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Episode #126 - Monday, June 5th:



Episode #126 - Monday, June 5th:

- Sami and Annie recall how they both have baby-snatching experience and set the stage to steal Carrie and Austin's baby.

- Greta touches down in Salem and heads to the Salem Inn to hide out for a few days and muster her courage.

- Max loses the girl who looks just like Chelsea.

- Marlena tells John that she has a bad feeling about their future. John eases her worries.

- Kate and Megan make plans to keep Shawn and Belle apart.

- Sami tells Annie they can find some poor soul in Salem who can't have children and give her the baby. Annie says not to do that because, in her experience, that leads to nothing but trouble.

- Greta has a fantasy of John and Marlena accepting her as his daughter when she reveals the truth.

- Jan has a daydream about killing Belle by attaching weights to her feet and throwing her off the pier.

- Sami and Annie decide it is best to sell Carrie and Austin's baby on the black market. Sami shows hesitation. Annie tells Sami that she isn't doing this unless Sami is 100%. Sami has memory flashes of all the times she cried when she was little because she was jealous of Carrie, she remembers Alan raping her because she couldn't have Carrie, she remembers losing Austin to Carrie many times, she remember's Lucas' one time love Carrie, she remembers Roman recently leaving town with Carrie's mother, and she remembers most recently when Carrie punched Sami when her latest plot was revealed. Sami tells Annie that she is in with the plan.

- Abby begs Max to make love to her, but Max tells Abby that he has some shocking news.

- Paris tells Marlena that she will be fine. She tells Marlena that she won't be happy and will not rest until Marlena has a healthy baby.

- Jan has a man call Belle and lure her to the pier.

- Megan guilts Shawn into staying with Jan. Shawn tells Megan that he has no intention of giving up on their family.

- Cassie runs into Will and Paige. Cassie explains to Will how she is Marlena and Tony's daughter, in actuality, and that she is glad that even when she was posing as Roman and Kate's daughter, that she was still his Aunt. She notices something is bothering him and asks him to open up. Cassie gets a phone call. Paige urges Will to open up to Cassie about him being gay.

- Sami tells Annie that maybe Annie should take the baby back to Sunset Beach with her when she leaves after Carrie gives birth and sell the baby there. Annie has flashes of Eric Brady and tells Sami that she's actually planning on staying in Salem.

- Paris tells John and Marlena that she, too, once had a very difficult pregnancy and also lost her baby. She said she is determined to make sure that does not happen to any mothers on her watch.

- Max tells Abby that Chelsea is alive and staying at their hotel in Key West!

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- Jan has a daydream about killing Belle by attaching weights to her feet and throwing her off the pier.


Oh Lord...I hope that Chelsea

will be more determined and have

a backbone this time around.

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