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S3 Episode 102



The 2011 year concludes in Springfield...




All of Lewis Enterprises is celebrating New Year.

Edmund stands with his new fiance Marah.

All eyes are on them.


Josh stands with Vanessa and Billy.

Reva stands with Shayne and Ava.

Edmund looks around, "This company has been building and thriving for three years now thanks to the Lewis family. Lewis Enterprises has given Spaulding Enterprises a huge competition for success here in the Midwest. The real heart of America I might add."

Josh looks at Reva from across the room.

The two know something is up.

Marah looks at Edmund the entire time.

Edmund sighs, "Unfortunately this seems to have some of the same problems as Spaulding Enterprises. It's completely controlled by the Lewis family."


Reva's eyes go wide.

Edmund nods, "While we all are grateful that they started it. We are all a part of this company now and we have just as much of a right to it as they do."

Billy hollers, "Excuse me Edmund. Pardon my language. But what the hell does our company have to do with you anyway?"

Edmund grins, "I just spent the last month buying up stock."

Edmund sips his drink.

The Lewis family stares at him in shock.

Edmund smiles, "As you all can tell I will be a part of this family before long. But I still feel that we need some sort of change in our company. Something needs to happen. Not everyone here was blessed with the last name Lewis."

Vanessa speaks up, "This company is a family. Lewis or not."

Edmund shakes his head, "Our CEO has been keeping his illness a secret from everyone but his own flesh and blood. Not very family like in my opinion."

Josh stares in shock.

Edmund smiles, "So let's say we make it out New Year's resolution to make serious changes to the structure of power at Lewis Enterprises."

The Lewis family panics.

Mindy's New York Penthouse:


In Mindy's fancy penthouse in Manhattan.

Marti sits in the living room bored out of her mind.

Gavin walks over, "Pouting still?"

Marti scoffs, "My mother told Mindy that if I want to go back to Springfield next month then I have to be a total hermit 24/7 here. Which means spending New Years Eve here. With you as my baby sitter."

Gavin sighs, "I could be out right now too. But I wanted to do a favor for your cousin Mindy."

Marti laughs, "Please. I know she pays you to keep an eye on me. I'm not stupid."

He stares at her.

Marti leans back, "She took my laptop and my cell phone. Mindy doesn't even have a landline. I wanted to call my boyfriend and wish him a happy new year."

Gavin looks at her, "Be patient."

She turns away, "I love Zach but he has a wandering eye. I need to let him know I still exist."

He smiles at her, "No guy could ever forget that you exist."

Marti stares at him.

She notices his cell phone peaking out of the pocket of his jacket.

Marti smiles, "Stop it. You're silly."

He nods, "I mean it. You're beautiful Marti."

Marti shakes her head, "Well I don't see it."

He smiles, "You are."

She sighs, "Why would you even like a girl like me. Look at you. You could have just about any woman you wanted. You look like a model or something."

He laughs, "Now I know you're a liar."

She giggles, "You're so funny."

The two stare into each other's eyes.

Marti rubs his thigh, "You're sweet too."

Gavin stares at her.

She slowly reaches into his pocket and slips his phone out.

Gavin quickly grabs her hand.

Marti realizes she is caught.


Main Street:


Blake, Natalia, and Mel stand together.

The camera people are setting up.

Dinah rushes over.

Blake looks at her, "Seriously?"

Mel sighs, "Where have you been?"

Dinah sighs, "Sorry I'm late."

Natalia looks at her, "You okay? You look sick."

Dinah sighs, "Thanks Nat. You look great too."

Blake shakes her head, "I could care less right now. Just get ready or you are not going to be a part of the countdown tonight. I'm so sick of your tardiness."

Dinah laughs, "Oh Blake. If we are going to start talking about how annoyed with each other we are you better take a seat because this could take a while."

Mel looks over, "Stop it."

The director walks over, "Here we go. 5, 4, 3,"

The women keep bickering until they get the go.

