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Episode #124 - Thursday, June 1:



Episode #124 - Thursday, June 1:

- Anna tells Roman that she wants a future with him. And he reciprocates this.

Kayla and Kimberly feel awful about leaving their mother in Salem while grieving, but they make plans to return to Salem A.S.A.P. Caroline insists they get back to their lives.

- Megan comes to Jan and Shawn’s loft. She pretends like she hasn’t seen Jan in years since she was presumed dead. When alone, Megan and Jan recall how they killed Jan’s father because he was drunk and abusive and that they had to make it seem like he died in the avalanche that thankfully happened the same night of the accidental killing.

- Will struggles with whether or not to tell his father he is gay when Lucas asks Will to open up to him.

- Max and Abby touch down in Key West! Max promises her a romantic time to get her mind off of everything she’s been going through lately.

- Eric considers tracking down Greta, who unbeknownst to him is planning a return to Salem! Eric is daydreaming about Greta when he accidentally bumps into Annie Douglas! Annie freaks out on him for spilling her drink all over her. Eric says she looks familiar and asks if she is the woman his twin sister, Sami, brought to town. She says yes. He asks her to come to his apartment to dry her clothes.

- Anna tells Roman that she only really came back to town to sell either Basic Black or Titan her new fashion line…and she ended up staying because he was in prison for Tony’s murder. But she tells Roman that she has to be getting back to her life in Europe. Roman is shocked.

- Max and Abby have a great day on the beach. Everyone seems to stop and take note how much in love Abby and Max are.

- At the Brady’s, Eric tells Annie she can do her clothes in the laundry, but she remarks that she has no idea how to wash clothes and tells him to do it. Annie slips into a towel and gives him the clothes. He is taken aback. But he throws her clothes in the washer. Meanwhile, Annie’s towel slips, and Eric is shocked to turn around and see Annie’s naked body! Annie screams.

- Before Kayla boards a plane, she asks Sami and Carrie to forgive each other and move on. Sami is moved to tears. Carrie tells Sami that she wants to work things out. Kayla boards the plane. Sami and Carrie hug it out. Later, when alone, Sami recalls how her plan with Annie Douglas is going to shake up everything in Salem…especially Carrie’s life.

- Caroline accidentally overhears Roman and Anna. Caroline tells Roman that she has waited ten plus years to see him happy again and how she wants him to follow Anna to Europe!


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