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May 23, 2006



-Nicole arrives at the Salem Inn. She calls LA to make sure everything is ok at Highstyle and then reminisces about her time in Salem before she went to LA. She admits it's hard to come home to so many bad memories but does have some good ones thanks to Austin and Eric. She knows she has no shot with Austin and needs to give up on that. She thinks about Eric and then admits that she feels sure and hopes that this time Salem will bring her only good memories.

-On Morgan Island, the police question Roman, Kate, Sami, Belle, and John about their whereabouts and ask if they are responsible for the missing guns. John insists he has his own and Roman does too. The others admit to taking guns. Lexie believes Sami did it and attacks her. She threatens to reveal her secret. Everything wonders what Lexie means but Sami manages to squeeze out of it when the police get the report back on the bullet. It turns out it matches the gun found in Alex/Stefano's pocket which means Abe and Alex/Stefano were both killed by Alex/Stefano's gun most likely during a scuffle. That means everyone else is clear and free to leave town. Sami tells Lexie to keep her mouth shut. Lexie tells sami she can't deal with her right now.

-Hope comforts Lexie. Bo tries to reach out to her but Hope continues to push her away and says they can talk later but right now Lexie needs her and she is also worried about Marlena. Bo confides in Billie that he thinks Hope and him are through and that Hope is only stringing him along to punish him for his sins. Billie decides to call Chelsea and panics when she can't reach her anywhere and her cell, which is on, is not being picked up. Meanwhile, in Salem, we see Chelsea reliving her rape and beating and Josh's death. She is in a motel outside of Salem and realizes she can't spend another night there since she is out of money and can't get any without anyone seeing her. She packs her bags and leaves. She knows Billie is calling her but chooses to ignore the call for fear that Billie may get the hint what is going on. Chelsea hitchhikes and is taken to a diner. She gets something to eat and contemplates her next move. She leaves and learns of a abandoned cabin in the woods nearby by virtue of overhearing two men talk about how people abandoned it for safety reasons. Chelsea goes there and doesn't see anything wrong. She fails to see the warning sign on the back door which says, "Slow gas leak-Explosion Risk."

-Back on Morgan Island, Billie is upset about Chelsea and not being able to find her and Bo is upset about Hope and Chelsea. They embrace, which Hope spies.

-Tek and Patrick continue to be happy about Stefano's death but are still worried about Marlena and how far she may go because of their plan. They wonder where she is. Marlena, Sami, Belle, Carrie, and everyone else is worried about her. John and Roman go off in search for her. Shawn comforts Belle who is also worried about Phillip. Mimi is fed up and wonders if Belle even cares if Phillip ever comes back. Belle overhears and can't beleive Mimi would say that. Mimi apologizes but reminds Belle to keep things plutonic with Shawn. Belle knows and apologizes for leaning on Shawn too much. Secretly, Belle continues to feel drawn to Shawn as Mimi secretly wishes Belle would get out of their lives.

-Carrie continues to feel ill which concerns Lucas and Austin. Sami is happy Alex/Stefano is dead for her and her family's sake. She is still worried about Lexie though. Lucas and Austin comfort the girls about Marlena. Kate notices what is going on and asks Carrie what is wrong. Carrie tells Kate her symptoms and Kate tells her that she should consider taking a pregnancy test. Carrie actually agrees and remembers making love to both Austin and Lucas. She grows worried about what could happen now but doesn't show it to Kate. Sami notices her worry though and wonders what is going on. Meanwhile, Sami and Carrie are once again being watched from afar.

-John and Roman find Marlena passed out in the woods. They bring her back to everyone and she has a small gash on her head. She comes too and insists she is fine. Lexie checks her out and says she may have a minor concussion but is otherwise fine. Everyone is releived but is later puzzled when Marlena acts very distant towards everyone including Sami, Belle, Kate, Carrie, John, Hope, and Roman. John asks if she remembers everything and Marlena only says, "I remember what I need to remember." John is puzzled when Marlena barely speaks to everyone and simply nods her odd and says, "Yes." Everyone is stunned when Marlena has no reaction to her close friend's Abe's death or Alex/Stefano's death. She simply covers by saying she is tired. They all decide to go back to the room. Roman says he will continue to focus on finding Phillip now-it is what Abe would want. John and the others agree to help. They hear noices nearby and investigate. They find Patrick and Tek tied up and knocked out. They explain that Stefano ambushed Tek and when Patrick heard what was happening he tried to help but was knocked out and must have been tied up. Tek has a gash on his head and Patrick has blood on his neck. Lexie says they appear to have been attacked. Hope notes that she bumped into Patrick and he was with her but disappeared near where they just found him and Tek. Patrick explains he heard Tek's voice and that is why he took off-he just didn't want her to follow and end up in danger. Everyone buys the story but Bo, John, and Roman who think something fishy is going on and wonder why Tek may be involved. Tek comforts Lexie about Abe. Lexie asks if there is anything else going on since he was MIA for awhile. He insists he would never lie to her about things like this. She says she knows and lets it go. Bo warns Hope about Patrick but it only pushes them farther away as she continues to support Patrick. They all continue on their ways back to their rooms. Hope and Roman help comfort Lexie. Tek and Patrick follow but are stopped by a staring Marlena. She stares at them hauntingly and then walks away on John's arm. Patrick and Tek are both happy their ruse worked and now no one will figure out what they were really doing (turns out the tied up bit was a trick and they hit each other to make the gashes on each other's heads), as in working for Alex/Stefano and trying to find and stop Marlena. They are very worried about Marlena now, especially with her staring at them, and what the plan they instituted may have made her capable of.

-While walking with John, Marlena stares blankly into space. John is worried and asks if she is ok. She responds coldly, "I am fine John. Just fine."


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