They all throw on smiles and turn to the camera.

Blake smiles, "Hello. And Happy New Year Springfield!"

The crowd cheers.

Mel smiles, "We are here on Main Street where the whole town is ready to ring in the New Year! You guys pumped?"

The crowd cheers louder.

Natalia laughs, "I think they are."

Dinah nods, "I have to say 2011 has been a crazy year. Lots of ups and downs for this town."

Mel nods, "I know what you mean. Anyone else almost scared for 2012?"

Blake laughs, "Ooh 2012."

Natalia nods, "Lot's of theories behind that date. I don't buy into them. But what about you guys."

Blake sighs, "I for one think anything is possible."

Dinah grins, "Well if this is indeed our last year on Earth then let's make it the craziest year yet!"

The four women laugh.




Susan sits in her room reading a book.

There is a knock at her door.

Susan gets up.

She answers.

Stephanie rushes in, "Oh thank God you're home!"

Susan looks at her, "You okay? Where's Peter?"

Stephanie shakes her head, "I'm great. Peter is out at work. But the baby just started kicking and I didn't know who else to go to. It's so amazing."

Susan smiles, "That's great."

Stephanie takes her hand, "Here."

Stephanie places Susan's hand on her stomach.

Susan feels the kicking.

She smiles, "Oh my God."

Stephanie nods, "I know right!?!"

Susan looks at her, "That's so weird. Oh my God."

Stephanie nods, "I know. But good weird."

Susan laughs, "Very good weird."

Stephanie sighs, "I'm so glad you were here. Wait. Why are you home? You're not pregnant you can go out and drink. What's going on now?"

Susan sighs, "I'm not a big partier anymore. I'm being totally boring and watching the countdown on TV."

Stephanie smiles, "You mind if I chill here until Peter comes home? I want to be awake when I see him."

Susan nods, "Sure."

The two sit on Susan's bed.

Susan looks at her, "I'm glad you shared that with me by the way. It's incredible."

Stephanie grins, "No problem. Honestly I would have ran over to your room anyway. I love sharing stuff like this with you."

Susan smiles, "Thanks."

The two friends smile at each other.




Liz and Colin stand together.

She stares at the photo of the house he built for her.

He sighs, "I know this is a lot to spring on you."

She sighs, "No kidding."

He nods, "But I'm leaving tonight. And I need to know if you're going to be coming with me Liz."

She stares, "Seriously?"

He looks at her, "I wanted to tell you before but you ran off on your New York adventure and you've been hard to get ahold of ever since."

Liz sighs, "Colin..."

He stares, "I just want you to be happy."

She looks around, "I know this reality show thing seems crazy. But it is making me happy. And I know I should leave Springfield but I can't just yet."

He looks at her, "What about us?"

She sighs, "We ended years ago Colin. I still care about you and we'll always be friends. But our romantic chapter has ended for good."

He looks away.

She puts her hand on his face, "I'm sorry. But I'm not the one for you. And I think somewhere in your heart you know that's the truth."

He looks down, "My offer still stands if you ever change your mind."

Liz sighs, "I won't be."

He stares at her, "Okay."

She holds his hand, "Thank you for everything you did for me. And I honestly do forgive you Colin. I really do."

He looks at her, "I hope your dreams come true Liz."

She nods, "Yours too."

He kisses her on the cheek, "Goodbye."

She sighs, "Goodbye."

Colin walks away.


Museum Apartment:


Maureen stands by the wall.

Jason walks back over with Vi's drink.

Vi is gone.

Jason looks around, "Where did Vi go?"

Maureen sighs, "She got a phone call. You just missed your brother."

Jason stares, "What? Was that all the noise?"

Maureen nods, "He came in and made a big scene. They threw him out."

Jason shakes his head, "Damn it. I should go check on him."

Maureen shakes her head, "He's long gone. Just go find your girlfriend and enjoy the night."

He stares at her, "You okay?"

Maureen stares back at him.


