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S4 Episode 1



The new year has begun in Springfield...


Lewis Enterprises:


Edmund is moving his stuff into the CEO office.

Marah follows him.

He smiles, "Can you believe it Marah? Things are finally looking up for us."

She shakes her head, "I don't know about that."

He stares, "Are you still bitter that we had to knock your family down a peg? I really thought you would be over that by now. I sure am."

She turns to him, "Did you see the looks on their faces when I voted for you? They were heart broken. I am the worst daughter in the world."

He walks up behind her and starts massaging her, "Hey, calm down. Sometimes we have to hurt the people we love. That's just a part of life. Survival of the fittest."

Marah shakes her head, "Not like this."

He smirks, "Would you rather your family know that you were responsible for Ava's kidnapping? Just imagine their faces then. You would be an instant outcast for life."

She turns and looks at him, "Like you?"

He nods, "Exactly."

She looks into Edmund's eyes.

He brushes her hair.

The two kiss.

They hear someone clear their throat.


They turn to see Reva standing in the doorway.

She looks at them, "Sorry if I'm interrupting."

Marah sighs, "Mom..."

Reva walks towards her, "I honestly don't know what to say right now. Quite frankly I'm surprised. I never thought you could do something like this."

Marah sighs, "Mom I..."

Edmund smiles, "Marah is capable of a lot more than you give her credit for."

She turns to him, "Edmund!"

Reva stares, "What the hell does that mean?"

He grins, "Marah is a smart, independent, free thinker. She doesn't need to follow the herd like the rest of your family Reva. She is out of your control."

Reva looks at Marah, "You hear the way he talks to me?"

Marah looks down, "Edmund rubs people the wrong way sometimes."

Reva stares, "Marah please. Whatever he has on you, I can help you out of it. But first you need to be honest with me. What is going on?"

Marah looks at her mother and then back at Edmund.


Police Station:


Annie sits by herself.

She is muttering to herself constantly.


Harley and Gus approach her.

Harley stares, "Annie."

Annie looks at her, "Detective Cooper."

Gus looks at her, "Your trial is coming up soon. Are you sure you don't want to change your story before you go through with it? It could get ugly."

Annie laughs, "You two are so good at your job huh?"

Harley stares, "We have a history Annie. I can't pull anything over on you and you can't pull anything over on me. So let's just be up front with each other."

Annie looks at her, "Uh-huh? So what am I hiding now? I've told you the truth."

Harley stares, "There is a lot of evidence against you. The only problem is that we are still fuzzy on a possible motive. If you didn't kidnap Ava, then you know who did. Correct?"

Annie laughs, "I should get my lawyer."

Harley stares, "Annie. I'm not looking to pin you to the wall. I want to find out who did this. If you know something then you need to tells us."

Annie looks at her, "I can tell you that being a mother has obviously effected your sense of style."

Gus stares, "We obviously don't know each other that well."

She stares, "I know that you're Harley's ex husband. And you had a drug problem."

Gus nods, "Something we have in common?"

Annie smiles, "Indeed. Plus you're Alan's son. Another Spaulding huh Harley? Very nice. Why did you two get divorced? Did he cheat on you like all your other husbands?"

Harley looks away, "I don't know why I tried to help you."

Annie stares, "Didn't your little brother blow up on New Years Eve? Why don't you go check on him instead of bothering me okay?"

Harley sighs, "I knew this was pointless. I'll see you in court Annie."

Gus and Harley walk away.

Annie laughs to herself.





Rocky lies in a hospital bed.

He has suffered some burns.

Coop and Eden are in the room with him.


Dr. J Chamberlain walks in.

Rocky looks at him, "Hey."

J nods, "How are you feeling? Is the medication helping?"

Rocky sighs, "As much as it can."

J nods, "That's good. You're very lucky the EMT's go to you in time. This could have been a lot worse. As a cop you think you'd know that you're not supposed to run towards a burning car."

Rocky nods, "Well as a cop I'm supposed to rescue people. I thought my ex boyfriend might be in the car... I don't know. It was an accident."

Coop scoffs, "Accident. Yeah."

Rocky looks at him.

J sighs, "Just take it easy. No more trying to a hero when you're off duty."

J walks out of the room.

Coop stands up, "The fact that you're calling this an accident is a little disturbing."

Rocky sighs, "Kevin didn't mean for this to happen."

Eden stare, "Rocky he set his car on fire! You could have been killed. Anyone could have been hurt. He knew the risks when he did that."

Rocky shakes his head, "Kevin is going through a lot right now."

Coop scoffs, "Yeah hiding from the cops. He's probably on the run if he's smart."

Rocky sighs, "He's probably scared and upset somewhere."

Downstairs on the main floor of the hospital.


Kevin is brushing his teeth in the restroom.

He dances to the metal rock he hears in his head.

