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Previews for Week of May 22, 2006



Previews for May 22-May 26, 2006

-Both Salemites on Morgan Island and in Salem itself mourn Abe.

-Lexie learns why Abe went after Alex/Stefano.

-Marlena's strange behavior worries John and her loves ones.

-Tek and Patrick consider extreme measures as they worry about Marlena and what Tek may have unleashed.

-Mickey tries to calm Alice, Maggie, Celeste, and Bonnie.

-Nicole returns on a mission.

-Jack comes face to face with a friend and makes a beeline for Salem.

-Abby learns about Josh's death.

-Bo and Billie worry about Chelsea.

-Jennifer and Frankie prepare to take the plunge.

-Several Salemites have shocking visions and hallucinations while at Jennifer and Frankie's wedding.

-Jack races home.

-Carrie and Sami continue to be stalked.

-Carrie gets big news.

-Belle makes a huge decision that will have life altering consequences.

-A deadly plot begins to take shape on Morgan Island.

-A beloved character's recklessness results in his or her own demise and endangers the lives of many of this person's loved ones.

-Victor gets both horrifying and enlightening news.

-Nicole's mission is revealed in the form of Eric Brady.

Red Letter Days

Monday May 22-John Clarke returns as Mickey and Arianne Zuker returns as Nicole. Meanwhile, all of Salem and those on Morgan Island mourn Abe's death.

Wednesday May 24-A beloved fan fave returns to help Jack get home!!!

Friday May 26-DON'T MISS THIS BIG SUPERSIZE CLIFFHANGER SHOW!! Eric Brady returns, another beloved character dies, Jennifer and Frankie walk down the aisle, a deadly plot is put into action, and Victor learns a horrifying truth, as well as a piece of info that leads to more questions. Plus, the people of Salem experience shocking visions and hallucinations at Jen and Frankie's wedding (SEE THE NEWS BRIEF FOR MAY 26 IN MY BLOG FOR MORE INFO!!!).

Next Week: (reminder two week hiatus so my fan fic will not be posted again after May 26. My fan fic will resume on June 12 picking up where the cliffhanger show leaves off so read my May 26 episode for previews of what is to come after my fan fic's two week break. Remember-MISS A DAY MISS ALOT!!!)


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