Inside her bedroom Vi is on the phone.

She is frustrated, "I don't care! I'm not going to feel sorry for you! You keep providing me with the money or else everyone is going to know your dirty little secret... you know I'm not bluffing.... it's too late! Everything is practically set in motion thanks to you. We are both dead thanks to you!"


Outside of the party Kevin pulls up in his car.

He's now very intoxicated.

He parks in the driveway with all the other cars.

He stumbles out.

All of his stuff he owns is in the back seat.

Kevin scoffs, "You don't care about me anymore Rocky? We'll see about that. You are everything to me. This all means nothing without you."

Kevin takes out baseball bat.

He begins beating on his own car.

The party can't hear him over the loud music.

He bust in all the windows.

He pours the rest of his rum all over the seats.

Finally Kevin gets his matches out of his pockets.

He lights one and throws it in the car.

He watches as flames fill the car.

Kevin turns away and stumbles down the sidewalk as the fire spreads inside his car.



Police Station:


Annie sits in her cell.

Mallet walks back to see her.

She stares, "AC Mallet. Working tonight?"

He nods, "Obviously."

She looks at him, "How is that lovely wife of yours?"

He stares, "You should know. The two of you just had a conversation didn't you?"

Annie grins, "Oh are you two doing the whole honesty thing now? That's good. Maybe your relationship will last a tad bit longer this time around."

Mallet looks at her, "You seem envious of Dinah's happiness."

Annie laughs, "Please. I'm realistic unlike Dinah. I know happiness doesn't exist."

Mallet shakes his head, "Maybe you need to start reflecting on your life decisions and wondering how you wound up in this situation Annie."

She sits up, "Love. Love got me here. Love drives people crazy and makes them do stupid things."

He nods, "That's one way of looking at it."

Annie stares, "I hate this town. I've lived in Springfield off and on for almost 20 years Mallet. So have you. I know how the game goes."

Mallet looks at her, "How do you figure?"

She nods, "Like right now for instance. It's that time of year when people should be confessing their secrets. But instead they are acting out in rage and vengeance over everything they have been through. They're creating new drama for the next year. It's insane."

He stares, "Should you really be placing labels like 'insane'?"

Annie smiles, "Everything is building up. But it's only a matter of time before it all comes tumbling down Mallet. And this town will never be the same. Someone could wind up dead."

Mallet turns away, "You're nuts Annie."

She keeps muttering to herself, "It all comes tumbling down."

Mindy's Penthouse:

Gavin holds Marti's hand while she holds his cell phone.

She laughs, "Okay you caught me."

He nods, "Taking my phone?"

She sighs, "I need to call Zach it'll just take a minute."

She pulls it away.

He begins to wrestle her for it.

She pushes him away, "Stop."

He rubs up against her.

She drops his phone, "Whoa. Whoa."

Marti gets up and walks away.

He smirks, "Come on Marti. You got me in the mood now."

She laughs, "I don't want the phone that bad."

He walks over to her, "Come on. I saw the way you were looking at me. Don't feel bad just because you have a boyfriend at home. He'll never know."

He stands behind her and puts his arms around her.

He presses himself up against her back.

She turns around, "Don't touch me."

He grabs her arms, "Hey. Your friend Leah was the tease. You're the sure thing."

She pulls away, "No I'm not and I wouldn't sleep with you anyway. You're a dweeb."

He stares, "Liar."

She laughs, "Get over yourself."

Marti begins to walk away.

He grabs her from behind and pulls her close.

Marti suddenly realizes Gavin isn't kidding around.

Marti squirms, "What the hell are you doing?"

He kisses her neck, "We got the loud music playing. Everyone in the building is off celebrating. No one will hear us."

He begins to push her down on the couch.

Marti falls onto her stomach.

He is rubbing her legs.

Marti begins kicking, "Stop it! Seriously this isn't funny anymore."

