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May 24, 2006



-Jack is still at the bar/inn the men brought him too. He thanks them for their hospitality but says he needs to go home ASAP but has no clue how. He is short on cash since he beleived he was going to die so he never worried about finances. At that moment, a women walks in. Jack is shocked to see her. It's GRETA!! She embraces Jack and admits she thought he was dead. Jack fills her in and Greta is very disappointed he would do what he did to Jennifer and his family but is touched by Jack wanting Jennifer to be taken care of. Jack is shocked that Greta has forgiven him for the whole "gay" thing. Greta says she was mad but understands he did it to protect her feelings from being hurt. It's all in the past and she still cares about him. Jack feels the same and explains his desire to get home now that he is cured. Greta offers to use her royal power and resources to get him home. She phones her private jet and orders it to get ready. She tells Jack it's time for him to go home. He is still very weak so Greta helps him as they leave for the airfield.

-Maggie, Julie, Doug, Alice, Mickey, JJ, and Abby are all with Jennifer as she prepares for her wedding to Frankie. She is wearing a plain white dress since the wedding is happening fast. She assures her whole family that they will have a big wedding later with the rest of the family present. She just wants to do this for her and her family's sake and the quicker the better. She looks at the sky and thanks Jack for his blessing. Max then arrives with a sad look on his face. Abby asks him what is wrong. He asks to speak with Abby alone as everyone else wonders what is going on. He takes her outside and reminds her that he is there for her and that this will be hard. Abby asks what is going on. Max tells her Josh was found dead and that Chelsea is missing and no one seems to know where she is. Abby breaks down and feels guilty about what happened with her and Josh. Max says he feels guilty about what he did to Chelsea too and hopes she is ok. They comfort each other. Jennifer comes out and asks what is wrong. Max fills her in. Jennifer comforts Abby and says she will cancell the wedding. Abby tells her no and says Josh woudl want it to go on. She also says dad would want it to happen too. Jennifer hugs her and the rest of the family comforts her. She asks Max how it happened. Max says he was shot and thrown into the river. Someone spotted the body. As for Chelsea, no one has been at her house and Billie and Bo left a ton of messages. No one knows where she is. They wonder if Chelsea knows how Josh ended up dead and if she may be in trouble. Max says the police are on the case and now looking for Chelsea. Abby thansk Max for being there for her as Max does the same. Abby hopes they catch who killed Josh and admits she wants to find out how it all happened for peice of mind. She admits she did love him and now wishes she had sex with him to give him what he wants before he died. Max holds her and says he needs to meet his brother but he is there for her. Abby goes and helps Jennifer. Alice and the others admit they have no something borrowed, something blue, etc because the wedding is so soon. Jennifer says its ok since the big wedding will be in the future. Jennifer is ready to go and they all take off for the wedding.

-Frankie is with Caroline and Shawn Sr in the park. They say he has always been a Brady and they are proud of him and Max. Frankie is happy that everything seems in place. Max shows up and informs them of what is going on with Josh and Chelsea. Everyone is appalled about Josh and worried about Chelsea. Caroline and Shawn Sr think it will be ok and tell Frankie to go on with the wedding as planned. The police can handle it and Chelsea is probably fine. They hope she wasn't somehow involved in Josh's death and is now in danger.

-On Morgan Island, Carrie privately takes a pregnancy test and hopes she isn't pregnant since she slept with both Austin and Lucas. Both men wonder if something is wrong with her since she has been feeling ill. sami notices too and wonders what is up. Carrie confides in Kate her fears and tells her she slept with both her sons. Kate tells her to hope for the best and admits she thinks she belongs with Austin. Carrie says whoever the baby's father is, if she is pregnant, will be who she chooses. Kate thinks that is wrong but Carrie doesn't want a child in a broken home. Kate hopes the baby is Austin's if Carrie is pregnant.

-Tek and Patrick think Marlena is a loose cannon and continue to worry about her. They wonder if the plan they put into action for Stefano has made her out of control and now they have to deal with it with him gone. They should be in the clear now but they have to deal with this. They decide to continue to keep an eye on Marlena.

-John is with Marlena in their room. He is shocked when she is cold and distant to Carrie and Sami when they visit. Both girls worry about her and hope she is just tired or still out of it from the amnesia. John is even more shocked when Kate and Roman stop in to talk about the Phillip situation. John decides to go and help and Marlena wants to be alone which stuns everyone. She says Belle doesn't need her right now. John asks what is going on. Marlena insists she is simply tired and just dazed. It's been a long ordeal. John lets it go and goes off with Roman and Kate to help after making sure with Marlena that she will be fine alone. John confides in Kate and Roman that he is worried about her and he is starting to think she has no memories of her feeling for any of them and is still in the state Alex/Stefano put her in. John says Belle needs him now though and maybe he is wrong and Marlena just needs rest and quiet. Kate and Roman offer to help him with Marlena. He thanks them and they go off to Belle's room. Meanwhile, in Marlena's room, she holds a gun and letter opener in her hands. She wonders which one to use next in her fight to "destroy all the evil ones." She looks out the door and sees John, Kate, and Roman walk away. She says, "John if you only knew. If you only knew the danger and tragedy upon you and everyone else now." She laughs in a sinister way and says "zero hour is coming." Tek and Patrick watch from outside the balcony of Marlena's room and now have their fears confirmed. Tek tells Patrick based on what they are seeing right now in Marlena's room and what he did to Marlena to put Stefano's plan into action, it may be time to start thinking about getting rid of Marlena permanently to ensure their safety and mass chaos. It may be time to kill Marlena. Patrick nods in agreement as they both watch Marlena with the gun and letter opener.


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