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May 26, 2006



-Nicole is in her room at the Salem Inn when she receives a phone call. She tells the person she will be right there and takes off to a location unknown.

-Bonnie and Celeste arrive at the wedding. Everyone comforts Celeste over Abe's death and she thanks everyone for that. Celeste begins to have the same visions she has been having about those on Morgan Island and in Salem. She then begins to hear the same Lizzie Borden rhyme Maggie and Alice heard during the SSK "killings" and she also hears a voice say in her head, "Kill Kill Kill."

-Victor arrives and is awaiting a call from Nico about investigating the caller who ordered him to organize the drup operation to save Phillip. He is not happy things got out of hand and a young man got killed. He is even more angry about the girl who got raped. He vows to end this, Caroline and Shawn come up to him and they catch up. Caroline asks if something is wrong. Victor lies and says no.

-Maggie, Alice, Julie, and Abby all work on getting Jennifer ready. She is so happy and knows Jack would approve.

-Max, Mickey, and Doug help Frankie prepare. He is very excited and always wanted this. Mickey and Doug welcome both Frankie and Max into the family and are happy the Horton's and Brady's will be united again.

-Jack and Great have landed in Salem. There was an accident on the highway so the limo Greta arranged for is being delayed. Jack picks uo a paper and sees a article about Frankie and Jen's quickie wedding and their plans for a bigger one in the future. The article talks about two prominent families being united again in marriage. Jack is stunned and now wants to make it to Salem park ASAP. He is touched they are using the gazebo but can't let this wedding happen even though it would not be valid. It would hurt Jen if he showed up after the vows. They try to get a cab but fail. Jack sees a abandoned car with the keys in it and the doors open. He gets in and Greta follows him in the car. She is suspicious that a car would be waiting for them right there with doors open and keys waiting. Jack thinks nothing of it and drives off in a rush.

-On Morgan Island, John and Belle search for Marlena. Belle talks about how she can't lose her mom too. John goes off in search of her and asks Belle to ask a few people if they have seen Marlena. He orders Belle not to do anything without him, Belle asks the maid on that floor and she tells her the same thing she told Tek and Patrick-that Marlena most likely went to the airport. Belle makes a huge decision and takes off without her father. John returns a little while later and learns from the maid where Marlena is and where Belle may have gone. He tries to find transportation to the airport and finds a shuttle. He pays the driver off and drives it himself.

-Sami and Lexie argue on board their shuttle bus about everything Sami has done, especially to her. Sami asks Lexie if she plans to stay quiet now about her affair since Abe is dead. Lexie says that Sami only cares if she is going to tell all about what Sami did to Austin. Sami asks if she plans to. Lexie says she can't think about that right now given her husband just died. She calls Sami horrible for asking her these questions right after her husband has died. The shuttle then lurches to one side and crashes in a ravine. The driver is knocked out and Sami and Lexie find themselves trapped as the door is jammed and the windows are automatic. They try to break the windows but can't. They are trapped together. Both women scream in frustration and anger.

-Carrie, Austin, and Lucas board the plane. The mysterious stranger watches Carrie board the plane and then walks away. Austin, Carrie and Lucas hope Sami and the others get there soon. Lucas and Austin continue to grill Carrie about her feeling ill and such. Carrie says she is fine. She then tells herself that no one can figure out she is pregant until she figures out how to handle everything, especially since it is unknown who the father is.

-Bo once again tries to talk to Hope before they board the plane but Hope insists she needs to think during the flight home Bo upsets her and she goes to the ladies room to freshen up and dry her tears. Bo and Billie board the plane. They are both still worried about Chelsea and they comfort each other over her and over Hope. Hope sees it and runs off in tears. She now conisders not even boarding the plane home.

-Kate and Roman board with Shawn and Mimi. Shawn is worried about Belle which annoys Mimi and Kate. Kate pressures Mimi to fight to hold onto Shawn. Roman is worried about Marlena, as is Kate. Kate hates to leave with the whole Phillip thing but they need to follow orders from the kidnappers and that is what they told Belle to do-send everyone away.

-Patrick and Tek search the aurport for Marlena. They can't find her and try to avoid being seen by any Salemites so suspicions are not aroused. They look out a side window and see someone attaching something to the plane. It seems strange since the plane is supposed to be ready. Tek's cop instincts tell him to check it out so he uses his badge and Patrick's well known status (and the fact that everyone on the island seems to trust him) on the island to gain clearance. They are shocked to see it's Marlena. She says they are too late. Tek sees its a bomb leaving both men in shock. Patrick realizes Hope is going on the plane. Tek urges him to warn everyone before it's too late. This was not part of the plan and Marlena seems out of control. He knows Lexie is going on too and races to warn her. Marlena laughs and says they are both too late.

-Meanwhile, at the wedding in Salem, Celeste begins to see flashes of all the SSK 'killings" again and memories of that time flood her mind. She actually begins to see coffins filled with the people in Salem and those on Morgan Island. Maggie and Alice begin to hear the creepy children singing and the Lizzie Borden rhyme as does Doug and Caroline. They also relive their SSK "deaths" in their minds as well as the way their coffins went to the island (like they were going down to the fires of hell). They all begin to see coffins in front of them with their dead bodies in it. Bonnie begins to relive memories of the time of the SSK too. Victor overhears all this and wonder what is going on. Caroline, Doug, Maggie, Alice, and Celeste tell everyone what they are seeing. Abby flips but Max calms her and says it's all a overreaction. Abby is still worried. Mickey an Shawn Sr privately worry, as does Julie, while all three try to calm their loves ones. Frankie thinks nothing of it and think everyone was somehow reminded of the past and they hallucinated. They all try to forget about it and forget but Celeste says another Salemite will meet their maker within minutes!!!

