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May 22, 2006



-Mickey (played by John Clarke) arrives and hears Celeste scream. He rushes into the Horton house and finds her with Alice, Maggie, and Bonnie. He tries to calm the ladies but they are all upset by Celeste's visions of tragedy and death being in store for the people of Salem and those on Morgan Island and now she is saying that Abe is dead. Celeste is determined to reach her daughter and hopes her vision was wrong.

-On Morgan Island, everyone is mourning Abe's death. Sami, Kate, Roman, and Belle have joined everyone. Hope comforts a distraught Lexie, who wonders why Abe didn't tell her he was there. John tells her he knows and explains that he ran into Abe while they were all searching for Stefano and John explains that Abe still beleived that Stefano was Alex. John says he tried to tell him the truth but Abe was on a mission to try to kill Alex and knocked John out for fear that John would try to stop him. Lexie asks why Abe wanted to kill Alex/Stefano. John explains that Abe somehow thought Alex raped her. Lexie is stunned and wonders how that could have happened. John says he tried to tell Abe as sick as Stefano is he would never do that to Lexie but he knocked him out. Lexie wonders if her mother knows so she calls her. Celeste answers her cell and collapses when she learns Abe is indeed dead. Mickey and Maggie revive her and she picks her phone back up. Lexie explains everything that happened with Alex being Stefano. Celeste says she felt the presence of Stefano but then felt it go away. Lexie explains Stefano is now dead-they found him dead with Abe. John tells Lexie Abe appears to have been shot in the neck-the same thing that happened when he was beleived dead by the serial killer. Lexie re-checks the pulse and body and realizes this time he is indeed dead. She tells her mother how Abe died and Celeste tells Lexie about her recent visions and warns her that this is just the beginning. Celeste feels like the nightmare of the serial killings is back. Lexie is disturbed by this-as are the people at the Horton house given what happened to Alice and Maggie earlier. Lexie asks Celeste why Abe thought Alex raped her. Celeste explains how Abe found the clothes and what Theo told him.

-Meanwhile, Tek and Patrick are watching everyone for afar and when Tek hears Lexie talking to Celeste he explains that it was he who put Lexie ripped clothes out for Abe to see and he who brainwashed Theo into saying what he did to Abe. He explains how it all went according to plan. They are worried about Marlena and wonder where she is and if she is responsible for the two deaths. They insist that none of this was supposed to happen. They are happy that Stefano is gone but don't think they are in the clear since Stefano may have left instructions for his associates to still maintain control over them. They are also worried about what Marlena may do now because of Tek following orders and going according to plan. They are worried about Marlena being out of control.

-Lexie is devestated by what Celeste tells her. Celeste tells her to be strong and that everyone is praying for her. She tells her to hurry home and that they will get through this. She hangs up. Celeste is comforted by everyone at the Horton house. She decides to go, as does Bonnie. They thank everyone and urge each other to watch out. Celeste warns that there is much more tragedy ahead and they all need to be strong. Maggie, Mickey, and Alice reassure Celeste to call of she needs anything. Celeste and Bonnie leaves. Bonnie is freaked with everything going on. Celeste calms her and says they will all just have to look out for one another now that a new nightmare has begun. Maggie and Alice tell Mickey what happened. Mickey tries to get them to relax and reassures them that history will not repeat itself. The serial killings are over and there is no copycat. They just must have been reminded of them and were daydreaming. Alice insists she saw Ton's ghost. Mickey says she must have been imagining. Alice lets it go not wanting to argue. They all deicde to be vigilant. Maggie and Mickey leave. Maggie goes to get her coat and, while alone, we see how worried Mickey is and it is clear that he beleives everything Maggie, Celeste and Alice said is true. Maggie meets him and is worried too and is afraid she may be taken away from her loves ones again. Meanwhile, Alice sees Tom again in the kitchen and asks him what he wants. She gets no answer and now has a worried expression on her face of what is to come and what Tom may be trying to tell her.

-It appears Stefano/Alex died of a bullet to the chest. The police arrive and both bodies are taken away. Bo tries to comfort Hope but she pushes him away and continues to comfort Lexie. She tells Bo she doesn't need him. Billie comforts Bo knowing how much he cared for Abe.

-Mimi comforts Shawn knowing how much Abe meant to him. Shawn then comforts Belle making Mimi jealous. Belle continues to inquire about an update on Philip. She asks Roman again if it's time to let the Morgan Island police in on everything but he says no. It may make things worse.

-Kate comes to Roman's aid and comforts him, knowing Abe was his best friend. Sami and Carrie also comfort him. Roman is happy Stefano is finally dead but not at the expense of his partner.

-Sami and Carrie continue to be watched by the mysterious stranger. Carrie feels ill again and wonders what may be wrong with her. Austin and Lucas comfort Sami and Carrie knowing how much they cared for Abe.

-John thanks Abe if it was him that took down Stefano and gave up his life. Kate comforts John over Abe's death. John, Belle, and Sami wonder where Marlena is. The police ask how this all may have happened. They learn that many wanted Alex/Stefano dead and wonder who has alibis and who doesn't. Bo, Billie, Shawn, Mimi, Carrie, Austin, Lucas, Hope, and Lexie all have one. Bo explains all the missing guns and how Belle, Sami, Kate, Roman, John, Marlena, Tek, and Patrick were all missing. Abe was also on the island but no one knew that. The police take the bullets from the bodies to CSI and now have their suspect list based on who was missing and not with someone. Lucas brings up how Sami inquired about his gun and Billie mentions how Kate took her purse to get the gun. Kate and Sami are furious but Billie and Lucas are only trying to cooperate. Tek and Patrick worry about being implicated in the deaths and are still worried about the Marlena situation given she is missing. John, Belle, Sami, Carrie, and Roman are all worried too and wonder where she is. They all also wonder where Patrick and Tek are, especially Hope and Lexie. Patrick and Tek decide to get out of the area and lay low for a bit to come up with a cover story for everything. They decide to take off and find Marlena if they can.

-Lexie says an emotional goodbye to Abe's body, as does John, Roman, Bo, Billie, Carrie, Sami, Hope, and Shawn.

-Austin checks his cell and sees he has a message. He checks it and its the LA Highstyle office. The secretary tells him that Nicole Walker left the company and hired someone else to run it. She conducted interviews on her own. Austin is stunned and asks what happened. The secretary says Nicole had personal reasons and had to leave LA and wasn't sure what was happening and whether she would be back. She didn't want the company to fail so she hired a qualified, trustworthy candidate. Austin hangs up and tells Sami, Carrie, and Lucas what is going on. He wonders where Nicole is. Meanwhile, at Salem airport, a women dressed in a blood red pant suit arrives and has a limo waiting for her. She gets in and is asked where too. IT'S NICOLE!!! She wants to go to the Salem Inn and insists that no one can learn she is or was in Salem. Not until she does what she has to.


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