An old man walks in and stares as Kevin jumps around the restroom.

Kevin splashes some water on his face.

He smiles at himself.

He grabs a present he bought from the gift shop and rushes out of the restroom.


Carriage House:


Blake lets Ross inside her house.

Ross looks at him, "Have you heard anything?"

Blake sighs, "No and I'm sick to my stomach. Jason and Clarissa say they haven't heard anything from him either. And Rocky is still in the hospital."

Ross sighs, "Have you heard anything on his condition?"

Blake nods, "Rocky is hanging in there. I just don't know what I would do if Kevin had indirectly caused Rocky's death. I don't know..."

Ross looks around, "Where is Clarissa?"

Blake nods, "On a date with Rafe."

He looks at her, "You shouldn't be alone."

She sighs, "You're alone."

He sighs, "I deserve to be alone."

Blake shakes her head, "No one does. Especially our son."

She sits down.

He sits next to her, "I'm worried about him too. And not just about him being out there hiding from the police. There is something wrong with him Blake."

Blake sighs, "He's emotional. He always has been. He has mood swings."

Ross looks at her, "I think there is something else."

She stares at him, "Why do you say that?"

He sighs, "Look at his behavior Blake. I know you're his mother and it's hard for you to see the truth about him. But the signs are more obvious than ever."

Blake shakes her head, "My son is not perfect and he has a lot of things to work out. But you're implying that he's mentally ill or something."

Ross stares.

Blake looks at him, "Oh my God. You really think that don't you?"

Ross and Blake stare at each other.


Springfield High:


It's a new semester at Springfield High.

Marti Lewis stands outside of her school.

She is bundled up in her winter clothes.

Her usual smile is now replaced with a blank stare.

She walks up to the school and goes inside.

As usual the guys check her out as she walks down the hall.

Only now Marti feels uncomfortable.


Leah and James are across the hall.

Leah rushes over to her, "Hey!"

Leah gives her a hug.

Marti sighs, "Hi."

James smiles, "We weren't sure if you'd be here. Zach said you haven't been feeling well since you got back."

Leah nods, "Yeah and you haven't been returning my messages. Are you coming to cheer practice tonight? We have basketball season to work on still."

Marti sighs, "I'm just really busy now. And I don't know if cheering is a smart idea this semester."

Leah stares, "Huh. Well a part of me is really happy that I'm a shoe in for Cheer Captain senior year. But I'm still going to miss having someone on the squad who is actually good."

Marti nods, "Sorry."

Marti walks away.

Leah and James notice the difference in Marti's personality.

On the other side of the school.


Spencer walks down the hallway.

Robbie approaches her, "Hey."

She looks at him, "Hi."

He nods, "So I saw you at Caliente on New Years Eve."

She nods, "Cool."

He stares, "Did you have fun?"

She sighs, "Sure."

He smiles, "Did you get really wasted?"

She stops and stares at him for a minute.

She then continues down the hall.

Robbie follows.




Liz is holding Baby Clay.

Her camera crew is still filming her reality show.

Her producer looks at her, "You ready to shoot your interview for the voice over segments?"

She nods, "Oh yeah. Let me just put the little guy down."

The producer rolls his eyes, "Come on."

She scoffs, "Excuse me. You're the one who made me fire my Nanny."

He nods, "She was dull. Besides we can do a whole episode centered around you searching for a new nanny and doing all the interviews."

Liz sighs, "I suppose."

Liz takes Clay back to his nursery.

The one room where cameras are not allowed.

Liz lays him down in his bed.

She sighs, "Please sleep for Mommy. I love you so much."

Liz kisses her son before she leaves the room.

She shuts the door behind her.

The closet door opens up.


Aubrey Cross steps out of it again.

She switches off the baby monitor.

Aubrey looks down, "That's some Mom you got there."

She rubs her hand on Clay's face.

She smiles, "Look at you. You look so much like your Daddy. Your sister looks like her Daddy too. I should know I helped raise her. Until your Mommy came and took every thing away."

Aubrey leans down and kisses Baby Clay on the head.

She slowly tucks her arms underneath him and picks him up.


Lewis Enterprises:

Reva stands with Marah and Edmund.

Marah looks at her, "I don't know what to say."

Reva stares, "Come on Marah. I know you and this isn't you. You wouldn't hurt your family this way. Especially your father who is going through chemo right now."

Marah sighs, "I do what I have to do. Survival of the fittest."

Reva scoffs, "Oh my God."

Marah looks at her, "You don't know me. I'm not Dylan, or Shayne, or Jonathan. I'm didn't give you a bunch of grandchildren, I don't have a natural sweetness, and I don't have some special bond with you. I'm just Marah."

Reva shakes her head, "I love you. But you're right, I don't know who you are anymore."

Marah sighs, "I'm Marah Lewis, soon to be Marah Winslow."

