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Episode #121 - Monday, May 29th:



Episode #121 - Monday, May 29th:

BLOG BONUS: "Say Hallelujah" by Tracy Chapman

- Lucas, Billie, Hope, Paige, and Will are shocked when Sami boards

Kate's private jet to Salem with Annie! Sami explains that the only

way Annie agreed not to have Will and Paige arrested was if she took

Annie away from Sunset Beach to Salem and gave her a place to stay for

a few months. Lucas and the others are shocked. Meanwhile, Annie and

Sami individually recall how they've struck a deal.

- Rex is moved almost to tears. He tells Mimi that he cannot believe her.

Rex tells Mimi that he is proud of her for learning her lesson after

lying to him and Shawn and is glad that she has come forward and told

the truth about knowing that her mother had killed Tony before the

rest of Salem knew.

- Mickey tells Belle that he's found a way to get her an annullment from a

comatose Phillip.

- Shawn tells Belle that they can't be together and that he wants to focus

on his marriage to Jan because it's what his grandfather would have wanted.

- Megan Spears vows revenge on some Salemites.

- John and Marlena attend the funeral, but must leave early when Marlena

experiences dizziness due to her pregnancy.

- Rex gets down on one knee and tells Mimi that he has always loved her

and always will. He asks Mimi if she will marry him! She agrees.

- Sami, Lucas, Will, Paige, Billie, and Annie get to Salem in time for

the funeral. Billie and Paige go to the hospital and have DNA samples

taken. Then, they arrive at the church where the Brady's are all in

attendance already.

- Billie introduces Paige and Bo. Bo takes her in

his arms with tears in his eye. He tells her that he believes she is

his daughter and that she is everything he imagined his daughter with

Billie would be like and look like. Paige is overcome with emotion. Bo

and Billie introduce Paige to the rest of the Brady's. Caroline

explains that if the tests come back positive then she is her

grandmother. She explains that her husband recently passed away and

that is whose funeral they are at right now.

- BLOG BONUS: Each Brady takes turns recounting their favorite and best times

with Shawn Sr. during his funeral. Appropriate flashbacks are provided. Later, at

the cemetary, everyone takes a turn placing a flower on Shawn's grave while

"Danny Boy" is sung.


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