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John/Marlena: They will definitely be the front burner couple of the summer! They’ve recently received shocking medical news – Marlena’s pregnant! And secondly, Greta’s return will hit them hard. John and Marlena have had a tough year, but unfortunately for them, it won’t be getting any easier as Greta reveals that John is her father! Thirdly, there’s also a huge surprise that will be revealed on the 4th of July, but we shouldn’t say anymore!

Billie/Bo/Hope/Liam and Mason, Paige, Zach, J.T.: Everyone will soon know that Paige is the real Georgia. Billie is going to go back to her roots more and more. She is going to be classic Billie. She loves Bo, but she can’t let lying dogs lie when it comes to Liam and Hope. She will continue to try and uncover Liam’s secret. Billie and Hope are going to work hard to try and be friends like they were all of those years ago. On the fourth of July, someone will die – one of the kids. It’s going to be a big story that will take everyone into the fall. Mason, Paige, Zach, and J.T. are all vulnerable. I can tell you that it will be one of them. The real show is doing a story like this, and we aren’t going to do EXACTLY the same thing, but it will have big repercussions for Bo and Hope, nonetheless.

Sami/Lucas/Will/Cassie: This is going to be a great story. Lucas and Sami will grow closer, but Will will come between them. As readers now know, WILL IS GAY! He is now being played by newcomer, Taylor Handley (see previous press releases). This secret is really going to tear Sami and Lucas up when they find out. Cassie is going to be worked into this story in an interesting way. This is the first time DAYS has done a gay storyline with one of the show’s core family members. It’s going to be great. Meanwhile, Sami will embark on her most evil plot YET. It's unthinkable. She strikes up an unholy alliance with Annie Douglas (Sarah Buxton) from SUNSET BEACH to do so.

Lexie/Abe and Celeste: We know now that Celeste was indirectly responsible for killing her sister and her brother-in-law, Lexie’s guardians, all of those years ago, while she was on a mission for Stefano. Lexie is still reeling from the fact that her own father hired Tek to seduce her and break up her marriage. EVIL LEXIE WILL BE BACK! She's lost her husband. She knows it's because of her father, a person she thinks she should be able to trust. She learns her mother has kept this awful secret. All of this will culminate in the evil Lexie returning. Lexie will really go over the edge! It’s going to become clearer and clearer that Lexie has lost it. She is going to be one of the more interesting characters of the summer as she finds herself once again spiraling down this terrible path.

Carrie/Austin: Carrie will continue to be disappointed in Austin for not believing her over Sami. They have trust issues they need to work out before the baby arrives in late August. There’s a huge twist coming to the pregnancy storyline. It will propel Austin/Carrie into the next phase of their lives. You won’t BELIEVE it!

Caroline/Victor/Kate: Kate’s secret has been revealed to the audience – she had twins with Stefano Dimera – thirty-some years ago – which makes these twins her eldest children! Kate and Victor are doomed. She is going to become her vengeful self again. Kate is going to learn the identity of at least one of her children, and it’s really going to change her life. Long-time DAYS viewers are in for a treat.

Abby/Max/Erika: Abby and Max will have a nice reunion. It will be a love-fest. Cute and romantic. But their lives will be forever changed when the look-alike of her dead best friend, his ex-girlfriend, comes on the scene. Her name is Erika and will be played by the same portrayer of the recently deceased Chelsea – Rachel Melvin.

Belle/Shawn/Jan: Jan is going to continue her quest to try and kill Belle as Shawn and Belle grow closer and closer. Don’t expect Jan to go anywhere. She is here to stay. The show is cooking up something *HUGE* for Jan! It’s going to build into the fall. Jan might not be exposed for a while, but she when she is, there is another big story coming her way! The show is bringing on the role of her previously presumed-dead mother, Megan Spears.

Melissa/Frankie: Among all the chaos and crisis, another set of Horton/Brady will find love together - Melissa Horton and Frankie Brady! It will build slowly. They will be the cute couple and the saving grace of the summer – proving that at least one couple can find happiness in Salem…for now!

Mickey/Maggie/Mystery Man: This storyline is actually going to be back-burnered until the fall. We know Maggie is off recuperating with this strange man (played by Alan Dale) and thinks that Bonnie and Mickey have this wonderful life together in Salem. She doesn’t want to be with Mickey if he didn’t believe her about her drinking. When this story kicks back up in the fall, Maggie will have grown very close to this man!

New characters: Michelle Stafford is playing the role of “Paris,” a nurse/caretaker, who has been assigned to John and Marlena by Lexie to care for Marlena during her pregnancy. Gina Tognoni has joined the show as Megan Spears who will impact the storyline of her daughter, Jan, and many others as it is revealed that Mrs. Spears has some plans of revenge.

Returning Characters: Eric Brady and Greta Van Amburg have returned on their own terms and for separate reasons, but they’ll slowly find themselves drawn to each other. As for some other returns, we want to focus on the cast we have right now, but we’re planning on F-O-U-R___H-U-G-E returns in August around back-to-school time.


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