Reva scoffs.

Edmund smiles, "Just accept it Reva, your daughter has fallen in love with me. And someday we will give you lots of beautiful grandchildren."

Reva nods, "And in a few months your daughter will give us a grandchild."

Edmund grins, "It's a little incestual. But when has that ever stopped two people in this family from being in love?"

She turns away, "I've heard enough."

Marah sighs, "Mom..."

Reva looks at her, "I love you. Your family loves you. But honestly... you are breaking all of our hearts. And something like this might literally kill your father."

Reva has tears in her eyes as she leaves.

An emotional Marah stands still as Edmund rubs her shoulders.

He grins, "You were great."

She nods, "Indeed."

He kisses her neck, "I love seeing you in action."

Marah turns around and kisses him back.

Police Station:


Harley and Gus are with Mallet.

He looks at them, "She say anything?"

Gus sighs, "Nothing useful."

Mallet shakes his head, "Are you surprised?"

Harley sighs, "I know what it's like to be accused of a crime you didn't commit. In my case, a crime that never happened in the first place."

Mallet looks at her, "This is Annie Dutton."

Harley nods, "I know. But our job is to put the bad guys behind bars. And what if she didn't do it and there is a real kidnapper out there getting away with it?"

Mallet sighs, "We just have to do the best job we can and hope that everything falls into place. But sometimes everything just falls into all the wrong places."

Gus nods, "True words my man."

She shakes her head, "I still have a feeling there is something we're missing."

Gus scoffs, "Well try bringing that feeling into court and see how far it gets you."

She scoffs, "Wow thanks for the support Aitoro>"

Mallet looks at them, "Take your personal divorced business out."

Harley nods, "I try."

Gus sighs, "Yeah right."

Harley looks at him, "My car is in the shop. Can you give me a ride home?"

He looks at her, "I suppose."

The two walk out.

The second the are out of sight, Gus grabs Harley.

He puts her against the wall and begins kissing her.

Harley smiles, "Sneaking around is just as fun as it ever was."

He laughs, "I couldn't agree more."

The two continue kissing.

Springfield High:

Robbie is still following Spencer.

He smiles, "So what's new with you?"

She shakes her head, "Nothing."

He looks at her, "I like the new look. I know most people aren't crazy about the whole goth thing but I really like it. It's kinda cool you know."

Spencer nods, "Yeah."

He sighs, "I know I'm probably annoying you right now..."

Spencer doesn't respond."

He clears his throat, "... But we were really close friends when we were kids. Back when your Dad was engaged to my Mom. And so I thought maybe we could hang out now. Catch up."

She looks at him, "You can do anything you want."

He looks at her, "Well maybe you can come with me to a party this weekend? Everyone from school is going to be there and they're supposed to get a keg."

She stares at him.

He looks at her, "What?"

She laughs, "That's not my scene. A bunch of teenagers, in their preppy mall clothes, dancing to hip hop, taking pictures of themselves with alcohol to put on facebook... no thanks."

He stares, "Well what is your scene?"

She smirks, "If you have to ask, odds are you'll never understand."

Spencer walks away.

As she walks Robbie notices the cuts on her wrist that is sticking out of her long sleeved shirt.

On the other side of the school.

Marti is in her locker.

She stares at herself in the mirror.

She can still feel Gavin holding her down on the bed.

Suddenly she feels someone standing behind her.

She looks in her mirror.

Marti jumps and turns around.

Belinda is standing behind her, "Hey Oklahoma. Welcome back. We have business to settle."

A scared Marti stares back at her.



Liz stares into the camera for her interview.

She sighs, "So I am now without a Nanny and I just don't know what to do. So I'm thinking that I have to start auditioning different Nannys."

The producer interrupts, "Liz. Very good, but make it sound more exciting. I mean we have some interesting people lined up for this episode."

Liz clears her throat, "Okay... So now I am basically without a Nanny. And oh my God, I don't know what I am going to do at this point. So now I'm thinking, I need to audition Nannys."

The producer nods, "Great, great. Can we fix her make up?"

The make up artist comes to touch up Liz."

Liz looks around, "Clay isn't crying is he?"

Inside the nursery.

Aubrey sits in the rocking chair holding Clay.

She smiles, "Look at you. Beautiful little boy."

Aubrey kisses him on the head.

She slowly rocks back and forth.

She hums a tune to the little boy.

She slowly stands up and walks around the room.

Aubrey stops and stares in the mirror.

She smiles, "Look at us. Beautiful huh?"

She walks back over to the crib.

Aubrey gives him another kiss on the head before she gently lays him back down.

She hears Liz walking towards the door.

Aubrey quietly walks back into the large closet and closes it.

She sits down and crawls behind the boxes.

She listens as Liz checks on her son.

Carriage House:

Blake is with Ross on the couch.