-Jennifer gets calls from Mike, Bill, and Laura. She then is ready to walk down the aisle but begins to hallucinate too. She sees herself in a coffin right before her eyes and is flooded with memories of the SSK period. She is ready to walk down the aisle and collects herself thinking nothing of the hallucination. Victor hears she hallucinated too and wonders why everyone is doing that. He knows why Celeste is but why everyone else? Victor then gets flooded with memories of the SSK time period too and relives his "death" at Jan's hand in vivid memories. He sees himself in a coffin right before his eyes as well. He wonder why everyone is going through this. His phone rings. It's Nico-he has the info he wanted just as the wedding is about the start.

-Nicole arrives at Lookout Point and looks around for the person she is meeting. She turns around and smiles when a man calls out her name. It's ERIC BRADY!! She races into his arms and they embrace. Eric thanks her for returning to Salem like he asked her to and says he needs her now more then ever. Eric then pulls her into a steamy kiss.

-Bo, Billie, Kate, Roman, Shawn, Mimi, Carrie, Lucas, and Austin await everyone else boarding.

-Hope collects herself and says she needs to get on that plane and just think and face her future. She can't run forever. She is then grabbed by Patrick who begs her not to get on board. Hope asks why. He says everyone on that plane is in danger and they need to stop it. She asks from who. Tek shows up and asks if Hope has seen Lexie. She answers no and asks what is going on. Tek says it's Marlena. She has lost it and has rigged a bomb to blow up John's plane once it lifts off the ground. Hope is shocked and says they need to stop the plane. All three race off to stop it.

-Marlena is now in the airport and watching the plane at a distance not to be seen. She is stoic and just staring off with a smile. Belle shows up and sees her mom. She races up to her as Marlena turns around. Belle asks her what is wrong-she knows something is wrong. Marlena says nothing is and her, Sami and her father not being on that plane is a blessing. She says, "Now the evil ones can die and we can live happily ever after as a family." Belle asks what she means. Marlena says she feels bad Carrie has to die but she isn't her real daughter and the plan needs to be followed perfectly. Belle asks again what is going on. Marlena admits she rigged the plane to explode on takeoff. Belle is shocked. Hope, Tek, and Patrick then run by screaming for the plane to stop because of a bomb. No one sees Belle and Marlena. Marlena then tells Belle she can't get caught or they can't be a family and then runs off. Belle tries to stop her but can't and Marlena is gone. Belle realizes Shawn is on the plane and now regrets her decision not to find her dad and bring him with her. She races off to help stop the plane from taking off.

-Sami and Lexie try to get out but can't. They are shocked when John arrives. He uses a piece of debris to break a window and pull both ladies out. They both argue again. Belle then calls John and tells him everything. John then tells Lexie and Sami who both are shocked and worried about those on the plane right now. Lexie says she can't leave without Abe's body. She opens the coffin and nothing is there. She wonders where the body is. John says maybe the coffins were messed up or something. He stresses that they need to go save the lives of people they love and he needs to find out what is wrong with Marlena. Lexie and Sami agree and leave with John for the airport. Lexie looks back and wonders what happened to the body.

-Victor asks Nico what info he has. Nico says its good and bad. The good is he learned that the drugs were hallucinogens and about 75% of them stayed back in Salem while the other 25% went off to some island he hasn't found out about yet. Victor asks where the drugs were taken in Salem. Nico says there is a possibility whoever is behind Phillip's kidnapping may have put the drugs into the water supply somehow. Victor admits it makes sense now with all the visions and hallucinations at the wedding-this person is manipulating all of them including those who were set up to go to Morgan Island on a wild goose chase for Philip that just put them all where this person wanted them. Victor wonders why this person wants them all to be tortured and to suffer. Nico tells Victor that was the good news but not really good good but the better of the two. The real bad info he got is he knows that the kid that died way Abby's boyfriend. Victor says it's a shame but no one can learn of it. Nico says he knows the name of the young woman who got raped by two of those men they hired for the job. It's someone he loves-his grandaughter Chelsea. Victor is heartbroken and in shock and wonders what has he done. He blames the person behind Philip's kidnapping and everything else and vows they will pay.

-The wedding now begins as everyone tries to forget about everything and focus on the wedding. Julie and Maggie serve as bridesmaids while Abby is maid of honor. Mickey and Doug are ushers while Max is best man. Jennifer is walking down the aisle alone. Just as she is about to walk down the aisle, Celeste gets up and screams "It is here!!" and a car crashes right into the gazebo and into the bridge made of cement brick that is nearby. Jennifer runs up and finds a injured Frankie. Doug is injured too as Julie and Mickey tend to him. It's total chaos. Jennifer looks for Abby and can't find her. Max looks too and find her underneath the car and badly hurt. It appears she was dragged with the car. Jennifer tells Abby and Frankie to hold on. She is outraged and wonders who could do this. She thinks the person must be drunk. She looks in and is shocked. It's Jack and Greta is next to him. She can't beleive Jack is alive but Mickey takes his pulse and says not anymore-Jack is dead. Jennifer breaks down and screams for Jack and yells, "Why?!!!"


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