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S4 Episode 2



The beginning of the new year continues in Springfield...


Police Station:


Annie sits in her cell.

She looks around.

Annie shouts, "I'm going crazy in here!"


Edmund and Marah walk in.

Edmund smiles, "You passed crazy a long time ago Annie."

She stares, "Well look who it is."

Marah stares back at her.

Annie smirks, "You here to confess? They'll go easier if you turn yourself in but either way you're still going down Marah. We're about to trade spots."

Marah smiles, "You're really lost it haven't you?"

Annie looks at Edmund.

He is smiling.

She shakes her head, "What the hell is going on?"

She notices the two are holding hands.

Annie scoffs, "No. What the hell? Edmund I told you everything and you were supposed to help take Marah down. What are you two sleeping together again?"

Marah holds up her hand.

She flashes her engagement ring.

Annie stares.

She looks at Edmund, "You double crossing son of a bitch!"

Marah and Edmund back up.

Edmund chuckles, "Just when I thought you couldn't get any more vicious."

Annie shakes her head, "You two deserve each other you know that? I can only imagine what Josh and Reva think of this little engagement."

Edmund laughs, "I've made quite and impression on the Lewis family."

Annie shakes her head, "What the hell does that mean?"

Marah looks at her, "You haven't heard?"

Annie sighs, "Unless the cops are talking about it I don't know anything."

Marah turns to Edmund.

Edmund smiles at Annie, "You are looking at the CEO of Lewis Enterprises."

Annie's jaw drops.




Rocky and Kevin are in his room.

Kevin smiles, "Hi."

Rocky stares, "What are you doing?"

Kevin hands him a gift, "I bought this for you."

Rocky shakes his head, "I don't want this."

Kevin grins, "Come on! I spent the last of my money on it. I pawned most of my stuff to buy you guys those presents. And everything else got destroyed in the fire. Plus I'm sure I've lost my job by now."

Rocky sighs, "My God. Where have you been staying?"

Kevin sits on Rocky's bed, "Here and there."

Rocky shakes his head, "You look terrible."

Kevin looks at him, "You're not one to talk."

Rocky scoffs, "You did this to me!"

Kevin sighs, "I felt horrible when I found out what happened. My whole world was shattered. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you Rocky."

Rocky stares, "You seem fine now."

Kevin nods, "When I found out you were okay... I felt something come over me. Rocky I thought you had fallen out of love with me. But you ran towards that car to save me. Now I know that you love me and you always will."

Rocky stares, "Are you really serious? That's all you've gotten from this?"

Kevin looks at him, "Am I wrong?"

Rocky turns away.

Kevin smiles, "I know I'm not."

Rocky sighs, "I love you. I can't control that."

Kevin nods, "I know. You need to stop trying. We're meant for each other."

Rocky looks at him, "You really don't get it do you?"

Kevin looks at him, "Come on! There is nothing to 'get'. You love me and I love you."

Rocky shakes his head.

Kevin nods, "Yes I do. I love you."

Rocky shakes his head, "No. You scare me."

A very confused Kevin stares at him.


Harley's House:


Gus and Harley pull into the driveway.

Gus looks at her, "I can't believe you made me wait this whole time."

She laughs, "We're not kids. We're cops. I'm not having sex in your car in front of the station."

Harley gets out.

Gus gets out next.

The two hurry into the house.

He kisses her neck.

Harley laughs, "At least let me shut the door.

Harley kicks the door shut.

Gus and her continue kissing.

They throw their jackets off.

She smiles, "Upstairs?"

He shakes his head, "I can't wait that long."

Gus picks up Harley and puts her on top of the counter.

The two continue making out.

He unbuttons her top.

He kisses her exposed chest.

Harley wraps her legs around him.

Gus rips his shirt off.

Harley reaches over and closes the curtains.

She undoes his belt.

Gus's pants drop the floor.

The two make love.




The cameras are still rolling.

Baby Clay is awake from his nap.

