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All The Days of Our Lives Returns!



All The Days of Our Lives is returning next week! The show is being brought back months after it's last episode. A lot has changed in Salem, and more is going to change.


The cast is going to go through some major changes. Many actors are leaving, and a few are coming in. 2 actors already confirmed out are Stephen Nicholas and Mary-Beth Evans.

Huge Storylines

The show is coming back with 2 huge storylines! The These storylines change the lives of many Salemites. These storylines set the exit points for many characters. Some characters involved in these storylines are: Shane, Nicole, Scotty, Sami, John, Marleana, Stefano, Steve, Kayla, EJ, Tony, Shawn, Belle, Bo, Hope, and Jeannie.


A spin-off is in the works for All The Days of Our Lives. It is still in the works, but here are some details:

- It will air three times a week- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with an episode on Saturday once a month.

- It is already confirmed that at least 3 characters from All The Days of Our Lives will be headed there.

- It is set in New York

- You do not have to watch All The Days of Our Lives to watch the spin-off.


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