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As fans learned on last Friday's explosive cliffhanger show, Matt Ashford's character of Jack Devereux met his maker yet again after his car crashed his wife Jennifer and Frankie's wedding-literally. This time sources say Jack is really dead and he joins James Reynolds (Abe) as the second major vet to be cut loose. Brock Pierce (Josh) was also let go previously this month. Sources report the cast purging is far from over and on June 12 and 13 several characters will be killed off with more to follow shortly thereafter. This has many fans worried given many beloved Salemites are on a plane set to explode per a plan by deranged Marlena (Deidre Hall). Sources say those that die will not only possibly be from the death trap on the plane but from Salem too. Frankie (Billy Warlock), Abby (Ashley Benson), and Doug (Bill Hayes) were all injured when Jack crashed his car. Celeste (Tanya Boyd) has also had visions of deaths on Morgan Island and in Salem, as has many other Salemites who had deadly visions and faced reminders of their deaths during the SSK story.

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This has many thinking that the "top secret story to re-tell a failed tale correctly" is the SSK story only this time everyone will stay dead. No one at Days will comment but with a new writer on board anything is possible. Rumor has it that only a select few cast members may be left when this is over and that former faves will be brought back to soften the blow. John Aniston and Tanya Boyd (Victor and Celeste) are back on contract and Lorenzo Caccialanza(Nico) has returned on a recurring basis. Arianne Zuker and Jensen Ackles (Nicole and Eric) also have returned and rumors now have them staying on a more long term basis. Julianne Morris (Greta) also turned out to be the surprise return this month and first aired May 24. She has signed a long term contract believed to be for 3 years. Many more seem to be on the way back as the show is undergoing major changes.

Many fans also want to know what is up with Marlena. Sources say the beloved 'Doc" has finally snapped and that what we are seeing is all the brainwashing and mind control finally taking its toll on her. Rumor has it the character will further go over the edge in the coming weeks when the show returns June 12.

Keep reading as more develops!!


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:lol: You and me are really

in sync with casting decisions

aren't we? We both bring back

Greta, Alan, Eric, etc and now we

dispose of Jack. I will tell you

one thing you have seen nothing

yet-next Monday and Tuesday will

be the beginning of massive changes!

Oh and is KR the only one reading my blog?

I think others are but they never comment

so I don't know who does and who doesn't.

People used to read my old fan fic so I

wonder if I lost them when I quit for a few

months with my fan fic and started this one.

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