He gets frustrated, "I know you! You said it yourself. You accused that guy of raping you to get out of trouble. You're full of it Marti. Nobody believes a word that comes out of your mouth. Besides I just want to touch you a little. No big deal."

Gavin runs his hands up her thighs and into her dress.

She kicks at him, "Stop it! Please! Stop!!!"

He whispers, "Shh. It's happening. Just accept it Marti. You deserve it."

Marti's face gets pushed down into the cushion as she screams for him to stop.

Her screams are overshadowed as the clock strikes midnight in New York.

Main Street:

Blake, Dinah, Mel, and Natalia all stand together on camera.

Mel smiles, "We are back here at Main Street."

Natalia laughs, "Freezing our butts off by the way."

Mel laughs, "Getting even closer to the countdown. People on the east coast are already celebrating 2012 but here in the Midwest we are still waiting."

Blake looks around, "So ladies. New Years Resolutions? Other than weight loss all around as we discussed before. I think that's still the most popular one."

Mel nods, "I am planning on spending more time with my children. Jude, Leah, and Freddie. I love you all very much. As well as my husband Rick."

Natalia grins, "I also want to spend more time with my kids Rafe and AJ. I am planning on becoming more involved with my church. And I'm working on socializing more. I promised my oldest son I would get out more this year."

Dinah laughs, "Very good one always. I am actually getting married this year."

Mel grins, "Congratulations."

Dinah smiles, "Thank you. I haven't told my husband yet but I definitely want to work on possibly having another baby? I don't know. And my daughter graduates so getting her off to college is another big step this year."

Blake looks at them, "I guess I'm next. I am hoping to find the next chapter in my life. I have no idea what it's going to be but I know it's coming and I know it's going to be amazing."

Dinah grins, "I wish you all good luck in your resolutions."

Blake looks into the camera, "Back to you in the studio."

The women all relax once they are off camera.

Dinah looks at Blake, "So your new chapter, my Dad going to be in it?"

Blake doesn't answer.

The director looks at them, "Warm up and then get ready for the countdown ladies you're doing great."

Museum Apartment:


Coop and Eden sit together.

Both are a little drunk.

She sighs, "You okay hubby?"

He shakes his head, "Why does my brother have such bad taste in people?"

She looks at him, "Not everyone can be lucky as you."

He laughs, "I am lucky."

The two kiss.


Rocky walks over, "Hey."

Coop looks at him, "Please tell me tonight was enough. You cannot go back to Kevin."

Rocky sighs, "I just feel like there is something I'm missing. Kevin's not crazy. Something is going on with him... I don't know what it is."

Coop stares, "You are going to get yourself hurt."

Rocky shakes his head, "Kevin would never hurt me."

One of the guests hollers, "Fire outside!"

The roommates all jump up and run to the front door.

They swing the door open.

They see Kevin's car up in flames.

Rocky stares in shock, "Oh my God! Kevin? Kevin!"

He goes running out.

Coop hollers, "Rocky!"

Eden shouts, "Rocky!"

Coop shouts, "Rocky stay back!"

Rocky runs to the car to look inside.

The car explodes.

The roommates watch in horror.

Coop screams, "Someone all 911!"


Liz is now back in her suite.

The baby sitter just left

She takes Baby Clay to his nursery.

She shuts the door behind her.

No camera people follow her in.

She looks at her son, "The one room where cameras are off limits."

She takes a deep breath.

Liz looks at him, "I could have made a crazy decision today. I could have ran off with Dr. McCabe and lived a normal life in a drama free town far away from here. But I said no. Do you know why?"

The little boy looks up at her.

She sighs, "I can't leave Springfield until I have your sister back. You haven't even met Sarah yet. But you two are going to love each other. I just know it. I just hope she loves me."

Liz lays him down in his crib.

She kisses him on the head.

She sighs, "As long as I have this reality show then I can take my mind off Daddy and Sarah. Because otherwise I don't know what I would do. At least I have you."

She smiles at her little boy.

