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Episode #122 - Tuesday, May 30:



Episode #122 - Tuesday, May 30:

BLOG BONUS: Kate Havnevik - "Nowhere Warm"

- The Brady’s have a party at the pub after the funeral to celebrate Shawn’s life the way he would have wanted.

- Back at the penthouse, Paris gives Marlena her pre-natal vitamins and tells Marlena that she might want to consider a bed-rest pregnancy since anything else is causing her dizziness and nausea.

- Belle tells Mickey to go ahead with the annulment from Phillip even though Shawn says he will not leave Jan and their baby, Trey.

- Bo and Billie try to familiarize Paige with life as a Brady even though they don’t know for sure who she is.

- Liam and Hope grow closer than ever and bond with their sixteen year old son, Mason.

- Jan and Megan, meanwhile, recount how Phillip can never wake up at that facility in Chicago or he will expose Jan and how Trey is not Shawn’s baby!

- Annie and Sami talk further about their plan outside the pub. Kate grows suspicious of Sami.

- Kate asks Victor if he is in love with Caroline. Victor tells her that he has always been in love with Caroline and always will be, but it’s not necessarily romantic. Kate says that she can’t be with a man who is in love with another woman. She tells him that they are over. He responds that if they are over, it is because she is still keeping a secret from him after all of these years, not because of his love for Caroline.

- Austin and Carrie show signs of hope when he comforts her over Shawn, and they kiss.

- Rex and Mimi slowly tell people one by one that they are engaged. They recall their first kiss and how it was in this very pub. Rex tells Roman and Kate that he will always thank them for taking him in as their own…when they thought he was their child. Kate and Roman wonder what the meaning of this sentimentality is. Rex and Mimi tell them, along with Shawn and Belle that they are leaving town together.

- Kayla and Kimberly wonder if they should stay in Salem to be with their mother. But, they decide maybe it would be best to return home and wrap up their lives there and then consider a move back to Salem.

- Hope asks Shawn, Belle, Abby, and Max to take Paige and Mason under their wings until they can get used to Salem.

- Eric wishes that he could have one more chance with Greta. Meanwhile, in Europe, Greta packs her bags and makes plans to come back to Salem.

- Kate learns that Belle is planning an annulment from a comatose Phillip. Kate declares war on both Belle AND Sami!

- Sami introduces Annie as a woman whom Will and Paige encountered in California in a town called Sunset Beach. She says Annie is going to be staying with her.

- Megan and Jan try to cook up a plan to have her revealed as being alive.

- Belle and Mimi begin to cry as they say goodbye to each other. They re-call all of their times together. They say that through everything with Claire and Shawn and Rex/the baby/abortion reveal, they’ve always managed to be friends and always will!

- Cassie begs all of the Brady’s for forgiveness. And they offer it to her saying that thank goodness that she came forward when she did. They say it will take time, but they will get through it.

- Lexie tells Bo and Billie that Paige is indeed, beyond a SHADOW of a doubt, that Paige is their baby. The three share an emotional moment and come together as a family. Hope sees it and realizes now more than ever that Bo should be with Billie and that she should be with Liam and Mason.

- Cassie and Rex share an emotional goodbye, despite his anger towards her. On their way out of town, Rex and Mimi stop by the penthouse to say goodbye to Marlena. Marlena says that she cannot believe Rex and Cassie are her children and she had no idea all this time. He asks her to watch out for Cassie. She says that she will. They share a goodbye, as well. Mimi thanks John and Marlena for being surrogate parents to her when she needed it.

- BLOG BONUS: Rex and Mimi leave town to a montage of their greatest times together.


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