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Monday December 1 2008



All The Days of Our Lives

Shawn, Belle, Marleana, Steve, and Kayla are sitting in the Brady Pub.

Belle: Thank God everyone is ok.

Kayla: I would still like to know how Kristen got there.

Marleana: Apparently, she couldn't get a hold of either John or me, and decided that it was up to her to find us.

Shawn: When she found you, why didn't you just kick her off the plane?

Marleana: We were going t oask her to leave, but then the plane took off.

Belle: Well, I'm just glad you guys are home and safe.

Steve: Speaking of home and safe, wheres John?

John is outside the Pub, with Isabella.

Isabella: Look in there. Theres your daughter.

John: I remember all the little things we used to do together.

John smiles.

Isabella: What about Marleana?

John's smile fades.

John: I remember her. I remember things we did, but there is no emotion attached to it like I have with you.

Jennifer gets out of her bed. Jack comes into the room.

Jack: Hey, where are you going?

Jennifer: Oh come on! I'm allowed to go to the couch, aren't I?

Jack: I'll help you.

Jennifer: You can also make me a tea, and some toast with butter and strawberry jam. Oh wow, I'm so hungry.

Jack: I'll get right on the breakfast.

Jennifer: Oh, and maybe you can go pick up my grandmother, and make sure she brings the dounguhts.

Jack :I will make sure of that.

They leave the room.

Marleana sips some of her coffee.

Marleana: Belle, your father has a suprise for you.

Belle: Really? What?

Marleana: He should be here any minute.

She looks out the window.

Marleana: Oh, I see him. I'll be right back.

Marleana goes outside the Pub.

Marleana: John? Are you going to come inside?

John: Marleana, please understand that I am going through a very hard time right now. I don't have any emotions attached to the memories I have of you.

Marleana: What are you saying?

John: Can we try at another time?

Marleana: John, I cannot do this anymore! Make up your mind! Do you want to try this or not?

John: No.

John goes into the Pub.

Ciara is in her room, packing. Hope comes in.

Hope: Ciara, what is going on!?

Ciara: I'm moving out. I'm going to go live with grandma and grandpa.

Hope: What? Why? If it's because of your father and I-

Ciara: I saw you last night mom! You can go to hell!

Hope looks shocked.

Hope: Saw me where?

Ciara: In your bed! With that guy!

Hope: Ciara, please let me explain.

Ciara: No, mom! You cheated on dad. You broke this family. This is your fault.

Ciara closes her suitcase, and leaves her room.

Alice and Jack walk into Jack and Jennifer's house.

Jennifer: Hi Gram!

Alice hugs her.

Alice: Sweetie, I heard you had a little scare.

Jennifer: Yes, but I'm ok.

Alice: Good, dear. I brought some donghuts

Jennifer: Oh, thank God!

They laugh.

John and Marleana walk into the Pub. Belle hugs John.

Belle: I'm so happy your ok.

John: Theres something i need to tell you.

Belle: Ok, what is it?

John: I'm still a bit sketchy, but I have my memory back.

Belle :Really!? Oh my God! I'm so happy for you!

She hugs him ,and she starts crying.

Belle: I've missed you so much.

Brady, Carrie, Sami, and Eric walk into the Pub.

Marleana: Oh my God! Thank God you guys are ok!

She hugs them.

Sami: I heard you and John got into a little trouble too.

Marleana: Were ok.

Ciara gets out of the hospital elevator, and goes to the nurses station.

Ciara: Hi, can I get an application to voulenteer, please?

Nurse: Sure.

She hands her some papers. Ciara sits down in the waiting room, and looks over the papers. Philip sees her, and sits next to her.

Philip: Hey Ciara.

Ciara: Philip! Hey. How are you?

Philip: I'm good. I hope everythings ok?

Ciara: Oh, ya. I'm just here to get some voulenteer fourms.

Philip: Oh. Thats good of you.

Ciara: It'll give me something to do.

Philip laughs.

Philip: Why don't you come to dinner tonight? My dad would love it.

Ciara: Oh, Sami is comming back today, and I'll be at the Pub all day. What about tomorrow?

Philip: Tomorrow sounds good.

Ciara: See you then.

Sami, Carrie, Brady, Eric, Shawn, Belle, John, Marleana, Steve, and Kayla are sitting at a table in the Pub.

Belle: Well, now that everything is back to normal, why don't we have dinner tomorrow night at the Penthouse Grill.

Sami; That sounds like a great idea.

Kayla: I could go for that.

Stefano walks into the Pub. Everyone turns and sees him.

Stefano: Samantha, I'm so glad your ok.

Sami gets up. Sami slaps Stefano.

Sami: I am going to finish you, Stefano!

Stefano chuckles.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Scotty walks into his apartment, and sees Nicole sitting on the couch.

Scotty: What are you doing here?

Nicole: I got the mail, watered tha plants. Like a good wife.

Ciara and Hope are in the living room of their house.

Ciara: I saw you in bed wit hanother guy, mom! People just don't forget about that in time!

EJ is in the Brady Pub with Sami.

Sami: What happened with Carly?

EJ: It's over.


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