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Monday June 12 marks the return of Days of our Lives from a two week hiatus that began on Friday May 26, 2006. The first episode back is said to be the kickoff of one of the most shocking weeks in Days, possibly daytime history. Insiders speculate that the cast bloodbath that began with the axing of James Reynolds and also led to Matthew Ashford's firing will reach it's peak this week. Apparently, this week brings multiples tragedies and was what insiders meant a few weeks ago when they mentioned some veteren performers getting pink slips. By the end of the week, as many 12-13 people may be out. The ending of Monday's show is said to be HUGE and many think this refers to the death trap laid by Marlena (Deidre Hall). This has many worried about the fates of their beloves faves on John's jet. Fans are also worried about those injured at Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Frankie's (Billy Warlock) wedding including the groom himself, Doug (Bill Hayes), and Abby (Ashley Benson). Friday's show will also contain something shocking that may appall Days fans. Insiders say it's something very "out of character" for this person and their actions will take others down with her. Be also on the look out for more referrals to the SSK storyline this week as visions and hallucinations effect the victims of that "murder" spree in Salem. Victor (John Aniston) and others will begin putting the pieces of a big mystery together this week that will lead to huge answers.

Speculation about the state of Marlena (Deidre Hall) abound. Setsiders say she is "going down the path of no return" and that the worse is yet to come. The actress's contract is up this summer and rumors are that this may be her grand sendoff.

Days's Red Hot Summer begins Wednesday June 21. Summer previews should be released soon. Here is a more detailed weekly breakdown of what is coming up this week:

Monday June 12: The race is on to stop the plane from taking off. Marlena exhibits how far gone she is. A selfless Max works to save Abby, not knowing that he is injured himself. Greta suspects Jack and her fell into a trap as Victor overhears. Eric being secretive worries Nicole.

Tuesday June 13: Abby is near death. Doug and Frankie take a turn for the worse. Marlena disappears. A huge event occurs that changes the lives of everyone in Salem forever.

Wednesday June 14: Two Salemites perish. Former SSK victims are haunted by the past. Victor shares his discoveries with everyone. Maggie gets a threatening phone call. Max collapses as Abby flatlines. Nicole and Eric come face to face with Greta.

Thursday June 15: Jennifer loses it. Max's life hangs in the balance. Mickey demands protection for Maggie and Alice after Celeste's vision. Nicole demands answers from Eric.

Friday June 16: A beloved Salemite commits a shocking act and takes down another beloved character with them. Maggie and Alice are stalked. The mysterious caller contacts Victor. The Morgan Island crowd takes off for home.

Next Week: Chelsea returns to Salem and gets bad news. Maggie and Alice are attacked. Victor is given devestating news. More Salemites bite the dust. A group of Salemites, enemies and friends, unite to grieve and to solve a mystery. Marlena resurfaces in a shocking way in Salem.



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