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Victims #9 and #10



Rex and Mimi GONE!

IPB Image

"Ides of May" victims #9 and #10 are revealed! Farah Fath (Mimi) and Eric Winter (Rex) have last aired as Rex and Mimi, respectively. The blog has been planning Mimi's exit for some time and reveals that Rex's return was catered for this purpose. "The Ides of May storyline had ripple effects for everyone in town and on the show. Rex, of course, was affected by this greatly, as well. He found out that Roman and Kate were not his parents and that his twin sister knew all along that Marlena and Tony were his real parents like originally conceived."...says the writer. "It's a big thing for him. He's had his life turned upside down a lot. It makes sense that he doesn't want to live in this town anymore where he knows that he will never ultimately be happy. As for Mimi, with her brother and mother gone, and Shawn having his hands full with Jan and Belle, there isn't much for her to do around town. This is all in an effort to give stories suitable resolutions but also bring the show/blog in a new direction and focus on a core group of characters. However, I definitely wouldn't rule out a return for them in the future."

1. Thomas "Tek" Kramer "Tek" (Rhasaan Orange)

2. Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans)

3. Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy Crane)

4. Wayne Northorp (Stefano Dimera as Alex North)

5. Frank Parker (Shawn Brady Sr.)

6. Jamie Lynn Bauer (Laura Horton)

7. Missy Reeves (Jennifer Rose Horton Devereaux)

8. Matt Ashford (Jack Devereaux)

9. Farah Fath (Mimi Lockhart)

10. Eric Winter (Rex)

11. ?????????

12. ?????????

Only two casualities left...who will be the final two victims!?


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