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Friday November 28 2008

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All The Days of Our Lives

Tony and Anna walk into Chez Rouge. They go to the podium, and talk to the hostess.

Anna: Hi, is Maggie here tonight?

Hostess: No, she had a family emergency. She won't be back tonight.

Anna: Oh, I hope everythings ok.

Maggie is sitting beside Jennifer in her hospital room.

Maggie: The drugs have seemed to work. You and your baby are going to be ok, Jennifer.

Jennifer: I hope so. I don't know what I'm going to do if I loose this baby.

Maggie: Don't talk like that.

Jennifer: Have you seen Hope? She hasn't been her in a while.

Maggie: I haven't.

Hope is sitting at the Cheatin' Heart bar, a little drunk. Paul sits beside her.

Paul: Hope, right?

Hope: Yes. Paul, right?

Paul: Yup. How's Carly?

Hope: Carly is in Paris. Apparently, she isn't comming back.

Paul: Well, I don't blame her.

Hope: I've been through much worse, and I'm still here.

Paul: Why don't I bring you home?

Hope: Only if you stay with me.

She kisses him.

Stefano is sitting ink the DiMera mansion living room, drinking wine. Adrianna comes into the living room.

Adrianna: Hello father.

Stefano: Hello darling!

Adrianna: You'll be happy after I tell you something.

Stefano: What is it dear?

Adrianna: EJ just called. He'll be home soon, but Carly won't.

Stefano: What!? She is carrying a DiMera heir! Who the hell does she think she is?

Adranna: I'm not done. While she was being brought to London, your stupid guards roughed her up too much, and she lost the baby.

Stefano looks saddened.

Adrianna: I hope your happy.

She leaves the mansion.

Tony and Anna are sitting at Chez Rouge.

Anna: Tony, theres something I should tell you.

Tony: What?

Anna: It's about my daughter.

Tony: Is Carrie alright?

Anna: Yes, Carrie is on her way back from Russia. But it's not about Carrie.

Tony: If it's not about Carrie, then who could it be about?

Anna: Nicole Walker.

Tony: Nicole Walker?

Anna: Nicole is my daughter.

Ciara is in the Pub, with Jeannie.

Jeannie: So, what are your plans for tonight?

Ciara: Going to a movie, then sleeping at my friends house.

Jeannie: Ohh-la-la; what friend?

Ciara: Oh stop, it's not a guy.

Jeannie: Well, is there anybody?

Ciara: Nop, how about with you?

Jeannie: There might be somebody.

Ciara: Really? Who?

Jeannie: You don't know him.

Ciara gets up, and looks around.

Ciara: Crap, I left my bag at home. I need to get it. Will you drive me?

Jeannie: Sure.

They leave the Pub.

Paul and Hope walk into Bo and Hope's room, stumbling. She takes his shirt off.

Paul: Are you sure you want to do this?

Hope kisses him. They go on the bed, and start making out. Outside, Jeannie stops in the parking lot. Ciara gets out of the car. She goes inside the house, and gets her bag. She hears a bang.

Ciara: Mom?

She goes upstairs, and goes into Bo and Hope's room. She looks shocked.

Ciara: Oh my God.

Tears form in her eyes. Paul and Hope don't notice that she is there. Ciara leaves the house, and goes back in Jeannie's car.

Jeannie: Thats all you had to-

She notices the tears in her eyes.

Jeannie: Are you ok?

Ciara: Ya, I'm fine.

Jeannie: Are you sure? You don't look-

Ciara: I'm fine! Let's go!

Alexandra walks into the DiMera mansion.

Stefano: You have news? Good, I hope?

Alexandra: Your in the clear, Stefano. Carly said she would not admit to anything as long as you stay away from her and her son.

Stefano: Thank you, my dear. I might have another job for you.

Alexandra: Name it.

Stefano: Help my son get over that wench.

Alexandra smiles.

Alexandra: Sorry, I don't mix business with pleasure.

Stefano: Ahh, I would really appreciate it.

Alexandra: Sorry. Now, I need to go. I have a party to attend. See you later.

She leaves the mansion.

Tony holds Anna's hand.

Tony: Nicole is your daughter? I don't understand.

Anna: I gave her up when she was born, and I recently found out that she is my daughter.

Tony: Have you told her about it?

Anna: Yes, I have. She wasn't thrilled. I feel so bad, Tony. I gave her up so she can have a better life, but instead she had a horrible childhood.

Tony: That isn't your fault Anna.

Anna: Yes it is. I'm not saying I would be the best mother in the world, but she would have had a much better childhood!

Jack and Maggie are sitting beside Jennifer in her hospital room. Diane comes in.

Diane: I have great news. The contractions have stopped, and your baby is fine.

Jennifer: Oh thank God! Thank you so much!

Diane: Now, I want you to take it easy. And I mean it! I want you either in your bed, or on the couch. You can get up to go to the washroom, to go from bed to couch, and you can go with somebody once a day for a walk around the block.

Jennifer: I will, I promise.

Diane: I mean it, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Thank you so much.

Maggie: Can we take her home now?

Diane: Yes, I just need the fourms signed, and she will be good to go.

Stefano walks into the living room at the mansion, and sees EJ sitting in a chair.

Stefano: Elvis, your back.

EJ: Are you happy father? You managed to get Carly out of my life, and you also managed to kill out child.

Stefano: Elvis, I didn't want that!

EJ: Really? Then why did you creat an imposter? Wow, I knew that you could do these kinds of things, but not to your own children.

Stefano: I did it for you, Elvis!

EJ: Stay the hell out of my life! As of now, I do not live her! You are not my father! The same goes for Adrianna! I am moving her out of this hell!

Stefano: You can not do this!

EJ leaves the living room.

Stefano: Damn it!

He throws a glass on the floor.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Sami and Stefano are in the Brady Pub. Sami slaps Stefano.

Sami: I am going to finish you, Stefano!

Ciara is in her room, packing. Hope comes in.

Hope: Ciara, what is going on!?

Ciara: I saw you last night mom! You can go to hell!

John and Marleana are outside the pub.

Marleana: John, I cannot do this anymore! Make up your mind! Do you want to try this or not?

John: No.

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