Liz puts baby Clay into his stroller.

She smiles at him, "We are going for a walk around town."

The producer nods, "Yep. This will make great footage for the opening sequence."

Liz pushes him out in his stroller.

The camera crew follows.

Her suite is completely empty.


Aubrey sneaks out from the nursery.

She looks around.

She examines the room.

Runs her hand along the wall.

She enters Liz's bedroom.

She smirks.

Aubrey sits down at Liz's vanity.

She stares into the mirror, "Princess Elizabeth. Oh sweet Elizabeth Spaulding, the heiress to Spaulding Enterprises. The richest family in all of Springfield."

She begins to put Liz's make up on.

She slowly applies the make up to her face.

Aubrey gets up and begins to undress.

Slowly she removes all of her clothing.

She stands naked as she reaches into Liz's drawer.

She takes out Liz's lingerie, "Ooh. Elizabeth has a sexy side."

Aubrey slips it on.

She then goes through her jewelry box.

Aubrey puts a diamond necklace around her neck.

She smiles into the mirror.

She grabs some lipstick and lays down on Liz's bed.

Aubrey smears the lipstick on her lips.

She runs her hands up and down her body as she lies in Liz's bed.


Springfield High:


Leah and James walk down the hall holding hands.

Robbie approaches them, "Hey."

Leah smiles, "What's up?"

Robbie sighs, "You guys know Emma Spencer right?"

James laughs, "She's my half sister dude."

Leah nods, "Of course. She was my best friend when we were kids. I tried talking to her when she first came back to town but she's pretty closed off."

Robbie nods, "I noticed a few things about her. She always wears something on her neck and around her wrists, you guys ever notice that?"

Leah shakes her head, "I try not to comment on her style. I just accept that some people choose to look that way."

Robbie sighs, "Seriously. I saw her wrists when she was walking away, she has a lot of cuts up and down her arms."

James stares, "Really?"

Robbie nods, "And I noticed her neck has a lot of marks on it, they look like rope burns."

Leah sighs, "Okay let's not overreact to anything. Maybe she's just into some kinky stuff."

James scoffs, "Eww."

Leah looks at him, "Just because she's got that goth style doesn't mean she hurts herself. It just seems a little stereotypical you know?"

Robbie sighs, "Stereotypical or not I've gotta do something."

On the other side of school.


Marti is at her locker.

Belinda smiles at her, "I'm surprised you decided to show your face here again."

Marti sighs, "I know you're mad at me."

Belinda laughs, "Oh mad doesn't even begin to describe it. It's bad enough I found out that you slept with RJ-"

Marti shakes her head, "Before he was your boyfriend."

Belinda nods, "Oh don't give me that crap. You stole Leah's boyfriend, I'm not about to let you steal mine. Besides, I know you're the one who sent my notebook to my parents."

Marti sighs, "You were bullying me. You made my life here a hell."

Belinda laughs, "You think that was hell? Then you can't even imagine what I have in store for you."

Marti looks at her, "Things are different now. I'm different. Just forget about it. Please?"

Marti starts to walk past her.

Belinda grabs her and throws her up against the locker.

Belinda looks at her, "Oh no. You see you only focused on my sexual past. But if you had dug a little deeper you would have heard that I used to be a very violent girl. And I still can be."

Belinda walks away.

A very shaken up Marti begins to cry at the feeling of being physically assaulted again.

She has flashbacks to her sexual assault as she emotionally heads down the hallway.



Coop stares at Ashlee.

She nods, "One of your roommates is infected with HIV.

Coop sits down, "What?"

Ashlee nods, "You have no idea who's medication it was?"

Coop shakes his head, "No. I saw the pill and I thought maybe it was Kevin's. If he was on drugs then that would explain why he was acting this way. And then I could prove something to Rocky."

Ashlee sighs, "It could be Kevin's."

Coop looks at her, "You think I'm supposed to present that theory to my brother? Accusing his boyfriend of having HIV? Kevin's already trying to get it into his head that I'm homophobic."

