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Finding the Light: Tumbling Down



The first chapter of the final year of FTL is coming.


Someone will break down

A few will fall down

One will be thrown down

Some will be turned down

Others will begin to crack down

The population will go down

And one of Springfield's biggest events will go into lockdown...

The coldest winter in Springfield, “Revenge is a dish best served cold”

Finding the Light: Tumbling Down


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Unfortunatly the time is coming. Espcially since I'm moving soon and trying to focus more on school. Putting out over a hundred episodes a year is tough. But there is no other way I can properly tell the story of FTL. But I promise a powerful ending.

But this will be the fourth season so to speak, and starting with episode 1 and ending with episode like 102 maybe. So I have a year worth of stories left to tell don't worry too much :)

5 chapters starting with Tumbling Down. It takes place from the beginning of 2012 to the end of February (the Annual Masquerade ball will end the chapter).

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