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May 25, 2006



-Roman, Kate, John, Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Sami, Austin, Lucas, Billie, and Bo are all waiting for word on Phillip. John used his ISA contacts. Belle begs Roman to let the Morgan Island police in on it. Roman says it would only drive Phillip's kidnappers farther away. John comforts Belle. She tries to seek out Shawn for comfort but looks at Mimi and backs off. Sami and Belle are worried about Marlena, along with everyone else. John says he is too and wonders if the "real" Marlena is really back.

-Tek and Patrick continue to watch Marlena fiddle with a letter opener and gun. Tek gets a call to help in the search. They both decide to leave Marlena alone right now so that they can keep appearances up with everyone. No one can suspect anything. Tek joins the group searching for Phillip. Patrick joins Hope, who is comforting Lexie while trying to avoid Bo.

-Hope tells both Lexie and Patrick that she doesn't want to talk to Bo. She plans on thinking about everything on the plane and then talking with him in Salem. She needs to think if she beleives him or not about finding him with Billie before she arrived on the Island. Lexie urges her to talk to Bo before something bad happens, like what happened to Abe, and she misses her chance. Patrick is angered by Lexie pushing Hope but still beleives he will win Hope.

-Belle finally gets a phone call. It is the same mysterious caller that called Victor. The distorted voice is the same. The caller orders Belle to make everyone go home except her. She asks why. The caller says to do it or Phillip dies. Belle asks if her father and mother can at least stay back with her. The caller agrees but says no more. The caller says once everyone is gone she will hear from Philip and they will start talking about how she can get him back. The caller hangs up. Belle informs everyone of what was said. John fues up the jet for everyone else to go home. Bo calls Hope and Lexie and tells them what is going on. Hope doesn't really want to go but Lexie says she has to face the music. Hope then gets call from Alice telling her about Jennifer getting married. She thinks Hope should return for this and is happy she was able to reach her. This pushes Hope to want to go home. She hopes that she can make a final decision about Bo and stick with it but either way she will have to talk to him once they return to Salem. Hope, Lexie, and Patrick join everyone else. Hope tells them all about Jennifer. She also tells Bo she needs to think on the ride home and then they can talk in Salem. Lexie is heartbroken about coming home with Abe's body. Roman comforts her and says she needs to be strong and the sooner she gets this overwith the better. Everyone leaves to pack.

-Patrick tells Hope he isn't coming home right away. He wants to stay for some peace and quiet first (really he wants to watch Marlena since she is staying back with John and Tek has to return to Salem to work with the police so no one is suspicious). Hope hugs him and thanks him and says she hopes to hear from him soon. Patrick tells Tek to keep in touch. Tek says he will come back to the island if soemthing goes down. Tek goes to comfort Lexie who says she needs him now more then ever. This makes Tek happy.

-Austin, Sami, and Lucas continue to wonder what is up with Carrie. She is laying in bed ill (and waiting and thinking about her pregnancy test and who the father may be if its positive). The mysterious stranger continues to watch them. The stranger then takes out a planner of sorts and in it there is a picture of Carrie and Sami with the word REVENGE written in bright red. The stranger's fist clenches in anger. Austin and Lucas begin packing. Sami goes to help so Carrie can pull herself together to go home. Time is up and the test is ready. She goes to look at it and is shocked by the result.

-Roman, Kate, Shawn, Mimi, Lexie, Hope, Bo, Billie. and Tek all wait in the lobby. John approaches them and everyone wishes each other luck. Belle says goodbye to Shawn and Mimi. Shawn doesn't want to leave her which annoys Mimi. Belle tells him to go. They embrace. Lucas and Austin come downstairs. Carrie follows. Lucas and Austin ask if she is ok and she simply nods. Sami is running late because her dress ripped (she heard a noise which was the stranger outside and ripped her dress and has to change and will catch the next shuttle to the airport) so she tells Austin to take the rest of her luggage and she will be there. Lexie wants to stay back and make sure Abe's body is taken care of. She decides to go with the car taking the body to the airport. Tek decides to go with her. Everyone else leaves for the airport. John and Belle decide to go see Marlena.

-Patrick races down to Tek in the lobby. Lexie is talking with the driver of the car taking Abe's body. Patrick tells Tek that Marlena is gone. The maid said she has been gone for awhile and took off in the direction of the airport and looked like she was in a rush or on a mission or something. This worries the both of them. Tek tells Lexie he can't go with her in the car. He wants her to be alone with Abe and it wouldn't be right given what went on between them behind Abe's back. Lexie thinks its best too and was thinking the same thing. Tek leaves her and goes off with Patrick. They ask the maid if she saw anything else. She says no but there is only one place she could have been going in that direction and that is the airport. Tek and Patrick head for the airport. Meanwhile, John and Belle are shocked when they find Marlena not in her room. They wonder where she went.

-Lexie realizes she forgot her cell phone in her room. She tells the driver to go on ahead so they body can get on board and the plane doesn't get held up. She will just take the shuttle with Sami and Tek even though she hates Sami. Lexie goes to her room and then returns to get on the shuttle. Only Sami is on board. Lexie figures Tek must be on his way to the airport already. She tells Sami that they just need to be civil for a little bit until they get to the airport. Sami laughs and doubts they can be. Lexie and Sami both stare at each other in disgust.

-Meanwhile, at the airport, John's crew is preparing the plane for everyone. A mysterious person then sneaks in dressed in the same gear as the crew. It's a woman and her hair is tied back. She has a large box which says, "To: Marlena. You know what to do." The woman is indeed Marlena and she takes soemthing out of the box. It's a bomb!!! She opens a compartment under the jet and then takes a piece of paper out of the box which has instructions for connecting the bomb to the plane's engine. Marlena explains that when the plane goes into gear to rise off the ground it will explode the minute the wheels lift off the runway. She laughs as she works on connecting the bomb and says, "The time has come for their greatest nightmare to begin."


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