Ashlee shakes her head, "Whether you ask him because he's gay or don't ask him because he's gay it's just as bad Coop. I know you're not homophobic."

Coop stands, "What if it's none of my business? I don't have the right to ask."

Ashlee looks at him, "What if it is your business Coop? What if it your brother? Or your wife?"

He turns to her, "Eden? How can you say that?"

Ashlee sighs, "You never know Coop. Maybe she's afraid to tell you."

Coop looks around, "It could be anyone. Eden, Rocky, Kevin, Jason, Maureen, Vi. What am I supposed to do? Do I make a big announcement and ask for answers?"

Ashlee stares, "I'm sorry Coop... I know this is tough for you."

He looks at her, "You're a doctor Ashlee. Who do you think it is?"

She sighs, "It could be anyone Coop."

Coop looks at her, "On a totally statistical standpoint?"

She sighs, "Some of the biggest victims are men who have sexual relations with other men and... prostitutes."

Coop turns away.

Ashlee sighs, "Rocky and Kevin are gay, and I'm sure they have had themselves tested enough but I don't know. And I don't know if it's true but rumors about Eden are that she used to be a call girl-"

Coop stands up, "I know what you're thinking okay. Just don't."

She sighs, "I'm sorry."

Coop begins to worry about his loved ones.


Harley's House:

Gus and Harley lie on the couch together.

The two are out of breath.

Harley smiles, "Oh my God. Oh my God."

He laughs, "Ditto."

She laughs, "You know this sneaking around thing is fun."

He smiles, "I'm right about these things huh?"

She sighs, "But-"

He moans, "Ah! No buts!"

She sighs, "But, we can't do it forever. You know that."

He sighs, "I know."

She looks at him, "We made a promise that we would see how things worked out between the two of us and keep everything under the radar before-"

He nods, "Before we tell the kids anything. Because why get their hopes up-"

She sighs, "If we are not ready to get back together."

The two lay down and look up at the ceiling.

Gus sighs, "I miss this. I miss being with you."

She looks at him, "I miss you too."

She puts her hand on his chest.

He kisses her head, "But if it's going to have the same problems as last time we can't put ourselves through that again. Or the kids for that matter."

Harley sighs, "Well Zach and Jude are practically adults... which I'm not ready to talk about. And Angela isn't a little kid anymore... I don't know."

Gus looks at her, "Let's just enjoy whatever this is while it last.

She rubs his chest.

He smiles, "You know what that does to me."

She giggles, "Do I?"

Gus rolls back on top of Harley.

The two begin to make love again.

Police Station:

Annie stares at Edmund and Marah.

She shakes her head, "What are you guys talking about?"

Edmund nods, "Marah and I took it upon ourselves to release the information about Josh's illness to the company and they were not pleased about being left in the dark by the Lewis family."

Annie stares, "No way. Marah would never do that to her father.

Marah looks down.

Annie looks at her, "Oh my God... Oh my God. I finally get it. You two aren't in love at all are you?"

Edmund laughs, "You're nuts."

She shakes her head, "You're blackmailing her. This is all part of your plan isn't it? You're using your own daughter's kidnapping to get control of Lewis Enterprises."

Edmund grins, "What I do with my company is my business."

She shakes her head, "My company! I helped make Lewis Enterprises what it is today. If anyone is going to take over from the Lewis family it should be me."

Edmund smiles, "From behind bars."

Annie scoffs, "Son of a bitch. You got everything you wanted. I'm here to take the fall for her. So you can use her as a pawn in your games."

Marah stares at Annie.

Annie looks at her, "You're pathetic. I thought you were some strong woman that I should actually worry about. But you're nothing Marah. You're a coward."

Marah looks at her, "Screw you."

Annie laughs, "He controls you. Your life is over."

Edmund puts his arm around Marah, "Let's go."

