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Episode #116 - Monday, May 22:



Episode #116 - Monday, May 22:

- The Brady's continue to grieve at the hospital.

- Kimberly, Kayla, Roman, Bo, Frankie, and Max privately discuss their mother and their concern for her.

- Anna, Hope, Billie, and Abby wait in the wings to comfort Roman, Bo, and Max, respectively. They discuss how there's nothing they can do, but they want the Brady's to know that they are there.

- Mickey and Alice make plans to donate the new wing of the hospital to Shawn Sr.'s memory.

- Victor regretfully leaves the hospital and leaves Caroline to be grieved by her family.

- Bo and Roman tell Caroline that they will deal with all of the plans. They ask her to go home and get some rest. But she says she can't rest at a time like this.

- Lexie tells the Brady's again that Shawn was not fully recuperated from the blast in December, and he just wasn't strong enough.

- Caroline asks to see Shawn's body and spend time with him. Her children don't think it' s a good idea, but she insists and so Lexie allows it.

- Caroline bids a tearjerking and gutwrenching goodbye to Shawn in his hospital room while all six of her children are moved to tears.

- Hope and Billie have a moment of bonding as they say how awful they feel for Bo. They recount their fondest memories of Shawn. Hope is moved to tears by hers, and Billie comforts her. Hope is shocked. Billie recalls how she and Hope were great friends when Hope first came to town and was an amnesiac named Gina. Billie says she misses being friends with Hope and wants it back in her life as her friend. Hope says that she'll try. Bo interupts and thanks them both for being there, but he says that he needs to be alone with his brothers, sisters, and mom right now. Billie exits the hospital. Bo tells Hope that she can stay for Shawn Douglas if she wants. Hope regretfully leaves Bo behind.

- Meanwhile, Shawn pushes Belle and Jan away and asks them both to leave and let him be with his family. Jan says she is his family and asks to stay, but he says no. Jan leaves, thinking Belle is doing the same. But Belle stays behind and comforts Shawn. A heartbroken Shawn grows vulnerable and opens up to Belle about his feelings of grief. She hugs him. He pulls away. They kiss. They pull away from each other. They kiss again. They kiss and lead themselves from the hallway into Marlena's office. Shawn and Belle make love in Marlena's office.

- Austin and Lucas decide maybe it is best to meet the Brady sisters back at the apartment complex and let them have time with their parents so they leave the hospital. Sami refuses to put her feud aside with Carrie - not even in the wake of this tragedy. Kayla steps in and begs them too. But Sami refuses. Marlena and John comfort Carrie. Sami is jealous and lashes out. Roman and Anna deal with Carrie and grieve with her on the balcony.

- John and Marlena try to deal with a hysterical Sami. John grabs Sami and forces her to face her emotions and let it all out. Sami breaks down in John's arms. Marlena is moved to tears. John recalls how he and everyone else used to think he was Roman and how he thought Shawn was his father at one point. John tells Sami that is grieving, as well. John hands Sami over to Marlena who clutches Sami intensely and strokes her hair. Caroline walks into the lobby and sees everyone. She joins them. The elevator dings. The elevator doors open, and someone steps out. Marlena turns and says "Oh my word!" John smiles through his tears. "Eric"....he whispers to himself. Eric Brady (Jensen Ackles) runs from the elevator to his grandmother Caroline and sweeps her up in his arms in a big hug with tears in both of their eyes. All of the Brady's grieve at Salem University Hospital for their beloved family member, Shawn Brady Sr.


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Shawn and Belle make love in Marlena's office.


I can't wait until Jan finds out about

that!!! I hope she smacks Belle silly!

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