine."

Rick walks out.

Ashlee begins to sob as she realizes what is happening.

She can already feel the sensation to throw up the crackers Lillian gave her.


Belinda finds out the truth!

Coop questions Ashlee

Maureen confronts Jason

Liz is in an accident

David confides in Amanda

Bill and Phillip worry for Spencer


Recommended Comments

  • Members

Wow what a powerful episode. Jam packed with actions. It's like the heat has been turned on in Springfield. Hot damn where do I begin?

So all girls who throw up like Asshlee has bad fingers? I don't know if that was what you meant or not. Your stories are also moving much faster and I love that. It really keeping FTL very interesting and FTL is must read every ep. There a sense of less filler scenes and people yapping about nothing and more actions. Keep that up.

I was on the edge of my seat at Eden's response to Coop's question. I loved it. And to top it all off he still asked her did she? I love this storyline. Your are doing it so well, you turned it into a mystery giving this story MANY layers. Only a great writer could do that.

POOR POOR KEvin. If I was in Springfield he could sho come to my house and lay his head. In fact, naw, never mind. LOL.

SO I noticed I Haven't seen much of Reva, is she not in a major storyline?

The one thing I am liking about FTL and it really shows this season, is that you have really moved away from those older characters and gave great storylines to the younger set giving FTL a fresher appeal. The older folk I really don't care for. If FTL was on tv, your DEMOS would have dramatically improved over the last few months for sure. In fact if STEAM and FTL were both on the air, I would have my team look at your show to see what you were doing.GL's numbers would have seen numbers they ahvent seen in years. Seriously. You should have really been their HW. You have breath so much fresh life in a great grandma ass show

I love how Annie still wield so much power even behind bars. You get it Bitch. I hope she is set free before the end so she can cause some trouble.

I see Cyrus has popped back in town. THis can t be good.

GREAT EP. I cant wait for the next. FTL is on FIRE.

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  • Members

The stories move faster because they conclude at the end of the chapter. It's harder but keeps me from forgetting things and letting things drag out too long.

Ashlee shoves her finger down her throat to throw up. That does some damge to your fingers.

I'm glad you're enjoying it. The young people living together has given me so much juicy drama! I can't wait for the revelation towards the end of Tumbling Down.

Reva is part of the Annie storyline. So in Tumbling Down she is grouped with her whole family for that one. But it's only a matter of time before Reva has something big. I just didn't want to keep it "The Reva Show", like it was sometimes on GL.

I'm glad you liked me using more younger characters. And I make sure they all have ties to the old GL characters, and I keep the older ones around too. But I think it's time for the next generation to take over the drama.

Oh yes, Annie has a lot of time to be sober and really plot good revenge. Everything comes to a climax in the Tumbling Down finale and you'll see what Annie's HUGE plan is that may or may not keep her out of prison. But I PROMISE Springfield will be changed after she is done.

I can't wait for you to read the rest of Tumbling Down!!! The next episodes will begin the month of February, and as we all know that's a sweeps month where soaps bring the BIG stuff ;)

I can't wait to finish Tumbling Down and announce the next chatper!!!

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