Annie scoffs, "It's only a matter of time before one of you kills the other."

Marah and Edmund stare at her.

Annie begins laughing.

Marah stares, "I can't believe I ever looked up to you."

Edmund shakes his head, "Come along."

The two walk out.

Annie's laughter becomes uncontrollable as the two exit.


Coop stands with Ashlee.

She looks at him, "I didn't mean to offend you."

He shakes his head, "I'm sorry I snapped. I'm just stressed. I feel like my biggest problem is how I try to control the people I love sometimes. It's pushing my brother away. It ruined my relationships with Ava, Stephanie, and... you."

Ashlee stares at him, "There was a lot more involved in our break up. We both just changed and we grew a part. It was nobody's fault."

He sighs, "I'm glad we are still in each other's lives."

She smiles, "Me too."

Coop sighs, "I don't know what I'm going to do."

She looks at him, "If there is anything I can do... I wish there was more."

Coop shakes his head, "You've done enough. Thank you."

Ashlee rubs his back.

Coop turns and smiles at her.

The two hug each other tight.


Eden walks over with two coffees.

She clears her throat.

Coop jumps up, "Hey Babe. Thanks."

He takes the coffee and kisses Eden.

Eden looks at Ashlee, "On your break?"

Ashlee nods, "Yeah."

Eden nods, "It's nice you have time to comfort your ex boyfriends."

Ashlee looks away.

Coop laughs, "Ashlee's a good friend. She was just giving me some good advice about my brother."

Eden looks at him, "Well I'm glad you trust her."

He sighs, "Come on."

Eden and Coop walk down the hall.

Coop looks at her, "Are you feeling okay Babe?"

She nods, "Yeah... why?"

He shakes his head, "Nothing."

The two leave the hospital.

Springfield High:

Marti is walking down the hallway.

She continues to have flashbacks to New Years Eve in New York.

Gavin presses himself up against her back.

She turns around, "Don't touch me."

He grabs her arms, "Hey. Your friend Leah was the tease. You're the sure thing."

She pulls away, "No I'm not and I wouldn't sleep with you anyway. You're a dweeb."

He stares, "Liar."

She laughs, "Get over yourself."

Marti begins to walk away.

He grabs her from behind and pulls her close.

Marti wipes a tear from her face.

She walks over to the guidance counselors' office.

She knocks on the door.


Bridget walks out, "Marti. Hi. You okay?"

She stares, "Principal Reardon... I didn't know you would be here..."

She nods, "Well Ms. Hayden is out for the day. So I'm taking on some of her appointments that couldn't get rescheduled. Is there anything I can help you with?"

Marti stares at her.

Leah, Robbie, and James walk up.

Bridget looks at them, "You guys okay?"

Leah sighs, "We need to talk to you about something.

Bridget sighs, "Well I'm with Marti at the moment-"

Marti shakes her head, "No. I just had some questions about my schedule but I think I can figure it out. Go ahead with them."

Marti walks away.

Robbie looks at Bridget, "We are concerned about a student."

Bridget nods, "Which student?"

Leah sighs, "Emma Spencer."

Bridget nods, "Okay well what's going on?"

James sighs, "We think she might be hurting herself."

Bridget sighs, "Did she say anything or do you have proof?"

Robbie shakes his head, "No..."

Bridget sighs, "Well I'll set up an appointment with the guidance counselor and you 3 can tell her your situation and I'm sure she'll find a way to help you."

The three of them all look at each other.


Aubrey is lying in Liz's bed.

She hears the door open in the main room.

Liz walks in with her camera crew.

Aubrey quickly hides under Liz's bed.

Outside in the living room.

The camera crew packs up.

The producer looks at Liz, "Use this time to take a nap. We'll be back in a few hours."

Liz nods, "Okay sounds good."

After putting the baby down, Liz walks into her bedroom.

She sits on her bed.

Aubrey looks at Liz's feet from under the bed.

Liz takes off her shoes and lays down on her bed.

