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Episode #127 - Tuesday, June 6th:



Episode #127 - Tuesday, June 6th:

- Melissa Horton and Frankie Brady bump into each other at the park.

- Abby and Max speculate how Chelsea can be alive. They think it's a Dimera trick.

- Jan awaits Belle at the pier.

- Will asks Cassie if he could confide in her.

- Sami has a nightmare about Shawn Sr. Lucas comes into her room to comfort her. They share a kiss.

- Annie has a scandalous fantasy about Eric Brady.

- Abby and Max search the hotel for Chelsea. Meanwhile, the Chelsea-lookalike arrives in her room. She is a rich debutant named Erika Avalon who is on a search for her missing father.

- Once Belle walks into Jan's trap and is perfectly alligned with the ropes on the pier floor, Jan tightens the knots and throws her off the pier!

- Melissa and Frankie recall how she ran into him while trying to expose Bonnie at her wedding to her father as they walk around Salem together.

- Abby and Max convince the hotel desk to give them the room number of "Chelsea." Abby worries what Chelsea's re-arrival can do to her and Max.

- Will hints to Cassie that he needs to open up to someone and he's afraid to tell his parents. He says why it is run away. He opens up to his friend and relative, Cassie, about his depression over his secret.

- Belle begins to sink to the bottom of the Salem River. Jan rejoices.

- Eric and Annie bump into each other again - quite literally. Annie shows interest in Eric, who asks Annie out on a date. Meanwhile, Greta sneaks throughout Salem and spots Eric....with Annie! Greta acknowledges that Eric must have moved on.

- Sami and Lucas almost make love.

- Cassie shows a softer side of herself when she tells her nephew, Will, that he can tell her anything. She sensitively asks Will if his secret is that he is gay. Will shakes his head yes. Cassie hugs him.

- Melissa tells Frankie that she is sorry about his foster father, Shawn Sr. She comforts him when Frankie shares an emotional memory. Melissa and Frankie arrive at the pier and find a purse on the ground. Frankie tells Melissa that he feels comfortable opening up to her. They exchange a look as they stare into each other's eyes. This makes Melissa ansy. She tells Frankie that she has to go and rushes off, leaving Frankie at the pier.

- Belle lays unconscious at the bottom of the river.

- Abby and Max come face to face with "Chelsea!"

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