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Blog Announces BLOG BONUS!

Following in the footsteps of NBC soaps, ‘Days of Our Lives’ and ‘Passions’, the blog will be featuring a BLOG BONUS. Beginning Monday, May 29th, the show is going to be featuring a music recommendation at the beginning of each episode for the reader/viewer to download. When the words “BLOG BONUS” appear in the episode, that is when the song would kick up and play, if this were all really to unfold onscreen.

“This is another way for readers to get more involved in the blog. The songs and their lyrics are going to provide insight into certain characters’ thoughts, feelings, and emotions.”…says the blog. “Shows like Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill and the O.C. have been integrating music into their shows and proving how powerful the link can be between what we see on screen and what we hear while we see these things unfold. With things like Limewire and I-Tunes, music is more accessible than ever. We hope the readers do download the songs and come along for the ride. If they can get enjoyable music out of the blog, as well as some great DAYS stories, then it’s that much better!”

The show is planning on using three songs a week, starting this Monday when the show says goodbye to beloved character, Shawn Brady Sr., during his funeral episode.

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