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#81 Monday, November 24th



#81 Monday, November 24th

Aaron comes back to the clinic where Andrew is at


Andrew: I saw the press conference on TV, Anna did a great job.


Aaron: Yes, she did.

Andrew is packing a suitcase.

Aaron: You're really going to leave without telling your family the truth?

Andrew: I did what I came here to do, now it's done.

Aaron: I know I can't tell you what to do, but I think you know better than this.

Andrew: It's the right decision.

Aaron: You're afraid to face the truth.

Andrew: I'm not afraid, I just don't want to turn lives upside-down.

Aaron: We all make mistakes and we've all got to face them.

Andrew: This isn't something selfish for me.

Aaron: Yes it is. You don't want to tell the truth because you are afraid your family won't forgive me.

Andrew: You're not in my position.

Aaron: You're right, because if I was in your shoes, I would have already told the truth by now.

Andrew: Please, try to understand my side of this.

Aaron: I can't understand it, but it's your choice and you have to live with it.

Andrew: I've got to get to the airport soon, my flight leaves in a couple of hours.

Aaron: I'll call the car.

Andrew looks conflicted, unsure if leaving is what he really wants.



Cassandra's lawyer, Cenk arrives to discuss Cassandra's case at the jail.

Cenk: We've got a lot to work on.


Cassandra: That's what I was afraid of.

Cenk: Good news is, I was able to swing bail for you, you'll be out shortly

Cassandra: Thank goodness, I couldn't tolerate spending the night in this dreadful jail.

Cenk: Reviewing the charges, these are some pretty heavy allegations.

Cassandra: I realize that, I just want to avoid jail. I'll even pay a fine.

Cenk: Well, the feds are always looking to make an example of someone, you never know how much time you'll get.

Cassandra: Give me an estimate.

Cenk: 5-10 years.

Cassandra: Good grief. I can't go to prison.

Cenk: We could cut a deal.

Cassandra: What?

Cenk: You pay back everyone that lost money in the savings and loan.

Cassandra: I can do that, my resources are enormous.

Cenk: It's not a sure thing, though. The US attorney still might decide to prosecute.

Cassandra: So I could still be doomed?

Cenk: We'll see what happens. Keep relatively quiet, no statements to the


Cassandra: Sounds fine to me.

Cenk: I'll be speaking with you again soon.

Cenk leaves.


At Number 37, George is at the bar, John Phelps enters and sits at the other end of the bar.


George: I bet you're real happy right now. You made it clear you wanted to embarrass my company and you got

what you wanted.


John: You're right, I am happy, I'm always happy when one of my investigations is successful. I can't take all the credit though, your mother had a lot to do with it.

George: That's low, it's really low.

John: It's not like it isn't true.

George: You are pathetic, you make a career out of shaming people.

John: No, I try to keep them honest. And people like you, I don't like, you think you are above the law.

George: You can't call me dishonest, I didn't know anything about the fake documents.

John: It's still pretty laughable that you didn't have a clue what was going on in your own company.

George: Laugh all you want, but I'm still going to break into retail and compete with your friends, the McGregors.

John: You talk about the McGregors like you aren't one.

George: I'm not one in the same sense as the others are.

George gets up to leave.

John: Whatever that means. (sarcastically) You have a good day and stay clear of the SEC.

George leaves the bar.



Lynette is still crying as Anna hugs her.


Lynette: I feel like this is my fault.


Anna: Blaming yourself won't do any good now.

Lynette: None of this would have happened if I was just honest with him, he would have

never started drinking or taking those pills.

Anna: It's all so awful.

Lynette: I handled things in the worst way possible.

Anna: Right now, you need to focus on Jim's recovery, he's going to need all the strength he can get.

Lynette: I'm so scared right now.

Lynette looks over and sees Elliot and Eleanor sitting on the other side of the lobby, they looked very

stressed. Just then, Dr. Claiborne returns to the lobby.


Leslie: Well, I have good news.

Lynette: That's fantastic.


Eleanor: You mean Jim's going to be all right?

Leslie: It looks like he will. We got him to the OR just in time, we did an angioplasty.

Eleanor: Do you know if there will be any permanent damage?

Leslie: In most cases like this I've worked on, the patient has a good recovery rate.

We're keeping him on clot busting drugs just in case anything else happens, other than that, I don't think we have to worry.


Elliot: Thank god, he's going to be all right.

Leslie: He won't be conscious for quite awhile, but you can see him if you like.

Eleanor: Thank you very much, Dr. Claiborne.

Leslie goes back to the ER.

Lynette: He's going to be all right.

Anna: That's why it's good to have faith, it can move mountains.

Lynette: It really does.

Anna: I'm so relieved right now.

Lynette: You've been here with me all night, you need to get some rest.

Anna: I don't want to leave you here.

Lynette: We know Jim is all right now, so I'll be fine here. You can come back later.

Anna: I could use a bite to eat and a quick nap, so I'll go home and do that, but I'll come back later.

Lynette: That's fine.

Anna: Call me if there are any new developments.

Lynette: I will.

Anna leaves. Lynette goes over to Eleanor and Elliot.

Lynette: I know you don't want to speak to me right now, but now that we know Jim is okay, I was hoping that we

can all at least try to pull together to help him when it's time for him to start recovery.

I know you're upset with me, but just for Jim's sake, I'm asking you this.

Eleanor: Whatever is best for my son's recovery, I'll do it.

Lynette looks sad, thinking about the entire situation. A montage of scenes of the characters lamenting their troubles begins, as Faith Hill's Cry plays in the background.

We see Andrew riding in a towncar to the airport and again look at a picture his family, still conflicted.

At the hospital, Lynette walks into Jim's room. She stands by his bed side and sighs deeply.

At the McGregor Estate, Anna is in the den having a cup of tea. She looks over at the mantle and sees a picture

of her and Andrew. Anna shakes her head, thinking of Andrew's deception. She prepares to go up stairs, when the

doorbell rings. She goes to answer and finds Andrew on the other side. A look of shock comes over her face.


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Sorry it took me so long Redd. Another great Episode from Novi. i love the ending. Esp the montage scenes. i could really see it in my head.

What did Andrew do that was so bad?

It was so nice to see Sandra in Jail. What will she do now? Is she leaving the sreis. if she stays i wonder what her next move will be.

And George is straight up tripping. WHy is he mad at the Mc Gregors? I can't beleive, he was acing like he did nothing wrong.

I think blood clot drugs are called Heprain(sp) or like a blood thinner. Asprin does it too.

You have a great cast I wish we could see them all get some action

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