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When Days returns on Monday June 12, 2006:

-Eric and Nicole reunite and face their biggest challenge ever. Why are they back in Salem?

-Carrie is pregnant but who is the daddy? Does it make a difference since she may not even survive?

-John's jet prepares to take off as Marlena watches her deadly plan unfold.

-Hope, Lexie, Sami, Belle, Patrick, Tek, and John race to stop the plane.

-Chelsea returns to Salem.

-Victor and others begin to piece together what has been going on in Salem and learn it may have been going on for many years!!!

-Jennifer deals with Jack's death and the aftermath of the chaos at her wedding.

-Frankie, Doug, and Abby fight for life.

-Hallucinations and visions of death and tragedy abound in Salem.

-More loved ones and beloved fan faves are lost as death and tragedy continue to make their presence known in Salem and on Morgan Island.

-Just how far gone is Marlena? The biggest twist is yet to come.

-All this and more when Days returns June 12!!!

Please remember to post your thoughts, opinions, etc about my fan fic while I am on vacation the next few weeks. Just want to see how you all like everything and so on. See you all when I return!!! (I will be gone May 30-June 7 by the way in case you wanted to know)


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