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All The Days of Our Lives Returns Promo



Announcer: Prepare for the return of All the Days of Our Lives!

Clip of Sami snooping in the DiMera mansion living room. A woman comes in.

Woman: What are you looking for, Sami?

Sami: Oh my God.

Announcer: A marriage of convenience;

Clip of Stefano at the altar of the church, and a woman walking down the aisle.

Announcer: A marriage that is breaking.

Clip of Bo, Hope, and Billie at Kate's hotel.

Billie: I'm pregnant, Bo!

Announcer: A couple rekindles their love.

Clip of Kimberly and Shane.

Announcer: While another says goodbye.

Clip of Steve and Kayla.

Announcer: A man conflicted;

Clip of John, Marleana, and Kristen.

Announcer: While another seeks revenge.

Clip of EJ and Stefano.

Announcer: An unexpected union causes tension;

Clip of Eric, Valerie, and Sami.

Announcer: While another one brings happiness.

Clip of Scotty and Nicole.

Announcer: A woman goes insane;

Clip of Kristen.

Announcer: While another discovers love again;

Clip of Isabella.

Announcer: A woman has a secrete…

Clip of a woman (Rebecca Budig)

Announcer: That threatens upcoming nuptials.

Clip of Brady and Carrie.

Announcer: A couple grows closer;

Clip of Jack and Jennifer.

Announcer: As another drifts apart.

Clip of Shawn and Belle.

Announcer: All this and more on All the Days of Our Lives, returning Monday March 9!


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