Liz looks at her phone, "I need to go call your grandparents. Sleep tight."

Liz walks out of the room.

Baby Clay begins to fall asleep.

The closet door slowly opens.

Aubrey Cross steps out.

She slowly walks towards the crib, "The only room without cameras huh? Baby Clayton. You don't know me. But I know your Mommy. She took everything away from me. And now she lost everything... except for you..."

Aubrey smiles at the baby.

She nods, "Yep. I'm back."



Marah and Edmund stand together.

Billy looks at Edmund, "No one here is buying what you're selling Edmund. So why don't you just hit the road?"

Edmund laughs, "Don't worry. This isn't news for everyone in the room."

Billy nods, "I see. You been planting these seeds for a long time huh? Just like the seeds you planted in my little nieces' head there?"

Edmund puts his arm around Marah, "She is my love. We are partners through and through."

Marah looks down.

Edmund smiles, "I say we vote for a CEO who is going to represent all of our best interests."

Vanessa looks at him, "You don't really have a say in the CEO changes Edmund."

He nods, "Oh I read the company contracts. The first three years the company CEO spot is controlled by the founders of the company. However at midnight tonight it will be exactly 3 years since the company started. Therefor we can vote a new CEO. A CEO outside of the core family."

Reva looks at him, "You may have bought a lot of stock. But we all stand united Edmund."

Edmund stares, "Oh come on Reva. You think I'm the only one here who is tired of following behind you and your family like sheep? Think about it."

A very weak Josh tries to cover his coughing.

Edmund shakes his head, "I say we call an emergency company meeting early. No sense in putting off the inevitable."

Billy looks at him, "You won't get away with this Edmund."

Edmund grins, "I already have. Isn't that right everyone?"

One by one many of the employees and stockholders pull out the envelopes that Edmund sent to them earlier.

Vanessa looks at one of them, "Carter? You've been with us since the beginning. Is this truly a reflection of how disloyal you are to us?"

Carter sighs, "Sorry Vanessa. Every man for himself."

The Lewis family all look at each other as everyone follows Edmund.

Edmund takes Marah's hand, "Come along Marah."

Reva looks at her, "Marah?"

A very weak Josh stares, "Marah?"

Billy and Vanessa help hold Josh up.

Marah stares at her family.

She looks back at Edmund.

She turns back to her parents.

Marah begins to speak.

The clock strikes midnight.


Marah has made her choice

Aubrey stays close to Liz

Rocky is in the hospital

Coop makes a shocking discovery!

Marti returns to Springfield

Ross upsets Blake


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  • Members

O wow a very good episode. Poor Kevin. Is crying out for attention. Are people going to think he is dead now in the car fire?

And my oh my Gavin raed marti was not expecting that. Wow Poor girl. Good twist.

SO wait its about to be 2012 in SPringfield Iam confused.

So Edmund is about to take control of the company and Marah is Josh and Reva duaghter and she has to choose between her fam and her man? I think that's how I understand it.

I remeber Aubrey but forget her story. For the first tie since I got back into ur series I am really looking fwd to see what happens next. U said this was the finale?

Great job!!

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  • Members

We'll see in the next episode. What happens with Kevin and Rocky. But the bigger concern was for Rocky who was running towards the car right before it blew up.

And yeah I wanted Marti's scene to be a surprise because it certainly was to her. She uses her body to get what she wants and this time it backfired on her.

Last year after my hiatus the show jumped ahead a year. It was obvious at first but after a while it wasn't because everything fell perfectly into place thank goodness.

Yep but Marah's real choice is either screwing over her family or letting Edmund turn her in for Ava's kidnapping.

Aubrey was Jonathan's sweet wife he returned with but she turned out to be a psycho who faked a pregnancy, kidnapped Marina's baby, shot Liz and caused a number of crazy things that affected lives all over Springfield. She has been on the run ever since and now she's back!!!

The rest of the episodes will be Season 4 the final year of FTL beginning from January to December storyline wise.

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