She stands up, "I cannot believe what I am hearing."

He looks at her, "I know that you're his mother-"

She looks at him, "Oh stop it! Like you're one to talk. Your daughter is a psychopath who killed my brother and you never saw her for what she was."

He shakes his head, "This is not about Dinah."

Blake looks at him, "Exactly. Because if it was you wouldn't be as hard on her as you are on Kevin."

Ross stands up, "That's not fair."

Blake nods, "I agree. They are both your children. Kevin hasn't killed anybody."

Ross shakes his head, "I love all of my children. Dinah, Jason, Kevin, and Clarissa are the most important people in my life. Nothing will ever change that."

Blake turns away.

He sighs, "I know you hate hearing this... but Kevin is really starting to remind me of your father and I want to save him before anything escalates to that level."

Blake looks at him, "I cannot believe you just said that."

Ross nods, "The similarities are frightening to say the least."

She walks towards him, "Kevin is nothing like my father."

Ross looks at her, "Maybe whatever Roger was going through in his life was hereditary."

She shouts, "My father wasn't mentally ill and my son isn't mentally ill!"

He looks at her, "Is that really what you want to believe? Because I believe that no one is entirely good or bad. Kevin is not a villain. There is something wrong."

She walks away, "I'm not listening to this."

Ross stares, "Blake please..."

She opens the door, "Get out. Now."

Ross walks towards the door, "When I was listing the most important people in my life, that includes you Blake. Please don't shut me out."

Blake stares at Ross and he stands in the doorway.


Rocky is resting in his hospital bed.

Coop and Eden are still with him.

Coop stares, "You're unbelievable sometimes you know that."

Rocky turns away, "Aren't you supposed to be at work? Because I'm pretty sure Jude said it was the first day of the new semester today."

Coop looks at him, "I took the day off to be with you."

Rocky sighs, "Well maybe you shouldn't have."

Coop scoffs, "Maybe you're right."

Coop storms out.

Eden stands, "Coop."

She turns back to Rocky.

Rocky sighs, "Why won't anyone accept the fact that I know Kevin better than they do. And I'm not going to just write him off and let him be on his own."

Eden nods, "I know how you feel Rocky. You can't choose who you fall in love with. I just got lucky enough to fall in love with your brother this time around."

Eden walks out.

Rocky lays there for a few minutes.

Eventually he hears footsteps.

He sighs, "Coop just go to work."

Rocky turns around.

Kevin is standing in his room.

Rocky stares at him.

Downstairs in the hospital.


Coop approaches Ashlee.

He looks at her, "Have you got the results back yet?"

Ashlee sighs, "I did..."

He sighs, "Okay. Well none of my roommates know I found pills in our apartment even my wife, so remember to keep this on the down low."

She nods, "Of course..."

He stares, "What? What kind of pills were they?"

Ashlee hands him the paper work.

He looks through, "I don't know... what is this? I can't even pronounce these words."

Ashlee sighs, "They aren't illegal drugs Coop... they're for treatment."

He stares, "Treatment for what."

Ashlee sighs, "HIV."

Coop stares at her.

She nods, "One of your roommates is infected with HIV."

Coop stares in shock.


Coop leans on Ashlee

Marah and Edmund visit Annie

Rocky confesses to Kevin

Aubrey obsesses over Liz

Belinda warns Marti

Robbie worries for Spencer

Gus and Harley contemplate their situation


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Out standing episode and what a [[email protected]#$%^&*] cliffhanger and total shock. OMG POOR KEVIN. It brings back so many sad memories for JODIE on steam.


I am so tripping right now.

You've really brought ur A game these last few eps.

FTL is been really edgy latley and I love it.

I love how you did the follow up with Edmund and Marah. love how you set that up.

Always love to see my Annie. I just know she got a master plan.

How old is leah? She look like she could be some ones momma.

Now what's going on with Aubrey where has she been and why is she in the closet. Love how you are showing Liz get a little tried of this show and how its affecting her life in all aspeccts.

Best epsiode ive seen u write so far. Outstanding jay, Please take a bow. Cant wait to see what is next

I am such a big fan of urs

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So glad you enjoyed it. The chapters thing has really helped me organize my stories so that evertyhing happens faster but not too fast. And every episode can have something big.

And yes the HIV story was something I wanted to do this season and at the last minute I realized it was perfect for this chapter. The Musuem Apartment has helped that story with the mystery of which roommate has it.

Edmund and Marah are going to be huge in this chapter.

Annie has huge plans and her story is probably the biggest part of Tumbling Down. It will tie into at least 8-10 other characters.

Aubrey has been on the run from the law and is now hiding in Liz's place to stay close to Liz her worst enemy. Worst of all she is close to Liz's little baby.

So glad you loved it. The drama is going to keep coming, one crazy thing after another until it all comes tumbling down in the chapter finale.

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