She notices it's a bit wrinkled but doesn't pay attention.

After about a half hour, Liz is fast asleep.

Aubrey slowly works up the nerve to crawl out from under the bed.

She gets up and looks at Liz.

She stands over her.

Aubrey leans down and watches her sleep.

Aubrey's heart is racing as she knows Liz could wake up at any moment.

Aubrey stares at her enemy who is incredibly vulnerable.

She feels Liz's breath brush against her face.

Aubrey leans closely and stares at her.

Very slowly Aubrey plants a kiss on Liz's lips, "I'll see you soon."

Aubrey gets up and walks out of the room.

Liz continues sleeping.


Rocky lies in his bed.

Kevin stares at him, "I scare you?"

Rocky looks at him.

Kevin stares, "Do I really?"

Rocky nods, "Yes you do. You scare the hell out of me Kevin."

Kevin's eyes fill with tears.

Rocky looks at him, "I'm sorry."

Kevin looks at him, "When did this start?"

Rocky sighs, "Our first encounter as adults was you bashing me for being gay. Then you confess your feelings for me. Maybe it's always been there... but lately your passion and emotions have just been really overwhelming. One minute it's fun and your happy and then the next it's dark and scary."

Kevin cries, "So I'm a monster?"

Rocky shakes his head, "No."

Kevin looks at him, "I gave up everything for you! I don't have a job, I don't have money, I don't have a home! I have absolutely nothing!"

Rocky looks at him, "I never asked you to do that."

Kevin backs away, "I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't know why I've always been like this. I'm so sorry Rocky. I'm so sorry."

Rocky stares, "I want you to get help."

Kevin shakes his head, "There is no help for me. I'm worthless."

Rocky sits up, "No you're not."

Kevin sighs, "I think I just need to go away... You'll all be better off."

Rocky sits up, "Kevin!"

Rocky is in too much pain to get out of his bed.

Kevin walks away.

An emotional Kevin exits the hospital.

He looks around.

He has no idea where to go next.


Dinah and Mallet get a shock

Spencer pushes Robbie away

Ashlee reverts to old behavior

Michelle worries about her relationship

Aubrey surprises someone

Maureen confesses her feelings

Annie makes a shocking move!


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Damn poor Kevin. I really feel for him. A very good episode. i understood everything that was happening.

SO Marti isnt going to speak up about the rape? Where is gavin in NY?

I also want to stress my concern for this HIV storyline and the sate ments that were made in Coop and Ashlee's scene which I found very offensive. Gay men are not the leading cause or with HIV or Aids. It's straight men and woman. When I told my HIV story on STEAM i made sure it was a straight woman to beat the sterotype. Now I am really hoping it's not Kevin or Rocky just beacsue of what was said in Coop and Ash's scene. As a gay man I do take issue with what was said.

Aubrey is some freak aint she? Was she playing with her self when she was on the bed? the bitch even gave Liz a kiss. WOW I cant wait to see what she does.

And once again FTL showed it's sexy side to us in the form of good ol Gus and Harley.

And Leah looks like she could be some ones momma How old is she?

Good ep Jay. I liked how Coop asked Eden was she ok.

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  • Members

I complelty understand your concern ML. I felt I couldn't tell this story without representing some stereotypes associated with it. Rocky is gay, Kevin is gay, and Eden was a call girl, I couldn't ignore the stereotypes surrounding this story. But yes at this point they have no idea which roommate is infected with HIV. But it will be revealed before the end of Tumbling Down, it's actually even more complicated then it seems. But damn it's sooooooo crazy!!! I still can't believe FTL is going there.

Gavin lives in New York. Marti came back to Springfield and is trying to forget everything.

Aubrey is pretty messed up in the head. She has some good stories coming up.

Gus and Harley are back together and they are a hot couple.

Leah is 16. The actress is a few years older but I do think that picture ages her a bit. So by the next chapter I'll have another picture. But we hardly see her this chapter anyway.

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