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Episode #123 - Wednesday, May 31:



Episode #123 - Wednesday, May 31:

- Hope, Liam, and Mason begin to bond as a family, as do Bo, Billie, and Paige.

- John and Marlena have a passionate night of lovemaking.

- Cassie and Jan bump into each other and recall how they schemed together to expose Mimi at her wedding. They both agree that they need to spend more time together and get to know each other better.

- Megan cooks up a scheme to reveal herself to Salem.

- Shawn tells Belle that they are over for good.

- Kate reels from the news that Belle has started the procedure to get an annulment from a comatose

Phillip. Kate vows revenge on Shawn and Belle.

- Billie still doesn’t feel like all is right with Liam.

- Max surprises Abby with a trip...to the Florida Keys!

- Annie and Sami recount their awful plan. They don’t say much about it except that it is despicable!

- Jan and Megan cook up a plan. Megan tells Jan her plan of revealing herself to Salem. Later, Jan tells Shawn and Belle that she just got a shocking phone call from the police in Europe! Shawn asks Jan what is wrong. She says that the authorities in Europe found her mother at a local hospital! Jan says that her mother somehow survived the avalanche that supposedly killed her parents two years ago!

- Kayla and Kimberly break the news to Caroline that they must leave town and get back to their daily lives. But they both tell her that they are going to try and come back to Salem soon.

- Austin and Carrie begin to grow closer and bond with each other and their unborn baby. But Carrie cannot shake the fact that Austin didn’t believe her over Sami!

- Billie tells Kate that she doesn’t think Liam is who he says she is. Kate says that Billie already had the I.S.A. investigate everything, and it all checked out. Kate tells Billie to let it go! Kate tells Billie she finally has the chance to be happy with the man she loves. But Billie cannot shake the image of Liam pushing Mason, his son with Hope, to interrupt Bo and Hope while Hope was comforting him over Shawn Sr.’s death.

- Anna asks Roman if she really does forgive her for all of the things she did the last time she was in Salem in the 80’s when she used Carrie against him and was working for Stefano. He swears that he does. Roman tells Anna that he wants a future with her, but Anna is hiding something.

- Jan tells Shawn and Belle that her mother only recently regained her memory and will be coming to Salem shortly. Meanwhile, Megan hides out in a room at the Salem Inn and vows revenge on those who wronged her in Salem! But for what?


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